UNKNOWN pigeons are pigeons that are in the loft, but they are not in entry forms. Wanted owner.

Country Short Fancier Name Ring ID
Austria Butyka Ferenc AT-1-Immanuel&Ferenc 42 DAA45DF3
Austria Butyka Ferenc AT-4-Immanuel&Ferenc 51 DAE3C282
Austria Butyka Ferenc AT-2-Immanuel&Ferenc 43 DAE3CB16
Austria Butyka Ferenc AT-3-Immanuel&Ferenc 47 DAB16F22
Austria Canterbury1 AT-5-Jacky DAE3CB03
Austria Canterbury2 AT-6-Tina DAB00438
Austria Canterbury3 AT-7-Ulla DAE33275
Austria Canterbury4 AT-8-Fred DAE4ABA9
Austria Franz Fuchs AT-12-Votum DAB023CD
Austria Franz Fuchs AT-10-Mega DAE4038D
Austria Franz Fuchs AT-11-Fux 409 DAE40405
Austria Franz Marchat AT-16-Ulis Ace DADDECAB
Austria Franz Marchat AT-14-Oibota DAE3C9CF
Austria Franz Marchat AT-15-Golden Jana DAE4A865
Austria Franz Marchat AT-13-Quattro One DADDDE84
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A AT-20-Big Albert DAE3C776
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A AT-17-Bond Dracu DAE3C9B1
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A AT-19-Tom Tom DADDEDA2
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B AT-24-Diamond Glass DAE0FBB3
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B AT-22-Magnolia DADDDAFA
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B AT-21-Number One DAE3C7A0
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B AT-23-Atomic DAE405A9
Austria Kutlesa Slavko AT-28-Slavko 4 DADDDA8E
Austria Kutlesa Slavko AT-27-Slavko 3 DAE40CEE
Austria Kutlesa Slavko AT-25-Slavko 1 DAE3C8E0
Austria Kutlesa Slavko AT-26-Slavko 2 DAE40AF1
Austria Nagelhofer Robert AT-30-Ida 434 DAE3C15C
Austria Nagelhofer Robert AT-31-Tim 430 DAB1855D
Austria Nagelhofer Robert AT-29-Ella 418 DA91CCF8
Austria Nagelhofer Robert AT-32-Nora 447 DADDE778
Austria Rudorfer Michael AT-52-Goldi DAE3C5CC
Austria Rudorfer Michael AT-51-Clemens DAE023B3
Austria Rudorfer Michael AT-49-Dominik DAB187D3
Austria Rudorfer Michael AT-50-Blacky DAE40C04
Austria Team Roetzer – Garcia AT-36-Top 9 DAE3C0B1
Austria Team Roetzer – Garcia AT-35-Top 1 DADDD6FC
Austria Team Roetzer – Garcia AT-33-Top 12 DAE0FC90
Austria Team Roetzer – Garcia AT-34-Top 22 DADDD8CF
Austria Walter Straif-A AT-38-Allis DADDE62C
Austria Walter Straif-A AT-39-Endura DAE334F0
Austria Walter Straif-A AT-40-Lucky DAE3C9E5
Austria Walter Straif-A AT-37-Amadeus DADDECF1
Austria Walter Straif-B AT-41-Gundula DAB0257C
Austria Walter Straif-B AT-42-Heinrich DADDE607
Austria Walter Straif-B AT-43-Freia DAE3345D
Austria Walter Straif-B AT-44-Davinci DAB0F195
Austria Wiefler, Alois AT-48-Anaterve 353 DAB01E81
Austria Wiefler, Alois AT-45-Alpha 3 DAE4A98B
Austria Wiefler, Alois AT-47-Asterix 253 DAB18D92
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-A BE-56-Maid Luck DAE40CCF
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-A BE-53-Victoria Haze DAE407AD
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-A BE-54-Goon Squad Queen DAE0F99F
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-A BE-55-Vasco Wants a Winner DA91E289
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-B BE-58-The Big Lebowshi DADDED77
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-B BE-57-Milly Way DAE3C41C
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-B BE-60-Sugar Daddy DADDDEF4
Belgium Big Andy´s Ocean Squad-B BE-59-Gashout Coirl DAE40D71
Belgium Bodson GH-Ancia B BE-64-Ramona DAE0FC73
Belgium Bodson GH-Ancia B BE-62-Regine DAE407CC
Belgium Bodson GH-Ancia B BE-63-Romina DAE3C612
Belgium Bodson GH-Ancia B BE-61-Renee DADDD620
Belgium Boucau BE-66-Sudoku 2 DADDD7B0
Belgium Boucau BE-67-Yolande DAE3C024
Belgium Boucau BE-65-Grandjo 2 DAE3C79F
Belgium Boucau BE-68-Blue Juan DAE08F14
Belgium Coppens- Segers BE-69-Plus -Minus DAB18AC5
Belgium Coppens- Segers BE-70-Idem-Dito DAE0BFFD
Belgium Coppens- Segers BE-72-Over En Vit DAE406CA
Belgium Coppens- Segers BE-71-Min Of Meer DADDDE6D
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama BE-76-Yoko 483 DAA45BF2
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama BE-75-Yoko 482 DAE3C3F2
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama BE-74-Yoko 481 DAE40800
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama BE-73-Yoko 480 DAE32BD1
Belgium De Keyser Mario BE-80-Keyser 4 DAE32B3E
Belgium De Keyser Mario BE-77-Keyser 1 DADDE8B9
Belgium De Keyser Mario BE-79-Keyser 3 DADDDDF9
Belgium De Keyser Mario BE-78-Keyser 2 DAA691A2
Belgium De Laere Luc BE-81-Twiggy DAE3C468
Belgium De Laere Luc BE-82-Nicky DAE022DF
Belgium De Laere Luc BE-83-Eveline DAE3CB20
Belgium De Laere Luc BE-84-Dorine DAB01C97
Belgium Degand BE-85-Genko DAE40D5F
Belgium Degand BE-87-Vega DAE403F0
Belgium Degand BE-88-Padme DAB18538
Belgium Demaret-Daumerie BE-91-Sinow DAE3C2B0
Belgium Demaret-Daumerie BE-89-Meunier 1 DAE3C0D4
Belgium Demaret-Daumerie BE-92-Cedric DAE3C047
Belgium Demaret-Daumerie BE-90-Meunier 2 DAAFFCE9
Belgium Geerimckx Bart BE-96-Little Blue DAE40C5F
Belgium Geerimckx Bart BE-93-Algarve Warior DAE3C3D6
Belgium Geerimckx Bart BE-94-Algarve Queen DAE3331A
Belgium Geerimckx Bart BE-95-Algarve Lady DA91DD0A
Belgium Gyselbrecht G.& L.& M. BE-97-Mina DAE40609
Belgium Gyselbrecht G.& L.& M. BE-100-Alexia DAA45E2B
Belgium Gyselbrecht G.& L.& M. BE-98-Olivier DADDEE63
Belgium Gyselbrecht G.& L.& M. BE-99-Viktor DAE40DF2
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-A BE-102-Happy 2 DAB19E66
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-A BE-103-Happy 3 DADDEF7B
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-A BE-104-Happy 4 DAA45B46
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-A BE-101-Happy 1 DAE3C594
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-B BE-107-Happy 7 DADDE4E9
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-B BE-105-Happy 5 DADDDEFA
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-B BE-106-Happy 6 DAE40D99
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-C BE-109-Happy 9 DAE0FC05
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-C BE-110-Happy 10 DADDEBAA
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-C BE-111-Happy 11 DADDE472
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-C BE-112-Happy 12 DAE40CBB
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-D BE- Good one DAA69221
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-D BE- Onway DA91CFCB
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-D BE To win DA90FD21
Belgium Happy Bélgium Pigéon Team-D BE- Red time DA91DC1C
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A BE-220-Diamond 4 DAE3C3CF
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A BE-218-Diamond 2 DADDDDD1
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A BE-217-Diamond 1 DADDEE03
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A BE-219-Diamond 3 DAE402DD
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B BE-223-Jewel 3 DAE40E47
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B BE-222-Jewel 2 DADDADA0
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B BE-224-Jewel 4 DADDD642
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B BE-221-Jewel 1 DADDEBE7
Belgium Johan Huybregts BE-113-Neres DA91DABA
Belgium Johan Huybregts BE-114-Tadic DADDE6BF
Belgium Johan Huybregts BE-116-Ziyech DADDD907
Belgium Johan Huybregts BE-115-Frenkie DADD60E7
Belgium Lanckriet Pigeons BE-118-Multiverse DAE3336A
Belgium Lanckriet Pigeons BE-117-Universal One DAE3CABE
Belgium Lanckriet Pigeons BE-119-Little Universe DAE3351B
Belgium Lanckriet Pigeons BE-120-Universal Two DAE3CA69
Belgium Leyen-Beyers-A BE-122-Marisca DADDE8BC
Belgium Leyen-Beyers-A BE-121-De Jan II DAE0FBA9
Belgium Leyen-Beyers-A BE-123-Les Harry DAE0FC8A
Belgium Leyen-Beyers-B BE-126-Rien DAE3CB4B
Belgium Leyen-Beyers-B BE-125-Belgian Lady II DAE40AF4
Belgium Leyen-Beyers-B BE-127-Mirko II DADDEAF3
Belgium Lizoen Eldo BE-132-Dina DADDD920
Belgium Lizoen Eldo BE-131-Wybon DAE335B1
Belgium Lizoen Eldo BE-129-Valire DADDE820
Belgium Norio Onodera BE-134-Ono 479 DAE40B5E
Belgium Norio Onodera BE-133-Ono 478 DAE40524
Belgium Norio Onodera BE-135-Ono 484 DADDD6D0
Belgium Norio Onodera BE-136-Ono 485 DAE33242
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-A BE-137-Pec040 DAE0BF06
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-A BE-138-Pec056 DADDDDC4
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-A BE-139-Pec599 DAE3C3AA
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-A BE-140-Pec093 DAE3C745
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-B BE-143-Pec058 DADDDF51
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-B BE-142-Pec046 DADDE935
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-B BE-144-Pec051 DAE3C44D
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-B BE-141-Pec047 DAA45E43
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-C BE-147-Pec057 DAE4079D
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-C BE-145-Pec042 DAE4039A
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-C BE-146-Pec604 DAE0FA08
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-C BE-148-Pec601 DAE3C5AC
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-D BE-152-Pec618 DAE0F97C
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-D BE-149-Pec019 DAE40DE1
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-D BE-150-Pec060 DAE3C4AE
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-D BE-151-Pec004 DAE33441
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-E BE-154-Pec561 DADDEBB5
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-E BE-153-Pec043 DADDDB05
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-E BE-155-Pec044 DAE0FC37
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-E BE-156-Pec048 DAE40CFA
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-F BE-160-Pec052 DAE40D7D
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-F BE-159-Pec602 DADDEC20
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-F BE-158-Pec562 DAE0FAA7
Belgium PEC-Pipa Elite Center-F BE-157-Pec011 DAE3CA5B
Belgium Ramadani Sabri BE-162-Victoria DAE3BFC6
Belgium Ramadani Sabri BE-164-Sabri DADDDD83
Belgium Ramadani Sabri BE-161-Bleron DAB16C5D
Belgium Ramadani Sabri BE-163-Belkis DAE0FAC6
Belgium Ronny De Muynck Pigeons BE-166-Special One 581 DAE3C05D
Belgium Ronny De Muynck Pigeons BE-167-Special One 576 DADDDDC9
Belgium Ronny De Muynck Pigeons BE-165-Special One 577 DAE402EE
Belgium Team Alvarez-Buelens BE-171-Eddy DAE0BEC0
Belgium Team Alvarez-Buelens BE-170-Eagle Lady DAE10102
Belgium Team Alvarez-Buelens BE-169-Argenton 091 DADDE280
Belgium Team Alvarez-Buelens BE-172-Argenton 090 DAE40786
Belgium Team Casino BE-175-Flying Special DAB0009E
Belgium Team Casino BE-173-Sudoku 3 DAB1893B
Belgium Team Casino BE-176-Eugenio DADDE6E4
Belgium Team Casino BE-174-Rosario DAE40432
Belgium Team De Duif-Champion Trade BE-179-Tari 434 DAE0FCBB
Belgium Team De Duif-Champion Trade BE-180-Tari 476 DAE0FA09
Belgium Team De Duif-Champion Trade BE-177-Tari 422 DADDEC94
Belgium Team De Duif-Champion Trade BE-178-Tari 433 DAB167A4
Belgium Team Gaquire Francis BE-184-Francis 4 DADDE561
Belgium Team Gaquire Francis BE-183-Francis 3 DAB18912
Belgium Team Gaquire Francis BE-181-Francis 1 DAE402F6
Belgium Team Gaquire Francis BE-182-Francis 2 DAE4A820
Belgium Team Pierrot BE-185-Erna DAE335EF
Belgium Team Pierrot BE-186-Xena DAE3C0F6
Belgium Team Pierrot BE-187-Apollon DADDE69C
Belgium Team Pierrot BE-188-Jupiter DAE0FBAB
Belgium Team Seb & Hugo BE-190-Sao II DADDDD79
Belgium Team Seb & Hugo BE-189-Sao I DAE40B12
Belgium Team Seb & Hugo BE-192-Sao IV DADDE800
Belgium Team Zlatan BE-195-Fulltofta 19 DAE3C0ED
Belgium Team Zlatan BE-193-Stone DAE0FB59
Belgium Team Zlatan BE-194-Spirit DAB01F53
Belgium Team Zlatan BE-196-Express DADDEEE0
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert BE-197-Mona DAE3C81A
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert BE-198-Matteo DAE3C009
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert BE-199-Evi DAE40611
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert BE-200-Mauro DAE3C4F9
Belgium Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier BE-204-Margaux DADDE8A0
Belgium Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier BE-202-Carl DADDEDAC
Belgium Vandendriessche Rik BE-205-Papillon DAE0FAB3
Belgium Vandendriessche Rik BE-208-Nestor DADDE5C7
Belgium Vandendriessche Rik BE-206-Pamela DAE3C077
Belgium Vanhee A&M BE-211-Iron Man DAE406A6
Belgium Vanhee A&M BE-209-Flipper DAE3CA13
Belgium Vanhee A&M BE-212-Maxime DADDAC1F
Belgium Vanhee A&M BE-210-Motta DAE3C9C7
Belgium Velghe Dominique BE-215-Full Power 3 DAE3C6DD
Belgium Velghe Dominique BE-214-Full Power 2 DAB0C89D
Belgium Velghe Dominique BE-213-Full Power 1 DADDED49
Belgium Velghe Dominique BE-216-Full Power 4 DADDE511
Bosnia And Herzegovina Blazevic HR-2724-Bura DAE3C28E
Bosnia And Herzegovina Blazevic HR-2725-Maximus DAE3358C
Bosnia And Herzegovina Blazevic HR-2727-Mila DAE0FAC4
Bosnia And Herzegovina Blazevic HR-2726-Mara DAE3C0EA
Bosnia And Herzegovina Denis Culic HR-2729-Dubrovnik Best DAE3C4CF
Bosnia And Herzegovina Denis Culic HR-2728-Dubrovnik Star DAE409A0
Bosnia And Herzegovina Denis Culic HR-2730-Dubrovnik Beauty DADD5D6A
Bosnia And Herzegovina Denis Culic HR-2731-Croatia First DADDF05C
Bosnia And Herzegovina Gel Loft HR-2732-Gel 699 DADD5FF3
Bosnia And Herzegovina Gel Loft HR-2734-Gel 697 DAE3C277
Bosnia And Herzegovina Gel Loft HR-2733-Gel 698 DADDEE27
Bosnia And Herzegovina Gel Loft HR-2735-Gel 691 DADDD959
Bosnia And Herzegovina Ivan Vranjes HR-2738-Trachurus DAE4082C
Bosnia And Herzegovina Ivan Vranjes HR-2739-Scomber DAB188CF
Bosnia And Herzegovina Ivan Vranjes HR-2737-Pilchadrus DAE0FC83
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek BG-228-Varna DAE3C5F6
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek BG-227-Plovdiv DAE33344
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek BG-226-Ajax DAA45C3D
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek BG-225-Inter DAB19CC1
Bulgaria D.Todorov & I. Kochovski BG-229-DT 40 DAB003F8
Bulgaria D.Todorov & I. Kochovski BG-230-Radosveta DAB005CE
Bulgaria D.Todorov & I. Kochovski BG-232-Fenics DAE3C97D
Bulgaria D.Todorov & I. Kochovski BG-231-DT 50 DAE40B2A
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov BG-233-DT 055 DAE0243F
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov BG-236-DT 37 DADDE83B
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov BG-234-DT 55 DAE3332E
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov BG-235-DT 040 DAE3C57E
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A BG-239-Edip 3 DAA6954F
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A BG-238-Edip 2 DAE332C1
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A BG-240-Edip 4 DAB16C4C
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A BG-237-Edip 1 DAA45D21
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B BG-242-Edip 6 DAE3C34B
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B BG-244-Edip 8 DAE3335E
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B BG-241-Edip 5 DAE4083D
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B BG-243-Edip 7 DAE0FE66
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C BG-5628 ESH 29 DAB19E61
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C BG-5629 ESH 30 DA91DDB1
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C BG-5627 ESH 27 DAB19778
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A BG-247-Diavel DAB03DBC
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A BG-246-Augusta DAB01C77
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A BG-248-Monster DAB18EC3
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A BG-245-Draxter DAE3C6DC
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B BG-249-Brutale DAB188ED
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B BG-250-Panigale DAB18F58
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B BG-251-Ducati DAA45D64
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-A BG-255-Bullez DADDED76
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-A BG-254-Arrow DAE0FBDA
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-A BG-256-Rain DAE0FAFE
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B BG-257-Gold DADDD541
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B BG-259-Ice DAE40C9D
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B BG-258-Storm DADDEFFE
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B BG-260-Lucky DAE3C929
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C BG-264-Spedy DAE40499
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C BG-262-Flash DAE0FC08
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C BG-263-Tez DAE3C0DD
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C BG-261-Bentley DAAFFFE6
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A BG-266-Sofia 72 DAB1922D
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A BG-265-Sofia 63 DAE40408
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A BG-267-Sofia 55 DAE4AB3D
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A BG-268-Sofia 32 DAB16EC9
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B BG-271-Sofia 60 DAE3C5A6
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B BG-269-Sofia 34 DAB023A0
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B BG-270-Sofia 44 DADDE806
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C BG-273-Sofia 51 DAB16F01
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C BG-276-Sofia 38 DAE3C054
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C BG-274-Sofia 50 DAE335E6
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C BG-275-Sofia 71 DAE0FD6D
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A BG-279-Greek God DADDED9A
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A BG-280-Hard Light DAB1882D
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A BG-278-Full Porsche DADDE5AA
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A BG-277-Young Vera DAE33447
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B BG-281-Justify DAE3C180
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B BG-284-Fast and Furious DAE3C2BD
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B BG-283-Olr Lady DAB00568
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B BG-282-Miss Charming DAE3C04E
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C BG-287-Rumi DADDECAA
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C BG-288-Real Power DADDEDDF
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C BG-286-Ronaldo DAB02434
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-D BG-290-Mr Krissman DAE3C7C9
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-D BG-289-Porsche Acy DAB18AA5
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A BG-295-Dayana DADDD87E
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A BG-294-National 1 DAE33550
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A BG-296-Princess DAB02213
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B BG-300-Miss Charm DAE3C23C
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B BG-299-Lucky Star DAB16E47
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B BG-297-Tina DAE3C0F4
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B BG-298-Algarve 19 DAAFFF76
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C BG-304-Miroslava DAB16EFC
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C BG-301-Precious DAE0FB2D
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C BG-302-New Kalimanka DAE3C950
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C BG-303-Big Hope DAB0234F
China Z.G. Helios-A CN-365-Heli 354 DADDD8D7
China Z.G. Helios-A CN-368-Heli 360 DAE3C2DC
China Z.G. Helios-A CN-366-Heli 391 DAAFFE5C
China Z.G. Helios-A CN-367-Heli 342 DADDE4D5
China Z.G. Helios-B CN-372-Heli 5418 DA91DD66
China Z.G. Helios-B CN-369-Heli 372 DAE3C65C
China Z.G. Helios-B CN-370-Heli 396 DAE3CB31
China Z.G. Helios-C CN-373-Schulz 391 DAAFFE79
China Z.G. Helios-C CN-374-Schulz 392 DAB18E08
China Z.G. Helios-C CN-375-Schulz 383 DAE3C13C
China Z.G. Helios-C CN-376-Schulz 387 DAE40E14
China Z.G. Helios-D CN-378-Os 1005 DAE3C174
China Z.G. Helios-D CN-379-Os 1006 DAE0F989
China Z.G. Helios-D CN-380-Os 1008 DAB188AA
China Z.G. Helios-D CN-377-Os 1004 DAE332F5
China Z.G. Helios-E CN-382-Os 1032 DAE4A98D
China Z.G. Helios-E CN-384-Os 444 DAE3C993
China Z.G. Helios-E CN-381-Os 1024 DAE0FD34
China Z.G. Helios-E CN-383-Os 421 DADDD57B
China Z.G. Helios-F CN-385-Schulz 389 DADDD7F5
China Z.G. Helios-F CN-388-Schulz 398 DAE0FF78
China Z.G. Helios-F CN-387-Schulz 396 DADDE362
China Z.G. Helios-F CN-386-Schulz 390 DADDE2D9
China Z.G. Helios-G CN-391-Heli 05 DADDD533
China Z.G. Helios-G CN-389-Heli 432 DAE3C47B
China Z.G. Helios-G CN-390-Heli 02 DAE333D3
China Z.G. Helios-H CN-394-Os 437 DAE3BFE1
China Z.G. Helios-H CN-395-Os 450 DAE3C7BA
China Z.G. Helios-H CN-396-Os 451 DAB18BC3
China Z.G. Helios-H CN-393-Os 416 DAE0F993
China Z.G. Helios-I CN-398-Aaron DADDDEAA
China Z.G. Helios-I CN-397-Brianna DAE406CF
China Z.G. Helios-I CN-399-Fiona DADDE82E
China Z.G. Helios-I CN-400-Justus DADDE687
China Z.G. Helios-J CN-402-Schulz 394 DAE40ADE
China Z.G. Helios-J CN-403-Stefaan 468 DAE0BEE5
China Z.G. Helios-J CN-401-Schulz 386 DADD60E1
China Z.G. Helios-K CN-406-Os 477 DAE33268
China Z.G. Helios-K CN-407-Os 480 DAE4054F
China Z.G. Helios-K CN-408-Os 484 DAE0FBFD
China Z.G. Helios-K CN-405-Os 471 DADDEB09
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-A CO-410-New Kleine DADDDB25
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-A CO-409-Blue Star DAE3C0B3
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-A CO-412-Van Dyck DAB16B7F
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-A CO-411-Wolfgang Gaby DAB01F8F
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-B CO-413-Joven Kaasboer DAB19F62
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-B CO-416-Colombia Harry DA91D347
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-B CO-414-Bogota Harry DAB0028F
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-B CO-415-Kaasboer Casi DADDD550
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-C CO-419-Kim Kaasboer DAB186AD
Colombia Ricardo Wilmar-C CO-418-Prince DAB01FEA
Croatia  Bosko Jenjic HR-5636 Bosko 20 DAB18BED
Croatia  Bosko Jenjic HR-5635 Bosko 10 DAB19EBE
Croatia  Filip Pudic- Family Loft HR-5634 Hvar DA91CC85
Croatia  Filip Pudic- Family Loft HR-5632 Rab DAB18989
Croatia  Filip Pudic- Family Loft HR-5631 Pag DAB16DA0
Croatia  Filip Pudic- Family Loft HR-5633 Vis DAB19BF8
Croatia  UNKNOWN-34 HR- 5761 DA90FDC9
Czech Republic Karas Antonin Familie CZ-422-Garuda DAA45E15
Czech Republic Karas Antonin Familie CZ-421-Hari DADDDDE8
Czech Republic Karas Antonin Familie CZ-423-Caytanya DAE40C2F
Czech Republic Karas Antonin Familie CZ-424-Nitjananda DADDEF13
Czech Republic KHL Kamenar CZ-428-Barcelona DAE0FC87
Czech Republic KHL Kamenar CZ-425-Lisabon DAE0FF1C
Czech Republic KHL Kamenar CZ-427-Madrid DAE407CF
Czech Republic KHL Kamenar CZ-426-Porto DADDD8AB
Czech Republic Koan Team CZ-430-Eva DAE3C9F0
Czech Republic Koan Team CZ-432-Yps DADDDE44
Czech Republic Koan Team CZ-429-Sona DAE33515
Czech Republic Koan Team CZ-431-Yva DADDDA3C
Czech Republic Krmiva Bezecna CZ-434-Moly DAE3C48C
Czech Republic Krmiva Bezecna CZ-435-Franz DAE405E3
Czech Republic Krmiva Bezecna CZ-433-Lisa DAB0C8AB
Czech Republic Krmiva Bezecna CZ-436-Katy DADDDA51
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal CZ-437-Adam K1 DAE0FC0B
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal CZ-440-Karlova TheGoldenPrincess DAE40BB8
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal CZ-438-Fetire DADDAC81
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal CZ-439-Mash DAE0BD1A
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir A CZ-444-Champagne de Ni 4 DADDDE43
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir A CZ-441-Champagne de Ni 1 DAE0F9D6
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir A CZ-443-Champagne de Ni 3 DADDDD55
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir A CZ-442-Champagne de Ni 2 DADDEB8C
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir B CZ-446-Black Toni DAE333CB
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir B CZ-445-Cannibal’s son DAA45CF6
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir B CZ-447-Bit Bull Pauliena DAE3C007
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir C CZ-449-Angel Pauline DAE0FDCB
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir C CZ-451-Pit Bull Mother DAE0FD08
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir C CZ-450-Angel Paul DAE3341C
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir D CZ-455-Champagne 3 DAE100B3
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir D CZ-453-Champagne 1 DAE40649
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir D CZ-454-Champagne 2 DAE3CB75
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir D CZ-456-Champagne 4 DADDE529
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar B CZ-460-Sauron DA91D47C
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar B CZ-457-Eragon DAE40826
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar B CZ-459-Gladiator DAA45EA2
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar B CZ-458-Scorpion DAE0FFE7
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar C CZ-463-AAron DAE405F6
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar C CZ-464-Zorro DAE40CCD
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar C CZ-461-Tiesto DAE404E9
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar C CZ-462-Magnus DAB18AE0
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar-A CZ-465-Diablo DAE335BB
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar-A CZ-467-Raket DAB18919
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar-A CZ-468-Despacito DADDEF58
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar-A CZ-466-Helicopter DAE0FBA3
Czech Republic Svoboda & Lekes CZ-469-Jirka DAE40DD5
Czech Republic Svoboda & Lekes CZ-471-Lenka DA91CDB0
Czech Republic Svoboda & Lekes CZ-472-Ola DAA45E1C
Czech Republic Svoboda & Lekes CZ-470-Luda DADDDFB1
Czech Republic Taborsky Vladimir CZ-475-Anny DA91E296
Czech Republic Taborsky Vladimir CZ-474-Marti DAB18823
Czech Republic Taborsky Vladimir CZ-476-Helena DA91DB56
Czech Republic Taborsky Vladimir CZ-473-Simi DA91E552
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-A CZ-477-Demolition Man DAB01DA4
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-A CZ-479-Win for Me DADDE78D
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-A CZ-478-Born To Win DAAFFF7B
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-A CZ-480-Odisseus DAE0FA7B
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-B CZ-482-Anne DAE3CABD
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-B CZ-481-Gerard’s Favourite DAE4A917
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik-B CZ-483-Go for Win DADDDE4C
France Baztit Youssef FR-2613-Baztit 2 DAE3BFF0
France Baztit Youssef FR-2615-Baztit 4 DADDECC4
France Baztit Youssef FR-2614-Baztit 3 DAE023A0
France Baztit Youssef FR-2612-Baztit 1 DAE4A879
France Carlos & Maurice-A FR-2617-V29 DADDDDEA
France Carlos & Maurice-A FR-2619-V24 DAE3C404
France Carlos & Maurice-A FR-2618-V17 DAE0FBD8
France Carlos & Maurice-A FR-2616-V28 DADDAD53
France Carlos & Maurice-B FR-2621-M65 DAE3C783
France Carlos & Maurice-B FR-2622-M25 DA91CEEF
France Carlos & Maurice-B FR-2623-M26 DAE403CD
France Carlos & Maurice-B FR-2620-M16 DAE0BF22
France Coutinho FR-2626-Duroy 3 DAE0FAAF
France Coutinho FR-2625-Duroy 2 DAE4062C
France Coutinho FR-2624-Duroy 1 DAE0FA06
France Coutinho FR-2627-Duroy 4 DADDDD37
France GREG Team-A FR-2630-G 544 DAB02245
France GREG Team-A FR-2631-G 558 DAE3C05B
France GREG Team-A FR-2629-G 553 DAE3C24A
France GREG Team-A FR-2628-G 548 DAE3C816
France GREG Team-B FR-2634-G 528 DAE3C7EE
France GREG Team-B FR-2633-G 546 DADDD7A3
France GREG Team-B FR-2632-G 556 DAE3C02A
France GREG Team-B FR-2635-G 506 DAE4A8B7
France GREG Team-C FR-2636-G 557 DADDF007
France GREG Team-C FR-2638-G 518 DAB0EEAF
France GREG Team-C FR-2639-G 549 DAE3C13B
France GREG Team-D FR-2640-G 502 DAE0FC56
France GREG Team-D FR-2641-G 551 DAE3C113
France GREG Team-E FR-2644-G 501 DAE40F14
France GREG Team-E FR-2646-G 560 DAE3C9E0
France GREG Team-E FR-2647-G 542 DAB000E1
France GREG Team-F FR-2651-G 543 DAE3C5F7
France GREG Team-F FR-2649-Greg 105 DAE40486
France GREG Team-F FR-2648-G 547 DAE4031D
France GREG Team-F FR-2650-G 550 DAE3C622
France GREG Team-G FR-2652-G 541 DAE3C107
France GREG Team-G FR-2653-G 503 DAE3C611
France GREG Team-G FR-2654-Greg 801 DAE4A952
France GREG Team-G FR-2655-Greg 811 DAE4A829
France GREG Team-H FR-2657-Greg 802 DADDEDE1
France GREG Team-H FR-2656-Greg 535 DAE4A9B8
France GREG Team-H FR-2658-Greg 993 DAE0FC42
France GREG Team-H FR-2659-Greg 122 DAB18D31
France GREG Team-I FR-2662-Greg 525 DAE3CA87
France GREG Team-I FR-2661-Greg 974 DAB18553
France GREG Team-I FR-2663-Greg 987 DADDD94C
France GREG Team-J FR-2667-Greg 107 DADDEEE7
France GREG Team-J FR-2666-Greg 161 DADD60E0
France GREG Team-J FR-2665-Greg 151 DADDEE0E
France GREG Team-K FR-2671-Greg 157 DADDEFB6
France GREG Team-K FR-2669-Greg 141 DADDED28
France GREG Team-K FR-2668-Greg 212 DADDEF0A
France GREG Team-K FR-2670-Greg 121 DAE3C989
France GREG Team-L FR-2672-Greg 580 DADDEEB0
France GREG Team-L FR-2674-Greg 180 DA91DC8A
France GREG Team-L FR-2673-Greg 550 DAE3CA9D
France Henry Gerard & Sylvain FR-2676-Paula DAB18C2B
France Henry Gerard & Sylvain FR-2677-Jackpot DAE40D48
France Henry Gerard & Sylvain FR-2678-Gino DAE0FDD6
France Henry Gerard & Sylvain FR-2679-Sylvana DAB19121
France Les Bartaquiers FR-2681-Poumarous DAE0FB2C
France Les Bartaquiers FR-2680-Histo DAE3C00C
France Les Bartaquiers FR-2683-Sao V DAB197C2
France Les Bartaquiers FR-2682-Gandjo 2 DAB19375
France Leys FR-2687-Gogo DAE3C32E
France Leys FR-2685-Pascaline DAA45E20
France Leys FR-2686-Guigui DAB16710
France Novo Garcia & Guia FR-2691-Tim DAB023AE
France Novo Garcia & Guia FR-2688-Adriana DAE3C124
France Novo Garcia & Guia FR-2690-Bono DAB16C59
France Novo Garcia & Guia FR-2689-Zé Pedro DAE3C24E
France Peter Branco FR-2694-Peter 3 DAB188E0
France Peter Branco FR-2692-Peter 1 DADDD8CB
France Peter Branco FR-2693-Peter 2 DAE4A987
France Team Aviators Loft-A FR-2699-Dreaming of me DAE4070E
France Team Aviators Loft-A FR-2696-Every thing in the night place DAB18541
France Team Aviators Loft-A FR-2698-Pleasure Little Treasure DADDDBEA
France Team Aviators Loft-B FR-2701-Nothing´s impossible DAE3C1CD
France Team Aviators Loft-B FR-2700-Everything country DAE3C408
France Team Aviators Loft-B FR-2703-Sweetest Perfection DAE3C98B
France Team Aviators Loft-B FR-2702-Question of lust DAE0FB0C
France Team Belliot-Oquill FR-2707-Ferragudo DAA45D0E
France Team Belliot-Oquill FR-2704-New Mistral DAE0FBEB
France Team Belliot-Oquill FR-2705-The moleira DAE3C4E9
France Team Belliot-Oquill FR-2706-Alvor DAE0FC3F
France Team Ferouelle Jacques FR-2708-Ferou 06 DAA6921C
France Team Ferouelle Jacques FR-2710-Ferou 84 DAE4073D
France Team Ferouelle Jacques FR-2711-Ferou 41 DAE3C82C
France Team Ferouelle Jacques FR-2709-Ferou 09 DAE0FD07
France Team GSM FR-2712-Jonathan Dos Santos DAE33241
France Team GSM FR-2715-Manuel Dos Santos DAB01E42
France Team GSM FR-2714-Joaquim Gonçalves DAE3C2C4
France Team GSM FR-2713-Manuel Vieira DAE3C84B
France Team Mendes-Narciso FR-2716-Stefy DAE0F9CF
France Team Mendes-Narciso FR-2719-Emilie DADDDD0E
France Team Mendes-Narciso FR-2718-Alex DAB16A0D
France Team Mendes-Narciso FR-2717-Cindy DAE3C14E
Germany A.B.M DE-488-Pretty Belinda DADDDD25
Germany A.B.M DE-485-Blaier Blitz DAE0F96B
Germany A.B.M DE-487-Jasmin DAE3C8CF
Germany A.B.M DE-486-Nicole DAA694EF
Germany Adelige Oberallgauer DE-489-Gabi DAE404E2
Germany Adelige Oberallgauer DE-490-Reinhold DADDD90F
Germany Adelige Oberallgauer DE-492-Moni DA91DD0C
Germany Adlige Allgauer DE-493-Adlige 1 DAB19D98
Germany Adlige Allgauer DE-494-Adlige 2 DAE3C72B
Germany Adlige Allgauer DE-495-Amore DAE3C346
Germany Adlige Allgauer DE-496-Dirty Harry DAA35AF6
Germany Alexander Kamella DE-498-Kamella 2 DAE0FA9D
Germany Alexander Kamella DE-497-Kamella 1 DA91E6C0
Germany Alexander Kamella DE-499-Kamella 3 DADDEB26
Germany Alexander Kamella DE-500-Kamella 4 DAE3BFC7
Germany Alfermann Christian-A DE-504-Christian 4 DAE3C016
Germany Alfermann Christian-A DE-501-Christian 1 DAE335F0
Germany Alfermann Christian-A DE-502-Christian 2 DAE3C06C
Germany Alfermann Christian-A DE-503-Christian 3 DADDEDFC
Germany Alfermann Christian-B DE-508-Christian 8 DAE3C30E
Germany Alfermann Christian-B DE-506-Christian 6 DAE332A9
Germany Alfermann Christian-B DE-507-Christian 7 DADDD717
Germany Alfermann Christian-B DE-505-Christian 5 DAE3C0DE
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DE-509-Klaas 55 DAE32D6A
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DE-512-Klaas 56 DAA45C7C
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DE-510-Klaas 22 DAB19534
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DE-511-Klaas 53 DADDD767
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DE-515-Klaas 47 DA91CEFF
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DE-516-Klaas 35 DA91CC37
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DE-514-Klaas 61 DADDD648
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DE-513-Klaas 58 DAE3C52F
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DE-520-Klaas 31 DAB16792
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DE-518-Klaas 52 DAE33283
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DE-519-Klaas 30 DADDDD5E
Germany Alfred Miosga DE-524-Trost DAE023FA
Germany Alfred Miosga DE-521-Gret DAE3C641
Germany Alfred Miosga DE-523-Fat DADDE635
Germany Alfred Miosga DE-522-Roxy DAE3C154
Germany Alois Fasselt DE-527-Fuchsi DADDEFE4
Germany Alois Fasselt DE-526-Schwattrim DAE40325
Germany Alois Fasselt DE-525-Princess Salome DADDE43F
Germany Alois Fasselt DE-528-Raabe DADDE838
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DE-529-Sylt Grass DAB18C09
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DE-530-Sylt Brecht DAE3C328
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DE-531-Sylt Fontane DADDECC8
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DE-535-Sylt Alighieri DAE3C03D
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DE-534-Sylt Goethe DADDE804
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DE-533-Sylt Schiller DAB16F0E
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DE-536-Sylt Lessing DAE4A849
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DE-538-Sylt Shaskespeare DADDD7F3
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DE-537-Sylt Bergonzi DAE4A8BE
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DE-540-Sylt Quasimodo DAE3C42D
Germany Anci DE-556-Anci 4 DAE40B74
Germany Anci DE-554-Anci 2 DAE0FC70
Germany Anci DE-553-Anci 1 DAE40694
Germany Anci DE-555-Anci 3 DAE40D70
Germany Andreas Habel DE-557-The Special One DADDEF41
Germany Andreas Habel DE-558-The Normal One DAE3C017
Germany Andreas Habel DE-559-The Rocket DADDD8C4
Germany Andreas Habel DE-560-The Winner DAE3C8E7
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DE-563-Heavens Jan DADDE685
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DE-564-Heavens Dream DAE3C3EC
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DE-561-Heavens Wonder DAE40386
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DE-562-Heavens Magic DAE0FD0A
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DE-566-Heavens Alexia DADDDDC3
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DE-567-Heavens Saint DAE40D82
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DE-565-Heavens Hans DAE4A9EE
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DE-568-Heavens Sinner DAE3C434
Germany Andreas Moeller-C DE-570-Heavens Kurt DAE3C0D9
Germany Andreas Moeller-C DE-571-Heavens Favorit DAAFFEBE
Germany Andreas Moeller-C DE-572-Heavens Beauty DAE3C019
Germany Andreas Moeller-C DE-569-Heavens Figo DADDD9A5
Germany Andreas Siller DE-573-AS 1 DAE0FCA9
Germany Andreas Siller DE-575-AS 3 DAE3C3FB
Germany Andreas Siller DE-576-AS 4 DAB16AD6
Germany Andreas Siller DE-574-AS 2 DADDAD55
Germany Andreas Weise DE-580-Fee DAB18939
Germany Andreas Weise DE-577-Andreas DAE33270
Germany Andreas Weise DE-578-Annett DAE3C341
Germany Andreas Weise DE-579-Balko DAB16E30
Germany Andreas Wilss DE-581-Moppi DAE40785
Germany Andreas Wilss DE-582-Maiklockchen DAE3CB63
Germany Andreas Wilss DE-583-Fetzer DAE40AE9
Germany Andreas Wilss DE-584-Beigfee DADDECE7
Germany Axel Wolf DE-585-Heidi DADDD7FF
Germany Axel Wolf DE-586-Otto DADDDD44
Germany Axel Wolf DE-588-Jella DAE0C075
Germany Axel Wolf DE-587-Matilda DAE0FC3E
Germany Bastuck-Quinten DE-591-Jolie DAB1971A
Germany Bastuck-Quinten DE-590-Vicky DA91CCF0
Germany Bastuck-Quinten DE-589-Fortuna DAE40D40
Germany Bastuck-Quinten DE-592-Nikita DADDE290
Germany Bergemann DE-594-Kadin DAE3C9A3
Germany Bergemann DE-595-Laura DAE3C476
Germany Bergemann DE-593-Finn 5 DADDE560
Germany Bergemann DE-596-Movitz DADDE5AC
Germany Bernd Haske DE-600-Viktoria DAB16F3E
Germany Bernd Haske DE-598-Sabiar DAB193BF
Germany Bernd Haske DE-597-Berud DAE3C79E
Germany Bernd Haske DE-599-Caro DA91E374
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DE-601-Dream Blue DAE0FEF4
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DE-602-Snobby DAB188F0
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DE-604-Scheck DAB197BC
Germany Bernd Wichmann-B DE-608-Benni DA91DC51
Germany Bernd Wulhorst DE-609-Bernd 1 DAE3C1B3
Germany Bernd Wulhorst DE-611-Bernd 3 DAE0FA9E
Germany Bernd Wulhorst DE-612-Bernd 4 DAE0FA13
Germany Bernd Wulhorst DE-610-Bernd 2 DADDEF54
Germany Boerdeteam-A DE-616-Madame Bounty DAE3C8E6
Germany Boerdeteam-A DE-615-Catushaba DAB16933
Germany Boerdeteam-A DE-613-Magda 4 DA91E413
Germany Boerdeteam-A DE-614-Absolutely City DAE3CA27
Germany Boerdeteam-B DE-619-Florime DAE4A801
Germany Boerdeteam-B DE-618-Hacki DAE3C329
Germany Boerdeteam-B DE-617-Muli DAE3C77C
Germany Boerdeteam-B DE-620-Bakkara DADDE6B2
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-A DE-622-Erkel 65 DAB0C8C9
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-A DE-623-Kleine Prange DAE3C7DA
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-A DE-624-Sekr 24 DAE3C367
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-B DE-627-Meulemann DADDE655
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-B DE-628-Sokh 100 DAB188D9
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-B DE-625-Enkelin 821 DAE4A808
Germany Bonsemeier Guido-B DE-626-Kleiner Thomas DADDE774
Germany Brandmueller Georg DE-630-Luisa DAB16ED1
Germany Brandmueller Georg DE-629-Niels 1 DA91DAEF
Germany Brandmueller Georg DE-632-Tina DAE3C630
Germany Brandmueller Georg DE-631-Hanes DADDD6CD
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-A DE-633-Heike DAE3C0EF
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-A DE-636-Mary DAE0FBFE
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-A DE-634-Vanessa DADDDE77
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-B DE-640-Briley DADDED52
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-B DE-637-Paty DAE3C9F9
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-B DE-638-Brijitte DAE3BFEA
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-B DE-639-Brijitta DAB1858D
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-C DE-641-Germany 2019 DAE3C23D
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-C DE-643-Grand Gold 2019 DADDE4DF
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-C DE-644-Brijana DAB01E65
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-D DE-645-Briana DADDE684
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-D DE-646-Brenda DAE08F2D
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-D DE-647-Branka DAB00291
Germany Brieftauben-International Martin Focke-D DE-648-Barbel DAE3C1CF
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DE-652-Hansolo 391 DA91DB1C
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DE-651-Yoda 390 DADDE8F0
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DE-650-Obiwan 389 DAE0BE64
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DE-649-Skywalker 385 DADDE7F4
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DE-654-Kylo 394 DAE404D0
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DE-656-Rey 396 DAE3C511
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DE-653-Leia 393 DA91D085
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DE-655-Boba 395 DADDD8C0
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DE-658-Cody 398 DADDDDCE
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DE-660-Greedo 400 DAE3350E
Germany Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DE-657-Jango 397 DADDDE2A
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DE-664-Hill 316 DAE40664
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DE-661-Fangio 301 DADDAC2C
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DE-663-Clarke 314 DAB19599
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DE-662-Brabham 306 DAE3CAB3
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DE-668-Landa 313 DADDDF9F
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DE-666-Steward 308 DAE0FFEE
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DE-667-Fittipaldi 311 DADDDD0A
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DE-665-Rindt 304 DAE40B79
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DE-670-Prost 322 DADDE427
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DE-669-Rosberg 321 DAE40E71
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DE-671-Senna 326 DA91E564
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DE-672-Schumacher 327 DADDEC9F
Germany Brunnet Bernd DE-676-Sunny DAE40DBC
Germany Brunnet Bernd DE-675-Sable DAE32AF7
Germany Brunnet Bernd DE-674-Chyna DADDE433
Germany Brunnet Bernd DE-673-Gig Gig DADDE38B
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DE-679-Annka DAE3C344
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DE-678-Lennard DAE3C4BA
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DE-680-Crispin DAE023F5
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DE-677-Charlie DADDDF1C
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DE-684-Manu DAE335E0
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DE-682-Joshi DAB19495
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DE-681-Sarah DADDDE30
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DE-683-Andreas DADDEFC4
Germany Bruno Sattler-C DE-685-Bruno DADDD942
Germany Bruno Sattler-C DE-686-Elke DAE40CDD
Germany Bruno Sattler-C DE-687-Erwin DAE3C28B
Germany Bruno Sattler-C DE-688-Lotte DADDE5A0
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-A DE-689-AL DAB19795
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-A DE-692-PE DAE0FA0A
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-A DE-691-CE DADDDDBB
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-A DE-690-BI DAE3C879
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-B DE-695-OI DAE40C1B
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-B DE-694-DC DADDD9CE
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-B DE-696-ZE DAA6948A
Germany Buck H. Racing Pigeons-B DE-693-AC DAE0FBE7
Germany Bußmann, Johannes DE-697-Sylt Gaby DAB192C8
Germany Bußmann, Johannes DE-700-Sylt Gerrits DADDEF5C
Germany Bußmann, Johannes DE-699-Sylt Sabine DAE3C2B6
Germany Bußmann, Johannes DE-698-Sylt Stefan DAE40342
Germany Christian Furlmeier-A DE-704-Johanna DAE0FB3B
Germany Christian Furlmeier-A DE-703-Furli DAB18C1B
Germany Christian Furlmeier-A DE-701-Katta DAB021FF
Germany Christian Furlmeier-A DE-702-Moni DAE3C02E
Germany Christian Furlmeier-B DE-708-Benny DAE3C0BE
Germany Christian Furlmeier-B DE-707-Mina DAE3C2D9
Germany Christian Furlmeier-B DE-706-Josef DAB0C782
Germany Christian Furlmeier-B DE-705-Franz DAB01FAA
Germany Christof Kussyh DE-710-KK2 DAE40359
Germany Christof Kussyh DE-711-KK3 DAE0FEA7
Germany Christof Kussyh DE-709-KK1 DADDE8EB
Germany Christof Kussyh DE-712-KK4 DAB03BE8
Germany Christoph Spieker & Markus Buehne DE-713-Mufasa DA91E2BF
Germany Christoph Spieker & Markus Buehne DE-714-Nobody DAE1008A
Germany Christoph Spieker & Markus Buehne DE-715-Satin DA90FC9D
Germany Christoph Spieker & Markus Buehne DE-716-Zoe DAE10046
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DE-719-Nirvana DAB00382
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DE-718-Janis Joplin DAE3344D
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DE-717-Woodstock DAE3C949
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DE-720-Black Sabbath DAB186C7
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DE-721-Led Zeppelin DAE405FC
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DE-722-Boston DAE3C046
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DE-723-Kansas DADDF02B
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DE-724-Def Leppard DAE3C38C
Germany Claus Gerhard DE-725-Claus 48 DAE32A5D
Germany Claus Gerhard DE-726-Claus 49 DADDDEDD
Germany Claus Gerhard DE-727-Claus 38 DAE0BD07
Germany Claus Gerhard DE-728-Claus 26 DADDE3CF
Germany Costel Zavodnicu DE-729-Sarina DAB19737
Germany Costel Zavodnicu DE-731-Mony DADDEC96
Germany Costel Zavodnicu DE-730-Julya DAE0F951
Germany Costel Zavodnicu DE-732-Carla DAE40D23
Germany Daggi und Klaus 1 DE-735-Lenny DADDDEFD
Germany Daggi und Klaus 1 DE-734-Zoe DAE0FD32
Germany Daggi und Klaus 1 DE-736-Finni DAB0F0C2
Germany Daggi und Klaus 1 DE-733-Joshi DADDD88C
Germany Daggi und Klaus 2 DE-739-Gonzo DAE08F12
Germany Daggi und Klaus 2 DE-740-Bert DAE3C8D4
Germany Daggi und Klaus 2 DE-737-Fuzzi DADDEFBD
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Finn Leon DE-741-Sylt Finns Pearl DAE3C67E
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Finn Leon DE-742-Sylt Worldchamp DAE3BFE4
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Finn Leon DE-744-Sylt Nikolaus DADDE715
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Finn Leon DE-743-Sylt Osterhase DAE0FA0E
Germany De Winter DE-747-Dero DADDE398
Germany De Winter DE-746-Sandra DADDDE4A
Germany De Winter DE-745-Marlies DAB197C0
Germany De Winter DE-748-Maes DAE1006D
Germany Dersch-Gnittka DE-749-Marc 1 DAB18681
Germany Dersch-Gnittka DE-750-Marc 2 DADDE512
Germany Dersch-Gnittka DE-751-Marc 3 DADDDB63
Germany Dersch-Gnittka DE-752-Marc 4 DADDD809
Germany Die Rattenfaenger DE-756-Andrea 41 DAE3CB54
Germany Die Rattenfaenger DE-754-Ritschi 78 DAE3C41F
Germany Die Rattenfaenger DE-755-Udo 18 DAE3C88F
Germany Die Rattenfaenger DE-753-Ritschi 38 DADDDF27
Germany Die Rottalbomber-A DE-757-Mona DAE08F2A
Germany Die Rottalbomber-A DE-759-Sandra DAE0FBCF
Germany Die Rottalbomber-A DE-760-Larissa DADDDDFF
Germany Die Rottalbomber-A DE-758-Lisa DADDDF4D
Germany Die Rottalbomber-B DE-761-Lotus DADDDE25
Germany Die Rottalbomber-B DE-764-Bughatti DADDEDA0
Germany Die Rottalbomber-B DE-763-Maserati DAE0BF30
Germany Die Rottalbomber-B DE-762-Ferrari DAB18C43
Germany Die Rottalbomber-C DE-765-Porsche DAE405F9
Germany Die Rottalbomber-C DE-767-McLaren DAB0007A
Germany Die Rottalbomber-C DE-766-Aston Martin DAB16E38
Germany Die Sontheimer DE-772-Rock 4 DAE335FA
Germany Die Sontheimer DE-771-Rock 3 DAE40625
Germany Die Sontheimer DE-770-Rock 2 DAE0BF41
Germany Die Sontheimer DE-769-Rock 1 DAB16B5D
Germany Die Verrueckten DE-775-Herbert DADDE92F
Germany Die Verrueckten DE-776-Flo DADDDE3F
Germany Die Verrueckten DE-773-Andi DAB18B04
Germany Die Verrueckten DE-774-Musti DAE3C0DF
Germany Die Zwei-A DE-777-Christ 55 DAE3C39B
Germany Die Zwei-A DE-779-Christ 52 DAE0FD4D
Germany Die Zwei-A DE-778-Christ 57 DAAFFD21
Germany Die Zwei-A DE-780-Christ 53 DAE33520
Germany Die Zwei-B DE-783-Christ 67 DAE3C070
Germany Die Zwei-B DE-782-Chris 83 DAE0FAD4
Germany Die Zwei-B DE-781-Christ 34 DAB19638
Germany Die Zwei-B DE-784-Christ 64 DAE3C286
Germany Dieter Bartczak DE-786-Dieter 2 DAE3C953
Germany Dieter Bartczak DE-785-Dieter 1 DADDE5F8
Germany Dieter Bartczak DE-788-Dieter 4 DAE334C9
Germany Dieter Bartczak DE-787-Dieter 3 DAA6917E
Germany Dieter Siebert-A DE-791-Di 21 DAE40352
Germany Dieter Siebert-A DE-789-Di 03 DAB1866D
Germany Dieter Siebert-A DE-792-Di 29 DAB00259
Germany Dieter Siebert-A DE-790-Di 99 DADDE7AE
Germany Dieter Siebert-B DE-796-Si 75 DADDE615
Germany Dieter Siebert-B DE-795-Si 08 DAE0FC62
Germany Dieter Siebert-B DE-794-Si 69 DAB16A66
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DE-797-Romi 5 DAB0241E
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DE-798-Finn 5 DAE3C6D4
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DE-799-Melli 5 DAB02118
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DE-800-Jana 3 DAE3354F
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DE-801-Charleen 4 DAE3C214
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DE-804-Maik 1 DAA3685D
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DE-802-Leonora 2 DAE3C7A5
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DE-803-Nicole 1 DAE3C436
Germany Eberhard Wolter DE-808-Ebi DAB19522
Germany Eberhard Wolter DE-807-Giffa DAE40B53
Germany Eberhard Wolter DE-806-Bubba DAE3C6A0
Germany Eberhard Wolter DE-805-Rosy DAE3C8B4
Germany Edgar Peter DE-811-Eddi 321 DADDEE6D
Germany Edgar Peter DE-810-Eddi 313 DAE0FCEC
Germany Edgar Peter DE-809-Eddi 317 DAA6906E
Germany Edgar Peter DE-812-Eddi 283 DAE3C0A5
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-A DE-816-Marie 87 DAA693B2
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-A DE-813-Marie 60 DAB18DF9
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-A DE-814-Marie 63 DAE0FA6D
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-A DE-815-Marie 82 DAA36254
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-B DE-820-Rose 55 DAE40B25
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-B DE-819-Rose 43 DADDED0D
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-B DE-818-Rose 97 DA91DB30
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller-B DE-817-Rose 94 DAE40C44
Germany Ernst Radke DE-821-Ernst 1 DADDECAF
Germany Ernst Radke DE-823-Ellen 1 DAB1912F
Germany Ernst Radke DE-822-Ernst 2 DAE404D6
Germany Ernst Radke DE-824-Ellen 2 DAE40E1F
Germany Erwin Hubold DE-827-Hubi 3 DAE3C3B6
Germany Erwin Hubold DE-828-Hubi 4 DAE4A8B6
Germany Erwin Hubold DE-826-Hubi 2 DAAFFFC8
Germany Erwin Hubold DE-825-Hubi 1 DAE3C8A4
Germany Ewald Doerflinger DE-831-Fritzi DAB1C50B
Germany Ewald Doerflinger DE-832-Charlie DADDEA82
Germany Ewald Doerflinger DE-830-Jimmy DAE3C480
Germany Ewald Doerflinger DE-829-Frieda DADDEA41
Germany F. Stieneker-Brueck DE-834-Ginli DAB18AF4
Germany F. Stieneker-Brueck DE-833-Gondolin DADDDE56
Germany F. Stieneker-Brueck DE-836-Lorien DAE0FA92
Germany F. Stieneker-Brueck DE-835-Maeglin DAB1916F
Germany Familie Joekel-A DE-840-Brabham DADDD91F
Germany Familie Joekel-A DE-837-Farina DAE3C01C
Germany Familie Joekel-A DE-838-Fangio DAB0C7CE
Germany Familie Joekel-A DE-839-Ascari DAB16BB4
Germany Familie Joekel-B DE-842-Stewart DAE40651
Germany Familie Joekel-B DE-843-Fittipaldi DAE333E5
Germany Familie Joekel-B DE-841-Hill DADDD635
Germany Familie Joekel-B DE-844-Clark DADDE627
Germany Familie Sosnik DE-847-Cagu DAE402CD
Germany Familie Sosnik DE-845-Anna DA91E6F2
Germany Familie Sosnik DE-846-Moni DAE4064D
Germany Familie Zimmermann DE-850-Karlson DAE0FCAA
Germany Familie Zimmermann DE-849-Lucki Luke DADDDD52
Germany Familie Zimmermann DE-852-Nika DADDEB84
Germany Familie Zimmermann DE-851-Ruby DAE0FE4B
Germany Fenten, Heinz DE-854-Sylt Heinz DAE335A3
Germany Fenten, Heinz DE-856-Sylt Leonie DAE40DAE
Germany Fenten, Heinz DE-853-Sylt Ute DAE40C09
Germany Fenten, Heinz DE-855-Sylt Marvin DAE4032A
Germany Feuriger Flügel Krosigk DE-858-Lone Fighter DADDE6FA
Germany Feuriger Flügel Krosigk DE-857-Dirty Shadow DAE0FBBD
Germany Feuriger Flügel Krosigk DE-859-Big Bastard DAE33258
Germany Feuriger Flügel Krosigk DE-860-Golden Arrow DAE0FCC4
Germany Frank Josef DE-862-Johanna DA91DC23
Germany Frank Josef DE-864-Heisi DAE3C383
Germany Frank Josef DE-861-Marlene DAE1009E
Germany Frank Josef DE-863-Jogi DAE0C003
Germany Frankomarino DE-868-Fortuna DAE40C65
Germany Frankomarino DE-866-Athene DADDDEFF
Germany Frankomarino DE-865-Artemis DAE0FAC0
Germany Franz Kleinhans DE-869-Mona DAE33594
Germany Franz Kleinhans DE-872-Lisa Mona DAE3C696
Germany Franz Kleinhans DE-870-Lisa DAE3C987
Germany Franz Kleinhans DE-871-Mona Lisa DAE33463
Germany Gebruder Reinhard DE-876-Wynaldan DAB190F5
Germany Gebruder Reinhard DE-875-Sarah DAE334A7
Germany Gebruder Reinhard DE-873-Paise DAE3333B
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DE-879-Heibert 10 DADDEEF7
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DE-877-Heibert 6 DADDEF8C
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DE-880-Heibert 13 DAE3C0EB
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DE-878-Heibert 9 DADDE60C
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DE-882-Heibert 18 DAE3C5F2
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DE-883-Heibert 26 DAE3C651
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DE-884-Heibert 38 DAB16FB2
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DE-881-Heibert 14 DAB01D20
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DE-886-Thomas 219 DAE40E85
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DE-887-Thomas 239 DAE40E3F
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DE-885-Thomas 217 DAE40CAC
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DE-888-Thomas 1573 DAE40A3D
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DE-890-Thomas 218 DAE1007E
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DE-891-Thomas 220 DAB18B00
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DE-892-Thomas 1576 DAE0FAC2
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DE-889-Thomas 216 DADDAE8D
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DE-895-Karlheinz 3 DAE332DE
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DE-896-Karlheinz 4 DAE0BF27
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DE-894-Karlheinz 2 DAE4084F
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DE-893-Karlheinz 1 DAE334AE
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DE-898-Karlheinz 6 DADDEC92
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DE-899-Karlheinz 7 DAE40999
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DE-897-Karlheinz 5 DAE40791
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DE-900-Karlheinz 8 DADDE476
Germany German Flying Devils DE-904-Jordis 105 DADDE4D1
Germany German Flying Devils DE-903-Till 152 DAE3C57D
Germany German Flying Devils DE-902-Tjark 400 DAE3C5E3
Germany German Flying Devils DE-901-Lilly 136 DADDD8AF
Germany Gerrits, Harry-A DE-908-Sylt Harry 4 DAE3339D
Germany Gerrits, Harry-A DE-906-Sylt Harry 2 DAE4AA3A
Germany Gerrits, Harry-A DE-907-Sylt Harry 3 DAB00069
Germany Gerrits, Harry-A DE-905-Sylt Harry 1 DAE3C63A
Germany Gerrits, Harry-B DE-911-Sylt Harry 7 DAE3C159
Germany Gerrits, Harry-B DE-910-Sylt Harry 6 DADDD6D5
Germany Gerrits, Harry-B DE-912-Sylt Harry 8 DADDEC9D
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 1 DE-914-Ute DAB16EF8
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 1 DE-915-Pia DAB000EB
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 1 DE-916-Doris DAE3C27D
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 2 DE-920-Ingolf DAE3CA03
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 2 DE-917-Schinze DAE3CA89
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 2 DE-918-Huneck DAE3CB32
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Aktivisten 2 DE-919-Josef DA90FCF9
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Becker DE-922-Aiko DAA690DB
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Becker DE-923-Maya DAE100FE
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Becker DE-924-Mica DAE405ED
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Becker DE-921-Tanja DADDDF82
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Behle DE-928-Heike DAB021DD
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Behle DE-925-Frida DAE3C8DA
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Behle DE-926-Leonie DAE3C578
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Behle DE-927-Heiko DAE333D2
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Dersch/Gnittka DE-929-John DAE3C075
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Dersch/Gnittka DE-930-Paul DAB1885D
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Dersch/Gnittka DE-931-George DAAFFE6B
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Dersch/Gnittka DE-932-Ringo DADDD69E
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Huneck DE-934-Nirvana DAB00572
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Huneck DE-933-Toto DADDEDB9
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Huneck DE-935-Depeche DAE0FBC8
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Linne/Funk DE-937-Werner 1 DAE4A8A2
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Linne/Funk DE-938-Guido DADDDA7E
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Linne/Funk DE-939-Werner 2 DAB01F4E
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Linne/Funk DE-940-Sandra DADDDF1F
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Rohde DE-944-Rosi DAE4A83C
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Rohde DE-943-Paula DAE3C17D
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Rohde DE-942-Denise DADDD7E5
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Rohde DE-941-Danni DA91DB90
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Russeler/Schmitz DE-947-Beate DAE3C7E1
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Russeler/Schmitz DE-948-Helmut DAE3C8A0
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Russeler/Schmitz DE-945-Willi DAB01E91
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Schinze DE-952-Kathrin DAE3C61F
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Schinze DE-950-Sylvia DAB16C05
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Schinze DE-951-Krugerrano DAE3C1C9
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Striegel-Lippert DE-954-Laura DAE32D5F
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Striegel-Lippert DE-956-Konny DAB19200
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Striegel-Lippert DE-955-Ulli DAE0FC6B
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Striegel-Lippert DE-953-Klaus DADDAE64
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Theo DE-960-Wassmuth DADDEC4F
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Theo DE-957-Rohde DAE40E6B
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Theo DE-958-Wegener DAE40D15
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Trusheim DE-964-Mauzi DAE3CA37
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Trusheim DE-961-Willi DAE3C723
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Trusheim DE-963-Horst DAE0FC0A
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wasmuth DE-965-Quietsche DADDACBB
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wasmuth DE-966-Champ DAE40C93
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wasmuth DE-968-Black Manta DAE0FA8C
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wasmuth DE-967-Flitzer DAE40872
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wegener/Schafer DE-969-No 17 DAE3353C
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wegener/Schafer DE-970-Franz DAE0FB68
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wegener/Schafer DE-972-Josef DAE40344
Germany Gouden Duif-Algarve-Wegener/Schafer DE-971-No 18 DAB16C07
Germany Groene, Christoph DE-974-Sylt Christoph 2 DAE0BF68
Germany Groene, Christoph DE-975-Sylt Christoph 3 DADDE3D1
Germany Groene, Christoph DE-973-Sylt Christoph 1 DAE404BD
Germany Gunter Gotz-A DE-980-Haller DADDDEEB
Germany Gunter Gotz-A DE-977-Rebic DAE40AB7
Germany Gunter Gotz-A DE-979-Jovic DAE0C066
Germany Gunter Gotz-A DE-978-Kostic DAE10108
Germany Gunter Gotz-B DE-984-Robertson DAE3CB59
Germany Gunter Gotz-B DE-981-Kloppo DAE40AF7
Germany Gunter Gotz-B DE-983-Henderson DADDEB29
Germany Gunter Gotz-B DE-982-Mane DADDDD26
Germany Gunther Gartner-A DE-987-Chissi II DAE3CB2D
Germany Gunther Gartner-A DE-985-Guinni II DAB004F8
Germany Gunther Gartner-A DE-988-Konni II DAB193A3
Germany Gunther Gartner-A DE-986-Benni II DADDED99
Germany Gunther Gartner-B DE-992-Konni DAE3C0E7
Germany Gunther Gartner-B DE-991-Chissi DAE3C683
Germany Gunther Gartner-B DE-990-Benni DAE3C978
Germany Gunther Gartner-B DE-989-Guinni DAE4A81E
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-A DE-994-Vagabund DAE3C158
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-A DE-995-Julen DAE403AA
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-A DE-993-Ruby Tuesday DADDD880
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-B DE-997-Blue Saphir DAB18E55
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-B DE-998-Rapunzel DADDE8E1
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-B DE-999-Fred DAB18C18
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-B DE-1000-Hugo DAE3C359
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-C DE-1004-Koss 74 DADDE2CB
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-C DE-1003-Koss 73 DAE1004A
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-C DE-1001-Kof 79 DAE40D18
Germany H.+D. Koffler M.Kossow-C DE-1002-Kof 67 DADDE3F3
Germany Haggenmuller H+S DE-1006-Xavi DAB003C0
Germany Haggenmuller H+S DE-1007-Stecki 32 DAB19F8F
Germany Haggenmuller H+S DE-1008-Ungarin DA91DA7E
Germany Haggenmuller H+S DE-1005-Kasti 2 DAE031A9
Germany Hakunna Matata-A DE-1011-Pumbaa DADDEDC7
Germany Hakunna Matata-A DE-1012-Simba DAE33325
Germany Hakunna Matata-A DE-1010-Azizi DAE0FA77
Germany Hakunna Matata-A DE-1009-Scar DAE4075A
Germany Hakunna Matata-B DE-1015-Timon DAA45BB7
Germany Hakunna Matata-B DE-1016-Sarabi DAE0FAD3
Germany Hakunna Matata-B DE-1014-Biene Maja DAE4079F
Germany Hakunna Matata-B DE-1013-Fahler Willi DAE0C00C
Germany Hallmann, Jörg & Heun, Engelbert DE-1018-Sylt Joerg 2 DAE0FB89
Germany Hallmann, Jörg & Heun, Engelbert DE-1017-Sylt Joerg 1 DAE0FC1B
Germany Hallmann, Jörg & Heun, Engelbert DE-1019-Sylt Engelbert 1 DAE3C1FE
Germany Hallmann, Jörg & Heun, Engelbert DE-1020-Sylt Engelbert 2 DADDECB5
Germany Halunder Moats DE-1023-Justifly 737 DAE3CB18
Germany Halunder Moats DE-1024-Justifly 753 DAE3CA11
Germany Halunder Moats DE-1021-Justifly 702 DAE33528
Germany Halunder Moats DE-1022-Justifly 711 DADDEEBD
Germany Hans Paul Esser DE-1027-Born to Win DAA45BF9
Germany Hans Paul Esser DE-1026-Algarve Star DAA692A9
Germany Hans Paul Esser DE-1028-What ever DAE0FD23
Germany Hans Rutsch DE-1030-Simon DAE4A81C
Germany Hans Rutsch DE-1031-Lukas DAE3C0F2
Germany Hans Rutsch DE-1032-Hansi DADDD856
Germany Hans Rutsch DE-1029-Niklas DAE40DCC
Germany Harald Below DE-1034-One Thinty Six DAE03221
Germany Harald Below DE-1035-One Thinty Four DAB0208A
Germany Harald Below DE-1033-One Fifteen DAE0FBE9
Germany Harald Below DE-1036-One Nineteen DAB16F16
Germany Hartmut Buse-A DE-1038-Buse 2 DAE40C9E
Germany Hartmut Buse-A DE-1040-Buse 4 DAE3C435
Germany Hartmut Buse-A DE-1039-Buse 3 DAE3C171
Germany Hartmut Buse-B DE-1044-Buse 8 DAE0F9C8
Germany Hartmut Buse-B DE-1041-Buse 5 DAE3C3AB
Germany Hartmut Buse-B DE-1042-Buse 6 DADDDE0E
Germany Hartmut Buse-B DE-1043-Buse 7 DADDDF78
Germany Hecher H+L DE-1046-Maxima DAE0FCB4
Germany Hecher H+L DE-1047-Titan DAE3C8C2
Germany Hecher H+L DE-1048-Tina DADDD6BE
Germany Heinz Axer DE-1049-Opal DAE0BE1C
Germany Heinz Axer DE-1052-Achat DAE40C75
Germany Heinz Axer DE-1050-Topas DAE40702
Germany Heinz Axer DE-1051-Saphir DAE0FA52
Germany Heinz Merschmann DE-1055-Sanni DAE33483
Germany Heinz Merschmann DE-1056-Nils DAB18B6C
Germany Heinz Merschmann DE-1054-Klan DAB16C67
Germany Heinz Merschmann DE-1053-Evi DAE3C18B
Germany Heister & Schulz DE-1060-Rocky DADDDD62
Germany Heister & Schulz DE-1057-Lady Gaga DAE40A9D
Germany Heister & Schulz DE-1058-Schneller Alfred DADDEF4D
Germany Heister & Schulz DE-1059-Schicki-Micki DADDAF14
Germany Heister Erich DE-1063-Franz DADDE880
Germany Heister Erich DE-1064-Bazou DAB18C07
Germany Heister Erich DE-1062-Anna DAB005A9
Germany Heister Erich DE-1061-Specki DADDE9D8
Germany Held, Werner DE-1067-Sylt Luchs DAE3C106
Germany Held, Werner DE-1066-Sylt Tiger DAE3C6FC
Germany Held, Werner DE-1068-Sylt Leopard DAE3C1B0
Germany Held, Werner DE-1065-Sylt Lowe DAAFFEEA
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DE-1076-Avanti Blue DAE4A95D
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DE-1074-Thingnes Boe DAE3C263
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DE-1073-Lang-Lang DAB16D9E
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DE-1075-Dynamite DADDE54C
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DE-1080-Swifty Morgan DAE0FCE7
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DE-1078-Lautlos DAE3C684
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DE-1077-Little Power Man DAE3C2F0
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DE-1079-Pinturault DA91E62B
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DE-1082-Natali DAB16F5C
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DE-1083-Heidy DAE33524
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DE-1081-Mary DAE08F26
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DE-1084-Boris DADDE783
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DE-1085-Heribert 1 DADDE4C8
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DE-1086-Heribert 2 DAE3C7CF
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DE-1087-Heribert 3 DAE40B82
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DE-1088-Heribert 4 DAE335CE
Germany Hermann Niesing DE-1090-Leo 6 DAE40801
Germany Hermann Niesing DE-1089-Jens 6 DAE0BF9C
Germany Hermann Niesing DE-1092-Epe 6 DAB00077
Germany Hofmann Karl DE-1093-619 DAE3C832
Germany Hofmann Karl DE-1095-627 DAB18592
Germany Hofmann Karl DE-1094-622 DADDEEC5
Germany House of Start DE-1100-Pace DADDED16
Germany House of Start DE-1099-Invincibile DAE40C82
Germany House of Start DE-1098-King Arthur DAE40B78
Germany House of Start DE-1097-Mesia DAE40DC3
Germany Hubert Borker-A DE-1103-Borker 3 DAE4A85E
Germany Hubert Borker-A DE-1102-Borker 2 DAB16E97
Germany Hubert Borker-A DE-1104-Borker 4 DAB16FBE
Germany Hubert Borker-B DE-1106-Borker 6 DAB18B1C
Germany Hubert Borker-B DE-1107-Borker 7 DAE403C7
Germany Hubert Borker-B DE-1105-Borker 5 DAE3CAD3
Germany Hubert Borker-C DE-1112-Borker 12 DAE0FCD6
Germany Hubert Borker-C DE-1111-Borker 11 DAE3C685
Germany Hubert Borker-C DE-1110-Borker 10 DADDEDB2
Germany Hubert Borker-C DE-1109-Borker 9 DAE3C3E0
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-A DE-1114-Pfoh 2 DADDD747
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-A DE-1115-Pfoh 3 DAB1672A
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-A DE-1116-Pfoh 4 DADDDADC
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-B DE-1118-Halovax DADDAB94
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-B DE-1120-Gaby DAE335F4
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-B DE-1119-Lafly DAE3C445
Germany Hubert Pfoh / Eichert H+A-B DE-1117-Annabell DAE3BFD4
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-A DE-1121-Elga DAE40788
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-A DE-1124-Beatriz DAE0FB34
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-A DE-1123-Diana DAE40AFB
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-A DE-1122-Eva DADDD7BD
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-B DE-1127-Ana DAB0C871
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-B DE-1128-Carla DADDD828
Germany Iking-Leifkes Kippenbrock-B DE-1126-Helena DAE0FA1F
Germany Jager + Sohn DE-1132-Sonnensdein DAB00609
Germany Jager + Sohn DE-1130-Conny DAE3CA4F
Germany Jager + Sohn DE-1129-Traumgirl 4 DA90FEDC
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DE-1133-Carl DAB0EF64
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DE-1134-Diane DAE334B6
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DE-1135-Irlanda DAE3C7CD
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DE-1136-Marina DAE40AD4
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DE-1138-Goldfinger DAE3C46E
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DE-1139-Bond 007 DAE3C712
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DE-1140-Blitz DADD60FC
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DE-1137-Engel DAE3C5AA
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DE-1143-Diamant DADDEF1B
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DE-1142-Jennyver DADDECC5
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DE-1141-Jenny DADDD9C7
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DE-1144-Gold DAE3C883
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DE-1146-Whiskey DAE334B8
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DE-1147-Soda DAB16A6E
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DE-1145-Charly DAE40360
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DE-1149-Sonjoy 1 DAE3CA6C
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DE-1150-Maritos 2 DAA45DFC
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DE-1152-Nicole 2 DAE0FC7E
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-B DE-1154-Maritos 1 DADDD727
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-B DE-1153-Karl-Heinz 1 DAB00104
Germany Karl-Heinz Wichert DE-1160-KH 55 DADDEEEA
Germany Karl-Heinz Wichert DE-1159-KH 35 DADDDDBC
Germany Karl-Heinz Wichert DE-1158-KH 33 DADDE967
Germany Karl-Heinz Wichert DE-1157-KH 10 DAE0FCCE
Germany KitSune Loft-A DE-1164-Pale Blue Dot DAE3C378
Germany KitSune Loft-A DE-1162-Seventh String DAE3C335
Germany KitSune Loft-A DE-1161-Distance over Time DAE3C73C
Germany KitSune Loft-B DE-1168-Narikei DAE3C22C
Germany KitSune Loft-B DE-1166-Shogi DADDDA24
Germany KitSune Loft-B DE-1165-Miya DAE3C1A6
Germany KitSune Loft-B DE-1167-Longma DAAFFD55
Germany KitSune Loft-C DE-1172-Ravenskill DAE32D6D
Germany KitSune Loft-C DE-1171-Mangini DAE3C0F3
Germany KitSune Loft-C DE-1170-Sonya DADDADED
Germany KitSune Loft-C DE-1169-Xiao Guai Guai DAE40E83
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DE-1174-Castelo Branco DAE3C4AC
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DE-1176-Lisboa DADDE748
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DE-1175-Beja DADDED43
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DE-1180-Faro DAE0FCBD
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DE-1178-Azinhal DAB01DCD
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DE-1177-Bordeira DAE3C762
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DE-1179-Sagres DADDDA93
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DE-1181-Silves DADDDE29
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DE-1182-Portimão DA91DBBD
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DE-1184-Algoz DAE332DA
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DE-1183-Vila Real DADDE3A3
Germany Klaus Stieneker-D DE-1186-Bragança DAE40AA8
Germany Klaus Stieneker-D DE-1185-Albufeira DADDD616
Germany Klaus Stieneker-D DE-1188-Setubal DAE0FDB6
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DE-1192-Olhao DAE40591
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DE-1191-Lagos DAE4092F
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DE-1190-Tavira DA90FE01
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DE-1189-Braga DADDDE69
Germany Klaus und Uwe DE-1195-Gerullis 2 DAB03921
Germany Klaus und Uwe DE-1193-Gerullis 1 DAE3C375
Germany Klaus und Uwe DE-1194-Bliemeister 1 DAE3C5C9
Germany Klaus und Uwe DE-1196-Bliemeister 2 DAE08F23
Germany Klotze DE-1200-Harri DADDE453
Germany Klotze DE-1198-Hare DAE3C3BA
Germany Klotze DE-1197-Kleine DAE40811
Germany Kocherbote-A DE-1204-Fabian DADDDE04
Germany Kocherbote-A DE-1201-Heptunus Gabi DAE3C81D
Germany Kocherbote-A DE-1202-Pipserboy DAB18AD7
Germany Kocherbote-A DE-1203-Celine DAB19141
Germany Kocherbote-B DE-1206-Rks 2 DAB186BC
Germany Kocherbote-B DE-1205-Rks 1 DADDDDFB
Germany Kocherbote-B DE-1208-Paco DAE3CA0F
Germany Kocherbote-B DE-1207-Dulcinea DADDEFF4
Germany Koerneke Gerhard DE-1210-Artex 2 DAE3C631
Germany Koerneke Gerhard DE-1211-Artex 3 DADDD6CF
Germany Koerneke Gerhard DE-1212-Artex 4 DAE334DC
Germany Koerneke Gerhard DE-1209-Artex 1 DAB16A6F
Germany Kraus-Bangert DE-1213-Kraus 1 DAE40E3A
Germany Kraus-Bangert DE-1216-Kraus 4 DAE32E30
Germany Kraus-Bangert DE-1214-Kraus 2 DAA45D03
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-A DE-1227-Little Jo DADDD96F
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-A DE-1226-Felix DADDF072
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-A DE-1225-Lisa DAB16797
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-A DE-1228-Charly DAE3C243
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-B DE-1231-Kugler 3 DAE334EA
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-B DE-1230-Kugler 2 DAE3C62C
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-B DE-1232-Kugler 4 DAE335DE
Germany Kugler Ingrid & Margret-B DE-1229-Kugler 1 DAB16EE1
Germany Kurt Hartung DE-1233-Kurt 1 DAE0F978
Germany Kurt Hartung DE-1235-Kurt 3 DAE335B3
Germany Kurt Hartung DE-1234-Kurt 2 DAE3C11C
Germany Kurt Hartung DE-1236-Kurt 4 DAB02661
Germany Kurt Kinscher DE-1239-Chantal DAE3C1CA
Germany Kurt Kinscher DE-1237-Cento DAE40C88
Germany Kurt Kinscher DE-1238-Contador DADDE578
Germany Lake Valley ATX DE-1241-ATX 5244 DADDD82F
Germany Lake Valley ATX DE-1242-ATX 5384 DAE3C051
Germany Lake Valley ATX DE-1243-ATX 5398 DAB16C7D
Germany Lake Valley ATX DE-1244-ATX 5215 DAE3C234
Germany Lasterie Branot-A DE-1248-PL 04 DAE332B5
Germany Lasterie Branot-A DE-1247-PL 03 DADDEE8A
Germany Lasterie Branot-A DE-1246-PL 02 DAE4AB00
Germany Lasterie Branot-A DE-1245-PL 01 DAE3C809
Germany Lasterie Branot-B DE-1249-PL 05 DADDE776
Germany Lasterie Branot-B DE-1251-PL 07 DAE3C499
Germany Lasterie Branot-B DE-1252-PL 08 DADDE5D8
Germany Laxy DE-1254-Konny DADDDB10
Germany Laxy DE-1255-Mary DADDE8D1
Germany Laxy DE-1256-Seep DAE4076A
Germany Laxy DE-1253-Lili DADDED32
Germany Le Morne DE-1257-Morne 1 DAE40C77
Germany Le Morne DE-1258-Morne 2 DADDED35
Germany Le Morne DE-1260-Morne 4 DAE0FBFA
Germany Lothar Krueger-A DE-1217-LK56 DAA45CEA
Germany Lothar Krueger-A DE-1218-LK58 DAE0FD2A
Germany Lothar Krueger-A DE-1220-LK67 DADDAE9A
Germany Lothar Krueger-A DE-1219-LK59 DADDD7E1
Germany Lothar Krueger-B DE-1224-LK62 DAE0BFB2
Germany Lothar Krueger-B DE-1223-LK65 DAB16A19
Germany Lothar Krueger-B DE-1222-LK64 DAE3C7BE
Germany Lothar Krueger-B DE-1221-LK61 DAE40DFA
Germany Main DE-1262-Eva DAB0242F
Germany Main DE-1263-Paul DAE3C3AD
Germany Main DE-1264-Fritz DAA45C0C
Germany Main DE-1261-Adam DAB18AFE
Germany Mario Sommer-A DE-1265-Klaus DADDE4ED
Germany Mario Sommer-A DE-1268-Horst DAE3C21D
Germany Mario Sommer-A DE-1266-Lotte DAE3C64F
Germany Mario Sommer-A DE-1267-Hans DAB18672
Germany Mario Sommer-B DE-1270-Willibald DAE403F7
Germany Mario Sommer-B DE-1272-Oscar DADDEFA4
Germany Mario Sommer-B DE-1269-Helga DAB0257E
Germany Markus Jan DE-1276-Leiha DADDEE07
Germany Markus Jan DE-1275-Thor DAE332A0
Germany Markus Jan DE-1274-Baldes DADDAE49
Germany Markus Jan DE-1273-Zatopeh DAE3328F
Germany Markus Wirth DE-1278-Loverboy DAE3C1C5
Germany Markus Wirth DE-1277-Selina DAE3C092
Germany Markus Wirth DE-1279-Lucky 53 DAE3C488
Germany Markus Wirth DE-1280-Happy Jack DAB16FC8
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DE-1282-Februar DAE4063B
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DE-1284-April DADD60F4
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DE-1281-Januar DADDE943
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DE-1283-Maerz DAE404CD
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DE-1285-Mai DADDDD53
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DE-1288-August DAE3CAAC
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DE-1286-Juni DADDE97E
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DE-1287-Juli DAE40618
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DE-1291-November DADDE2CA
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DE-1290-Oktober DAB16D9D
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DE-1289-September DAE405C5
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DE-1292-Dezember DADDABFC
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DE-1293-Fruehjahr DADDDFB7
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DE-1296-Winter DAE33369
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DE-1295-Herbst DADDD77B
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DE-1294-Sommer DAE406A5
Germany Matthias Sprang DE-1297-Big-Boom DAB02052
Germany Matthias Sprang DE-1299-Kittel-Master DA91E42C
Germany Matthias Sprang DE-1300-Miss Dirky DAB193C4
Germany Matthias Sprang DE-1298-New Arizona DAE3C837
Germany Meik Hobelmann-A DE-1302-Schumacher DAA695DF
Germany Meik Hobelmann-A DE-1304-Bastidnini DADDE96F
Germany Meik Hobelmann-A DE-1303-Montoya DAE4050D
Germany Meik Hobelmann-A DE-1301-Vehel DAE33248
Germany Meik Hobelmann-B DE-1306-Asterix DADDE916
Germany Meik Hobelmann-B DE-1305-Idefix DAE40E2A
Germany Meik Hobelmann-B DE-1307-Obelix DAE0BED9
Germany Meik Hobelmann-B DE-1308-Trubadix DAE0FD0B
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DE-1309-Buser 1 DADDDED7
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DE-1311-Buser 3 DAE332D2
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DE-1310-Buser 2 DADDECD7
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DE-1315-Buser 7 DADDDE58
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DE-1314-Buser 6 DAB16A73
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DE-1313-Buser 5 DAA45C73
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DE-1317-Meyer 202 DAE3C7B0
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DE-1318-Meyer 203 DAB0215A
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DE-1320-Meyer 210 DAB025F6
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DE-1319-Meyer 206 DADDE5F6
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DE-5651 Helios 470 DAB19CB1
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DE-5654 Vaal 486 DAB16C68
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DE-5652 Helios 475 DAA69204
Germany Michael Hoop DE-1324-Marev DAE40B1A
Germany Michael Hoop DE-1323-Blue Nate DAE40D13
Germany Michael Hoop DE-1322-Martia DADDE3B0
Germany Michael Hoop DE-1321-Michi 1 DAE3C2CA
Germany Oberkraemer DE-1326-Chrissi DAE40BC2
Germany Oberkraemer DE-1328-Jenny DADDECD1
Germany Oberkraemer DE-1325-Morsti DAE3C26B
Germany Oberkraemer DE-1327-Pepe DADDDD12
Germany Oliver Heckl DE-1332-Amalie DAE3C491
Germany Oliver Heckl DE-1331-Enrico DAE3C43A
Germany Oliver Heckl DE-1330-Rosi DAAFFF2C
Germany Oliver Heckl DE-1329-Manuel DAB001D3
Germany Paul Ruweling DE-1333-Milo DAE3C502
Germany Paul Ruweling DE-1335-Nadini DAE3C2B1
Germany Paul Ruweling DE-1336-Daniel DAE4A96D
Germany Paul Ruweling DE-1334-Anja DAE4A920
Germany Quast Stefan-A DE-1337-Big Blue DAB0F2ED
Germany Quast Stefan-A DE-1338-Dark Star DAE3C672
Germany Quast Stefan-A DE-1339-Small Arrow DADDDDEC
Germany Quast Stefan-A DE-1340-Double Eleven DAE0FA76
Germany Quast Stefan-B DE-1341-Blue Rob DADD6085
Germany Quast Stefan-B DE-1343-Buxte Girl DAB000A4
Germany Quast Stefan-B DE-1342-Finki Girl DAB18EA7
Germany Quast Stefan-B DE-1344-One Q. DAE3BFDE
Germany R+R+L+Till Marien DE-1345-Till 125 DAE3C738
Germany R+R+L+Till Marien DE-1346-Lilly 129 DAB16A9C
Germany R+R+L+Till Marien DE-1347-Till 170 DAE3343C
Germany R+R+L+Till Marien DE-1348-Lilly 182 DAE4040E
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DE-1349-Super Mario DADDD677
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DE-1350-Effach DAA45E0D
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DE-1351-Greta DADDDDCB
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DE-1352-Gandaff DAE33265
Germany Rainer DE-1353-Micha DAE0F9C9
Germany Rainer DE-1354-Ute DADDED1E
Germany Rainer DE-1356-Gabi DAE0FCC6
Germany Rainer DE-1355-Corinna DADDDE8C
Germany Rainer Linsen-A DE-1360-Spudmaster 1 DADDEDD8
Germany Rainer Linsen-A DE-1359-Spudmaster 1 DAAFFDF7
Germany Rainer Linsen-A DE-1358-Roland 900 DAE332E8
Germany Rainer Linsen-A DE-1357-Roland 700 DAE4074E
Germany Rainer Linsen-B DE-1362-Rapida 106 DA91DD06
Germany Rainer Linsen-B DE-1363-Rapida 145 DAE0FAD5
Germany Rainer Linsen-B DE-1361-Rapida 105 DAE3C25B
Germany Rasim Nihat DE-1367-Rasim 61 DA90FBBE
Germany Rasim Nihat DE-1365-Rasim 68 DADDEEF4
Germany Rasim Nihat DE-1366-Rasim 66 DAE40D30
Germany Rauss Christian-A DE-1370-Cloudracer 02 DAE4052A
Germany Rauss Christian-A DE-1371-Cloudracer 03 DADDE9E7
Germany Rauss Christian-A DE-1372-Cloudracer 04 DAE3330D
Germany Rauss Christian-A DE-1369-Cloudracer 01 DAE3C70F
Germany Rauss Christian-B DE-1373-Cloudracer 05 DAE0F986
Germany Rauss Christian-B DE-1375-Cloudracer 07 DAE0F9C2
Germany Rauss Christian-B DE-1376-Cloudracer 08 DAA692EC
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DE-1378-Sylt Arminius DAB16E9A
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DE-1377-Sylt Cherusker DA91D30D
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DE-1380-Sylt Springbock DAA45C63
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DE-1379-Sylt Varus DAB18B21
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DE-1383-Ares DAE3C95A
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DE-1382-Aphrodite DAE0FD28
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DE-1384-Hera DAE334D0
Germany Reinhold Schueler DE-1385-Reinhold 1 DAB0C6BE
Germany Reinhold Schueler DE-1386-Brigitte 1 DAE4A855
Germany Reinhold Schueler DE-1387-Reinhold 2 DAE0FAFD
Germany Reinhold Schueler DE-1388-Brigitte 2 DAE024BC
Germany Richard Haffner-A DE-1392-Magna 4 DAE0FB38
Germany Richard Haffner-A DE-1390-Magna 2 DADDEF17
Germany Richard Haffner-A DE-1391-Magna 3 DAE0BF40
Germany Richard Haffner-A DE-1389-Magna 1 DAE0FF20
Germany Richard Haffner-B DE-1395-Magna 7 DAE3C119
Germany Richard Haffner-B DE-1396-Magna 8 DADDDFD8
Germany Richard Haffner-B DE-1394-Magna 6 DADDEE31
Germany Richard Haffner-C DE-1399-Richard 3 DAA69606
Germany Richard Haffner-C DE-1398-Richard 2 DAE40E54
Germany Richard Haffner-C DE-1397-Richard 1 DADDD621
Germany Richard Haffner-C DE-1400-Richard 4 DAE40875
Germany Richard Haffner-D DE-1402-Richard 6 DADDDF6B
Germany Richard Haffner-D DE-1401-Richard 5 DAE0BEE9
Germany Richard Haffner-D DE-1403-Richard 7 DAE0BE30
Germany Richard Haffner-D DE-1404-Richard 8 DADDE2C3
Germany Ries/Sehr DE-1407-Riesi DADDE689
Germany Ries/Sehr DE-1408-Albatross DAB16736
Germany Rising Sun DE-1409-Sunny 03 DAE3C16F
Germany Rising Sun DE-1410-Sunny 27 DADDED41
Germany Rising Sun DE-1412-Sunny Crack DADDE2E6
Germany Rising Sun DE-1411-Sunny Ace DAE409A7
Germany Robert Fischer DE-1416-Frida DADDEA28
Germany Robert Fischer DE-1413-Hega DAE3CB04
Germany Robert Fischer DE-1415-Lady DAA45B52
Germany Robert Fischer DE-1414-Lilli DAE0FD9A
Germany Rolf and Friends-A DE-1419-Georg DAE3C673
Germany Rolf and Friends-A DE-1420-Karlheinz DAE32AE0
Germany Rolf and Friends-A DE-1417-Thomas 221 DADDD796
Germany Rolf and Friends-A DE-1418-Simon DAE32CFF
Germany Rolf and Friends-B DE-1422-Rolf DAE40834
Germany Rolf and Friends-B DE-1423-Herbert DA91DD5E
Germany Rolf and Friends-B DE-1421-Gerhard DAE0FB0A
Germany Rolf and Friends-B DE-1424-Bunte Rolf DAE0BE6D
Germany Rolf Berger-A DE-1425-Blackforest Wonder DA91DA7F
Germany Rolf Berger-A DE-1426-Blackforest DADDAE2A
Germany Rolf Berger-A DE-1427-Toppi DAE3BFEE
Germany Rolf Berger-A DE-1428-Toppia DAE3CB38
Germany Rolf Berger-B DE-1431-Die immer Lacht DADDED61
Germany Rolf Berger-B DE-1429-Acnaib DAE0F9FB
Germany Rolf Berger-C DE-1433-Vladimira DAE3C1F3
Germany Rolf Berger-C DE-1436-Blaue Slovakin DAE40BAA
Germany Rolf Berger-C DE-1434-Why DADDEA60
Germany Rolf Berger-C DE-1435-Why not DADDDEA8
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DE-1437-Rolf 1 DAE0FA49
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DE-1439-Rolf 3 DADDDDBA
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DE-1440-Rolf 4 DADDE738
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DE-1441-Rolf 5 DAE403A4
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DE-1443-Rolf 7 DADDDD6B
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DE-1444-Rolf 8 DAE333A8
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DE-1442-Rolf 6 DAE40BEE
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DE-1445-Callimero DAB18EDF
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DE-1446-Carlos DAE3C55C
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DE-1448-Amigo DAE3C165
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DE-1447-Pedro DAE08F0A
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DE-1452-Fritz DAE40C07
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DE-1449-Gustav DAE0FBD6
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DE-1450-Klara DAE32D8B
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DE-1451-Lucia DAE3C956
Germany S G Hirschmann-A DE-1453-The 602 DADDEE5B
Germany S G Hirschmann-A DE-1454-The 604 DADDF068
Germany S G Hirschmann-A DE-1456-The 608 DADDD530
Germany S G Hirschmann-A DE-1455-The 606 DAE3C00E
Germany S G Hirschmann-B DE-1460-The 607 DAE3BFFD
Germany S G Hirschmann-B DE-1457-The 601 DAB1855E
Germany S G Hirschmann-B DE-1459-The 605 DAE3C200
Germany S G Hirschmann-B DE-1458-The 603 DAE0FB5E
Germany Scheiker-Flick DE-5626-Sylt Ted DAB18B17
Germany Scheiker-Flick DE-1461-Sylt Hannospeed DAB188F2
Germany Scheiker-Flick DE-1462-Sylt Hamiltonspeed DAE0F95D
Germany Schilling & Rycombel DE-1465-Gill DAE333CD
Germany Schilling & Rycombel DE-1466-Hevo DADDE85B
Germany Schilling & Rycombel DE-1467-Big Boss DAE3C025
Germany Schilling & Rycombel DE-1464-Phantom DAE3CAC3
Germany Schleich, Bernhard DE-1469-Cher DADDD750
Germany Schleich, Bernhard DE-1470-Rihanna DAE40C08
Germany Schleich, Bernhard DE-1471-Shakira DADDDDFA
Germany Schleich, Bernhard DE-1468-Elvis DAE40CC2
Germany Schloesser-Ehlen DE-1475-Bambi DAE33496
Germany Schloesser-Ehlen DE-1472-Ira DAE3C546
Germany Schloesser-Ehlen DE-1474-Robbie DAB18582
Germany Schloesser-Ehlen DE-1473-Totti DAB18F8C
Germany Schubring, Siegward DE-1479-Sylt Siegward 4 DAE3C7BF
Germany Schubring, Siegward DE-1478-Sylt Siegward 3 DAE4037E
Germany Schubring, Siegward DE-1477-Sylt Siegward 2 DAE334AF
Germany Schubring, Siegward DE-1476-Sylt Siegward 1 DAE3CA53
Germany Schwabenpower DE-1483-CR7 DADDDECC
Germany Schwabenpower DE-1482-Gustav DADDAEEF
Germany Schwabenpower DE-1481-Chica DAE3C4C9
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-A DE-1486-Margrett DAE33377
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-A DE-1487-Peter DAE0FB04
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-A DE-1485-Ciara DAE335CF
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-A DE-1484-Leon DADDDA91
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-B DE-1489-Holli 2 DADDE915
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-B DE-1490-Holli 3 DAE402DB
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-B DE-1488-Holli 1 DAB1934B
Germany Schwarzer-Holstiege-B DE-1491-Holli 4 DAE3C118
Germany SG Birkenbach DE-1492-Paradise City DAB16F92
Germany SG Birkenbach DE-1493-Hells Bells DAE3C50A
Germany SG Birkenbach DE-1494-Enter Sandman DADD60ED
Germany SG Dieter & Frank Hundstein DE-1496-Mercedes DAE3CA41
Germany SG Dieter & Frank Hundstein DE-1499-Klausel 319 DAE0FAFC
Germany SG Dieter & Frank Hundstein DE-1497-Merkus DAE3C786
Germany SG Dieter & Frank Hundstein DE-1498-Medina DAE0FC2D
Germany SG Krajczy DE-1502-Cavani 104 DAE3350F
Germany SG Krajczy DE-1501-Sancho 109 DAE3C7B7
Germany SG Krajczy DE-1500-Sancho 101 DAE3CA74
Germany SG Krajczy DE-1503-Akanji 107 DAE403EB
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DE-1505-Juist DAE3CB56
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DE-1507-Norderny DAE3359B
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DE-1504-Borkum DADDED3B
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DE-1506-Langeoog DADDD6C2
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DE-1508-Fohr DAE0FC7D
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DE-1509-Amrum DAE403D1
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DE-1511-Langeness DAE335C4
Germany SG Rohl S.+H. DE-1514-Iceland DAE33323
Germany SG Rohl S.+H. DE-1512-Aida DAE3C254
Germany SG Rohl S.+H. DE-1515-Cocktail DAE40332
Germany SG Rohl S.+H. DE-1513-Bingo DAB01E88
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-A DE-1517-Enjoy DAB16DBA
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-A DE-1518-Equalizer DAB16928
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-A DE-1519-Excalibur DADDED9E
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-A DE-1516-El Dorado DAE3C2E9
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-B DE-1522-Boomerang DADDD705
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-B DE-1520-Blizzard DAB023FA
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-B DE-1523-Brexit DAE3C5ED
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer-B DE-1521-Beverly DAE4A8D1
Germany SG Steffl-A DE-1525-Ozzy Osborne DAE33510
Germany SG Steffl-A DE-1526-Angus Young DAE3C30D
Germany SG Steffl-A DE-1527-Pink DADDECEE
Germany SG Steffl-B DE-1529-Janis Joplin DAB16AC6
Germany SG Steffl-B DE-1530-Mick Jagger DAE403FA
Germany SG Steffl-B DE-1528-Blondie DAB19C5B
Germany SG Steffl-B DE-1531-Eric Clapton DAE403A3
Germany SG Steffl-C DE-1535-Bob Marley DAE0FFC2
Germany SG Steffl-C DE-1534-Tom Jones DAE32BB8
Germany SG Steffl-C DE-1532-Falco DAE404CF
Germany SG Steffl-C DE-1533-Sting DADDD81C
Germany SG Steffl-D DE-1537-Cher DADDE84F
Germany SG Steffl-D DE-1536-Whitney Houston DADDF041
Germany SG Steffl-D DE-1538-Jennifer Lopez DA91DD33
Germany SG Steffl-D DE-1539 David Bowie DAB1933A
Germany SG Steffl-E DE-1540-Brian Adams DAE40881
Germany SG Steffl-E DE-1542-Bob Dylan DADDEFC5
Germany SG Steffl-E DE-1543-Phil Collins DA90FCE4
Germany SG Steffl-E DE-1541-Jimmy Page DADDDEA6
Germany SG Tamoszus DE-1547-Helene DAE332EF
Germany SG Tamoszus DE-1546-Sofia DAE40AC8
Germany SG Tamoszus DE-1545-Anna DAE40C8A
Germany SG Tamoszus DE-1544-Lotus DAE40B8D
Germany SG Weishar-Brand-Schmidt-Brenneke DE-1551-Champ DAE0FD1F
Germany SG Weishar-Brand-Schmidt-Brenneke DE-1550-Kebekus DADDF050
Germany SG Weishar-Brand-Schmidt-Brenneke DE-1548-Brandy DAE403FB
Germany Sieckmann DE-1553-Kiki DADDE765
Germany Sieckmann DE-1552-Fynn DADDE55C
Germany Sieckmann DE-1554-Jil DADDECEF
Germany Sieckmann DE-1555-Jule DADDE725
Germany Stefan Blocher DE-1557-Grizzly DAE3CB74
Germany Stefan Blocher DE-1558-Grizzly Tiger DAB19662
Germany Stefan Blocher DE-1556-Sophie DAE3CB14
Germany Stefan Blocher DE-1559-SF 29 DADDEC43
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-A DE-1561-Sylt Jürgen 2 DAE3BFD2
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-A DE-1563-Sylt Jürgen 4 DAE3C3A2
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-A DE-1562-Sylt Jürgen 3 DADDE735
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-A DE-1560-Sylt Jürgen 1 DAE3C095
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-B DE-1564-Sylt Jürgen 5 DAB0F2BF
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-B DE-1566-Sylt Jürgen 7 DAE3C2CE
Germany Stefaniszyn, Juergen-B DE-1567-Sylt Jürgen 8 DAAFFD0C
Germany Stelcreations DE-1570-Traksy DAE33428
Germany Stelcreations DE-1571-Newpleny DAE3C139
Germany Stelcreations DE-1569-Nyna DAE0FAC8
Germany Sturm vogel DE-1573-Alfred DAA6948B
Germany Sturm vogel DE-1574-Algarve-Turbo DAB16AAF
Germany Sturm vogel DE-1572-Jackpott DADDF03F
Germany Sturm vogel DE-1575-Schubi DAE3C151
Germany SuperPloni DE-1580-Alice DAE3CA64
Germany SuperPloni DE-1583-Antonia DAE3C36D
Germany SuperPloni DE-1581-Tom DAE3C6ED
Germany SuperPloni DE-1582-Lukas DADDE834
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DE-1586-Algarve DAE3C3F9
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DE-1587-Suna DAE40DD3
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DE-1585-Wittekopp DAE40322
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DE-1584-Weisskoepfchen DADDED54
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DE-1591-Luca DAE40D4D
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DE-1589-Lexy Roxx DAE0C009
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DE-1590-Monte Gordo DADDACB4
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DE-1588-Kasimir DAB16F71
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DE-1593-Blockbuster 3162 DAE335CD
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DE-1595-Blockbuster 3135 DADDDFAB
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DE-1592-Blockbuster 3161 DAE4058E
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DE-1594-Blockbuster 3146 DAE0F967
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DE-1598-Blockbuster 3145 DAE334FC
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DE-1599-Blockbuster 3176 DAE3C2C1
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DE-1596-Blockbuster 3123 DAE3C928
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DE-1597-Blockbuster 3125 DAE3C0B6
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DE-1601-Blockbuster 3175 DAB16980
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DE-1602-Blockbuster 3169 DAAFFD41
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DE-1600-Blockbuster 3174 DADDDCAD
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DE-1603-Blockbuster 3126 DAB18E28
Germany Team “Ladies” DE-1606-Manja DAB18DE6
Germany Team “Ladies” DE-1604-Petra DAE0FA40
Germany Team “Ladies” DE-1605-Cora DAE40993
Germany Team “Ladies” DE-1607-Katrin DAE40D84
Germany Team Abrakadabra DE-1608-Evora DAE3CA8D
Germany Team Abrakadabra DE-1611-Portos DAE4A87B
Germany Team Abrakadabra DE-1609-Lisboa DAE0FA78
Germany Team Bad Boys DE-1614-Sylt Alisa DAE40C19
Germany Team Bad Boys DE-1613-Sylt Maja DAE3C911
Germany Team Bad Boys DE-1612-Sylt Louisa DAE0FAFA
Germany Team Bad Boys DE-1615-Sylt Paul DADDDEB5
Germany Team Belm & Jever-A DE-1617-Hans I DAE3C9B9
Germany Team Belm & Jever-A DE-1618-Ulli II DAE3360C
Germany Team Belm & Jever-A DE-1619-Hans II DADDE543
Germany Team Belm & Jever-A DE-1616-Ulli I DAE3C568
Germany Team Belm & Jever-B DE-1622-Ulli IV DADDEFE3
Germany Team Belm & Jever-B DE-1623-Hans IV DADDED31
Germany Team Belm & Jever-B DE-1620-Ulli III DAA45DF4
Germany Team Belm & Jever-B DE-1621-Hans III DAE4A8F0
Germany Team BePeJo DE-5648 Pe 67 DA91E52D
Germany Team BePeJo DE-5647 Be64 DAB16C03
Germany Team BePeJo DE-5649 Jo 29 DA91E5EE
Germany Team Bottrop DE-1627-Hope 2 DAE3C206
Germany Team Bottrop DE-1624-Anne DADDECE2
Germany Team Bottrop DE-1625-Unforgettable DAB16F26
Germany Team Bottrop DE-1626-Munzi 224 DAE3C06E
Germany Team Brochterbecker-A DE-1631-Felix 536 DAE3C05E
Germany Team Brochterbecker-A DE-1629-Hacki 37 DAE3C85E
Germany Team Brochterbecker-A DE-1628-Hacki 36 DAE4A93F
Germany Team Brochterbecker-A DE-1630-Biarne 540 DAB16C57
Germany Team Brochterbecker-B DE-1633-Biarne 548 DAB192C0
Germany Team Brochterbecker-B DE-1634-Mac 44 DADDDABA
Germany Team Brochterbecker-B DE-1635-Mac 45 DAB16E90
Germany Team Deichkinder-A DE-1643-Caesar DAE40DB7
Germany Team Deichkinder-A DE-1640-Md. Cleopatra DAA6921D
Germany Team Deichkinder-A DE-1641-Md. Verleihuix DA91DB94
Germany Team Deichkinder-A DE-1642-Miraculix DAA69163
Germany Team Deichkinder-B DE-1647-Md. Metlusalix DAE32E12
Germany Team Deichkinder-B DE-1645-Obelix DAE0FD38
Germany Team Deichkinder-B DE-1644-Asterix DADDAD1D
Germany Team Deichkinder-B DE-1646-Md. Automatix DADDAE79
Germany Team EHS DE-1651-Highlander DADDEB1B
Germany Team EHS DE-1650-Lady DAE3C056
Germany Team EHS DE-1649-Tiger DAE40803
Germany Team EHS DE-1648-Omma DAE0BE10
Germany Team EKRA DE-1654-Ekra 3 DAA690AC
Germany Team EKRA DE-1655-Ekra 4 DAE40E6C
Germany Team EKRA DE-1653-Ekra 2 DAE40498
Germany Team Eric e Rene DE-1657-Lia DADDEEB6
Germany Team Eric e Rene DE-1658-Herby DAE3C64E
Germany Team Eric e Rene DE-1656-Benn DADDD71C
Germany Team Eric e Rene DE-1659-Flip DAE3CA79
Germany Team Flying Dreams-A DE-1663-Finest Gold DAE0FF99
Germany Team Flying Dreams-A DE-1662-Estremoz DAE40CFE
Germany Team Flying Dreams-A DE-1660-Moran DAE4045B
Germany Team Flying Dreams-A DE-1661-Porto DAE0FB91
Germany Team Flying Dreams-B DE-1666-Hard Dream DADDE84B
Germany Team Flying Dreams-B DE-1667-Cool Dream DAE0FCDC
Germany Team Flying Dreams-B DE-1665-Winners Dream DAB01E16
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DE-1671-Sieweke 4 DAB19CC2
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DE-1669-Sieweke 2 DADDDD87
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DE-1670-Sieweke 3 DAE0FC35
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DE-1668-Sieweke 1 DAE3C9EB
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DE-1674-Sieweke 7 DAE40DDB
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DE-1673-Sieweke 6 DA91CF5F
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DE-1675-Sieweke 8 DAE40E59
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DE-1672-Sieweke 5 DAE40629
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DE-1679-Sieweke 12 DA91D41A
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DE-1677-Sieweke 10 DAE0FCFF
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DE-1678-Sieweke 11 DAE4069A
Germany Team Gentlemen DE-1683-Hanno DADDDD00
Germany Team Gentlemen DE-1682-Michael DAE3CAED
Germany Team Gentlemen DE-1681-Andreas DAE0BF83
Germany Team Gentlemen DE-1680-Helmut DAB16BD1
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1691-Gold 812 Team B DAB02119
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1685-Gold 264 Team A DADDE690
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1684-Gold 270 Team A DAE3C2C0
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1686-Gold 277 Team A DADDE88D
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1690-Gold 819 Team B DADDED50
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1688-Gold 808 Team B DAE3C0E1
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1687-Gold 279 Team A DADDED5B
Germany Team Gold Pigeons A+B DE-1689-Gold 810 Team B DAE3C64D
Germany Team H u. M DE-1692-Pigeon 1 DAE0FBFC
Germany Team H u. M DE-1693-Pigeon 2 DAB18F9B
Germany Team H u. M DE-1695-Pigeon 4 DAA45DDC
Germany Team H u. M DE-1694-Pigeon 3 DAE33333
Germany Team Hapiness DE-1697-Happy 81 DAE3C541
Germany Team Hapiness DE-1698-Happy 50 DAE3C0F9
Germany Team Hapiness DE-1696-Happy 04 DAE3C066
Germany Team Hapiness DE-1699-Happy 44 DAE3C9D4
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DE-1703-Lara DAE335F1
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DE-1701-Sometimes Yes DAE40A18
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DE-1700-Sometimes Win DAE0FF31
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DE-1702-Sometimes No DAE3327D
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DE-1704-Big Boss DAE3C487
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DE-1707-Bonnia DAE40D68
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DE-1706-Clarissa DADDE411
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DE-1705-Rainci DAE3C9B4
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DE-1710-Siegi DAE3C624
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DE-1711-Ravas DADDEDC4
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DE-1709-Silvia DAE403D9
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DE-1708-Kim DAE40B45
Germany Team Helgo DE-1714-Motay DADDEF46
Germany Team Helgo DE-1715-Diana DAE0FB5D
Germany Team Helgo DE-1713-Tina DAE3C2F9
Germany Team H-L-U -A DE-1721-Lina DAE0FF34
Germany Team H-L-U -A DE-1723-Bob DADDEB64
Germany Team H-L-U -A DE-1720-Hanna DADDEEA4
Germany Team H-L-U -A DE-1722-Tini DAE0FB83
Germany Team H-L-U -B DE-1724-Lotte DADDEEC1
Germany Team H-L-U -B DE-1725-Liese DADDD8FB
Germany Team H-L-U -B DE-1726-Evi DADDD73F
Germany Team H-L-U -B DE-1727-Seppel DADDE2CF
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-A DE-1731-Algarve 4 DAE403EF
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-A DE-1729-Algarve 2 DAA45BCE
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-A DE-1728-Algarve 1 DAB18993
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DE-1735-Algarve 8 DAE33502
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DE-1732-Algarve 5 DAE3C66F
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DE-1734-Algarve 7 DAB19389
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DE-1733-Algarve 6 DAE3C029
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-C DE-1738-Algarve 11 DAB16BC3
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-C DE-1736-Algarve 9 DADDD54D
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-C DE-1739-Algarve 12 DADDD6EA
Germany Team Horstmann DE-1743-Freddie DAE3C34E
Germany Team Horstmann DE-1741-Oskar DADDD608
Germany Team Horstmann DE-1740-Elisia DAE40555
Germany Team Horstmann DE-1742-Caro DADDD9E9
Germany Team Huber DE-1744-Krilin DAE0FBA2
Germany Team Huber DE-1747-Son Gohan DAE3C2A6
Germany Team Huber DE-1746-Son Goku DADDD540
Germany Team Huber DE-1745-Vegeta DAE3C3E1
Germany Team Kehn-A DE-1750-Hansi DADDE65F
Germany Team Kehn-A DE-1748-Toby DAE40AF8
Germany Team Kehn-A DE-1749-Max DADDDEE1
Germany Team Kehn-B DE-1755-Emy DAE40798
Germany Team Kehn-B DE-1752-Nanni DADDAC51
Germany Team Kehn-B DE-1754-Leni DADDDF9D
Germany Team Kehn-B DE-1753-Onely DAE3C9FF
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DE-1759-Captain Crocodile DAE0FBBB
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DE-1758-Captain Boomerang DA91CC58
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DE-1757-Captain Blue Dancer DAE3C569
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DE-1756-Captain Win for ever DAAFFE15
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DE-1763-Captain Speed Engel DAE4A88A
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DE-1762-Captain Desert Fox DAE3C276
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DE-1761-Captain Flying Wings DADDE644
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DE-1760-Captain Gold Rush DAE3C397
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DE-1766-Captain Ruebezahl DAE3CB71
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DE-1765-Captain Hagel Moo DAE32BAC
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DE-1767-Captain Wolpertinger DAE3CAF2
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DE-1764-Captain Fire Bird DADDE475
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-D DE-1770-Captain Maico DAE4081B
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-D DE-1768-Captain Kalla DAE3C9A6
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-D DE-1769-Captain Rocky DA91E4E1
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-D DE-1771-Captain N-Dog DAE0FB23
Germany Team Kleemann-A DE-1774-Tommy DAB18F9C
Germany Team Kleemann-A DE-1773-Sophie DADDEFB8
Germany Team Kleemann-A DE-1775-Angel DADDD5B4
Germany Team Kleemann-A DE-1772-Max DAE33334
Germany Team Kleemann-B DE-1776-Kiwi DAE33393
Germany Team Kleemann-B DE-1777-Kun DAB19210
Germany Team Kleemann-B DE-1778-Karl DAE3C12F
Germany Team Kleemann-B DE-1779-Sheila DAE3C0A8
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DE-1780-Lisboa DA91E6BF
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DE-1781-Esmeralda DAE0C031
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DE-1782-CR7 DADDECF6
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DE-1783-Marta DADDD974
Germany Team Knemuehl DE-1787-Daniel DAE3C0D2
Germany Team Knemuehl DE-1784-Lina DAE334EE
Germany Team Knemuehl DE-1785-Nina DAB18836
Germany Team Knemuehl DE-1786-Angelika DAE3C317
Germany Team Koblenz DE-1789-Peet DADDE3E7
Germany Team Koblenz DE-1790-Rob DADDE3EE
Germany Team Koblenz DE-1788-Hein DADDE9DA
Germany Team Koblenz DE-1791-Berni DADDD551
Germany Team La Paloma -Feiffer, Juergen DE-1792-Sylt Der frühe Vogel DADDE8EE
Germany Team La Paloma -Schmitz, Joerg DE-1795-Sylt Essen 9796 DAE333DE
Germany Team La Paloma -Schmitz, Joerg DE-1793-Sylt Essen 9787 DAB0EEFB
Germany Team Lady Kracher DE-1799-Snowflare DAE33546
Germany Team Lady Kracher DE-1798-Abigail Gabble DAE33264
Germany Team Lady Kracher DE-1796-Toulouse DADDD9F2
Germany Team Lady Kracher DE-1797-Cordula Grun DAB0EF7A
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-A DE-1802-Wiki DAE0BF14
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-A DE-1803-Dani DA91DD5B
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-A DE-1800-Bene DAE0BFCD
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-A DE-1801-Balod DAE0FE9C
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-B DE-1807-Eva DADDDF0F
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-B DE-1805-Denis DADDE91F
Germany Team Lang-Joekel-Wirthmann-B DE-1806-Elisa DAE40538
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-A DE-1810-Gerda DAE33565
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-A DE-1808-Paul DAB16AF3
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-A DE-1809-Maria DADDF023
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-A DE-1811-Dieter DADDEE43
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-B DE-1815-Leon DAE3C3E2
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-B DE-1814-Luca DAE3C182
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-B DE-1813-Roland DADDDA1D
Germany Team Lepper/Kading-B DE-1812-Heike DADDE554
Germany Team Lole BVB DE-1819-Diallo DAE3C255
Germany Team Lole BVB DE-1817-Reus DADDE4F3
Germany Team Lole BVB DE-1816-Alcacer DAE3CB19
Germany Team Lole Frietschi DE-1820-Top Gun DAB0EEB9
Germany Team Lole Frietschi DE-1823-Terminator DAA6962A
Germany Team Lole Frietschi DE-1821-Rocky DADDEE25
Germany Team Lole Frietschi DE-1822-Harry Potter DAE3CA1C
Germany Team Lole Gernot DE-1824-Marco DAE0FA25
Germany Team Lole Gernot DE-1826-Katharina DAE40762
Germany Team Lole Gernot DE-1825-Fietshe DAE1007B
Germany Team Lole Peter DE-1831-Robin Hovel DAE33601
Germany Team Lole Peter DE-1828-Artos DAE40424
Germany Team Lole Peter DE-1829-Portos DAB0222D
Germany Team Lucky Looser DE-1833-Luigi DAE3CAF3
Germany Team Lucky Looser DE-1834-Bowser DAE32AE2
Germany Team Lucky Looser DE-1832-Super Mario DAE40CDE
Germany Team Luedinghausen-A DE-1837-Leon DAE3C9C1
Germany Team Luedinghausen-A DE-1838-Lni DAE40C64
Germany Team Luedinghausen-A DE-1839-Leni DAE4AB36
Germany Team Luedinghausen-A DE-1836-Vivi DAE0FD31
Germany Team Luedinghausen-B DE-1842-Tammo DAB18B20
Germany Team Luedinghausen-B DE-1843-Romy DADD60EC
Germany Team Luedinghausen-B DE-1840-Westfale DADDD5DC
Germany Team Luther Wittenberg DE-1845-Richi DAE4A8CD
Germany Team Luther Wittenberg DE-1847-Susi DAE3C0AC
Germany Team Luther Wittenberg DE-1846-Ami DAB167D6
Germany Team Luther Wittenberg DE-1844-Erika DAE0FBC2
Germany Team Magic-A DE-1848-Locki DAE3C84C
Germany Team Magic-A DE-1849-Flecki DAE4A9E6
Germany Team Magic-A DE-1850-Imperial Tango DAE3354D
Germany Team Magic-A DE-1851-Shakila Grean DAE4A924
Germany Team Magic-B DE-1855-Pearl River DAE333B3
Germany Team Magic-C DE-1858-Mike 3 DADDEDF5
Germany Team Magic-C DE-1856-Mike 1 DAE3CAC0
Germany Team Magic-C DE-1857-Mike 2 DAB16FC0
Germany Team Magic-C DE-1859-Schecki DAE33503
Germany Team Manne DE-1861-Tina DAB02609
Germany Team Manne DE-1863-Susi DAE0FC9A
Germany Team Manne DE-1862-Lennart DADDE85C
Germany Team Manne DE-1860-Lilli DA91DCDE
Germany Team Max+Moritz DE-1865-Heinz DADDEB7D
Germany Team Max+Moritz DE-1864-Willi DA91E671
Germany Team Max+Moritz DE-1866-Daniel DADDDFCD
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DE-1871-Maxi 4 DADDDEC9
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DE-1870-Maxi 3 DAE33410
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DE-1868-Maxi 1 DAE0BE0B
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DE-1872-Maxi 5 DA91E315
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DE-1873-Maxi 6 DADDEBCC
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DE-1874-Maxi 7 DAE3CB73
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DE-1875-Maxi 8 DA91CC1B
Germany Team Michael & Kostas DE-1877-Joaquim DADDEDA7
Germany Team Michael & Kostas DE-1879-Stathis DADDAC9E
Germany Team Michael & Kostas DE-1876-Jeremias DAE0FC1A
Germany Team Much DE-1883-Penny DAB0F1FB
Germany Team Much DE-1880-Maya DAB01FF3
Germany Team Much DE-1882-Petra DAE33390
Germany Team NoMa DE-1885-Aron DAE3C1BF
Germany Team NoMa DE-1887-Ulma DADD5D12
Germany Team NoMa DE-1886-Togo DAE3356A
Germany Team NoMa DE-1884-Zita DAE3C0A2
Germany Team NYS-Kluhe DE-1889-Emma DAE3BFE7
Germany Team NYS-Kluhe DE-1891-Pepi DAE40BD0
Germany Team NYS-Kluhe DE-1890-Koki DAE0FCCD
Germany Team NYS-Kluhe DE-1888-Arianne DAE3C354
Germany Team Ofiera-Steckenbiller-A DE-1892-Jogas DAE40901
Germany Team Ofiera-Steckenbiller-A DE-1894-Bolek DAA45E44
Germany Team Ofiera-Steckenbiller-A DE-1893-Hilda DA91E586
Germany Team Ofiera-Steckenbiller-B DE-1898-Antares DAB16BA6
Germany Team Ofiera-Steckenbiller-B DE-1897-Aldebaran DAE0F98C
Germany Team Perschall DE-1903-Sylt Christina DAB023C4
Germany Team Perschall DE-1902-Sylt Thomas DAE4A810
Germany Team Perschall DE-1901-Sylt Caspo DAE3BFDD
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1911-Kati DAE3C3C0
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1909-Lisa DAE40CB0
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1905-Arvon DAA45E02
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1906-Aila DAE0BEC6
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1910-Lara DAB16F2E
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1907-Arbel DAE40BF3
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends DE-1908-Resi DAE40E97
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends-A DE-1912-Lorena DAE3C52B
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends-A DE-1913-Sebi DADDD930
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends-A DE-1915-Alex DAE08F2F
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends-A DE-1914-Claudia DAE3C0B4
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends-B DE-1918-Michaela DAE4A7EE
Germany Team Racing Pigeons & Friends-B DE-1917-Janela DAB19E71
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-A DE-1920-Gruga 11 DAE4A8E0
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-A DE-1923-Gruga 14 DAB002A3
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-A DE-1921-Gruga 12 DAA45C31
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-B DE-1927-Gruga 24 DAE334C2
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-B DE-1924-Gruga 21 DAE3C2E1
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-B DE-1925-Gruga 22 DAE40BE9
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-B DE-1926-Gruga 23 DAB01F83
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-C DE-1928-Gruga 31 DAE3BFD0
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-C DE-1931-Gruga 34 DAE4A843
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-C DE-1930-Gruga 33 DADDEFC7
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-C DE-1929-Gruga 32 DADDDB68
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-D DE-1932-Gruga 41 DAE3C076
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-D DE-1933-Gruga 42 DAB01E6A
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-D DE-1935-Gruga 44 DAE3C977
Germany Team Ruhr Thielen-D DE-1934-Gruga 43 DAE3C86A
Germany Team Sachsen-A DE-1939-Marie 1 DADDE86C
Germany Team Sachsen-A DE-1936-Flora 6 DAE3CA98
Germany Team Sachsen-A DE-1937-Linus 6 DADDDA98
Germany Team Sachsen-A DE-1938-Merle 5 DAB00512
Germany Team Sachsen-B DE-1942-Merle 6 DAE405C0
Germany Team Sachsen-B DE-1941-Linus 7 DAB16E2B
Germany Team Sachsen-B DE-1940-Flora 7 DAE3C2A4
Germany Team Sachsen-B DE-1943-Dietrich 1 DAE40BE7
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DE-1947-Spike DAE40561
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DE-1946-Santana DADDE918
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DE-1944-Ufo DADDE637
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DE-1945-The Who DAB169DB
Germany Team Schmerzer-A DE-1949-Pia DAE3C921
Germany Team Schmerzer-A DE-1951-Anneliese DAE3C1EB
Germany Team Schmerzer-A DE-1950-Siegfried DAE3C33F
Germany Team Schmerzer-A DE-1948-Maik DAE33401
Germany Team Schmerzer-B DE-1955-Alexa DADD60F7
Germany Team Schmerzer-B DE-1952-Gabi DAE3C833
Germany Team Schmerzer-B DE-1954-Laura DAE4AA18
Germany Team Schmerzer-B DE-1953-Jana DADDDA5F
Germany Team Schulz DE-1957-Spirit DAB01D9F
Germany Team Schulz DE-1958-Heard DAE3C237
Germany Team Schulz DE-1956-Nando DAE33517
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DE-1961-Super Vervloesem DAE0FA96
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DE-1962-F2 DAE0FB77
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DE-1963-F1 DADDED93
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DE-1960-Super Rondags DAE0F961
Germany Team Senohrabek & Rost DE-1964-Pavel DADDABF8
Germany Team Senohrabek & Rost DE-1965-Bernd DAE40E7D
Germany Team Senohrabek & Rost DE-1966-Julia DAE40DE2
Germany Team Senohrabek & Rost DE-1967-Silvia DAE40E2F
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner DE-1969-Hoss 421 DAB16C8B
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner DE-1970-Boss 393 DAE3C3A0
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner DE-1971-Bruni DAE406ED
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-A DE-1975-Liesa DAE3C919
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-A DE-1974-Hans DAAFFD29
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-A DE-1973-Bruno DADDDBE1
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-A DE-1972-Walter DAE40C9C
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-B DE-1977-Ernst DADDD890
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-B DE-1976-Crerd DAE3CB43
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-B DE-1979-Traudel DADDD7FC
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-B DE-1978-Egon DAE40581
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-C DE-1982-Fritz DAE405D3
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-C DE-1980-Helgo DADDEE9E
Germany Team Spirit-Walter Hueller-C DE-1981-Elke DAE33332
Germany Team Steppenwolf DE-1985-Hugo DAE0FCBE
Germany Team Steppenwolf DE-1986-Jumbo DADDDE38
Germany Team Steppenwolf DE-1984-Leo DAE0FCBF
Germany Team Steppenwolf DE-1987-Pit DAE3C9D8
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DE-1990-Marder 1 DAAFFDE8
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DE-1988-Marder 2 DADDD5DA
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DE-1991-Iltis 2 DAE3C77D
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DE-1989-Iltis 1 DAE3C50F
Germany Team Tilli 28 DE-1993-R2-D2 DAB00532
Germany Team Tilli 28 DE-1995-Black-Raki DAE3C61C
Germany Team Tilli 28 DE-1992-Sultanus DAE3C6AC
Germany Team Turteltauben DE-1996-Ariel DADDEDB3
Germany Team Turteltauben DE-1999-Cassius Clay DAAFFD9B
Germany Team Turteltauben DE-1997-Leclerc DAB18AC7
Germany Team Turteltauben DE-1998-Airrior 51 DA91CE52
Germany Team Unterelbe DE-2003-Deltas DADD60D7
Germany Team Unterelbe DE-2001-Betas DAE3356F
Germany Team Unterelbe DE-2002-Gammas DAE3C533
Germany Team Unterelbe DE-2000-Alphas DAE33530
Germany Team Varus DE-2006-Rudi 3 DADDEE6A
Germany Team Varus DE-2004-Rudi DAE3C634
Germany Team Varus DE-2005-Rudi 2 DAE3C8B1
Germany Team Varus DE-2007-Diamant Way DADDEE24
Germany Team Waldeck-Juergen Boeke-C DE-2011-Patrik DAE3C217
Germany Team Waldeck-Juergen Boeke-C DE-2008-Jurgen DAA6952A
Germany Team Waldeck-Juergen Boeke-C DE-2009-Anhe DADDAC49
Germany Team Waldeck-Juergen Boeke-C DE-2010-Thomas DADDDF0E
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-A DE-2015-Jale DADDD9A9
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-A DE-2013-Sven DAE3C60C
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-A DE-2014-Michael DAE3346D
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-A DE-2012-Mila DAA695DE
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-B DE-2016-Jana DADDDD16
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-B DE-2017-Amy DADDDB1A
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-B DE-2018-Sigi DAE40606
Germany Team Waldeck-Siegbert Wandrach-B DE-2019-Ute DAE0FAA5
Germany Team Werne-A DE-2020-Werne 1 DAE404E8
Germany Team Werne-A DE-2022-Werne 3 DAB1918E
Germany Team Werne-A DE-2021-Werne 2 DADDDE61
Germany Team Werne-B DE-2025-Werne 6 DADDAB70
Germany Team Werne-B DE-2026-Werne 7 DADDD982
Germany Team Werne-B DE-2027-Werne 8 DAE3C34C
Germany Team Werne-B DE-2024-Werne 5 DADDD73B
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-A DE-2031-Floki DADDD5EA
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-A DE-2030-Otm DAE0FAA0
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-A DE-2029-Juat DADDE5C5
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-A DE-2028-Ragnat DAE3C264
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-B DE-2033-Bjorn DAE4034E
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-B DE-2035-Lagetha DAB00306
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-B DE-2034-Rollo DADDD5B2
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-B DE-2032-Ubba DAE33328
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-C DE-2038-Sky DAB16DC9
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-C DE-2037-Rocky DADDD8FF
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-C DE-2036-Chase DAE3C1B2
Germany Team Wolf / Wolvers-C DE-2039-Zuma DAE3C0BC
Germany Team Zeppelin Bodense DE-2040-Bodensee Lyli DAE3C2A8
Germany Team Zeppelin Bodense DE-2041-Bodensee Super Lady DAE40D2C
Germany Team Zeppelin Bodense DE-2043-Bondesee Lady DAE3C484
Germany Team Zietlow & Lembke DE-2047-Andalusia DAE4A947
Germany Team Zietlow & Lembke DE-2044-Lezi 88 DAAFFE1C
Germany Team Zietlow & Lembke DE-2045-Lezi 03 DAE3CA57
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “A” – Altmiks DE-2050-Sylt Sachs DAE4A88F
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “A” – Altmiks DE-2051-Sylt Mistral DADDDE20
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “A” – Altmiks DE-2048-Sylt Kerkeling DAE3C9EA
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “B” – Bußmann DE-2052-Sylt Bußmann DAE0FA4C
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “B” – Fricke DE-2053-Sylt Fricke 1 DAE3CB25
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “B” – Fricke DE-2054-Sylt Fricke 2 DAB18AA7
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “B” – Hallmann DE-2055-Sylt Hallmann DAE33288
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “C” – Groene DE-2056-Sylt Groene DAE3C9BB
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “C” – Heun DE-2057-Sylt Ida DAE3C1D2
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “C” – Schubring DE-2059-Sylt Schubring 2 DAB16DE3
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “C” – Schubring DE-2058-Sylt Schubring 1 DAE3346C
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “D” – Thun-Daum DE-2061-Sylt Thorsten DAE3C9FE
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “D” – Thun-Daum DE-2060-Sylt Finn DAE334C3
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “D” – Thun-Daum DE-2063-Sylt Walter DAE3C0E4
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “D” – Thun-Daum DE-2062-Sylt Ines DAE3C396
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “E” – Wolvers DE-2065-Sylt Ton 2 DADDE981
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “E” – Wolvers DE-2064-Sylt Ton 1 DAE40D6B
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “E” – Wolvers DE-2066-Sylt Ton 3 DA91E608
Germany Team-Sylt-2000 “E” – Wolvers DE-2067-Sylt Ton 4 DAE3C4A9
Germany UNKNOWN-33 DE-1777-482 DAA694EB
Germany UNKNOWN-36 DE-711-82 DA91DC33
Germany UNKNOWN-43 DE-711-72 DAB16DAB
Germany UNKNOWN-44 DE-711-94 DAB18AFD
Germany UNKNOWN-48 DE-9950-132 DA91E5AD
Germany Waldemar Miosga DE-2068-Mi 65 DAE3C2F2
Germany Waldemar Miosga DE-2069-Mi 45 DAB18C10
Germany Waldemar Miosga DE-2070-Mi 69 DAE3C073
Germany Waldemar Miosga DE-2071-Mi 70 DAE3C9A8
Germany Walter Agler DE-2072-Mia A DAE3C08D
Germany Walter Agler DE-2075-Serafina DAE0BEFC
Germany Walter Agler DE-2073-Mona A DADDD6FA
Germany Walter Agler DE-2074-Alfredo DADDD716
Germany Warnowfighter DE-2079-Oscar DAE3C224
Germany Warnowfighter DE-2077-Lena DADDDFA7
Germany Warnowfighter DE-2078-Luisa DAE32D73
Germany Welters & Pohl DE-2082-Frodo DADDDD9C
Germany Welters & Pohl DE-2080-Sauron DAA69409
Germany Welters & Pohl DE-2081-Bilbo DADDEE47
Germany Welzel-Sasse DE-2085-Abccc-Schlesw DAE404EA
Germany Welzel-Sasse DE-2084-Gock-Koch II DADDDE2C
Germany Welzel-Sasse DE-2087-Abcc-Gotz DAE32E2D
Germany Welzel-Sasse S.b DAA69077
Germany Wiegand+Lauer DE-2088-Miley Cyrus DAE406E7
Germany Wiegand+Lauer DE-2091-Mark Ronson DAE40E5F
Germany Wiegand+Lauer DE-2090-Ronalda DAE33271
Germany Wiegand+Lauer DE-2089-Miss Everguard DAE40733
Germany Wienekamp, Hermann DE-2094-Sylt Wienekamp 3 DAE3C9BF
Germany Wienekamp, Hermann DE-2095-Sylt Wienekamp 4 DADDE9D3
Germany Wienekamp, Hermann DE-2093-Sylt Wienekamp 2 DAE32A9A
Germany Wienekamp, Hermann DE-2092-Sylt Wienekamp 1 DAE334F5
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-A DE-2099-Witta DADDE746
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-A DE-2097-Rabea DAE0FB1A
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-A DE-2096-Miriam DADDF05D
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-A DE-2098-Anika DAE40CAF
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-B DE-2100-Wippo DAB185BB
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-B DE-2101-Domino DAE3C120
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-B DE-2102-Timon DA91DA43
Germany Winkelhahn-Schenk-Sieweke-B DE-2103-Moritz DAE0FC95
Germany Wir Zwei DE-2105-Karla DADDD7BE
Germany Wir Zwei DE-2107-Edda DAE0BEA5
Germany Wir Zwei DE-2104-Maya DADDDFCC
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DE-2110-Holgersson DAE3C9A5
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DE-2111-Daunenfei DAE4A911
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DE-2109-Nils DAE3C267
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DE-2108-Brother Folpe DAB16E3E
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DE-2115-Sminte DAE403DF
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DE-2113-Martin DAE3C3DE
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DE-2112-Akka DAE3C0E2
Germany Wolfsberg Team DE-2119-Anna DA91DC2D
Germany Wolfsberg Team DE-2116-Lena DAE3C4D2
Germany Wolfsberg Team DE-2117-Zhanna DAE4A85C
Germany Xaver Heinloth-A DE-2122-Plulipp DAE40E0F
Germany Xaver Heinloth-A DE-2123-Julia DA91E32A
Germany Xaver Heinloth-A DE-2121-Seppi DAE32A33
Germany Xaver Heinloth-A DE-2120-August DADDE8CE
Germany Xaver Heinloth-B DE-2124-Laura DAE0FA34
Germany Xaver Heinloth-B DE-2125-Anja DAE40DF0
Germany Xaver Heinloth-B DE-2126-Felix DADDEB00
Germany Xaver Heinloth-B DE-2127-Laslo DAE40D35
Germany Y. Gudz DE-2131-Gu 21 DAB01FDE
Germany Y. Gudz DE-2128-Gu 2 DAB0037D
Germany Y. Gudz DE-2130-Gu 4 DAB16A33
Germany Y. Gudz DE-2129-Gu 10 DAB19F53
Germany Z5 Scherre/Pitz DE-2132-Algarve 2 DAE3C05F
Germany Z5 Scherre/Pitz DE-2133-Algarve 3 DADDE61F
Germany Z5 Scherre/Pitz DE-2135-Algarve 1 DAB16EE4
Germany Z5 Scherre/Pitz DE-2134-Algarve 4 DAE4A97E
Germany Zeppelin HBR-A DE-2138-Ginzzly DAE0FA26
Germany Zeppelin HBR-A DE-2139-Blausckechle DADDDDE3
Germany Zeppelin HBR-A DE-2136-Hans von Bondensee DA90FCF1
Germany Zeppelin HBR-A DE-2137-Lola DA91D2D3
Germany Zeppelin HBR-B DE-2142-Schoner Yeian DAE4045F
Germany Zeppelin HBR-B DE-2140-Junge Witbuik DAE0FED2
Germany Zeppelin HBR-B DE-2141-Junge Yeian DADDEF21
Germany Zeppelin HBR-C DE-2147-Fahle Kannibal DADDE3D9
Germany Zeppelin HBR-C DE-2146-To Late DAB187BB
Germany Zeppelin HBR-C DE-2144-Schmuchi DA91E42F
Germany Zeppelin HBR-C DE-2145-Lucky Looser DAA45C18
Germany Zollverein DE-2148-Doris DAE33266
Germany Zollverein DE-2151-Achim DADDEE79
Germany Zollverein DE-2149-Kiwi DAE3C4D8
Germany Zollverein DE-2150-leon DADDDA09
Greece Spirou Kostas GR-5605-Gyh 90 DAE0F985
Greece Spirou Kostas GR-5604-Makis 83 DAE3C92F
Iraq Iraq Team IQ-3146-Bonze 38 DADDEAF1
Iraq Iraq Team IQ-3145-Bonze 37 DAE40703
Iraq Iraq Team IQ-3144-Algarve Vitoriosa DADDE61C
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels IE-2743-Suzanne DADDEFEF
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels IE-2741-Sarah DAE3C4B7
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels IE-2740-Rose DAE3C326
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels IE-2742-Emma DAE3C301
Ireland Alan Cowap & Pat Davis IE-2745-Little Grace DADDEE5F
Ireland Alan Cowap & Pat Davis IE-2746-Lady Mary DAE3C179
Ireland Alan Cowap & Pat Davis IE-2744-Cochise DAA45C59
Ireland Alan Cowap & Pat Davis IE-2747-Skyline DAE3C852
Ireland Alan Knowles IE-2751-Bronski 4 DAE3C663
Ireland Alan Knowles IE-2749-Bronski 2 DAB16F05
Ireland Alan Knowles IE-2748-Bronski 1 DAE3C2EA
Ireland Alan Knowles IE-2750-Bronski 3 DA91E437
Ireland Andy Quirke-A IE-2755-The Blitz DADDEFDF
Ireland Andy Quirke-A IE-2753-The Rock DAE4074F
Ireland Andy Quirke-A IE-2752-Algarvo DADDD8CA
Ireland Andy Quirke-A IE-2754-Turbo DA91DBA1
Ireland Andy Quirke-B IE-2756-Wingman DAE3C2D7
Ireland Andy Quirke-B IE-2757-Pioneer DADDDDB6
Ireland Andy Quirke-B IE-2758-Speedo DAE3BFCA
Ireland Andy Quirke-B IE-2759-Lelah DADDE78E
Ireland Brencon Lofts-A IE-2763-Joey DADDD8F0
Ireland Brencon Lofts-A IE-2760-Gust DADDEFB3
Ireland Brencon Lofts-A IE-2762-Alex DAE3CAA7
Ireland Brencon Lofts-A IE-2761-Gracie DAB19E30
Ireland Brencon Lofts-B IE-2767-Dark Girl DAB16F2D
Ireland Brencon Lofts-B IE-2764-Jane DADDEEAE
Ireland Brencon Lofts-B IE-2765-Peter DAE0FD06
Ireland Brencon Lofts-B IE-2766-Foxy DAE3C36B
Ireland Brencon Lofts-C IE-2771-Shane DADDE66C
Ireland Brencon Lofts-C IE-2768-Annie DAE3BFD9
Ireland Brencon Lofts-C IE-2770-Emma DAE3C229
Ireland Brencon Lofts-D IE-2772-Simon DAE333E9
Ireland Brencon Lofts-D IE-2773-Conair DAB01C4C
Ireland Brencon Lofts-D IE-2774-Tyson DAE4A901
Ireland Brencon Lofts-D IE-2775-Gigi DAB16ED2
Ireland Butler & Dobbs IE-2776-Steph DAE3358D
Ireland Butler & Dobbs IE-2777-Erin DAB188B5
Ireland Butler & Dobbs IE-2778-Kerry DAE3CAF0
Ireland Butler & Dobbs IE-2779-Mo DAB18CF4
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-A IE-2783-No Darkness Joe DAB0035E
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-A IE-2781-Bexter DADDDA27
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-A IE-2780-Birthday Boy DADDE711
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-A IE-2782-Sarah DAE0FCEA
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-B IE-2785-Rachel DAE334E5
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-B IE-2784-Alpine Breeze DAB01E68
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-B IE-2786-Suzi Wong DAE3CA25
Ireland Carlow Supreme Team-B IE-2787-Fonkatonk DAB187BC
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-A IE-2789-Carrie DAE33341
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-A IE-2791-Panda DADDEF3E
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-A IE-2788-Gusty DA91E6E5
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-B IE-2793-Bellx1 DAE3C07C
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-B IE-2792-Spitfire DAB188F6
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-B IE-2795-St.Louis DAB16EC4
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-B IE-2794-Wright Flyer DAE3C7F3
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-C IE-2798-Zoe DAE3C6CA
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-C IE-2797-Ryan DAE3C976
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-C IE-2796-Tianna DAE0FCA7
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-C IE-2799-Bernie DADDE71C
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-D IE-2803-Elain DAE40720
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-D IE-2800-Rebecca DAB18DE4
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-D IE-2801-Ellen DAE3C060
Ireland Dylan & Daniel Boylan-D IE-2802-Alannah DAB006C5
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-A IE-2804-The Talilal DADDE678
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-A IE-2807-Tiger Roll DADDDE28
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-A IE-2806-The Duchess DAE3322C
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-A IE-2805-Khaneesi DAE3CA08
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-B IE-2809-The Notorious DAB16DBF
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-B IE-2810-Baptista DADDEDF1
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-B IE-2811-The Water Carrier DAB16C61
Ireland East Down Shamrocks-B IE-2808-King of the North DAB02421
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-A IE-2813-Charlie 2 DADDDDA8
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-A IE-2812-Charlie 1 DADDEF85
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-A IE-2815-Charlie 4 DAE0FA66
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-A IE-2814-Charlie 3 DADDDCFD
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-B IE-2816-Charlie 5 DAE4A929
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-B IE-2818-Charlie 7 DAE3C0A9
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-B IE-2819-Charlie 8 DADDD82C
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-C IE-2822-Jamie 1 DADDECDE
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-C IE-2821-Charlie 10 DAE3CB77
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-C IE-2823-Jamie 2 DAE3C01D
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-C IE-2820-Charlie 9 DAE3C11B
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-D IE-2827-Jamie 6 DADDECDD
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-D IE-2826-Jamie 5 DADDD82B
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-D IE-2825-Jamie 4 DAB000D4
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-D IE-2824-Jamie 3 DADDD71F
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-E IE-2830-Jamie 9 DAE100F8
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-E IE-2831-Jamie 10 DAE0BECD
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-E IE-2828-Jamie 7 DAAFFD51
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-E IE-2829-Jamie 8 DAAFFD4E
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-F IE-2834-Drew 3 DADDD700
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-F IE-2832-Drew 1 DAB00495
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-G IE-2839-Drew 8 DADDE48D
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-G IE-2837-Drew 6 DAE0FCDB
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-G IE-2836-Drew 5 DADDEE3E
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-G IE-2838-Drew 7 DADDD52E
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-H IE-2843-Liadan 2 DAE0FD02
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-H IE-2842-Liadan 1 DADDD5D7
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-H IE-2841-Drew 10 DAE023DF
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-I IE-2847-Liadan 6 DAE3C384
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-I IE-2846-Liadan 5 DAE3C0CC
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-I IE-2845-Liadan 4 DAE40AE0
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-J IE-2851-Liadan 10 DAE3C29E
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-J IE-2848-Liadan 7 DAE08F11
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-J IE-2850-Liadan 9 DAB00365
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-K IE-2854-Liadan 13 DAE335AC
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-K IE-2855-Liadan 14 DAA69586
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-K IE-2853-Liadan 12 DAE3CAC4
Ireland Fermannach Odonnell-K IE-2852-Liadan 11 DADDE550
Ireland Frank+Ryan Briscoe IE-2857-Eileens Dream DAB18C55
Ireland Frank+Ryan Briscoe IE-2859-Franks Surprise DAE3C363
Ireland Frank+Ryan Briscoe IE-2858-Red Ryan DAE3C140
Ireland Frank+Ryan Briscoe IE-2856-Scotto Way DADDF012
Ireland Friendship Hamilton, Stieneker, Bruck IE-2861-Culius DAE3C853
Ireland Friendship Hamilton, Stieneker, Bruck IE-2863-Maggie DAE3354B
Ireland Friendship Hamilton, Stieneker, Bruck IE-2860-Erelan DAB16F07
Ireland Friendship Hamilton, Stieneker, Bruck IE-2862-Carmel DA91DB66
Ireland Gerry McCourt IHU-S 142045 DA91E48E
Ireland Gerry McCourt IE-2865-Blue Adam DAA45C57
Ireland Gerry McCourt IE-2867-Bleu Gerry DAB16DCF
Ireland Gerry McCourt IE-2866-Che Kathleen DAB185BD
Ireland Glenavy District IE-2871-Emily DAB19C9B
Ireland Glenavy District IE-2869-Quiness DADDD632
Ireland Glenavy District IE-2868-Red Rum DAE402EC
Ireland HDA Kallmeyer IE-2872-HDA62 DAE334ED
Ireland HDA Kallmeyer IE-2873-HDA63 DAB00357
Ireland HDA Kallmeyer IE-2875-HDA69 DAE3C859
Ireland HDA Kallmeyer IE-2874-HDA70 DADDECA1
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A IE-2877-D61 DAE3C1F6
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A IE-2879-D68 DAE40399
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A IE-2876-Triple 7 DAB03B92
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A IE-2878-D75 DAE3C7C1
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-B IE-2882-D74 DAE0F952
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-B IE-2880-D80 DADDD73D
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-B IE-2883-D64 DAB01E48
Ireland Horsea Lane Lofts IE-2887-Austin DAE40807
Ireland Horsea Lane Lofts IE-2884-Evie DAE40B84
Ireland Horsea Lane Lofts IE-2886-Katie DAA45CB2
Ireland Horsea Lane Lofts IE-2885-Sean DAE3CAFF
Ireland J Carabini-A IE-2891-Tara Hill 4 DAE33453
Ireland J Carabini-A IE-2888-Tara Hill 1 DADDED1B
Ireland J Carabini-A IE-2890-Tara Hill 3 DADDEEE4
Ireland J Carabini-A IE-2889-Tara Hill 2 DADDE640
Ireland J Carabini-B IE-2894-Tara Hill 7 DADDE639
Ireland J Carabini-B IE-2895-Tara Hill 8 DADDEE5C
Ireland J Carabini-B IE-2892-Tara Hill 5 DAE3C164
Ireland J Madden Bros IE-2896-Johnny Rotten DAE0F9EE
Ireland J Madden Bros IE-2898-Jimmy 2 Guns DAB01F90
Ireland J Madden Bros IE-2897-Half Man DAB16801
Ireland J Madden Bros IE-2899-Tob DADDDF4B
Ireland Jack Emerson IE-2902-Jaxson DADDE5E4
Ireland Jack Emerson IE-2901-Balla DAE3C105
Ireland Jack Emerson IE-2903-Lorcan DADDE57E
Ireland Jack Emerson IE-2900-Katie DAE3C401
Ireland Joe Kennedy & Sons IE-2905-Errick DADDED7D
Ireland Joe Kennedy & Sons IE-2906-Davison DADDDDFD
Ireland Joe Kennedy & Sons IE-2907-Harry Hoof DAE0FC20
Ireland Joe Kennedy & Sons IE-2904-Sonaldo DADDF055
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-A IE-2910-JB3 DAE40C35
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-A IE-2909-JB2 DAE3C102
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-A IE-2911-JB4 DA90FE9D
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-B IE-2914-JB7 DAE3C0AE
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-B IE-2915-JB8 DAE40D09
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-B IE-2913-JB6 DAE407F7
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-B IE-2912-JB5 DAE40B68
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-C IE-2917-JB10 DAE40745
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-C IE-2919-JB12 DAE3C50E
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-C IE-2918-JB11 DAB16790
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-D IE-2922-JB15 DAE3C0C7
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-D IE-2921-JB14 DAE3C48D
Ireland John Byrne & Sons-D IE-2920-JB13 DADDED71
Ireland John Kenny IE-2926-Nice One DAE3C1D9
Ireland John Kenny IE-2925-Dez DAE3C0C6
Ireland John Kenny IE-2924-Bertie DAE3C46D
Ireland John Kenny IE-2927-Driky DAB1953A
Ireland John McDermot IE-2930-Delboy DADDDDAE
Ireland John McDermot IE-2928-K Bops DAE3C1C7
Ireland John McDermot IE-2931-Soldas A. Dream DADDE7E0
Ireland John Webb ORonrke IE-2933-Spittal King DAE3C307
Ireland John Webb ORonrke IE-2934-Spittal Queen DAE33610
Ireland John Webb ORonrke IE-2935-Spittal Princess DAE33526
Ireland John Webb ORonrke IE-2932-Spittal Emperor DAE3C4CC
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-A IE-2938-G&AMC DAE3C006
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-A IE-2937-Heffo DAB18DE0
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-A IE-2939-Fairgreen Express DAB18BAE
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-A IE-2936-Stormont Lass DAB19127
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-B IE-2940-Irish Eyes DADDD67C
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-B IE-2942-Louise 3 DAE3C8D3
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-B IE-2941-Louise 1 DAB0EE3B
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-C IE-2944-New Ross Warrior DAB01D4F
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-C IE-2945-Louise 2 DAE0FCB6
Ireland Johns Bar/Leinster Premier-C IE-2947-Dan The Benow DAE404CA
Ireland Johnston Bros IE-2950-Irish Rover DAE33438
Ireland Johnston Bros IE-2948-Irish Star DAA45D85
Ireland Johnston Bros IE-2949-Irish Sky DAB01E75
Ireland Karl Donnelly-A IE-2955-Feinke DAE3C399
Ireland Karl Donnelly-A IE-2953-Godzilla DAA45CD6
Ireland Karl Donnelly-A IE-2952-Romaria DAE407DA
Ireland Karl Donnelly-A IE-2954-Teo Junior DAB000DD
Ireland Karl Donnelly-B IE-2957-Mastodoh DADDEE45
Ireland Karl Donnelly-B IE-2958-Duster DADDDBC3
Ireland Karl Donnelly-B IE-2959-Birdy DAB16A62
Ireland Karl Donnelly-B IE-2956-Gilbert DAE3C22A
Ireland Karl Donnelly-C IE-2963-Dreamer DAE3C1F4
Ireland Karl Donnelly-C IE-2962-Miracle DAE3BFF4
Ireland Karl Donnelly-C IE-2961-Tom DA91DDDA
Ireland Karl Donnelly-C IE-2960-Dream DAB189CE
Ireland Karl Donnelly-D IE-2965-Magic Dragon DADDE4F4
Ireland Karl Donnelly-D IE-2967-Little DADDD99F
Ireland Karl Donnelly-D IE-2964-Little one DAE0FC6C
Ireland Karl Donnelly-D IE-2966-Teo DAE3C452
Ireland Karl Donnelly-E IE-2969-Miracle Tom DAE0FB49
Ireland Karl Donnelly-E IE-2968-Bischop DADD608A
Ireland Kinsella Bros IE-2975-Razo DAB16F9D
Ireland Kinsella Bros IE-2972-Rocky DAE3C756
Ireland Kinsella Bros IE-2973-Ginger Lad DADDDF75
Ireland Kinsella Bros IE-2974-Creagh Dreams DAE0FC63
Ireland Leinster Premier CC IE-2979-Terrace Warrior DAE3C84D
Ireland Leinster Premier CC IE-2978-Prince DAE3C220
Ireland Leinster Premier CC IE-2976-Jamie DAE40682
Ireland Leinster Premier CC IE-2977-Harry DAE3C2B3
Ireland Leinster Premier CC IE-5667 Vano DA91DBFC
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-A IE-2983-Lilly 4 DAE4A8D4
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-A IE-2982-Lilly 3 DAE40313
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-A IE-2981-Lilly 2 DAE3C2C2
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-A IE-2980-Lilly 1 DAE3C205
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-B IE-2984-Lilly 5 DAE3C1B5
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-B IE-2986-Lilly 7 DAE3C713
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-B IE-2985-Lilly 6 DAE0FB71
Ireland Lilly White Lofts-B IE-2987-Lilly 8 DAE3C285
Ireland M&J Lofts IE-2991-Oille 4 DAE3C0C4
Ireland M&J Lofts IE-2988-Oille 1 DAE3C1E1
Ireland M&J Lofts IE-2990-Oille 3 DAB0044B
Ireland M&J Lofts IE-2989-Oille 2 DAE3C0B9
Ireland Maurice Change 1 IE-2992-Mchange 69 DAE0FCDE
Ireland Maurice Change 3 IE-2994-Mchange 33 DAE40D1A
Ireland Maurice Change 4 IE-2995-Mchange 31 DAE0FA62
Ireland Maurice Change 5 IE-2996-Mchange 08 DAE3C266
Ireland Maurice Change 6 IE-2997-Mchange 36 DADDE59D
Ireland Maurice Change 7 IE-2998-Mchange 20 DADDE6DE
Ireland Mooney & Hand IE-3002-Jakes Choice DAB0F156
Ireland Mooney & Hand IE-2999-Dickies Choice DAE3C35B
Ireland Mooney & Hand IE-3001-Lucys Choice DAB024FA
Ireland Moran Bowden-A IE-3005-Grand Far Far DADDE675
Ireland Moran Bowden-A IE-3006-Beautiful Alannah DAE33579
Ireland Moran Bowden-A IE-3004-Andyman DADDEDBE
Ireland Moran Bowden-A IE-3003-Rappin Ellen DAB18D15
Ireland Moran Bowden-B IE-3008-Captain Chris DAE02464
Ireland Moran Bowden-B IE-3010-SuperWifi DAB18AF0
Ireland Moran Bowden-B IE-3009-Razor Rob DAE3C169
Ireland Moran Bowden-B IE-3007-Beccabobops DAE0FB6E
Ireland Mousies Workaholics IE-3012-Katie DAE0FB8D
Ireland Mousies Workaholics IE-3011-Liadain DADDED6E
Ireland Mousies Workaholics IE-3014-Maja DAE3C9E6
Ireland Mousies Workaholics IE-3013-Lilly DADDD776
Ireland Our Wee Country-A IE-3016-Quiness DAE3C656
Ireland Our Wee Country-A IE-3015-Red Rum DAE3CA24
Ireland Our Wee Country-A IE-3018-Emily DAE0FCE6
Ireland Our Wee Country-A IE-3017-Crewe Queen DAB023ED
Ireland Our Wee Country-B IE-3021-Crewe Queen DAE3C8DB
Ireland Our Wee Country-B IE-3022-Emily DAE33409
Ireland Our Wee Country-B IE-3020-Quiness DAE3C1CE
Ireland Our Wee Country-B IE-3019-Red Rum DAE0FCE2
Ireland Our Wee Country-C IE-3024-Quiness DAE334FF
Ireland Our Wee Country-C IE-3023-Red Rum DAE0FCE1
Ireland Our Wee Country-C IE-3026-Emily DADDECA3
Ireland Our Wee Country-D IE-3030-Emily DAE3C1C3
Ireland Our Wee Country-D IE-3028-Quiness DAE40312
Ireland Our Wee Country-D IE-3027-Red Rum DAE40311
Ireland Our Wee Country-D IE-3029-Crewe Queen DAE0FB5F
Ireland Our Wee Country-E IE-5657 Red 28 DAB196C2
Ireland Our Wee Country-E IE-5656 Trent DAB19112
Ireland Our Wee Country-E IE-5658 Rocky DA90FEF3
Ireland Our Wee Country-E IE-5655 Socks DAB19197
Ireland Our Wee Country-F IE-5661 Willow DAA69332
Ireland Our Wee Country-F IE-5662 Wee Willy DA90FB9F
Ireland Our Wee Country-F IE-5659 Claives Chance DA91CFEF
Ireland Our Wee Country-F IE-5660 Maypole Jan DA91D3D6
Ireland Our Wee Country-G IE-5664 Worfolk USA DAA45E8A
Ireland Our Wee Country-G IE-5663 Rockmount DAB16F59
Ireland Our Wee Country-G IE-5666 Tyson DAA692AE
Ireland Peter Lucas IE-3034-Danny Boy DADDE652
Ireland Peter Lucas IE-3033-Peters Choice DAE3C39E
Ireland Peter Lucas IE-3031-Phils Choice DAB002A6
Ireland Peter Lucas IE-3032-Johnny Be Good DADDE614
Ireland Retirement Gang-A IE-3037-Davey DAE3C8C4
Ireland Retirement Gang-A IE-3036-Carrie DAE3BFFC
Ireland Retirement Gang-A IE-3038-Panda DAE3C640
Ireland Retirement Gang-A IE-3035-Gusty DAE3BFE8
Ireland Retirement Gang-B IE-3042-St.Louis DAE3C6EE
Ireland Retirement Gang-B IE-3041-Wright Flyer DAE3C057
Ireland Retirement Gang-B IE-3039-Spitfire DAB021F5
Ireland Retirement Gang-B IE-3040-Bellx1 DADDE723
Ireland Retirement Gang-C IE-3046-Bernie DAB005D4
Ireland Retirement Gang-C IE-3043-Tianna DAE4066F
Ireland Retirement Gang-C IE-3044-Ryan DAB02216
Ireland Retirement Gang-C IE-3045-Zoe DADDE6B8
Ireland Retirement Gang-D IE-3050-Elaine DAE33413
Ireland Retirement Gang-D IE-3049-Alannah DAE335D6
Ireland Retirement Gang-D IE-3047-Rebecca DADDDE52
Ireland Retirement Gang-D IE-3048-Ellen DAE3C9B8
Ireland Robbie Daly IE-3051-Bob 1 DAE4AA88
Ireland Robbie Daly IE-3052-Bob 2 DAE334A2
Ireland Robbie Daly IE-3054-Bob 4 DADD60E6
Ireland Robbie Daly IE-3053-Bob 3 DAE4A968
Ireland Safet Duran IE-3058-Bosnian Mist DAE333E8
Ireland Safet Duran IE-3056-Bosnian Arrow DAE3341D
Ireland Safet Duran IE-3055-Bosnian Shadow DAE3C000
Ireland Safet Duran IE-3057-Bosnian Predator DADDE81C
Ireland Sean Donnelly IE-3059-Roman DAE3C27A
Ireland Sean Donnelly IE-3062-Dior DAB020DB
Ireland Sean Donnelly IE-3061-Yeezy DAE0FA58
Ireland Sean Donnelly IE-3060-Cooper DAE08F28
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family IE-3063-Corn Store 1 DAE0F9DC
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family IE-3064-Corn Store 2 DADDD8A9
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family IE-3065-Corn Store 3 DAE335F6
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family IE-3066-Corn Store 4 DADDEDE5
Ireland Sion Hill Lofts IE-3068-New York DADDDE27
Ireland Sion Hill Lofts IE-3067-Blue Bear DAE334E8
Ireland Sion Hill Lofts IE-3070-Top Lass DAE3C536
Ireland Sion Hill Lofts IE-3069-Top Lad DAE3BFCD
Ireland Stephen Doyle IE-3072-Pat 2 DADDDE0A
Ireland Stephen Doyle IE-3071-Pat 1 DAE40CEA
Ireland Stephen Doyle IE-3073-Pat 3 DAB02243
Ireland Stephen Doyle IE-3074-Pat 4 DAE4A91B
Ireland Taxi Mush-A IE-3077-Splended DAE3C063
Ireland Taxi Mush-A IE-3076-Major DADD60E3
Ireland Taxi Mush-A IE-3078-Thor DADDE864
Ireland Taxi Mush-A IE-3075-Another Winner DAB01CAB
Ireland Taxi Mush-B IE-3082-Scarlet DADDD7B1
Ireland Taxi Mush-B IE-3081-Leo DAE0FA54
Ireland Taxi Mush-B IE-3079-Gunshot DAE3C58A
Ireland Taxi Mush-B IE-3080-Better Than Bolt DAE3C89F
Ireland Taxi Mush-C IE-3083-Vsain Bolt DADDD96D
Ireland Taxi Mush-C IE-3086-Hogan DADDED8E
Ireland Taxi Mush-C IE-3085-Triple 888 DAE40A4F
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-A IE-3089-Champ DAB16BFF
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-A IE-3088-Albie 2 DAB16C4D
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-A IE-3087-Silvia DAE0FB94
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-A IE-3090-Candy DAB01EB1
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-B IE-3091-Pearl DADDF038
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-B IE-3093-Jack DAB001CD
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-C IE-3097-Jess DAE3C0FA
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-C IE-3098-Jake DAE3337D
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-C IE-3096-Murph DADDD998
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-C IE-3095-Driess DADDE775
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-D IE-3102-Roxy DAE02442
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-D IE-3099-El Chapo DAB18C58
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-D IE-3100-Duke DAB16ED5
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-D IE-3101-Eileen DAE3C7BD
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-E IE-3103-Shiela DAE40302
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-E IE-3106-King DAE3CAAE
Ireland Team Irish Murphy-E IE-3105-Pidgie DAE0F987
Ireland The Finches IE-3107-Balls off DAE33513
Ireland The Finches IE-3108-Ella DAE3C588
Ireland The Finches IE-3109-Christy DAE4A8E5
Ireland The Finches IE-3110-Deno DA91E33D
Ireland The Four Poets IE-3114-Samuel Beckett DAB023AB
Ireland The Four Poets IE-3113-Yeats DAE3C886
Ireland The Four Poets IE-3112-James Joyce DAB0EFE0
Ireland The Four Poets IE-3111-Oscar Wilde DAB16DD2
Ireland The Three Muskateers IE-3115-Muskateer 1 DAB18B8E
Ireland The Three Muskateers IE-3116-Muskateer 2 DAE3C67B
Ireland The Three Muskateers IE-3117-Muskateer 3 DADDD88B
Ireland The Three Muskateers IE-3118-Muskateer 4 DAAFFF57
Ireland Tom Cahill IE-3119-Emma Katie DAE3BFF9
Ireland Tom Cahill IE-3120-Sara Jane DAE3C09C
Ireland Tom Cahill IE-3121-Charlie Dylan DAE3C8D5
Ireland Tom Cahill IE-3122-Toms Choice DADDDB58
Ireland Tristan Mc Loughlin-A IE-3125-Meo DAE3C7DF
Ireland Tristan Mc Loughlin-A IE-3124-White Lightning DAAFFD0B
Ireland Tristan Mc Loughlin-A IE-3123-Jo DADDEF83
Ireland Tristan Mc Loughlin-B IE-3128-Lollie DAE4A8AB
Ireland Tristan Mc Loughlin-B IE-3127-Maia DAE0FD25
Ireland Tristan Mc Loughlin-B IE-3129-Coby DAB02620
Ireland Youshal Syndicate IE-3134-Roberts Girl DAE3C0A7
Ireland Youshal Syndicate IE-3133-Angie DAE406D2
Ireland Youshal Syndicate IE-3132-Abigail DAE0FA35
Ireland Youshal Syndicate IE-3131-Lorna DAE335AA
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-A IE-3138-Tom DAE3C9D1
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-A IE-3135-Taylor DAE3353E
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-A IE-3137-Bonce DAE335E4
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-A IE-3136-Star DAE3C8C7
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-B IE-3142-Willie DAE4A89A
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-B IE-3140-Ber DAE0FB15
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-B IE-3141-Victor DAE0FA0C
Ireland Zeballos & Thorpe-B IE-3139-Ines DAE4A96C
Israel UNKNOWN-49 IE-S 14411 DAB16B38
Italy Caplea Doru IT-3148-Soul DAE0FA12
Italy Caplea Doru IT-3149-Heart DAB19EC2
Italy Caplea Doru IT-3150-Trust DADDE5F5
Italy Caplea Doru IT-3147-Desire DADDE632
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A IT-3154-Abracadabra DADDAC1E
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A IT-3153-Lolita DAE40CA2
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A IT-3152-Salvador DAE3CA50
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A IT-3151-Starlight DAE3CB7A
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-B IT-3157-Salve Regina DA91DBF5
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-B IT-3158-Sandman Jr. DAE0FA97
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-B IT-3156-Gama DADDEC01
Italy Grec Mihai IT-3161-Aurora DAE333EA
Italy Grec Mihai IT-3160-Riky DADDDD84
Italy Grec Mihai IT-3159-Leo DADDABF1
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-A IT-3166-Laro 4 DAE3C37D
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-A IT-3163-Laro 1 DAE40387
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-A IT-3164-Laro 2 DAE4A82A
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-B IT-3169-Laro 7 DAE3C38A
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-B IT-3170-Laro 8 DAB02157
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-B IT-3167-Laro 5 DADDD981
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-B IT-3168-Laro 6 DAE4AAC4
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-C IT-3171-Laro 9 DAE3CA2B
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-C IT-3173-Laro 11 DAE3C1F8
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-C IT-3172-Laro 10 DAE3C7FB
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-D IT-3177-Laro 15 DADDF05F
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-D IT-3176-Laro 14 DADDED01
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-D IT-3175-Laro 13 DAE3BFFE
Italy Laro Erwin & Fast Pigeons-D IT-3178-Wait 14 DAA69294
Italy MG Italian Thunder IT-3179-Thunder 1 DADDE9EE
Italy MG Italian Thunder IT-3182-Thunder 4 DAE3C2C8
Italy MG Italian Thunder IT-3180-Thunder 2 DADDD5FA
Italy Nitu Robert & Mogadja Ionel IT-5618-Nimo 46 DA90FECE
Italy Nitu Robert & Mogadja Ionel IT-5620-Nimo 42 DADDE52D
Italy Nitu Robert & Mogadja Ionel IT-5621-Nimo 43 DAE3339B
Italy Nitu Robert & Mogadja Ionel IT-5619-Nimo 48 DAE334A9
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A IT-3185-Saffraan DAE0FAAA
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A IT-3186-Amy Winehouse DAE3C133
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A IT-3183-Brigliadoro DAE3CA17
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A IT-3184-Cheyenne DAE40D9B
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B IT-3187-Ourasi DAE3359D
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B IT-3188-Excalibur DAE10118
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B IT-3189-Cassandra DAE40A14
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B IT-3190-Portofino DAE0FB92
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C IT-3193-Anastasia DADDD7F7
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C IT-3191-Varenne DA91DA67
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C IT-3192-Lurabo DADDDE05
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C IT-3194-Thelma DAE3C002
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D IT-3195-Girardengo DAE40742
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D IT-3196-Dulcinea DAA694FA
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D IT-3197-Rugiada DADDD610
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D IT-3198-Passeport DAE407B8
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team IT-3199-Wonder 1 DAE33249
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team IT-3202-Wonder 4 DADDE31B
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team IT-3201-Wonder 3 DADDDD7A
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team IT-3200-Wonder 2 DADDE3D3
Morocco Bennane y Baztit MA-3206-Braztit 4 DADDDDE1
Morocco Bennane y Baztit MA-3203-Braztit 1 DAE407C8
Morocco Bennane y Baztit MA-3204-Braztit 2 DAE334D1
Morocco Bennane y Baztit MA-3205-Braztit 3 DAE40E39
Morocco Omar Azis MA-3210-Bennane 4 DAE10007
Morocco Omar Azis MA-3209-Bennane 3 DAE0C03A
Morocco Omar Azis MA-3208-Bennane 2 DAE0BF2C
Morocco Omar Azis MA-3207-Bennane 1 DA91D245
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-A NL-3214-Kavel DADD60EB
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-A NL-3213-Luca DAE3C12E
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-A NL-3211-Joli DAE0F9EC
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-A NL-3212-Sterre DAE40C53
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-B NL-3215-Henk Jan DAE0FC9C
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-B NL-3216-Max DAE3C72D
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-B NL-3217-Eef DAE3CB3A
Netherlands A.J. Huiyen-B NL-3218-Wilkeke DAB0228B
Netherlands Aat en Pe Laan NL-3220-Joris DADDACFA
Netherlands Aat en Pe Laan NL-3219-Jarno DA91D44C
Netherlands Aat en Pe Laan NL-3221-Jelle DAA45C74
Netherlands Aat en Pe Laan NL-3222-Jesse DAE0FC5E
Netherlands Albert Mijlof NL-3225-Lauriez DADDED13
Netherlands Albert Mijlof NL-3224-Camelia DAE0FAF0
Netherlands Albert Mijlof NL-3223-Gladiod DAE402D7
Netherlands Albert Mijlof NL-3226-Vanda DAE334DF
Netherlands Albert Nijman NL-3227-High Tower DADDE6A3
Netherlands Albert Nijman NL-3228-Belleza DADDDB96
Netherlands Albert Nijman NL-3229-Powerful DAE100FB
Netherlands Albert Nijman NL-3230-Young Witstat DAA45DBF
Netherlands Albert Rozijn NL-3231-Super Rozijn 1 DADDDD33
Netherlands Albert Rozijn NL-3234-Super Rozijn 4 DAE3CB76
Netherlands Albert Rozijn NL-3232-Super Rozijn 2 DAE3C83C
Netherlands Albert Rozijn NL-3233-Super Rozijn 3 DAB196B3
Netherlands Alex Koelewyn NL-3236-Grace DA91CE16
Netherlands Alex Koelewyn NL-3238-Karin DAE0FA98
Netherlands Alex Koelewyn NL-3235-Lieke DAE40D7F
Netherlands Alex Koelewyn NL-3237-Isa DAE3CB5A
Netherlands Algarve Boys-A NL-3239-Tuin-Slak DADDEC28
Netherlands Algarve Boys-A NL-3242-Baby-Smurf DADDDFC2
Netherlands Algarve Boys-A NL-3241-Fluister-Smurf DADDACCC
Netherlands Algarve Boys-A NL-3240-Nathan DAE0FE7A
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B NL-3244-Lizzy DADDE8BF
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B NL-3246-Suprice-Smurf DA90FC5B
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B NL-3243-Flits-Smurf DAE0F9E0
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C NL-3247-Snelle-Smurf DAB188E4
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C NL-3248-Juultje DAE0FB20
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C NL-3250-Babetje DA91CDB4
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C NL-3249-Naakt-Slak DADDEE67
Netherlands Antoon v/d Burg NL-3253-Bram DADDD736
Netherlands Antoon v/d Burg NL-3254-Brinda DAE33606
Netherlands Antoon v/d Burg NL-3252-Timon DAB18D29
Netherlands Antoon v/d Burg NL-3251-Elvi DAE0FD2C
Netherlands Baarda-Reitsma-Pingjum NL-3256-Reitsma Jut DA91CCB6
Netherlands Baarda-Reitsma-Pingjum NL-3257-Reitsma Jul DA91CD99
Netherlands Baarda-Reitsma-Pingjum NL-3255-Papzak Ping DAE3CB45
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-A NL-3260-Ben 2 DAB19F6E
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-A NL-3262-Ben 4 DAE0FB37
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-A NL-3261-Ben 3 DAE036CC
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-A NL-3259-Ben 1 DAB1678E
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-B NL-3266-Ben 8 DA90FD04
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-B NL-3264-Ben 6 DAE3CACA
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-B NL-3265-Ben 7 DAE3C8BE
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-B NL-3263-Ben 5 DADDD9A1
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-C NL-3270-Ben 12 DADDE6EF
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-C NL-3267-Ben 9 DADDDA67
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-C NL-3268-Ben 10 DAE0FC89
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-C NL-3269-Ben 11 DAE3CABF
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-D NL-3271-Ben 13 DAE3337E
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-D NL-3272-Ben 14 DAE3C841
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-D NL-3273-Ben 15 DAA692C9
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-D NL-3274-Ben 16 DADDE4CF
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-E NL-3275-Ben 1 DAE3C9E2
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-E NL-3276-Ben 2 DADDE8BD
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-F NL-3282-Ben 8 DADDE2B2
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-F NL-3281-Ben 7 DAE3C03A
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-F NL-3280-Ben 6 DADDDFBD
Netherlands Ben de Keijzer-F NL-3279-Ben 5 DAE3C80D
Netherlands Bernd-Joseph Volmer NL-3283-Gerrit DAA6926B
Netherlands Bernd-Joseph Volmer NL-3286-Nils DAE3C50D
Netherlands Bernd-Joseph Volmer NL-3284-Aant-Arjen DAE0BE7A
Netherlands Bernd-Joseph Volmer NL-3285-Winni DADDEBA8
Netherlands Bert Ploeg NL-3287-Ploeg 1 DADDEFED
Netherlands Bert Ploeg NL-3288-Ploeg 2 DADDD7BC
Netherlands Bert Ploeg NL-3289-Ploeg 3 DA91D023
Netherlands Bert Ploeg NL-3290-Ploeg 4 DADDD7ED
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-A NL-3294-Dennis 4 DAE3CB5C
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-A NL-3293-Dennis 3 DAE3C28F
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-A NL-3291-Dennis 1 DAB53588
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-A NL-3292-Dennis 2 DAE3C716
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-B NL-3295-Grinka 1 DADDED89
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-B NL-3298-Grinka 4 DAE40B3D
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-B NL-3296-Grinka 2 DAE0FC94
Netherlands Beverdam Racing Pigeons-B NL-3297-Grinka 3 DAE0FBB8
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A NL-3299-Sky comqueror DAE3C6B1
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A NL-3302-Skydominator DADDE4E5
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A NL-3301-Cleopatra DAE3CA52
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A NL-3300-Julius Caesar DA91CDBE
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B NL-3306-Floor DAE3C590
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B NL-3305-Flip DADDEE29
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B NL-3303-Stan DADDE4A2
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B NL-3304-Hein DADDE83E
Netherlands Café Wessel NL-3309-Noah DAE3C8F6
Netherlands Café Wessel NL-3307-Mees DADDE6BA
Netherlands Café Wessel NL-3308-Leah DAB1C0DA
Netherlands Café Wessel NL-3310-Jack DAE0FD26
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A NL-3312-Harro DAB16C73
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A NL-3311-Mirza DAE3C514
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A NL-3314-Elimar DAE0FC9B
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A NL-3313-Gruson DAB18E43
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B NL-3318-Hanno DADDEFD7
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B NL-3317-Albion DADDE7E9
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B NL-3315-ZepMyr DAE3C02D
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B NL-3316-Giba DAE4A8E6
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C NL-3320-Gabriel DAE0F9B3
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C NL-3319-Ramira DAE0F9BD
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C NL-3322-Tizian DAE4039D
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C NL-3321-Ibikus DAE3C252
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-D NL-3325-Camille DADDF073
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-D NL-3326-Brillant DAE40C39
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-D NL-3324-Mambo DADDE281
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-D NL-3323-Tabo DAE40C33
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-A NL-3330-Sven DAE40B3C
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-A NL-3329-Sofie DAE0FCD2
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-A NL-3328-Sanne DADDE8FE
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-A NL-3327-Sandra DAE33375
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-B NL-3332-Senna DAE3C2F6
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-B NL-3331-Sam DAE3C96E
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-B NL-3333-Sfyn DADDEB7C
Netherlands Cees van Gelder-B NL-3334-Siem DAE4050E
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-A NL-3335-Ice DAE0FC51
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-A NL-3337-Solareg DADDD59C
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-A NL-3338-Windows DAA45E29
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-A NL-3336-Strike DAE0FA83
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-B NL-3341-One White DAE3C604
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-B NL-3340-Swype DAE0FD84
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-B NL-3339-Big Giant DADDDF68
Netherlands Chris Van Ginkel-B NL-3342-Bowling DAE0FE8D
Netherlands Christiaan de Jong NL-3343-Solveig 687 DAE3CA02
Netherlands Christiaan de Jong NL-3344-Solveig 689 DAE40463
Netherlands Christiaan de Jong NL-3345-Solveig 683 DAB02220
Netherlands Christiaan de Jong NL-3346-Solveig 694 DAE0FC17
Netherlands Comb de Voogd-Toom NL-3348-Golden Heeleentje DAE32A9F
Netherlands Comb de Voogd-Toom NL-3347-Golden Daantje DADDD5F4
Netherlands Comb de Voogd-Toom NL-3350-Golden Guus DADDDF45
Netherlands Comb de Voogd-Toom NL-3349-Golden Glory DAB038A2
Netherlands Comb. K.A. de Rooy NL-3352-Tiger DAE3C9BD
Netherlands Comb. K.A. de Rooy NL-3351-Split DAE3331B
Netherlands Comb. K.A. de Rooy NL-3353-Scottie DAA45E65
Netherlands Comb. K.A. de Rooy NL-3354-Codi DAE3C364
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A NL-3358-Russo DAE3C48A
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A NL-3356-Polar DAE0FA50
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A NL-3355-Stilton DADDD771
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A NL-3357-Solero DAB01EA9
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B NL-3362-Dreamer DAE3C44A
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B NL-3359-Rosa DAE3C3A3
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B NL-3361-Ophelia DAE3C80A
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B NL-3360-Avatar DAB01E07
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C NL-3365-Twix DAE3C127
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C NL-3364-Garmin DAE3C8FF
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C NL-3366-Clara DAE3CAA5
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C NL-3363-Supersito DADDEFC9
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D NL-3369-Kodiac DAB19630
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D NL-3368-Amy DAE3C21E
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D NL-3370-Madania DAE332C0
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D NL-3367-Stelvio DADD5F90
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E NL-3374-Dori DAE3CA1F
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E NL-3372-Amiola DAE3C2AA
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E NL-3371-Diego DAE1005B
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F NL-3375-Mauro DAE0BDB4
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F NL-3377-Iker DAE3C5DC
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F NL-3378-Alba DAE3C4C5
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F NL-3376-Semedo DAB18C27
Netherlands Comb. Poelman NL-3380-Poelman 2 DADDF001
Netherlands Comb. Poelman NL-3381-Poelman 3 DAE3CABC
Netherlands Comb. Poelman NL-3382-Poelman 4 DAE0BF39
Netherlands Comb. Poelman NL-3379-Poelman 1 DAE40709
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A NL-3385-Alli DAE0FA2C
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A NL-3386-Baden DAE33357
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A NL-3384-Alagail DAE4034C
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A NL-3383-Aladine DAE0F96A
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B NL-3390-Caddoc DAE3C430
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B NL-3388-Badra DADDE370
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B NL-3389-Cable DAE3C97E
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B NL-3387-Badir DAE0BD60
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C NL-3391-Cadan DAE0FAF3
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C NL-3392-Daantje DAA695AA
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C NL-3393-Dacoda DAE0F9BF
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C NL-3394-Dacio DAE4080B
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D NL-3397-Earia DAE33356
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D NL-3396-Eadin DAE40BDA
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D NL-3398-Fae DAE40C62
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D NL-3395-Eadde DAE40B03
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E NL-3400-Faigel DADDD82E
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E NL-3401-Gaby DA90FD2D
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E NL-3399-Fahina DAE3C121
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E NL-3402-Gadak DADDDF08
Netherlands Combi Van Seters Godefrog NL-3405-Koen DADDE574
Netherlands Combi Van Seters Godefrog NL-3406-Peer DAE3C1C1
Netherlands Combi Van Seters Godefrog NL-3403-Gredje DAE33514
Netherlands De Lijser Rinus NL-3407-Bloody Mary DADDE8DB
Netherlands De Lijser Rinus NL-3408-Corrie DAE0BF9E
Netherlands De Lijser Rinus NL-3409-Ronaldo DAE3C130
Netherlands De Lijser Rinus NL-3410-Berend DAA45D3C
Netherlands Dekker Brothers NL-3413-Christian B. DAE0FB40
Netherlands Dekker Brothers NL-3414-Jason Statham DADDED86
Netherlands Dekker Brothers NL-3412-Paul Newman DAE3C763
Netherlands Dekker Brothers NL-3411-Angelina Jolie DADDF02A
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-A NL-3415-Dennis 1 DADDECA0
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-A NL-3418-Dennis 4 DADDD6A8
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-A NL-3416-Dennis 2 DAE40C4B
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-B NL-3419-Dennis 5 DAE3C857
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-B NL-3422-Dennis 8 DAE1008C
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-B NL-3420-Dennis 6 DAE406EF
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-B NL-3421-Dennis 7 DADDEC4C
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-C NL-3424-Dennis 10 DAE0FA31
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-C NL-3425-Dennis 11 DAE3C20D
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-C NL-3426-Dennis 12 DADDAC04
Netherlands Dennis Veugelers Racing Pigeons-C NL-3423-Dennis 9 DAE40E36
Netherlands Dqvs NL-3429-Autunn DADDE3A5
Netherlands Dqvs NL-3428-Summer DAE0F9D8
Netherlands Dqvs NL-3430-Fred´s Blessing DADDEBE6
Netherlands Dqvs NL-3427-Spring DAB19020
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-A NL-3435-Werd 4 DAE407EE
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-A NL-3432-Werd 1 DAE0FA28
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-A NL-3434-Werd 3 DADDDE45
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-A NL-3433-Werd 2 DAE32C86
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-B NL-3436-Werd 5 DADDACC8
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-B NL-3438-Werd 7 DAE3C085
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-B NL-3439-Werd 8 DADDE5BF
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-B NL-3437-Werd 6 DAE0BD81
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-C NL-3440-Werd 9 DAA45B3F
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-C NL-3441-Werd 10 DADDDE5E
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-C NL-3443-Werd 12 DAE0BED8
Netherlands Dr. de Weerd Pigeons-C NL-3442-Werd 11 DAE3C3BC
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A NL-3444-Weerd 1 DAB0016D
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A NL-3445-Weerd 2 DAE4A8DA
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A NL-3446-Weerd 3 DAE3C637
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A NL-3447-Weerd 4 DAB006D3
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B NL-3450-Weerd 7 DAE3C83E
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B NL-3451-Weerd 8 DAE03B96
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B NL-3448-Weerd 5 DADDF075
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B NL-3449-Weerd 6 DAB18D2A
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-C NL-3452-Weerd 9 DAB186C1
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-C NL-3453-Weerd 10 DADDECC9
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-C NL-3454-Weerd 11 DAE0FAAD
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-C NL-3455-Weerd 12 DAB0F185
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-A NL-3456-Tina DAE0FBCE
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-A NL-3459-Pola DADDE638
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-A NL-3457-Pedro DAE3C3DA
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-A NL-3458-Vicky DAE3C3C3
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-B NL-3461-Donna DAE3C296
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-B NL-3460-Dusty DAE3C7C6
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-B NL-3462-Perla DAE3C650
Netherlands Ellen en Willem Buurstra-B NL-3463-Hanna DAB1C09E
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-A NL-3465-Twan DADDEED3
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-A NL-3467-Evert DADDED38
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-A NL-3466-Prisje DAE0BEB2
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-A NL-3464-Sophie DAE40C6B
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-B NL-3469-Sky DAE3C7CC
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-B NL-3471-Cloud DADDDF9B
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-B NL-3468-Flame DADDD80A
Netherlands Enrico Doldersum-B NL-3470-Sea DAB1C20A
Netherlands F Dukker NL-3474-Bullit Proof DAE0FA2A
Netherlands F Dukker NL-3473-Glider DADDE941
Netherlands F Dukker NL-3472-Easy one DAE0FA17
Netherlands Frits Paulssen NL-3479-Vienne DAE0F9AC
Netherlands Frits Paulssen NL-3477-Kim DAB18D27
Netherlands Frits Paulssen NL-3478-Robin DAE3C153
Netherlands G. Veken NL-3483-Annie DAB188A8
Netherlands G. Veken NL-3481-Sune DADDDE95
Netherlands G. Veken NL-3482-Nina DAB02179
Netherlands G.M.J. Van De Pol NL-3486-Blauwe Gaby DADDE7A6
Netherlands G.M.J. Van De Pol NL-3487-Hunter Gaby DADDD9DA
Netherlands G.M.J. Van De Pol NL-3484-Donkere Gaby DAE406FB
Netherlands G.M.J. Van De Pol NL-3485-Ijzeren Gaby DAE0FA47
Netherlands G.Wolters NL-3488-Special One DAE4AAE3
Netherlands G.Wolters NL-3489-Lucky Two DAE4A95B
Netherlands G.Wolters NL-3491-Four Tops DADDE7C5
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-A NL-3493-Nathalie DAE335EC
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-A NL-3494-Blue Romy DAE0FCC3
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-A NL-3492-Blue Nick DAE0FC46
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-A NL-3495-Blue Surprise DAE0FC54
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-B NL-3496-Blue Ryan DADDE633
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-B NL-3499-Big Boy DAE3C8F0
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-B NL-3497-Chantal DAB18ACB
Netherlands Gebr Schrik-B NL-3498-Jeanette DAE3C8F1
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A NL-3502-New Sensation DAE40478
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A NL-3500-Papada One DAE0FCA0
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A NL-3501-Ropat One DAE3C295
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A NL-3503-Rakun DAE40400
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B NL-3507-Invicible DAE3334C
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B NL-3506-Dog Max DAE3C28A
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B NL-3504-Papada Two DAE3C56B
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B NL-3505-Ropat Two DADDDD03
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C NL-3508-Redonja DAE32A5A
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C NL-3509-Fiona DAE40C69
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C NL-3510-Atalia DA91CBEF
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C NL-3511-Jacinta DAE3C4C7
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-A NL-3514-Manon DAE3C7D5
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-A NL-3515-Melody DADDDE79
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-A NL-3512-Lisanne DAE40D05
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-A NL-3513-Jeroen DAE0FD5F
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-B NL-3517-Ode DAE0FA72
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-B NL-3518-Dich DAA6945E
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-B NL-3519-Euros Jack DAE3C170
Netherlands Gebr. Homma-B NL-3516-Judith DADDE794
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A NL-3523-Golden 372 DADDEECA
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A NL-3520-Golden 375 DAE40548
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A NL-3522-Golden 368 DAE0FB1E
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A NL-3521-Golden 365 DAB0047A
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B NL-3527-Golden 569 DADDACF8
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B NL-3526-Golden 495 DAE40BB9
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B NL-3525-Golden 483 DADDED96
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B NL-3524-Golden 490 DAE0F9AF
Netherlands Gilles Euser-A NL-3531-Gilles 4 DADDE742
Netherlands Gilles Euser-A NL-3530-Gilles 3 DAE3CB26
Netherlands Gilles Euser-A NL-3529-Gilles 2 DAE334E3
Netherlands Gilles Euser-A NL-3528-Gilles 1 DAB04030
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B NL-3532-Gilles 5 DAE3C2FC
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B NL-3533-Gilles 6 DAB01FA6
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B NL-3535-Gilles 8 DAE3C5C4
Netherlands Glenn Raymann NL-3537-Bubbles DADDEEF0
Netherlands Glenn Raymann NL-3538-Power DADDEE55
Netherlands Glenn Raymann NL-3539-Bliksen DAB0018C
Netherlands Glenn Raymann NL-3536-Asje DADDD630
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A NL-3541-Star Babe DADDD578
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A NL-3542-Golden Star DAE3C6BE
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A NL-3543-Golden Blue DADDDA0B
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A NL-3540-Golden Fire DAE407D5
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B NL-3544-Golden Red DADDED4A
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B NL-3545-Golden Mind DAE0F990
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B NL-3547-Golden Black DAE3C477
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B NL-3546-Golden Dust DAE0F98B
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A NL-3550-Amber DAE3C417
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A NL-3549-Nick DADDEFF3
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A NL-3548-Cane DAE3C0D0
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A NL-3551-Yvone DADDDF9C
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B NL-3552-Marlon DADDED9F
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B NL-3554-Femke DAE0FC26
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B NL-3553-Lars DAE3C13A
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B NL-3555-Jesse DAB18D68
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil NL-3559-Sagres DAE40BF5
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil NL-3556-Lagos DAE0FC3D
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil NL-3558-Faro DAE0FC98
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil NL-3557-Portimão DAE40DA3
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A NL-3560-Hok 1 DAE0FD10
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A NL-3562-Hok 3 DAE0C09E
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A NL-3561-Hok 2 DAE0FC85
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B NL-3566-Hok 7 DADDAE6E
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B NL-3565-Hok 6 DAA6940D
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B NL-3567-Hok 8 DAE3C959
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B NL-3564-Hok 5 DAE0FBCC
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C NL-3569-Hok 10 DAE407CB
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C NL-3570-Hok 11 DADDDFA5
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C NL-3571-Hok 12 DADDDE86
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C NL-3568-Hok 9 DAE0FAED
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D NL-3572-Hok 13 DAE3C971
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D NL-3573-Hok 14 DAE40E76
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D NL-3575-Hok 16 DAE0BEC8
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D NL-3574-Hok 15 DAE40AC5
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E NL-3577-Hok 18 DADDEDCB
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E NL-3578-Hok 19 DAE0FC50
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E NL-3579-Hok 20 DADDEA95
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F NL-3583-Hok 24 DAE3C90E
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F NL-3580-Hok 21 DAE0C02A
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F NL-3582-Hok 23 DAE3C6AD
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G NL-3587-Hok 28 DADDE46C
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G NL-3586-Hok 27 DADDE34F
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G NL-3584-Hok 25 DADDE367
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G NL-3585-Hok 26 DADDDF4A
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H NL-3591-Hok 32 DAAFFED8
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H NL-3589-Hok 30 DADDEB54
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H NL-3590-Hok 31 DAE3C916
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I NL-3595-Hok 36 DADDEE1B
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I NL-3594-Hok 35 DAE08F1B
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I NL-3592-Hok 33 DAE3C080
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I NL-3593-Hok 34 DADDE815
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J NL-3596-Hok 37 DADDD7F4
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J NL-3599-Hok 40 DAE3C7D8
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J NL-3597-Hok 38 DAB000F1
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J NL-3598-Hok 39 DAE3C924
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-K NL-3603-Wait 15 DAB16E2E
Netherlands ISO-Air NL-3606-Iso DAE40BC4
Netherlands ISO-Air NL-3607-Iso-star DAE3C9C4
Netherlands ISO-Air NL-3604-Justin DAE0FB7A
Netherlands J.Oegema NL-3609-Oegema 2 DAE3C07A
Netherlands J.Oegema NL-3611-Oegema 4 DAB192A9
Netherlands J.Oegema NL-3610-Oegema 3 DAB0258C
Netherlands J.Oegema NL-3608-Oegema 1 DAB00068
Netherlands J.P. Delnoye NL-3612-Roger DAE404DC
Netherlands J.P. Delnoye NL-3613-Ceers DAB1947E
Netherlands J.P. Delnoye NL-3615-Jan DADDDE23
Netherlands J.P. Delnoye NL-3614-Jo DAE3C2E4
Netherlands Jan Kriekjes NL-3616-Jesse DAE0FBC0
Netherlands Jan Kriekjes NL-3617-Jaimy DAE40B06
Netherlands Jan Kriekjes NL-3618-Jade DADDD58A
Netherlands Jan Kriekjes NL-3619-Jet DAE0FCC0
Netherlands Jan Polder-A NL-3623-Algarve Warrior 4 DAE40BE1
Netherlands Jan Polder-A NL-3620-Algarve Warrior 1 DAE3C4B6
Netherlands Jan Polder-A NL-3622-Algarve Warrior 3 DADDE854
Netherlands Jan Polder-A NL-3621-Algarve Warrior 2 DAE0C07E
Netherlands Jan Polder-B NL-3626-Algarve Warrior 7 DAE4046E
Netherlands Jan Polder-B NL-3627-Algarve Warrior 8 DADDE5BA
Netherlands Jan Polder-B NL-3625-Algarve Warrior 6 DAE3C725
Netherlands Jan Polder-B NL-3624-Algarve Warrior 5 DADDDDE5
Netherlands Jos Goessen NL-3630-Ellen DA91CE28
Netherlands Jos Goessen NL-3629-Katrien DADDE6B5
Netherlands Jos Goessen NL-3631-Lotte DADDDE3D
Netherlands Jos Goessen NL-3628-Vicky DAE4031E
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-A NL-3634-Zoon K 3 DAE0F9F4
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-A NL-3632-Zoon K 1 DAE0FA7E
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-A NL-3633-Zoon K 2 DAE0FC8C
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-B NL-3639-Zoon K 8 DAE0FD16
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-B NL-3638-Zoon K 7 DAE3C7A4
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-B NL-3637-Zoon K 6 DAE404C2
Netherlands Kampert & Zoon-B NL-3636-Zoon K 5 DADDDEC7
Netherlands Kees Nyeboer NL-3643-Kees 4 DAAFFEAB
Netherlands Kees Nyeboer NL-3641-Kees 2 DAE3C729
Netherlands Kees Nyeboer NL-3642-Kees 3 DAB00602
Netherlands Kees Nyeboer NL-3640-Kees 1 DAB18D61
Netherlands Knol Pigeons NL-3644-Petra DADDDF5D
Netherlands Knol Pigeons NL-3647-Rik DAE3C3D1
Netherlands Knol Pigeons NL-3646-Iris DADDEF6E
Netherlands Knol Pigeons NL-3645-Wilma DAB01F8B
Netherlands Laan Meyling NL-3648-Antony DAE3C13D
Netherlands Laan Meyling NL-3649-Wilbub DAE3C3F8
Netherlands Laan Meyling NL-3650-Beatrix DADDD9F1
Netherlands Laan Meyling NL-3651-Orville DADDE399
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum NL-3652-Leon 1 DAE3C33E
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum NL-3653-Leon 2 DA91DDE3
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum NL-3655-Leon 4 DAE3C336
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A NL-3656-Russel 1 DAE404AE
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A NL-3657-Russel 2 DAE0FBA8
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A NL-3658-Russel 3 DAE0FD0F
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B NL-3660-Russel 5 DAE3C2EF
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B NL-3661-Russel 6 DADDEF6C
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B NL-3663-Russel 8 DADDE7BB
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B NL-3662-Russel 7 DAB186B8
Netherlands M Haas NL-3665-Mart DAE3BFDF
Netherlands M Haas NL-3664-Berthus DAB18B85
Netherlands M Haas NL-3667-Henk DAE3C902
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-A NL-3668-Olita DAB0F1BB
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-A NL-3669-Risa DAB19750
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-A NL-3671-Ubert DADDE4C3
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-B NL-3674-Algarve 28 DAB0C78C
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-B NL-3675-Algarve 30 DAB0202D
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-B NL-3673-Algarve 20 DAE4A904
Netherlands M. Schoordijk-B NL-3672-Fatima DADDE5C2
Netherlands Maas & Waal NL-3679-Rene DAE3C599
Netherlands Maas & Waal NL-3678-Winke DAE3CAF9
Netherlands Maas & Waal NL-3677-De Witstaart DAE4A8F7
Netherlands Maas & Waal NL-3676-Reno DADDD7E4
Netherlands Nedinox-A NL-3683-Stuiterbal Ping DAE40C73
Netherlands Nedinox-A NL-3682-Nedinox Beerenburg DAE3337F
Netherlands Nedinox-A NL-3680-Nedinox Bacardi DAE3C8E5
Netherlands Nedinox-A NL-3681-Nedinox Rapthuis DADDAC6D
Netherlands Nedinox-B NL-3684-Nedinox Rum DAE3C28C
Netherlands Nedinox-B NL-3687-Loos Alarm Ping DAE40D02
Netherlands Nedinox-B NL-3686-Nedinox Brandewin DAE40E1B
Netherlands Nedinox-C NL-3689-Nedinox Whyskye DAE40DC9
Netherlands Nedinox-C NL-3688-Nedinox Biertje DAE40B4A
Netherlands Nedinox-C NL-3691-Bananendoos Ping DAE40C91
Netherlands Nedinox-C NL-3690-Nedinox Likeurtie DAE40AD0
Netherlands Nico Nijhof NL-3692-Sabine DAE40C51
Netherlands Nico Nijhof NL-3693-Tijn DADDAB62
Netherlands Nico Nijhof NL-3695-Natascha DAE40DD7
Netherlands Nico Nijhof NL-3694-Stefan DAE0FB2B
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-A NL-3697-Anita DADDE5D4
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-A NL-3696-Kina DADDDDDD
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-A NL-3698-Sol DAB025B2
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-A NL-3699-Poseidom DAE3C749
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-B NL-3702-JP DADDDDB0
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-B NL-3703-Neptunas DADDECC7
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-B NL-3701-Jessica DAE3CAE7
Netherlands P&A Wiersema-B NL-3700-Appolo DAE405A1
Netherlands Parra Team NL-3704-Ajaxe DADDDDB5
Netherlands Parra Team NL-3705-String DADDE8A3
Netherlands Parra Team NL-3706-Piet DAB167DC
Netherlands Paul van Den Berg+ZN NL-3710-Berg 107 DAE0FB17
Netherlands Paul van Den Berg+ZN NL-3709-Berg 106 DADDE545
Netherlands Paul van Den Berg+ZN NL-3708-Berg 105 DAA45BD4
Netherlands Paul van Den Berg+ZN NL-3711-Berg 108 DADDEEA9
Netherlands Pekel NL-3713-Demi DADDDF9A
Netherlands Pekel NL-3714-Yason DAB18F84
Netherlands Pekel NL-3715-Sharon DAB16A56
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-A NL-3719-Oss 039 DADDD8B7
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-A NL-3716-Oss 057 DAE402E4
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-A NL-3717-Oss 068 DAE08F08
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-A NL-3718-Oss 069 DAE3C343
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-B NL-3721-Oss 085 DADDD823
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-B NL-3720-Oss 044 DADDD83A
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-B NL-3723-Oss 074 DAE3C074
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-B NL-3722-Oss 086 DA91CF42
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-C NL-3727-Oss 077 DAE405B7
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-C NL-3724-Oss 079 DADDED8C
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-C NL-3725-Oss 025 DAB18E10
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-C NL-3726-Oss 075 DAE08F06
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-D NL-3728-Oss 072 DAE3327F
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-D NL-3729-Oss 055 DAE3C0C5
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-D NL-3731-Oss 051 DAE335A0
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-D NL-3730-Oss 062 DAE40BCB
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-E NL-3735-Oss 082 DAE3C89A
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-E NL-3732-Oss 047 DAB01C25
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-E NL-3733-Oss 042 DAB01E72
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-E NL-3734-Oss 064 DAE3C023
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-F NL-3738-Oss 067 DAAFFD36
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-F NL-3739-Oss 063 DAB18DC5
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-F NL-3737-Oss 083 DAB16B6D
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-F NL-3736-Oss 078 DAE3C653
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-G NL-3743-Oss 988 DADDD89E
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-G NL-3741-Oss 971 DAE3C1AB
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-G NL-3742-Oss 974 DAE3C259
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-G NL-3740-Oss 084 DAE0FAB8
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-H NL-3747-Oss 104 DAE409BF
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-H NL-3744-Oss 172 DAE0F9D7
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-H NL-3746-Oss 162 DAE33588
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-I NL-3750-Oss 146 DADDE3CB
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-I NL-3749-Oss 152 DAE4A8ED
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-I NL-3748-Oss 114 DAE3C0C3
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-I NL-3751-Oss 098 DAA695C8
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-J NL-3752-Oss 099 DADDE954
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-J NL-3753-Oss 118 DAE3C372
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-J NL-3755-Oss 087 DADDE6CD
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-J NL-3754-Oss 122 DAE40E40
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-K NL-3758-Oss 111 DAE100C9
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-K NL-3759-Oss 086 DA91CDE8
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-K NL-3757-Oss 092 DAE3CB53
Netherlands Rien van Oss en Zn-K NL-3756-Oss 123 DADDD759
Netherlands Ruig-Rodenhuis NL-3762-Ruig 3 DAE3354C
Netherlands Ruig-Rodenhuis NL-3763-Ruig 4 DADDE56B
Netherlands Ruig-Rodenhuis NL-3760-Ruig 1 DAE3C387
Netherlands Ruig-Rodenhuis NL-3761-Ruig 2 DADDEE72
Netherlands S.H. Wyngaarden-A NL-3764-Veni Vedi Vici DADDDDD5
Netherlands S.H. Wyngaarden-A NL-3765-Cherami DADDDD96
Netherlands S.H. Wyngaarden-A NL-3766-No Limit DADDD89F
Netherlands S.H. Wyngaarden-B NL-3770-Black Sensation 555 DAA69114
Netherlands S.H. Wyngaarden-B NL-3769-Silver Griffin DAE40848
Netherlands S.H. Wyngaarden-B NL-3768-New Armani DAB16CAD
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-A NL-3773-Raker 62 DADDE8C0
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-A NL-3772-Hot Shot DADDD6AA
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-A NL-3774-New Lexus DAE40C5B
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-B NL-3778-Crack 61 DAE32C63
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-B NL-3777-Maestro 66 DAE407F6
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-B NL-3779-Purple 68 DAE332C3
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-B NL-3776-Tulip 64 DADDD87B
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-C NL-3783-Purple 84 DADDD91C
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-C NL-3781-Purple 69 DADDABE1
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-C NL-3782-Mustang 77 DADDAC77
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-C NL-3780-Purple 83 DAE0F997
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-D NL-3785-Stacey 81 DAE3C7A2
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-D NL-3786-Sniper 40 DAE4079B
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-D NL-3784-Iris 78 DAE100A3
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-D NL-3787-Raker 999 DAE40E05
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-E NL-3789-Blue Master DAE0BE74
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-E NL-3791-Raker 4000 DAE3C9E9
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-E NL-3788-Stacey 82 DADDEA01
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-E NL-3790-Ranger DAE40D73
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-F NL-3793-Diamantje 75 DAE4050C
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-F NL-3794-Donker 34 DAE3C45F
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-F NL-3795-Smart 20 DAE0BEB9
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-F NL-3792-Iris 79 DAE3C244
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-G NL-3798-Darter 73 DADDE488
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-G NL-3796-Blue 30 DAE40E1D
Netherlands Simonsz Wierstra-G NL-3799-Darter 72 DAE0BD7B
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-A NL-3801-Pmenomena DAE33507
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-A NL-3803-Wizzard DAE33461
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-A NL-3802-Cyclone DAE335D4
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-A NL-3800-Dark Morse DAB169F8
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B NL-3807-Frysian Scarface DAE33569
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B NL-3806-Frysian Warloch DAE3C492
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B NL-3805-Buwalda 2 DAE3C125
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B NL-3804-Buwalda 1 DADDD976
Netherlands Sol Nascente NL-3809-Sol Posto DADDDED2
Netherlands Sol Nascente NL-3808-Sol Nascente DAE407D9
Netherlands Sol Nascente NL-3810-Sol Escondido DAE40D65
Netherlands Team Ameide NL-3815-De 049 DAE3355F
Netherlands Team Ameide NL-3813-David DAB0027E
Netherlands Team Ameide NL-3812-Jackpot DAB167CB
Netherlands Team Ameide NL-3814-Victoria DADDDA44
Netherlands Team Boekelo-A NL-3819-Wesley DAE02096
Netherlands Team Boekelo-A NL-3818-Jeffrey DAE333AB
Netherlands Team Boekelo-A NL-3817-Max DADD60DF
Netherlands Team Boekelo-A NL-3816-Tiffany DAE3C807
Netherlands Team Boekelo-B NL-3821-Brownie DA91E51A
Netherlands Team Boekelo-B NL-3822-Woeps DAB167E8
Netherlands Team Boekelo-B NL-3823-Orrie DADDE781
Netherlands Team Boekelo-B NL-3820-Pim DAE3C437
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol NL-3826-Josse DAE0F9B8
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol NL-3824-Grey Hound DAE3C1E7
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol NL-3827-Lady Monte Gordo DAE3356B
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol NL-3825-Lady Carlyn DADDEDC0
Netherlands Team Eots-A NL-3828-De Sneeuwman DADDDE10
Netherlands Team Eots-A NL-3829-Cerveza Local DAE0BE41
Netherlands Team Eots-A NL-3830-Paris DAB18F4E
Netherlands Team Eots-A NL-3831-Mimoyecques DAE335B8
Netherlands Team Eots-B NL-3834-Big Bulliebatsa DAB1880B
Netherlands Team Eots-B NL-3832-Cristobal Colon DAE3C69B
Netherlands Team Eots-B NL-3835-Niagara DAE333AD
Netherlands Team Eots-B NL-3833-Samba DADDEFA7
Netherlands Team Goorbergh Couwenbergh NL-3836-New Leus DAE0BD68
Netherlands Team Goorbergh Couwenbergh NL-3837-New Medusa DAE3C44F
Netherlands Team Goorbergh Couwenbergh NL-3838-New Fleur DADDE2AA
Netherlands Team Goorbergh Couwenbergh NL-3839-New Rambo DADDED82
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A NL-3842-Indiana DAE3C849
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A NL-3841-Thea z DADDE563
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A NL-3843-San Francisco DADDD8C7
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A NL-3840-Crusader DAB19E15
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B NL-3845-Jan I DAB16F00
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B NL-3844-Vanguard DAE3328A
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B NL-3847-Ohio DADDD71E
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B NL-3846-California DAE3C101
Netherlands Team Hage NL-3851-Bernardo DAE40BEF
Netherlands Team Hage NL-3849-Timoko 1 DAA6958E
Netherlands Team Hage NL-3848-Timoko 2 DAE40DEE
Netherlands Team Hollanda Altura NL-3855-Altura 44 DADDDD1D
Netherlands Team Hollanda Altura NL-3852-Blue Lagoon DADDDF18
Netherlands Team Hollanda Altura NL-3854-Hollanda 03 DAE3340A
Netherlands Team Hollanda Altura NL-3853-Air Wolff DAE40DDA
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-A NL-3856-Fynn DADDE819
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-A NL-3859-Washington DAAFFE29
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-A NL-3857-Josie DAE334FD
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-B NL-3863-Florida DAE40D1E
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-B NL-3862-Julian DADDEE22
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-B NL-3861-Miami DAB169D3
Netherlands Team Janssen Weijers-B NL-3860-Joko DAE3C062
Netherlands Team Maurick NL-3864-Pigeon 1 DAE0BF0C
Netherlands Team Maurick NL-3867-Pigeon 4 DADDDF13
Netherlands Team Maurick NL-3865-Pigeon 2 DAE0FA91
Netherlands Team Maurick NL-3866-Pigeon 3 DAE40E4E
Netherlands Team Napoleon-A NL-3871-Blauwneus DADDF061
Netherlands Team Napoleon-A NL-3870-Boxneus DADDDD8A
Netherlands Team Napoleon-A NL-3869-Feestneus DAE334B5
Netherlands Team Napoleon-A NL-3868-Wipneus DAE03A81
Netherlands Team Napoleon-B NL-3875-Puntneus DAE3C0B2
Netherlands Team Napoleon-B NL-3874-Drankneus DAE40319
Netherlands Team Napoleon-B NL-3873-Bloedneus DAB16B24
Netherlands Team Napoleon-B NL-3872-Jeneverneus DAE3C044
Netherlands Team Napoleon-C NL-3877-Haakneus DAE3C5DB
Netherlands Team Napoleon-C NL-3878-Zwamneus DAB18C7C
Netherlands Team Napoleon-C NL-3879-Druipneus DAE3C1B4
Netherlands Team Napoleon-C NL-3876-Spitsneus DAB16C41
Netherlands Team Napoleon-D NL-3880-Bleekneus DADDEECC
Netherlands Team Napoleon-D NL-3881-Stinkneus DAE3CA32
Netherlands Team Napoleon-D NL-3883-Loopneus DA91E457
Netherlands Team Napoleon-D NL-3882-Aardbeienneus DADDD7F0
Netherlands Team Paap & Paap NL-3884-Paap 1 DAE4A9AB
Netherlands Team Paap & Paap NL-3885-Paap 2 DAB188AB
Netherlands Team Paap & Paap NL-3886-Paap 3 DAE334D9
Netherlands Team Paap & Paap NL-3887-Paap 4 DAB002B3
Netherlands Team Pouw NL-3888-Jon Snow DAE40866
Netherlands Team Pouw NL-3891-Arya DADDE420
Netherlands Team Pouw NL-3890-Daenerys DAE0FA95
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek NL-3892-Seelen 1 DADDE344
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek NL-3893-Seelen 2 DAE40CFC
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek NL-3894-Seelen 3 DAA6918E
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek NL-3895-Seelen 4 DAE3C11F
Netherlands Team Soepboer-A NL-3896-Octavia DAE0FCD1
Netherlands Team Soepboer-A NL-3899-Wait 18 DA91DC6E
Netherlands Team Soepboer-A NL-3897-Karoly DAE3C322
Netherlands Team Soepboer-A NL-3898-Brixby DAE0FCCF
Netherlands Team Soepboer-B NL-3901-Cayenne DAE3CA56
Netherlands Team Soepboer-B NL-3903-Wait 19 DAB0C93C
Netherlands Team Soepboer-B NL-3902-Macan DAE3C923
Netherlands Team Soepboer-B NL-3900-Aiden DAE0FCF7
Netherlands Team Tijl-A NL-3906-Diamond DAE3C06B
Netherlands Team Tijl-A NL-3907-Tongetje DAE33504
Netherlands Team Tijl-A NL-3905-Nick DADDEF4E
Netherlands Team Tijl-A NL-3904-Lucky DAE40894
Netherlands Team Tijl-B NL-3908-Topper DAE3C208
Netherlands Team Tijl-B NL-3910-Goodman DAE334BB
Netherlands Team Tijl-B NL-3909-Little One DAE4A999
Netherlands Team Tijl-B NL-3911-Flakkeeenaar DADDEEF3
Netherlands Team Tijl-C NL-3913-Flakkee Express DAB18875
Netherlands Team Tijl-C NL-3915-Blauwkous DAB01D97
Netherlands Team Tijl-C NL-3912-Beauty DAE3334E
Netherlands Team Tijl-C NL-3914-Evy DAAFFD3D
Netherlands Team Tijl-D NL-3916-William DAB18E52
Netherlands Team Tijl-D NL-3919-Corrie DAB1857D
Netherlands Team Tijl-D NL-3918-Fay DAE0FB16
Netherlands Team Tijl-D NL-3917-Leen DAE4AAE9
Netherlands Team Tijl-E NL-3921-Quin DADDE879
Netherlands Team Tijl-E NL-3922-Birgit DADDDE9C
Netherlands Team Tijl-E NL-3923-Bond 007 DAB187DE
Netherlands Team Tijl-E NL-3920-Special One DADDD9CA
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-A NL-3927-Bonte Algarve DADDD784
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-A NL-3925-Miss Algarve DADDD789
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-A NL-3924-Kenji DADDD570
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-A NL-3926-Jantina DADDD790
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-B NL-3929-Red Thunder DAE40324
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-B NL-3928-Ronaldo DAE0FC79
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-B NL-3931-Geesje DAE0FB69
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-B NL-3930-Dede DAE0FBCA
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-C NL-3935-The new dream DAB16C7E
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-C NL-3934-Figo DAE4088D
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-C NL-3932-Dani DAE0FC04
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-C NL-3933-Solim DADDE3DA
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-D NL-3936-Blue Vinkenweg DADDE534
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-D NL-3939-Cash DAE40B48
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-D NL-3938-Red Vinkenweg DAE3C24D
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-D NL-3937-Hollywood DAE335DB
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-E NL-3942-Agostinho DAE40723
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-E NL-3943-New Charlie DAE4085B
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-E NL-3941-Bonte Euro DAE3C8AF
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-E NL-3940-Rui Costa DAE40C0D
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-F NL-3947-Herman DAE0BD51
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-F NL-3946-Jill DAE0FA3D
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-F NL-3945-Zwarte parel DADDD887
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-F NL-3944-Jen DADDD760
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-G NL-3950-Red Chris DADDED2A
Netherlands Team Twente Raymond-Niks-G NL-3949-Amy DAE3BFF2
Netherlands Team Twins-A NL-3955-Twins 67 DADDE52C
Netherlands Team Twins-A NL-3952-Twins 60 DADDE6F7
Netherlands Team Twins-A NL-3953-Twins 43 DADDAB8F
Netherlands Team Twins-B NL-3957-Twins 44 DADDD653
Netherlands Team Twins-B NL-3956-Twins 61 DAE0220D
Netherlands Team Twins-B NL-3958-Twins 74 DAE3C80E
Netherlands Team Twins-B NL-3959-Twins 68 DADDD693
Netherlands Team Twins-C NL-3961-Twins 777 DAE40ABD
Netherlands Team Twins-C NL-3963-Twins 785 DADDEA8B
Netherlands Team Twins-C NL-3960-Twins 750 DAE0FAD6
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A NL-3964-Wim DAE334A4
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A NL-3967-Dick DAE0F95B
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A NL-3965-Rinus DAE3C457
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A NL-3966-Addy DAE3C1F0
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B NL-3970-Ut DAE0FCA6
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B NL-3971-Trecht DADDE584
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B NL-3969-Erwin DAE0FB90
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B NL-3968-Paulo DAE3C621
Netherlands Team Varik NL-3972-Algarve2019-1 DAE3324E
Netherlands Team Varik NL-3975-Algarve2019-4 DAE0FC5A
Netherlands Team Varik NL-3973-Algarve2019-2 DAE408EC
Netherlands Team Varik NL-3974-Algarve2019-3 DAE0BE13
Netherlands Team Wiersema Clerronts NL-3978-Wim DAE0FF70
Netherlands Team Wiersema Clerronts NL-3977-Wiersema 2 DAE08F25
Netherlands Team Wiersema Clerronts NL-3976-Wiersema 1 DADDDBE0
Netherlands Team Wiersema Clerronts NL-3979-Elisabeth DAE3C294
Netherlands The boys from Hardinxueld NL-3981-Blue Rocket DAE08F10
Netherlands The boys from Hardinxueld NL-3983-Disco Polo 662 DAE3C495
Netherlands The boys from Hardinxueld NL-3980-Blue Thunder DAE0FB87
Netherlands The boys from Hardinxueld NL-3982-Mr. Blue DAE40DFE
Netherlands The Triangle NL-3984-Charlies Angel DAE40740
Netherlands The Triangle NL-3985-Mister Miyagi DAE3C232
Netherlands The Triangle NL-3986-Hurricane DAE3C603
Netherlands The Triangle NL-3987-Jens DADDDD0C
Netherlands Timmermans-Theunis-A NL-3988-Millenium Dragon DAE0F995
Netherlands Timmermans-Theunis-A NL-3990-Sonnys Rocket DAB16EF1
Netherlands Timmermans-Theunis-A NL-3989-Algarve Winer DAE33474
Netherlands Timmermans-Theunis-B NL-3995-Blue Algarve DADDE970
Netherlands Timmermans-Theunis-B NL-3992-Golden Lagarve DAE40D29
Netherlands Timmermans-Theunis-B NL-3993-Worriors Hope DADDDAE9
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp NL-3997-Rueiboot DADDEC36
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp NL-3998-Canadees DADDEDB0
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp NL-3999-Fluisterboot DAB19F67
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp NL-3996-Kano DAE40C55
Netherlands UNKNOWN-2 NL-1584537 DAB0C90B
Netherlands UNKNOWN-24 NL-3911310 DAB0C84B
Netherlands UNKNOWN-42 NL-1605184 DAB188AF
Netherlands UNKNOWN-50 NL-1001915 DAB185A0
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A NL-4003-Cayenne DAE3C5BD
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A NL-4002-Panamera DAE0FC30
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A NL-4001-Aventador DAE4AA83
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A NL-4000-Chiron DADDD7B7
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B NL-4004-Cullinam DAE3C517
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B NL-4005-Bentayga DAE3C75E
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B NL-4006-Maybach DADDECF5
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B NL-4007-Boxtyre DAB16C86
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-C NL-4011-Boxsma DAE3C3A7
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-C NL-4008-Profclean DAE4A95C
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-C NL-4009-Boxons DAB0C786
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-C NL-4010-Berdex DAE4A824
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans NL-4015-Moorland 904 DADDEF2B
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans NL-4014-Moorland 903 DADDE81D
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans NL-4012-Moorland 901 DAE3CB0E
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans NL-4013-Moorland 902 DAE334B9
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-A NL-4016-Loman 61 DAE3C1B6
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-A NL-4019-Loman 64 DAAFFF06
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-A NL-4018-Loman 63 DADD60FA
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-A NL-4017-Loman 62 DAE3C44B
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-B NL-4021-Loman 66 DAE3C86D
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-B NL-4020-Loman 65 DAE332EB
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-B NL-4022-Loman 67 DADDE54E
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-B NL-4023-Loman 68 DADDD81D
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-C NL-4024-Loman 69 DAE4A867
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-C NL-4025-Loman 70 DAE0F9AA
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-C NL-4027-Loman 72 DAE332DF
Netherlands Van Dijk-Loman-C NL-4026-Loman 71 DAE0FBDD
Netherlands Van Mullem NL-4029-Frenkie DAE0FA45
Netherlands Van Mullem NL-4031-Maffhys DAE0FA0F
Netherlands Van Mullem NL-4028-Delfs Lilaum DAB169E1
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-A NL-4032-21 Savage DAE3C587
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-A NL-4035-Golden Flojo DAE402D3
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-A NL-4033-Stormzy DAB0C91E
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-A NL-4034-Santa Domingo DAE3C15F
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-B NL-4037-Dimelo DADDE474
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-B NL-4039-Senseless DA91DB84
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-B NL-4036-Bandolero DADDE9CE
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-B NL-4038-Recipe DAE0FAF7
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-C NL-4041-Sensima DAE3C597
Netherlands Veenstra Pigeons-C NL-4043-Pirate DAE0FA85
Netherlands W. Rietherhen En Zoon NL-4045-Zoon 2 DADDD715
Netherlands W. Rietherhen En Zoon NL-4047-Zoon 4 DADDEB94
Netherlands W. Rietherhen En Zoon NL-4044-Zoon 1 DAE0FBE3
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-A NL-4050-Welkom Lucky DAE40AAD
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-A NL-4051-Welkom Sky Dancer DADDD66F
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-A NL-4048-Welkom Sky Dreamer DADDE2D1
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-B NL-4055-Welkom 368 DAE3C764
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-B NL-4053-Welkom 363 DADDD7F8
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-B NL-4052-Welkom New Hope DAE3C0FE
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-C NL-4056-Welkom Hans DAE0BF3C
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-C NL-4057-Welkom Herma DAE3336C
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-C NL-4059-Welkom Rain Girl DAE40502
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-C NL-4058-Welkom Rain Boy DADDACEF
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-D NL-4063-Welkom Ronny DADDE5B5
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-D NL-4062-Welkom Kradon 743 DAE3C5B0
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-D NL-4061-Welkom Kradon 742 DAE32A29
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-D NL-4060-Welkom Kradon 741 DAE40CF2
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-E NL-4064-Welkom Liam DAE40E2D
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-E NL-4067-Welkom Lieke DADDE294
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-E NL-4066-Welkom Ilse DAB193D1
Netherlands Welkom Uden Team-E NL-4065-Welkom Nelly DAE40D6A
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A NL-4069-Levi DAE332A8
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A NL-4071-Marisja DAE3C9FA
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A NL-4068-Neve DAE3C08C
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A NL-4070-Mika DAB1891E
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B NL-4073-Jami DAE3C26D
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B NL-4074-Renate DADDED97
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B NL-4072-Gerry DADDDD7E
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B NL-4075-Nathan DADDE6EB
Poland Adam Moskal-A PL-4076-Didi DAE0FCA8
Poland Adam Moskal-A PL-4077-Admral DAE3C231
Poland Adam Moskal-A PL-4078-Cidan DAE33422
Poland Adam Moskal-A PL-4079-Bond DAA6950C
Poland Adam Moskal-B PL-4080-Samanta DADDE2D5
Poland Adam Moskal-B PL-4082-Karol DAE40909
Poland Adam Moskal-B PL-4081-Wanda DAE33269
Poland Adam Moskal-B PL-4083-Diana DADDEB51
Poland Alice & Jacob-A PL-4154-AJ 523 DADDD995
Poland Alice & Jacob-A PL-4152-AJ 529 DADDE752
Poland Alice & Jacob-A PL-4153-AJ 554 DADDEF6B
Poland Alice & Jacob-B PL-4157-AJ516 DAE3CAC2
Poland Alice & Jacob-B PL-4156-AJ511 DAB16C78
Poland Alice & Jacob-B PL-4158-AJ531 DAE3C292
Poland Alice & Jacob-C PL-4160-AJ530 DA90FCF6
Poland Alice & Jacob-C PL-4161-AJ517 DAE33330
Poland Alice & Jacob-C PL-4162-AJ524 DAE3356C
Poland Alice & Jacob-D PL-4166-AJ539 DAE335C7
Poland Alice & Jacob-D PL-4164-AJ535 DAB0C80C
Poland Alice & Jacob-D PL-4165-AJ512 DAE4A818
Poland Alice & Jacob-E PL-4169-AJ521 DADDEDC5
Poland Alice & Jacob-E PL-4170-AJ540 DAE3C875
Poland Alice & Jacob-F PL-4172-AJ522 DAE3C40A
Poland Alice & Jacob-F PL-4173-AJ513 DAE3C881
Poland Alice & Jacob-F PL-4174-AJ509 DAE3CAE3
Poland Alice & Jacob-G PL-4178-AJ519 DAB000DC
Poland Alice & Jacob-G PL-4177-AJ533 DAE3343B
Poland Alice & Jacob-G PL-4176-AJ596 DA91D9EE
Poland Alice & Jacob-H PL-4182-AJ510 DAE3C71D
Poland Alice & Jacob-H PL-4181-AJ537 DAE3C5D9
Poland Alice & Jacob-I PL-4184-AJ538 DAE4065D
Poland Alice & Jacob-I PL-4186-AJ980 DAB16B44
Poland Alice & Jacob-I PL-4187-Wait 28 DAB1979A
Poland Alice & Jacob-I PL-4185-AJ959 DAE3BFE3
Poland Alice & Jacob-J PL-4188-AJ982 DAE3C4B4
Poland Alice & Jacob-J PL-4189-AJ533 DAB18F43
Poland Andrzej Grodny PL-4087-Bizon DAE0BF87
Poland Andrzej Grodny PL-4086-Marianna DA91E62D
Poland Andrzej Grodny PL-4085-Mary DADDDE4E
Poland Andrzej Grodny PL-4084-Dragon DAB192B4
Poland Andrzej Lagudka PL-4090-Marcin DAB16806
Poland Andrzej Lagudka PL-4088-Andrzej DAE409CE
Poland Andrzej Lagudka PL-4091-Dawid DAE332F1
Poland Andrzej Lagudka PL-4089-Danuta DAB0F2E2