Ace Pigeon


– All the pigeons that entered the loft, the ACTIVE pigeons 1 and 2 and the RESERVE 1-2-3 compete to the ACE pigeon. Reserve pigeons only participate in the final race and in the Ace Pigeon, if activated until September 26th, 2021. The winner will be the pigeon in which the total of the average speed in the 5 races ACE Pigeon, Azaruja, Monforte, Portalegre, Castelo Branco and the final race Bragança, divided by the number of races performed, is the highest. If after the semi-final a pigeon is activated for the final by a person other than the owner, that person is entitled to the prize that the pigeon wins on the Ace pigeon, after this date.

- To win the Ace Pigeon, the pigeon must rank in all 5 Ace Pigeon races that take place.

- If it is not possible to carry out a race counting for the ace pigeon, to find the winner, count the races carried out.

- In case of a tie after the conclusion of the Ace Pigeon competitions, the pigeon with the best classification in the final race will be the winner of the Ace Pigeon.

- Absolute strictness regarding the release location, so that in all release locations, coordinates will be taken via GPS/GOOGLE MAPS.


- In the first 4 races, Azaruja, Monforte, Portalegre, and Castelo Branco, the classification for the ACE PIGEON ends after the race closes in the BENZING system, at least 5 hours after the arrival of the first pigeon.

- In the final Race, Bragança, the classification of the ACE PIGEON ends after the end of the race in the BENZING system, at least 8 hours after the arrival of the first pigeon.