Team Office

Engineer Rui Emídio
Administrative Director

Mr. Rogério Germano
Sports Director


Dr. Luis Martins- Support Veterinarian

Mr. Captain. Fernando Garrido – Meteorological Support


Rui Emídio – Administrative Director

  • Initiated activity fancier in 1974, maintaining activity until the year 1980, the year he entered the military service that forced him to stop. For some years the professional activity did not permit the practice of this sport, having returned to the activity in 1998, in the last 12 years beyond the pigeon acted as manager and others, namely:
  • President of the Regional Federation of Algarve, since 2003, until 2018
  • President of the Organizing Committee of the 38th National Exhibition and Pre-Olympic Pigeons of Portugal 2011 and 2018
  • President Club Pigeon Moncarapacho , from 1998 to 2008
  • President of the Fiscal Council of the Club Pigeon Faro, from 2010 to 2011
  • Delegate to Congress of the National Federation of Portuguese Pigeons
  • Invited Participant at various events nationally, including seminars, Workshops pigeon, discussion forums etc..
  • It is a knower of all Portuguese and international pigeon racing, visiting various countries of Europe each year, always in search of something new for the development of Pigeon of his province, the Algarve, and to visit friends and fanciers who have throughout Europe.

Rogerio Germano – Sports Director and loft manager

  • Professionally connected to construction, is fancier since 1976, over 35 years played various positions in dirigisme fancier, and has also achieved great results as sporting fancier, ex
  • He was President of the Technical in Regional Federation of the Algarve since 2003 to 2011. During these years being responsible for the loose of the province of Algarve, with about 15,000 pigeons to release weekly, taking over the recent years coordinated more than 200 pigeons loose.
  • President and leader in several pigeon clubs in the region.
  • It is representative of technical advice from fanciers of the Algarve, as a delegate at the Congress of the National Portuguese Federation of Pigeon.
  • How-fancier, are those who won almost everything there is to win, winner in every club he ran, was provincial champion in the Algarve Speed, Medium-fund, the Fund and Large Fund. In recent years has occupied the top spots in the National Pigeon championship, having also been a National Pigeon Champion of Portugal and Iberian (Spain and Portugal). Continue to practice this sport with the same ambition to always .
  • Knower of all detail’s to pigeons, Portuguese and international, regularly visiting the great international exhibitions, Kassel, Olympics, and the friends who have all over Europe.