1.      Entry is open to all Countries but all pigeons must wear an approved official ring from the issuing Federation of the Year 2021,with their owners being AGR members.

2.      Shipping and Arrival of Pigeons – To ensure the health of pigeons, with quarantine, vaccination, and creating immunity in groups upon arrival, the pigeons will only be received on the following days:

  • 1st to 15th March;
  • 1st to 15th April; and
  • 1st to 15th May.

3.      Each team consists of FOUR pigeons, of which 2 are activated to compete for prizes in all the races  and 2 reserve.

4.      Reserve Pigeon – Pigeons nº 3 and 4 are  reserve and will compete for prizes in all races up to, and including Race No. 4 – SILVER RACE (the semi-final race).

Pigeon nº 3 and 4 of each team will replace any lost birds up to and including the Silver Race, and in this case the reserve pigeon that goes to the activated team is the best ranked in the Silver Race semi-final

If both the entered pigeons nº 1 and nº 2 have not been lost, the reserve pigeons nº. 3  and nº 4 can be activated by the participant until the 22 September 2021 for an additional €300, by pigeon, to participate in the final GOLDEN RACE.

- Reserve pigeons not activated by the owners until September 22, 2021, can be activated by other participants on 23 and 24 September 2021.

The RESERVE pigeons cannot be swapped from one team to another of the same owner.


5.      Entry Fees - All participants must be competitors / participant members of the AGR- Algarve Pigeons Race

- To participate in the derby Algarve Pigeons Golden Race participants must pay the annual membership fee in the amount of € 300 (free of VAT) plus the registration fee € 300 (VAT included 23% fee), total 600€. The participation in the derby only becomes effective, after having paid all the amounts due (membership fee, and registration), and in case the payment is not made, the amounts earned by these teams, by prizes or sale pigeons  reverts to the organization, which will then be delivered to charities.

- Each participant can register the teams that they want, paying the value of a membership  and the value of an registration, for each team that register. For every 10 teams entered by a participant, the organization is offering one free team (4 pigeons). – Replacements for lost, sick or injured birds can be done at no extra cost, until the 31st of May 2021. For shipping cost, contact the agent in your country.

- The bank charges for transfers to the AGR-Algarve Pigeons Race are the responsibility of those who make the transfer.

4.      PMV Vaccination – The birds should be vaccinated against PMV, within 20 days prior to shipping, and must be between 45 to 60 days old. They will be sent to the Loft Algarve Pigeons Golden Race, to the Faro airport, or representatives, in several European countries. More information about shipping can be found on the website,

5.      Reservations - Space in the loft is limited to a maximum of 6.000 pigeons. Places will be provided on a first come, first served basis whereby places will be guaranteed to teams that have been registered / reserved first. To reserve your place for 2021   email: ,  simply send your registration form / member or to agents in countries,  and by paying a deposit of 100 Euros, (non refundable in case of cancellation) for each team within 15days from your requested reservation  All participants 2020 have assured place in the loft to 2021, but should make registration until December 31, 2020. After this date the organization cannot guaranty the participation.

6.  Entry Pigeons-  After entering the loft, the pigeons are taken care of by the organization AGR-Algarve Pigeons Race, remaining the property of the competing partner / participant,

Pigeons arrived from the final Bragança race, may be auctioned or sold, to national or international websites, on behalf of the owner, that have  35% of the sale price.

If a pigeon is not sold the first time, the participant loses the right to % money of the value of the sale.

7.  Pedigrees and Ownership Cards – All birds must be accompanied by ring card (required) and a pedigree(only acepted as pedigree, a full pedigree, with father, mother and grandparents, minimum) in a sealed envelope, which will only be opened by the organization after the final race. AGR acept receive pedigrees maximum until 4 days after final race Bragança, the owner  not be entitled to % money of the auction sale of the pigeon if no pedigree until this date.

As the portuguese Federation has become obligatory for all pigeons to have a ring card / title to participate in the final Bragança derby, all pigeons that do not have it will have to be requested to  the Portuguese Federation second round, and the cost will be the responsibility of the participant ( 2 € each), because  do not sent  originals.  Organization receive ring cards maximum until semi-final Castelo Branco.

8.      All birds entering the loft will be given an electronic chip ring and the identification ring will be officially sealed, and will only be opened when basketed for the final race.

9.      Basketing – The basketing for the final race will be organized by the organization, but conducted under the supervision of independent fanciers, national and international. All the pigeons will receive a wing stamp with the word ALGARVE. The pigeons will be accompanied to the place of release by an independent witness (es) to oversee and verify the release. The release time will be decided upon by consulting data published by the national meteorologist.

10.     Prizes – All  in dispute is based on 6.000 entered pigeons ( 1500  teams of 4 pigeons) paid. The final amounts payable will be posted by July 30, 2021.

AGR will pay all prizes up to 2 weeks after the final race, with the winners sending to the organization’s email, bank account Iban and proof of tax residency.

11.    Anti-Doping and Veterinary Care – The Loft will adhere to national rules in terms of anti-doping and the pigeons will be checked on a regular basis by the official veterinarian.

12.    Training  or races, may be altered on account of bad weather conditions, or other conditions outside the control of the organization. The decision of the organization is final.

13.    Any dispute, not covered by these regulations will be determined by the organization, governed by national laws of Portugal, and its decision will be final. The Official Rules will be in Portuguese and posted on the event website, because any translation into another language, may contain translation errors.

14.    The system of verification and registration of arrival of the pigeons in training and races will be by authorized electronic timing system.

15.    The pigeons will be accommodated in a purpose built loft that will ensure equal conditions for each pigeon. Pigeons will be flown to perches only, and sexes will not be separated. Daylight hours will be manipulated in the loft to delay the moulting process. .

16.    The best ranking in the final race of each Country (with at least 20 teams entered) will receive 1 free entry in the next edition.


  • The organization will accept invitations from county schools, and charities in the area (one pigeon per entity), to a maximum of 30 invitations. The pigeons that entered into the loft resulting from calls described above will have free registration, and participate in the first 4 races, i.e. up to the SILVER RACE (semi-final race), and be entitled to all the prizes up for grabs. The best bird of these entities, in the classification of the Ace Pigeon, after the SILVER RACE will be entitled to participate in the final GOLDEN RACE.
  • The auction revenues of these birds will be paid in full for the reporting entity.
  •  All interested entities should request participating fanciers for pigeons and information about the organization and entities that will benefit from the prizes earned. The Organization will give priority to projects in schools aimed at needy students to purchase books, computers, etc.
  •  Charitable Institutions will be given priority, especially identified projects aimed at helping people in need, and in particular the purchase of books, computers etc.

The organization will work to divulgate these pigeons, and authorities, publicizing the projects proposed in order to attract funds for projects.

Apart from the support described above, resulting from participation, the organization ensures that part of the proceeds from all auctions will be for buying textbooks, computers, etc, to needy children in the region.


1-      Final Bragança, october 2, 2021 – 500 km WINNER PIGEON – €120,000

Participate in this race all entered / activated pigeons – i.e. pigeons initially registered as No. 1 and No. 2. The RESERVE pigeons will only qualify for participation if one of the first nominated pigeons are lost, or it has been activated by owner until Sept. 22, 2021, or if activated for third person in september 23 and 24, 2021.

       2- Semi-final Castelo Branco,  October 17, 2021 – 300 km WINNER PIGEON- 1 CAR or €10,000s

All birds will participate, birds 1-2 and 2 reserve. The 2 reserve pigeon, of each participant, taking part in this race  SILVER RACE , will not compete again unless the first or second nominated birds are lost, or its owner has activated the pigeons to compete in the ALGARVE PIGEONS GOLDEN RACE until September 18, 2020, or if activated for third person in september 23 and 24, 2021.

All pigeons not activated by owners or third person until 24 September 2021, will be held back in the loft – They will not be basketed for the final ALGARVE PIGEONS GOLDEN RACE.

3- ACE PIGEON- WINNER PIGEON – 1 CAR (drive on left side)  or €10,000

All birds will participate (birds 1-2 and 2 reserve) in 4 races and the reserve in the final race GOLDEN RACE if activated by owners, or if  replace a active pigeon . The person who activate a pigeon reserve for the final, will  have all rights over the pigeon, prizes and percentage 35% of sale.

Reserve pigeons will only qualify for Ace Pigeon classification if they participate in the final race (i.e. if they replace an entered pigeon or is active by owners until 22 September, or by third person in September 23 and 24, 2021).

The winner will be the pigeon in which the sum of the average velocity in the 5 Races Ace Pigeon, Azaruja, Monforte, Portalegre, Castelo Branco and final race Bragança, divided by number of races.- To win the Ace Pigeon, the pigeon has to classify in all the Ace Pigeon races (5). If it is not possible realize some race to count for Ace pigeon, to find the winner count the races held.

To win the Ace Pigeon, the pigeon has to classify in all the Ace Pigeons races held.

In the event of a tie after completion of the 5 races, the pigeon with the highest placing in the final race will be the Ace Pigeon.

Because the classification is calculated on average velocity it requires careful checking of the liberation co-ordinates which will be verified by an electronic GPS device.

- RACE TIME in the first 4 races (Azaruja, Monforte, Portalegre and Castelo Branco) for the classification of ACE PIGEON ends after closing the Race in the BENZING system, at least 5 hours  after the arrival time of the first pigeon and by discounting dead hours (night, if applicable).

- RACE TIME in the  final race (Bragança), )  the Ace Pigeon classification finishes after closing of the race in the BENZING system, at least 8 hours after the arrival of the first pigeon, discounting dead hours, ( night, if applicable)

4 –FIRST 3 RACES- Azaruja,Monforte and Portalegre

All birds will participate for prizes, birds 1-2 and 2 reserve.


There will be 9 training flights. There are no prizes  on these trainings.


  • March, April and May – Daily loft flying in groups.
  • June – Daily loft flying of all pigeons together.

- 1st Training – 16 July – Monte Francisco- 5 km

- 2nd Training – 20 July – Azinhal- 10 km

- 3rd Training – 23 July – Pereiro- 25 km

- 4th Training – 27 July – Espírito Santo- 35 km

- 5th Training – 30 July – Mértola- 50 km

- 6th Training – 03 August – Açor Baixo- 80 km

- 7th Training – 06 August – Beja- 100 km

- 8th Training – 13 August – Vidigueira- 120 km

- 9th Training – 20 August – Évora- 150 km

- 1st Race/Ace Pigeon – 27 August – Azaruja- 170 km

- 2nd Race/Ace Pigeon – 3 September – Monforte – 205 km

- 3rd Race/Ace Pigeon – 10 September – Portalegre– 230 km

- 4th Race/Ace Pigeon – 17 September – Castelo Branco– 300 km- SILVER RACE

- 5th Race/Ace Pigeon – 02 October 2021 – BRAGANÇA – 500 km- GOLDEN RACE


The loft is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the most western area of Europe, the Algarve, more exactly in Monte Gordo, Vila Real de Stº António, Algarve, Portugal.

The loft is located approximately 3 km from the Spanish border some 40 km from Faro Airport, 0.5 km from the village center of Monte Gordo, which has some of the best beaches in the world and a host of other tourist amenities such as hotels, a casino, restaurants, bars, etc. etc..


The administration of the event is in the care of an experienced team with many years of experience in hosting sporting events at regional, national and international level. Administrative Director – Rui Emidio and collaborators , Sports Director and loft manager – Rogerio Germano and collaborators


Support Veterinarian- Dr. Luis Martins

Meteorological Support- Mr. Captain Fernando Garrido.

List of National and International Co-ordinators is shown on our website –

INFO about TAX

-The values mentioned in the Regulation include VAT at the rate law 23% , if applicable.

According to the regulation of the Tax Authority in 2021 all participants / partners residing in Portugal who receive money from prizes, sales or commissions, will be responsible for paying the IRS tax ( 25%) related to these funds, and may be retained by the AGR as the law determine. Non-residents in Portugal are exempt  without any withholding tax (25%) provided , if they present document proof of tax residency in a country other than Portugal , if  no present proof tax residence out Portugal, model 21-RFI , need pay tax (25 % ) in Portugal, which will be taken from the prize money won.

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