LOFT LIST- We present the list of pigeons that are in the loft (6,612), after we finish placing the chips, today 16/7/21. After a period of quarantine when entering the loft, vaccination, preventive treatments, and the first flights around the loft, 95.8 % of the incoming pigeons are at this stage and  preparing for the first training that takes place on the 24th. July 2021. We sorry the 4.2 % that are not, but we gave everyone the same attention, and they were all treated the same.

We call your attention to some pigeons that are at the top of the list as UNKNOWN , as they are not included in the entry forms we received, and we do not know who the owners are. Any information about this please to email

Next week all information about the codes and number of rings, as well the payments, will be published in the participants’ personal accounts.


Country Fancier / Team Name Ring ID / Chip Name Pigeon
UNKNOWN DE-6723-1454 DA1E08A7
UNKNOWN DE-4984-1167 DA1E0A4A
UNKNOWN DE-5611-376 DA1E0610
UNKNOWN RO-948262 DAB5368D
UNKNOWN DK-250-6444 DAE4A942
UNKNOWN DE-5755-2 DA1E16C0
UNKNOWN ES-275135 DAE3C262
UNKNOWN DE-381-2006 DAB536CC
UNKNOWN PL-285-1003 DA05FD16
UNKNOWN PT-1283974 DA1EE646
UNKNOWN ES-290018 DA1EE701
UNKNOWN NL-4226259 DA1E11F6
UNKNOWN DE-8879-111 DA1E0735
UNKNOWN NL-2127320 DAE33517
UNKNOWN DE-1696-521 DA1E19D9
UNKNOWN BG-54478 DA85006C
UNKNOWN PL-206-8532 DADDD533
UNKNOWN DE-1816-138 DA1E060B
UNKNOWN DE-8149-1127 DA05EFA0
UNKNOWN RO-948297 DA1E19B2
UNKNOWN PT-1467213 DA1EE771
UNKNOWN PL-143-1983 DAE3C9C4
UNKNOWN IT-99618 DA1E1447
UNKNOWN UK-N 63420 DA1E1134
UNKNOWN NL-1727964 DA02A820
UNKNOWN NL-1727961 DA1E0E49
UNKNOWN NL-1039131 DA1DB265
UNKNOWN MA-28261 DAB00104
UNKNOWN DE-5369-2554 DA05F16F
UNKNOWN ES-290021 DA1E134B
Albania Luan Dingu DA1DBDE2 AL 2-Dingu 32
Albania Luan Dingu DA1E16E2 AL 1-Dingu 27
Albania Luan Dingu DA1DB94D AL 4-Dingu 41
Albania Luan Dingu DA1F42BA AL 3-Dingu 38
Australia Aussie Brad DA1EEC39 AU 62-Brave
Australia Aussie Brad DA1980FA AU 61-F. Ball
Australia Aussie Brad DADDE5FB AU 63-Aussie
Austria Butyka Ferenc DA1E0F8D AT 5-Audi A4
Austria Butyka Ferenc DA1DBB32 AT 6-Quatro
Austria Butyka Ferenc DA1E068B AT 7-Audi Q7
Austria Butyka Ferenc DA1DB1B9 AT 8-Emanuel
Austria Eduard & Karina Reiss DA1E0CDA AT 54-Perpetua
Austria Eduard & Karina Reiss DA1E060C AT 56-Tulipa
Austria Eduard & Karina Reiss DA1E0B50 AT 53-Rosa do Deserto
Austria Eduard & Karina Reiss DA8515D6 AT 55-Violeta
Austria Franz Fuchs DA1E105A AT 20-Fux 33
Austria Franz Fuchs DA1DBFAD AT 18-Dolbul
Austria Franz Fuchs DAB19795 AT 17-Fox Hurrican 51
Austria Franz Fuchs DA1DC02E AT 19-Fux 34
Austria Franz Marchat DA1DBE87 AT 41-Algarve Princess
Austria Franz Marchat DA1EE370 AT 43-Sister Jona
Austria Franz Marchat DA1DB2CC AT 44-Schoolgirl
Austria Franz Marchat DA1DB5A8 AT 42-Lazio
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A DA1E12BF AT 21-Austria 65
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A DA02AFBD AT 24-Austria 17
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A DA1E076A AT 23-Austria 34
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-A DA1E066D AT 22-Austria 52
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B DA1CDD0A AT 26-Austria 46
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B DAB0C93C AT 27-Austria 32
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B DA1EF471 AT 28-Austria 05
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-B DA1F43B1 AT 25-Austria 66
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-C DA1CE0F9 AT 32-Austria 70
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-C DA1E0811 AT 30-Austria 12
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-C DA1E06D0 AT 29-Austria 11
Austria Ivanschitz Clemens-C DA1E18AF AT 31-Austria 49
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-A DA05EDC0 AT 35-Delaware
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-A DAB189CE AT 33-Rhode Island
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-A DA02AE8B AT 34-Minesota
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-A DAE3C468 AT 36-Ohio
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-B DA05FD64 AT 37-Michigan
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-B DAE32A29 AT 40-Idaho
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-B DAB53966 AT 38-Maryland
Austria Kutlesa Slavko-B DAE0BEC6 AT 39-Kansas
Austria Popovici Paul DADDACF0 AT 60-Georgia
Austria Popovici Paul DAE3C9CF AT 59-Iowa
Austria Popovici Paul DAA6954F AT 58-Missouri
Austria Popovici Paul DAE0F9E1 AT 57-Maine
Austria Rudorfer Michael-A DA1E077C AT 47-Sophie
Austria Rudorfer Michael-A DA1DBC5E AT 45-Marcellino
Austria Rudorfer Michael-A DA1E15A1 AT 46-Marcella
Austria Rudorfer Michael-A DA1E0DFF AT 48-Clemente
Austria Rudorfer Michael-B DAA6958E AT 49-Laura
Austria Rudorfer Michael-B DA1EE29C AT 50-Lena
Austria Rudorfer Michael-B DA1E17CF AT 52-Clemens
Austria Rudorfer Michael-B DAE3C208 AT 51-Steffi
Austria Walter Straif DA1EEB16 AT 12-Jonathan
Austria Walter Straif DA1DBE10 AT 11-Julia
Austria Walter Straif DA84FCF9 AT 10-Fanna
Austria Walter Straif DA1E0BF7 AT 9-Jasmin
Austria Wiefler, Alois DAE3CAB2 AT 13-Gypsy One
Austria Wiefler, Alois DAE3342E AT 16-Gregor
Austria Wiefler, Alois DA05F09F AT 14-Werner
Austria Wiefler, Alois DADDEB9A AT 15-Heidi One
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-A DA1E144A BE 144-Dubai
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-A DA05F7AE BE 143-Turquesa
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-A DAE3C912 BE 142-Topazio
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-A DA1E187E BE 141-Tanzanita
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-B DAE3C937 BE 146-Shenzhen
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-B DA029919 BE 148-Marinha
Belgium Bart Geerinckx-B DAE0FC94 BE 145-Kuala Lumpur
Belgium Beyens J&K DA1E14BD BE 255-Emiliano
Belgium Beyens J&K DA1E175B BE 256-Alabama
Belgium Beyens J&K DA1E10CC BE 253-Kiki 2
Belgium Beyens J&K DA1EE515 BE 254-Wicht 2
Belgium Boucau DA05F889 BE 199-Napoleon
Belgium Boucau DAB19308 BE 198-Picasso
Belgium Boucau DA02989D BE 197-Pablo
Belgium Brantegem DA1E0E30 BE 250-Secondo
Belgium Brantegem DA1E0790 BE 251-Terzo
Belgium Brantegem DA1EEE2E BE 249-Primo
Belgium Brantegem DA1E1A37 BE 252-Quarto
Belgium C.L.M. Belgium DA02B27A BE 220-De Jan
Belgium C.L.M. Belgium DA1E1978 BE 217-Nina
Belgium C.L.M. Belgium DA1E1006 BE 218-Cayenne
Belgium C.L.M. Belgium DA1DB8BE BE 219-Cayman
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-A DA1E1963 BE 84-Orquidea
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-A DA91D363 BE 83-Oliveira
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-A DA1E1217 BE 81-Magnolia
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-A DA1DBA0C BE 82-Palmeira
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-B DA1E0638 BE 86-Jasmim
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-B DA1DBFA0 BE 85-Hibisco
Belgium Coppens Freddy-Segers Petra-B DA1EE2B7 BE 88-Margarida
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-A DAE40424 BE 176-Cozy 327
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-A DA1DB148 BE 175-Cozy 309
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-A DA1DABC2 BE 174-Cozy 326
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-A DA1DAC5B BE 173-Cozy 308
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-B DAB16FBE BE 179-Cozy 332
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-B DA1EE43E BE 177-Cozy 328
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-B DAB18DE0 BE 178-Cozy 331
Belgium Cozy Yokoyama-B DA1E1283 BE 180-Cozy 329
Belgium Creemers en Zoon DAB53286 BE 221-Prosche 911
Belgium Creemers en Zoon DAE0FB1A BE 222-Macan
Belgium Creemers en Zoon DA1E0EE0 BE 223-Taycan
Belgium Creemers en Zoon DAE3C16F BE 224-Pana
Belgium De Laere Luc DA1E18EF BE 192-Odette
Belgium De Laere Luc DA1E1464 BE 189-Sybille
Belgium De Laere Luc DA1EE3BF BE 191-Katrijn
Belgium De Laere Luc DA1E101D BE 190-Shana
Belgium Euro-Skyfighter DA1DAA71 BE 285-Skyhunter
Belgium Euro-Skyfighter DA1981CD BE 286-Skyfighter
Belgium Euro-Skyfighter DA856BD2 BE 287-Hevo of the Sky
Belgium Euro-Skyfighter DA05FA28 BE 288-Queen of the Skies
Belgium Flanders Collection DAE0FBEE BE 78-Super 2
Belgium Flanders Collection DAAFFE15 BE 79-Super 3
Belgium Flanders Collection DA1DBC7C BE 77-Super 1
Belgium Flanders Collection DAE0FB68 BE 80-Super 4
Belgium Goris-Vanhoue DADDDFD6 BE 67-Crisantemo
Belgium Goris-Vanhoue DADDEFFE BE 68-Ciclame
Belgium Goris-Vanhoue DA40B554 BE 66-Citrino
Belgium Goris-Vanhoue DAE4A96C BE 65-Peixe Borboleta
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-A DA1EEC7E BE 160-Francine
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-A DA1EF856 BE 158-Carmen
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-A DA1EF05D BE 157-Enora
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-A DA1DBE77 BE 159-Elena
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-B DAB197C0 BE 162-Sloeber
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-B DA1DBCAE BE 161-Maria
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-B DA1E1397 BE 164-Danny
Belgium Happy Belgium Pigeon Team-B DA05F693 BE 163-Dina
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A DA1EF82A BE 167-Fox 3
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A DA857201 BE 165-Fox 1
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A DA1DC165 BE 168-Fox 4
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-A DA1E1136 BE 166-Fox 2
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B DA1F47F9 BE 170-Caz 2
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B DA1E17B7 BE 172-Caz 4
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B DAA94D0A BE 169-Caz 1
Belgium Hok Jos Vercammen-B DA1DC0E7 BE 171-Caz 3
Belgium Johan Huybregts DA1E08B2 BE 72-Gravenberch
Belgium Johan Huybregts DA1E17B5 BE 71-Timber
Belgium Johan Huybregts DA84F919 BE 70-Antony
Belgium Johan Huybregts DAE40B1A BE 69-Haller
Belgium Leyen Jan-A DA1DB751 BE 134-Basic
Belgium Leyen Jan-A DA1DBEB9 BE 135-Galaxy
Belgium Leyen Jan-A DA028CF4 BE 136-Olympia
Belgium Leyen Jan-A DA850F72 BE 133-Enzy Mix
Belgium Leyen Jan-B DA1E069A BE 137-Original
Belgium Leyen Jan-B DAE3C9F0 BE 139-Premium
Belgium Leyen Jan-B DA1DBF1C BE 140-Care
Belgium Leyen Jan-B DADDE8C0 BE 138-Condition
Belgium Lievens-Versluys DA1DBF61 BE 117-Jarno
Belgium Lievens-Versluys DA1DB951 BE 120-Robbe
Belgium Lievens-Versluys DA1E13C8 BE 119-Milan
Belgium Lievens-Versluys DA1E0F2A BE 118-Ellisa
Belgium Nelson & Michel DA02B429 BE 258-North Carolina
Belgium Nelson & Michel DA02AEF5 BE 259-South Dakota
Belgium Nelson & Michel DA028E50 BE 257-South Carolina
Belgium Nelson & Michel DA84F837 BE 260-North Dakota
Belgium Nys Monick Pigeons DA1DBA08 BE 123-Adriana
Belgium Nys Monick Pigeons DA02B42F BE 121-Falcao
Belgium Nys Monick Pigeons DA1EE3EE BE 124-Tonina
Belgium Nys Monick Pigeons DA05F926 BE 122-Fallin
Belgium Nys Monick-Brocal DA02942A BE 128-Anna
Belgium Nys Monick-Brocal DA1E189A BE 125-Adriana
Belgium Nys Monick-Brocal DA1E142E BE 127-Kalesy
Belgium PEC-A DA1EF7B5 BE 90-PEC 2
Belgium PEC-A DADDE769 BE 89-PEC 1
Belgium PEC-A DAE0BF39 BE 91-PEC 3
Belgium PEC-B DAB18574 BE 94-PEC 6
Belgium PEC-B DAE4A84A BE 93-PEC 5
Belgium PEC-B DAB18F9C BE 95-PEC 7
Belgium PEC-B DA1E07A4 BE 96-PEC 8
Belgium PEC-C DA91DC2D BE 99-PEC 11
Belgium PEC-C DAB53693 BE 100-PEC 12
Belgium PEC-C DA84F92D BE 97-PEC 9
Belgium PEC-D DA05F6B3 BE 103-PEC 15
Belgium PEC-D DAE3C9A8 BE 104-PEC 16
Belgium PEC-D DA1E057F BE 101-PEC 13
Belgium PEC-D DADD60EB BE 102-PEC 14
Belgium Rans S J DAE0FA85 BE 280-Ruud 90
Belgium Rans S J DA1E0649 BE 278-Ruud 96
Belgium Rans S J DAAAF4D4 BE 277-Ruud 81
Belgium Ronny De Muynck Pigeons DA05FE31 BE 193-Remco 412
Belgium Ronny De Muynck Pigeons DA1E130F BE 195-Remco 407
Belgium Ronny De Muynck Pigeons DA1EF2F0 BE 196-Remco 376
Belgium Roziers-Xiang DA1E0A33 NL 5044-Furla
Belgium Roziers-Xiang DAE40B8D NL 5045-Givenchy
Belgium Roziers-Xiang DADDACF8 NL 5043-DKNY
Belgium Roziers-Xiang DA8564D5 NL 5042-Cole Haan
Belgium Serrokh Loft-A DA029843 BE 292-Loures
Belgium Serrokh Loft-A DA1F4676 BE 291-Leiria
Belgium Serrokh Loft-A DA1DC0E9 BE 290-Fundão
Belgium Serrokh Loft-A DA1EEE69 BE 289-Gouveia
Belgium Serrokh Loft-B DA1E1707 BE 296-Tomar
Belgium Serrokh Loft-B DA1DB550 BE 295-Penafiel
Belgium Serrokh Loft-B DA1DBB2A BE 293-Moura
Belgium Serrokh Loft-B DA1E1301 BE 294-Mirandela
Belgium Serrokh Loft-C DA856FEE BE 299-SL 2
Belgium Serrokh Loft-C DA1EE48C BE 300-SL 3
Belgium Serrokh Loft-C DA1E118A BE 297-Seia
Belgium Serrokh Loft-C DA1DBABC BE 298-SL 1
Belgium Serrokh Loft-D DA1E13F8 BE 303-SL 6
Belgium Serrokh Loft-D DA1DB44E BE 302-SL 5
Belgium Serrokh Loft-D DA1DB167 BE 301-SL 4
Belgium Serrokh Loft-D DA1E05E4 BE 304-SL 7
Belgium Serrokh Loft-E DA1E1055 BE 305-SL 8
Belgium Serrokh Loft-E DA1DB541 BE 307-SL 10
Belgium Serrokh Loft-E DADDEEB4 BE 306-SL 9
Belgium Serrokh Loft-F DAE40478 BE 312-SL 15
Belgium Serrokh Loft-F DA1E18D9 BE 309-SL 12
Belgium Serrokh Loft-F DAE3C05F BE 310-SL 13
Belgium Serrokh Loft-F DAB537E4 BE 311-SL 14
Belgium Serrokh Loft-G DA02972B BE 313-SL 16
Belgium Serrokh Loft-G DAB53D44 BE 316-SL 19
Belgium Serrokh Loft-G DA029380 BE 315-SL 18
Belgium Serrokh Loft-G DADDDD93 BE 314-SL 17
Belgium Serrokh Loft-H DAB18657 BE 320-SL 23
Belgium Serrokh Loft-H DAE3C1FE BE 318-SL 21
Belgium Serrokh Loft-H DAE0FAE7 BE 319-SL 22
Belgium Serrokh Loft-H DA0294DE BE 317-SL 20
Belgium Serrokh Loft-I DAB531DD BE 322-SL 25
Belgium Serrokh Loft-I DA05EDAB BE 323-SL 26
Belgium Serrokh Loft-I DAE4079D BE 324-SL 27
Belgium Serrokh Loft-I DA856C20 BE 321-SL 24
Belgium Serrokh Loft-J DA1DBD7C BE 325-SL 28
Belgium Serrokh Loft-J DAE020CE BE 326-SL 29
Belgium Serrokh Loft-J DADDEA57 BE 327-SL 30
Belgium Serrokh Loft-J DAE3C4DA BE 328-SL 31
Belgium Serrokh Loft-K DA1EF822 BE 332-SL 35
Belgium Serrokh Loft-K DADDEF13 BE 331-SL 34
Belgium Serrokh Loft-K DAE40BB4 BE 329-SL 32
Belgium Serrokh Loft-K DAE332C0 BE 330-SL 33
Belgium Tatou Loft-A DA1E1695 BE 341-Tatou 1
Belgium Tatou Loft-A DA028F4B BE 343-Tatou 3
Belgium Tatou Loft-A DADDF02B BE 344-Tatou 4
Belgium Tatou Loft-A DA05F68B BE 342-Tatou 2
Belgium Tatou Loft-B DAE0F961 BE 345-Tatou 5
Belgium Tatou Loft-B DAA6906E BE 346-Tatou 6
Belgium Tatou Loft-B DAE3C58B BE 347-Tatou 7
Belgium Tatou Loft-B DA1DB71E BE 348-Tatou 8
Belgium Team Cosijn DAE0FCDA BE 73-Roam 1
Belgium Team Cosijn DA1E0F5C BE 75-Roam 3
Belgium Team Cosijn DADDD71E BE 76-Roam 4
Belgium Team Cosijn DADDDA8E BE 74-Roam 2
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-A DA1DC072 BE 151-Red Tornado
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-A DA1DBBAB BE 150-Favorit Algarve
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-A DAA95123 BE 149-Fast to Glorie
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-B DA1EED2A BE 155-White Magic Pearl
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-B DA1DBD57 BE 156-Queen Platteew
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-B DA1DBF77 BE 153-Sprint Ace
Belgium Team Didden Cipriani-B DA1EEB9B BE 154-Grace
Belgium Team EPW-A DA1E16E7 BE 225-Brouwers 1
Belgium Team EPW-A DAE3C83E BE 226-Brouwers 2
Belgium Team EPW-A DADDD6B2 BE 227-Brouwers 3
Belgium Team EPW-A DA1E118B BE 228-Brouwers 4
Belgium Team EPW-B DADDE91F BE 229-Brouwers 5
Belgium Team EPW-B DA1DBAAA BE 231-Brouwers 7
Belgium Team EPW-B DA1DAA0D BE 232-Brouwers 8
Belgium Team EPW-B DA856E57 BE 230-Brouwers 6
Belgium Team EPW-C DA1E0890 BE 234-Brouwers 10
Belgium Team EPW-C DA855BCB BE 236-Brouwers 12
Belgium Team EPW-C DA02B56B BE 233-Brouwers 9
Belgium Team EPW-C DAB5324C BE 235-Brouwers 11
Belgium Team EPW-D DA1E1750 BE 238-Brouwers 14
Belgium Team EPW-D DA05FB2A BE 237-Brouwers 13
Belgium Team EPW-D DADDD65F BE 239-Brouwers 15
Belgium Team EPW-D DA05F2E2 BE 240-Brouwers 16
Belgium Team Gaquiere Francis DAE4073D BE 107-Francis 3
Belgium Team Gaquiere Francis DAB18D31 BE 106-Francis 2
Belgium Team Gaquiere Francis DA029856 BE 105-Francis 1
Belgium Team Gaquiere Francis DA1DBA43 BE 108-Francis 4
Belgium Team Hermans-Schimamura DA1E149E BE 130-Tori 316
Belgium Team Hermans-Schimamura DA05EF33 BE 129-Tori 339
Belgium Team Hermans-Schimamura DA1E1598 BE 132-Tori 195
Belgium Team Hermans-Schimamura DA1EF64B BE 131-Tori 338
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-A DA1DB61C BE 201-Avelã
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-A DA1E1A30 BE 202-Cebola
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-A DA1E0C81 BE 203-Ervilha
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-A DA84FC62 BE 204-Cenoura
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-B DA0294B1 BE 206-Abobora
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-B DAB53284 BE 208-Alface
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-B DA1E0F0B BE 207-Couve-Flor
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-C DAE334FF BE 210-Bimis
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-C DAE3C3C3 BE 212-Bróculo
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-C DA029477 BE 211-Florete
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-C DAE334C9 BE 209-Couve
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-D DA0294ED BE 214-Salsa
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-D DAB01C25 BE 213-Cogumelo
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-D DA05F303 BE 216-Noz
Belgium Team Ulrich Lemmens-D DAE3C729 BE 215-Coentro
Belgium Tugaloft DA1E0816 BE 284-Ginga
Belgium Tugaloft DA1EE46A BE 282-Kanhar
Belgium Tugaloft DA1EE4F8 BE 281-Chorão
Belgium Tugaloft DA1CE0A4 BE 283-Bogstak
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-A DAA45E65 BE 265-VGM 1
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-A DADDE370 BE 268-VGM 4
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-A DAE3C6FC BE 266-VGM 2
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-A DADDE6EB BE 267-VGM 3
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-B DA1E0F1F BE 269-VGM 5
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-B DAE3C150 BE 270-VGM 6
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-B DAE334E3 BE 272-VGM 8
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-B DAB192B4 BE 271-VGM 7
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-C DAE3C0C6 BE 273-VGM 9
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-C DAB186AD BE 275-VGM 11
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-C DADDD91F BE 274-VGM 10
Belgium Van Gaver-De Maeseneer-C DAE0FC7D BE 276-VGM 12
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-A DA1E0B9E BE 112-Stef
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-A DA1F45EB BE 111-Max
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-A DAB532BA BE 110-Zoe
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-A DA1DA9C4 BE 109-Tess
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-B DA1DBF48 BE 116-Anna
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-B DAB53724 BE 114-Sara
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-B DA1DAA34 BE 115-Roky
Belgium Van Landschoot Robert-B DAB190E6 BE 113-Miel
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-A DAE3C653 BE 336-VP 4
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-A DAB000EB BE 335-VP 3
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-A DA1E13B8 BE 334-VP 2
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-A DA1DBE26 BE 333-VP 1
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-B DA0295D4 BE 339-VP 7
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-B DAE0FB50 BE 340-VP 8
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-B DA1E0823 BE 338-VP 6
Belgium Van Parys-Debusschere-B DA1E086E BE 337-VP 5
Belgium Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier DA1E0D39 BE 186-Anouk
Belgium Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier DA1DBFDC BE 188-Julia
Belgium Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier DA02B41D BE 187-Gaspard
Belgium Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier DA1E0B12 BE 185-Spirit
Belgium Vanhee A&M DAE40C9E BE 184-Dietje
Belgium Vanhee A&M DA84F822 BE 183-Raketje
Belgium Vanhee A&M DADDF06B BE 182-Maxime
Belgium Vanhee A&M DA05F90A BE 181-Napoleon
Belgium Wouters Family-A DAE40DB8 BE 243-Lago Duich
Belgium Wouters Family-A DA1DBBBA BE 241-Mar Morto
Belgium Wouters Family-A DAE0FCD6 BE 244-Lago Crater
Belgium Wouters Family-A DAB536D2 BE 242-Lago West
Belgium Wouters Family-B DA05F6C7 BE 248-Bled
Belgium Wouters Family-B DAB5438A BE 247-Nakuru
Belgium Wouters Family-B DAE40D2E BE 246-Lago Plitvice
Belgium Wouters Family-B DAE3C2E6 BE 245-Laguna Colorada
Belgium Ying-Yang Flanders DAE3C28A BE 261-Yolande
Belgium Ying-Yang Flanders DAE3BFD2 BE 263-Boudewijn
Belgium Ying-Yang Flanders DA1DBC44 BE 264-Bont Jerommeke
Belgium Ying-Yang Flanders DA1EE2F8 BE 262-Kittel Isaias
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek DA1F43BF BG 485-Plovdiv 15
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek DA91CEFF BG 486-Varna 19
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek DA1DB3EA BG 487-Plovdiv 027
Bulgaria D Todorov & Ilijan Van Der Zhek DA1E0F6F BG 488-Varna 014
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov DA1DBC22 BG 352-DT 030
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov DA1DAA5E BG 351-DT 022
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov DA1E1280 BG 350-DT 30
Bulgaria Dimitar Todorov DAA6944F BG 349-DT 22
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A DA1EF549 BG 375-ESH 71
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A DA1E1103 BG 376-ESH 12
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A DA1EE5AE BG 373-ESH 20
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-A DA1DC168 BG 374-ESH 21
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B DA1E0F5B BG 379-ESH 21
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B DA063B7C BG 378-ESH 25
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B DA0295D6 BG 380-ESH 07
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-B DA1EECBF BG 377-ESH 24
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C DA1CE0E1 BG 381-ESH 48
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C DA1DBBA7 BG 382-ESH 58
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C DA1DA9FF BG 383-ESH 43
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-C DA1DC05F BG 384-ESH 66
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-D DADDE3D1 BG 388-ESH 51
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-D DA1DC0BD BG 387-ESH 64
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-D DA1EF692 BG 386-ESH 53
Bulgaria Edip Shaban-D DA1E1253 BG 385-ESH 62
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A DA1E0DAA BG 491-Levent
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A DA1E19A8 BG 492-Opal
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A DA1CE0FD BG 490-Mario
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-A DA1E0DE4 BG 489-Zariad
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B DA1E0881 BG 495-Kalcho
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B DA1EF82B BG 496-Marco
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B DA1E144F BG 494-Arap
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-B DA1EE326 BG 493-Vran
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-C DA84FACF BG 497-Delgado
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-C DAB18912 BG 500-Chakal
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-C DA1DBCC7 BG 499-Siva
Bulgaria Emil Kostov-C DAE40584 BG 498-Garvan
Bulgaria Georgi & Emil DA1E0F48 BG 529-Fetel 05
Bulgaria Georgi & Emil DAB53D98 BG 532-Fetel 46
Bulgaria Georgi & Emil DA1F436A BG 530-Fetel 12
Bulgaria Georgi & Emil DA1DC02B BG 531-Fetel 55
Bulgaria Marian Paskov DA1E062B BG 355-Paskov 07
Bulgaria Marian Paskov DA1E0930 BG 353-Paskov 04
Bulgaria Marian Paskov DA1CDECE BG 356-Paskov 00
Bulgaria Marian Paskov DA1DBCCE BG 354-Paskov 05
Bulgaria Michail Ivanov DA1DBE09 BG 389-MI 19
Bulgaria Michail Ivanov DA1E1651 BG 392-MI 29
Bulgaria Michail Ivanov DA1E14E7 BG 391-MI 28
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-A DA1E1318 BG 433-Arena
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-A DA1F4361 BG 436-Bocman
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-A DA1E08EC BG 435-Armani
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B DA1E0CC2 BG 439-Karambol
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B DA1E099C BG 438-Vais
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B DA1DBD8F BG 440-Gino
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-B DA1E0724 BG 437-Fanta
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C DA1EE3C6 BG 443-Afera
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C DA1E07CF BG 441-Apolo
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C DA1CDE06 BG 442-Syanka
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-C DA1DC0C5 BG 444-Arabela
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-D DA1EE461 BG 445-Zvezda
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-D DA1E14FD BG 448-Shakira
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-D DA1E0647 BG 447-Paradise
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-E DA1E1890 BG 449-La Bamba
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-E DA1E1741 BG 450-Biju
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-E DA1DBBA0 BG 451-Jack
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-E DA1E0849 BG 452-Madona
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-F DA1E1734 BG 455-Killar
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-F DA1E1612 BG 453-Elmaz
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-F DA1EF8C7 BG 456-Viza
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-G DA1E12DB BG 460-Boss
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-G DA1EE422 BG 457-Azar
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-G DA02B106 BG 459-Blacki
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-G DA02A6D8 BG 458-Mirage
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-H DA856B89 BG 463-Jipsi
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-H DA1DC078 BG 461-Favorite
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-H DA1E09DB BG 464-Disney
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-H DA1DBC34 BG 462-Bruno
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-I DA1DBF9D BG 468-Harmony
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-I DA1E1121 BG 465-Veja
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-I DA1DB96C BG 467-Diva
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-I DA1DB5C5 BG 466-Garo
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-J DA1E1A8F BG 471-Sun
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-J DA1EE3C7 BG 469-Bingo
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-J DA1EF7C9 BG 470-Benji
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-J DAB197BC BG 472-Jar
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-K DA19845E BG 473-Gord
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-K DA1E1A43 BG 476-Jumbo
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-K DA1DBEBE BG 475-Sokol
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-L DA91DC33 BG 477-Dona
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-L DA1E0EE1 BG 480-Slava
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-L DA1DBE8C BG 479-Magnum
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-L DA1F42FD BG 478-Delta
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-M DA1E1716 BG 483-Avrora
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-M DA1E1853 BG 481-Viara
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-M DA1DB993 BG 484-Feia
Bulgaria Petar & Kiril Raponski-M DAE100FB BG 482-Bomba
Bulgaria Pip-Pip DA1E0A3E BG 512-DT 33
Bulgaria Pip-Pip DAE335F6 BG 511-DT 29
Bulgaria Pip-Pip DADDED90 BG 509-DT 18
Bulgaria Royal Daltons DA1DBE8E BG 516-DT 033
Bulgaria Royal Daltons DA1F4465 BG 513-DT 15
Bulgaria Royal Daltons DA1F4423 BG 514-DT 18
Bulgaria Royal Daltons DAE40CD1 BG 515-DT 37
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A DAE3327F BG 357-Sofia 60
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A DA1E106D BG 360-Sofia 48
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A DA1EE44C BG 358-Sofia 70
Bulgaria Team Sofia-A DA02B2D5 BG 359-Sofia 34
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B DA1E1A25 BG 361-Sofia 68
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B DA1F43CC BG 362-Sofia 74
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B DA1DAE61 BG 363-Sofia 61
Bulgaria Team Sofia-B DA02AF85 BG 364-Sofia 98
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C DA05F124 BG 366-Sofia 200
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C DA1E13CB BG 367-Sofia 93
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C DAB5387A BG 365-Sofia 199
Bulgaria Team Sofia-C DA1E1339 BG 368-Sofia 184
Bulgaria Team Sofia-D DAE40E15 BG 372-Sofia 150
Bulgaria Team Sofia-D DA02983B BG 371-Sofia 128
Bulgaria Team Sofia-D DAE0FB29 BG 369-Sofia 170
Bulgaria Team Sofia-D DAE40C0C BG 370-Sofia 189
Bulgaria Team Tral-A DA1DBD6F BG 523-Fulmar
Bulgaria Team Tral-A DA198291 BG 524-Godwit
Bulgaria Team Tral-A DADDE8DB BG 522-Seagull
Bulgaria Team Tral-A DA1EE291 BG 521-Albatross
Bulgaria Team Tral-B DA1CE088 BG 527-Sakar
Bulgaria Team Tral-B DA1DBFAE BG 525-Pirin
Bulgaria Team Tral-B DA1DBB30 BG 528-Rodopi
Bulgaria Team Tral-B DA1E0B65 BG 526-Rila
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A DAE3C07A BG 406-Mister Kriss 522
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A DA1EEB48 BG 407-Mister Kriss 523
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A DA1E1903 BG 408-Mr. Binush
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-A DADDD789 BG 405-Asya
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B DA1E0E99 BG 409-Kriss 533
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B DA1DC011 BG 410-Kriss 529
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B DA1EE485 BG 411-Nikolay 528
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-B DA1CE125 BG 412-Nikolay 527
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C DA05FD51 BG 414-Nikolay 525
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C DA1EEB0D BG 415-Kriss 549
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C DA1CE0BB BG 416-Kriss 550
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-C DA1E061E BG 413-Nikolay 526
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-D DA1E0E80 BG 418-Bertie 548
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-D DA1E07E7 BG 420-Super Kriss 537
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-D DA02A5A0 BG 419-Super Kriss 536
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-D DA05F7CF BG 417-Bertie 547
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-E DA02B510 BG 422-Kizo
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-E DA1E137B BG 423-Kriss 551
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-E DA90FDD0 BG 424-Kriss 522
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-E DA1EE788 BG 421-Helios Kriss 535
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-F DA029528 BG 426-Kriss 557
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-F DA1EE4EF BG 427-Nikolay 539
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-F DA1E09CF BG 425-Kriss 556
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-G DA1DBB83 BG 429-Nikolas 561
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-G DA0296DB BG 432-Simons 568
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-G DA1E11B4 BG 430-Nikolas 560
Bulgaria Valya & Rosen Dobrevi-G DA1EEB2B BG 431-Simons 567
Bulgaria Vencislav Tsvetkov DA1E1763 BG 505-Vladi
Bulgaria Vencislav Tsvetkov DA1EF2D9 BG 508-Kiko
Bulgaria Vencislav Tsvetkov DA1E0C25 BG 507-Asco
Bulgaria Vencislav Tsvetkov DA1DBD77 BG 506-Oliva
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A DA1E1837 BG 394-V&V 425
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A DA1E1129 BG 393-V&V 409
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A DA1DBCEA BG 395-V&V 415
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-A DA1E1828 BG 396-V&V 423
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B DA1DBF88 BG 397-V&V 455
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B DAE0FA12 BG 398-V&V 549
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B DA1EEAE8 BG 399-V&V 402
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-B DA91CCB6 BG 400-V&V 403
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C DA1E0932 BG 401-V&V 477
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C DA1DB092 BG 404-V&V 443
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C DADDEBAA BG 403-V&V 420
Bulgaria Vicont & Vicontesa-C DA1E100F BG 402-V&V 421
Bulgaria Zhelyazko & Paskov DA84FF25 BG 520-Z&P 00
Bulgaria Zhelyazko & Paskov DA1EE995 BG 517-Z&P 99
Bulgaria Zhelyazko & Paskov DA1E0D98 BG 518-Z&P 01
Bulgaria Zhelyazko & Paskov DA1EF225 BG 519-Z&P 19
Bulgaria Zhelyazko Nikolov DA1E0FE6 BG 503-The Weekend
Bulgaria Zhelyazko Nikolov DA1DB608 BG 502-Futomaki
Bulgaria Zhelyazko Nikolov DA1E102E BG 501-Beidou
Bulgaria Zhelyazko Nikolov DA1DBA71 BG 504-Fibonacci
China ZG Helios-A DA1E1441 CN 612-Heli 282
China ZG Helios-A DA1E071F CN 613-Heli 294
China ZG Helios-A DA1DAA27 CN 615-Heli 317
China ZG Helios-A DA1F42F3 CN 614-Heli 306
China ZG Helios-B DA1DB9A1 CN 616-Heli 308
China ZG Helios-B DA1DB9FC CN 618-Heli 328
China ZG Helios-B DA1EF540 CN 617-Heli 322
China ZG Helios-B DA1E120D CN 619-Heli 330
China ZG Helios-C DA1DBD5C CN 620-Schulz 306
China ZG Helios-C DA1E1A57 CN 623-Schulz 377
China ZG Helios-C DA1E13B0 CN 621-Schulz 321
China ZG Helios-C DAB53D30 CN 622-Schulz 322
China ZG Helios-D DA1E0F87 CN 626-Helios 205
China ZG Helios-D DADDE584 CN 627-Helios 206
China ZG Helios-D DA91DC5D CN 625-Helios 202
China ZG Helios-D DA1E0920 CN 624-Helios 201
China ZG Helios-E DA1DAB22 CN 631-Helios 215
China ZG Helios-E DA1EE455 CN 628-Helios 207
China ZG Helios-E DA1DA9F2 CN 630-Helios 214
China ZG Helios-E DA1CE0D0 CN 629-Helios 210
China ZG Helios-F DA1F4317 CN 635-Helios 236
China ZG Helios-F DA1DA980 CN 634-Helios 220
China ZG Helios-F DA0293AE CN 633-Helios 219
China ZG Helios-F DA1E163B CN 632-Helios 216
China ZG Helios-G DADD60F7 CN 636-Heli 353
China ZG Helios-G DA1E10A5 CN 637-Heli 355
China ZG Helios-G DADDD8C7 CN 639-Heli 357
China ZG Helios-G DA1E1013 CN 638-Heli 356
China ZG Helios-H DAB1866E CN 641-Schulz 338
China ZG Helios-H DA1E1349 CN 642-Os 389
China ZG Helios-H DA1EEBF0 CN 640-Schulz 327
China ZG Helios-H DA1F443B CN 643-Os 402
China ZG Helios-I DA1EEAB7 CN 647-Aphrodite
China ZG Helios-I DA1EEC59 CN 644-Os 403
China ZG Helios-I DA1E0EF4 CN 646-Hera
China ZG Helios-I DA1EEC71 CN 645-Os 405
China ZG Helios-J DA1DC0E5 CN 648-Heli 400
China ZG Helios-J DA1F4357 CN 649-Heli 404
China ZG Helios-J DA1DBE08 CN 650-Heli 405
China ZG Helios-J DA1F4410 CN 651-Heli 410
China ZG Helios-K DAAAF383 CN 655-ShaoWei
China ZG Helios-K DA05EEFF CN 653-Schulz 377
China ZG Helios-K DA1E1931 CN 654-Os 416
China ZG Helios-K DAE3C363 CN 652-Schulz 358
Croatia Alten Festung DAB53BFF HR 3610-Attica
Croatia Alten Festung DA0294F2 HR 3609-Olivia
Croatia Alten Festung DA857353 HR 3608-Astor
Croatia Alten Festung DA05F5F7 HR 3611-Xola
Croatia Cousins F&B DA1E0EB6 HR 3595-Mare
Croatia Cousins F&B DA1E091F HR 3594-Ronny
Croatia Cousins F&B DA1EE4ED HR 3593-Jole
Croatia Cousins F&B DA0293F9 HR 3592-Enki
Croatia Denis Culic DA1EF8B2 HR 3590-Dalmatia
Croatia Denis Culic DA1E1184 HR 3591-Rino
Croatia Denis Culic DA1E0901 HR 3588-Croatia
Croatia Fajdetic Zelijko DAA691CC HR 3604-Lika
Croatia Fajdetic Zelijko DA1DBD2B HR 3605-Gacka
Croatia Fajdetic Zelijko DA1EE7AF HR 3606-Kamenjak
Croatia Fajdetic Zelijko DA1DC066 HR 3607-Primorka
Croatia Filip Pudic DA1E14B9 HR 3585-Frik
Croatia Filip Pudic DA05F803 HR 3584-mag
Croatia Filip Pudic DA1E0950 HR 3587-Niko
Croatia Filip Pudic DA1F43C4 HR 3586-Matijas
Croatia Kresimir Blazevic-A DA1E096A HR 3597-Dragana
Croatia Kresimir Blazevic-A DA1E15B5 HR 3598-Petra
Croatia Kresimir Blazevic-A DA1EE33C HR 3599-Lisa
Croatia Kresimir Blazevic-B DA1E07BA HR 3600-Rio
Croatia Kresimir Blazevic-B DA1EE73B HR 3601-Oluja
Croatia Team Korecic-Stojak DA1E1801 HR 3580-Gringo
Croatia Team Korecic-Stojak DA1EE30D HR 3581-El Patron
Croatia Team Korecic-Stojak DAE0BE77 HR 3583-El Toro
Czech Republic Academy Loft-A DAE407B8 CZ 689-Willy Academy 16
Czech Republic Academy Loft-A DADDEEF4 CZ 691-Double Academy 11
Czech Republic Academy Loft-A DAE3C9EA CZ 690-Hurricane Academy 14
Czech Republic Academy Loft-A DADDD717 CZ 688-Crystal Academy 13
Czech Republic Academy Loft-B DA02C696 CZ 694-Silbu Academy 9
Czech Republic Academy Loft-B DAB19E15 CZ 692-Double Academy 10
Czech Republic Academy Loft-B DAE32E30 CZ 695-Willy Academy 17
Czech Republic Academy Loft-B DAB16801 CZ 693-Brave Academy 96
Czech Republic Koan DAB538FE CZ 685-Eva
Czech Republic Koan DAE3C77D CZ 684-Sona
Czech Republic Koan DADDE488 CZ 686-Stana
Czech Republic Koan DAB0268F CZ 687-Jirina
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal DADDDF27 CZ 678-Aerosmith
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal DA05FDF4 CZ 677-Daughter 1 ESO TS
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal DA028D72 CZ 676-Mash
Czech Republic Krutil Karel & Michal DAE0F951 CZ 679-Lady Gaga
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-A DAE332DE CZ 660-LK2956
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-A DA05F96E CZ 662-LK2901
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-A DADDE240 CZ 661-LK2955
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-A DAAAF2F1 CZ 663-LK2900
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-B DA198113 CZ 665-LK2847
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-B DA1DBB2C CZ 667-LK2898
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-B DAA4845B CZ 666-LK2970
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-B DA028DB5 CZ 664-LK2846
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-C DAE3CA13 CZ 669-LK2917
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-C DADDEFF4 CZ 668-LK2969
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-C DA1F456A CZ 670-LK2899
Czech Republic Kubacek Lubomir-C DAE0BF27 CZ 671-LK3007
Czech Republic Nechce Se Mi Makat DAB19268 CZ 680-Testosteron
Czech Republic Nechce Se Mi Makat DAE3C0E4 CZ 681-Adrenalin
Czech Republic Nechce Se Mi Makat DAE40502 CZ 682-Armagedon
Czech Republic Nechce Se Mi Makat DA1E1798 CZ 683-Orangutan
Czech Republic Radek Cervenak DAB00368 CZ 701-Avril
Czech Republic Radek Cervenak DAB166C5 CZ 702-Verona
Czech Republic Radek Cervenak DAB023FA CZ 703-Elo
Czech Republic Radek Cervenak DA02B17F CZ 700-Kravitz
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar DA0297BC CZ 673-Avicii
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar DAB53D24 CZ 674-Gigi D Agostino
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar DAE3C624 CZ 675-David Guetta
Czech Republic Roman Zlicar DA029957 CZ 672-Tiesto
Czech Republic Talent Quatro Matuska DA02939E CZ 696-Queen
Czech Republic Talent Quatro Matuska DAA69418 CZ 699-Traveler
Czech Republic Talent Quatro Matuska DAE33496 CZ 697-Quella
Czech Republic Talent Quatro Matuska DA05F756 CZ 698-Thunder
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik DAE0FCBF CZ 656-ZP 713
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik DAE334ED CZ 659-ZP 742
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik DAE3C977 CZ 658-ZP 721
Czech Republic Zdenek Pavlik DAB187BB CZ 657-ZP 714
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-A DAE3C3A7 DK 2761-Bettina
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-A DAE3C07E DK 2762-Rene
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-A DADDEC36 DK 2759-Marcus
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-A DA0295FE DK 2760-Gustav
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-B DAE3337E DK 2765-Magnus
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-B DAE333AB DK 2764-Christian
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-B DAB538FC DK 2763-Anette
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-B DA05FBF0 DK 2766-Bente
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-C DAE3C6A0 DK 2770-Mark
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-C DAE3C29E DK 2767-Mille
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-C DA05F604 DK 2768-Simon
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-D DA1EF695 DK 2772-Ken 1
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-D DAE40464 DK 2773-Anne
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-D DAB5323A DK 2774-Ken 2
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-D DA1DBAE6 DK 2771-SIF
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-E DA84FD0B DK 2775-Rasmus
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-E DAE3C953 DK 2777-Marlene
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-E DAA95878 DK 2776-Thide
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-E DAE3C81A DK 2778-Gustav 1
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-F DAB18AA5 DK 2779-Rensi
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-F DAE334C5 DK 2780-Ace
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-F DA85008F DK 2782-Schou
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-G DAAFFF76 DK 2783-Romlund
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-G DADDEE2A DK 2785-Sassa
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-G DAE3C745 DK 2784-Silke
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-G DADDD6CB DK 2786-Mor Johnny
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-H DA029382 DK 2790-Michael
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-H DAE3C6FD DK 2787-Laekatten
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-H DAA693B2 DK 2788-Viktor 1
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-I DA02AF7E DK 2791-Dicte
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-I DAE40BF1 DK 2792-Tiki
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-I DAB1672A DK 2793-Halde
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-I DAB16A73 DK 2794-Lauge
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-J DA05FE3A DK 2796-Lisbeth 1
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-J DAE0FC89 DK 2797-Lisbeth 2
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-J DA1F42B9 DK 2798-Lisbeth 3
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-J DA91CCD3 DK 2795-Kent
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-K DAA45BEF DK 2802-Natasha
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-K DADDDD16 DK 2799-Rene
Denmark Andersen OLR Racing-K DADDED8C DK 2801-Mikkel
Denmark Charlotte von Ekensteen DADDED49 DK 2803-Emie
Denmark Charlotte von Ekensteen DADDE5AA DK 2806-Jef
Denmark Charlotte von Ekensteen DA91DD0A DK 2805-Floo
Denmark Helle & Jens Pedersen DA1EEC01 DK 2758-Aksel
Denmark Helle & Jens Pedersen DA05F9CA DK 2757-Asti
Denmark Helle & Jens Pedersen DA1E10EF DK 2756-Alfa
Denmark Helle & Jens Pedersen DA0293F2 DK 2755-Avril
Denmark HH Broebech DA05EF4C DK 2808-HH 2
Denmark HH Broebech DA05FC81 DK 2807-HH 1
Denmark HH Broebech DADDDD33 DK 2810-HH 4
Denmark HH Broebech DAB53929 DK 2809-HH 3
France 4 Vagabundos DA1E1115 FR 3500-Botelho 89
France 4 Vagabundos DA1E1286 FR 3503-Botelho 68
France 4 Vagabundos DA1EF5FD FR 3502-Botelho 66
France 4 Vagabundos DA1F4767 FR 3501-Botelho 26
France African Warrior Lofts-A DA1DAAE7 FR 3542-AFL 11
France African Warrior Lofts-A DA1F43CE FR 3543-AFL 18
France African Warrior Lofts-A DA1DB2A1 FR 3541-AFL 10
France African Warrior Lofts-A DAB5393A FR 3540-ALF 1
France African Warrior Lofts-B DA1E0F00 FR 3547-AFL 31
France African Warrior Lofts-B DA1E09D3 FR 3544-AFL 04
France African Warrior Lofts-B DA1DBD91 FR 3546-AFL 26
France African Warrior Lofts-B DA1E0F4C FR 3545-AFL 21
France Carlos & Maurice-A DA1E07B5 FR 3488-Rola 1
France Carlos & Maurice-A DA19809A FR 3491-80
France Carlos & Maurice-A DAE33526 FR 3490-Bicudo
France Carlos & Maurice-A DA1DBFB8 FR 3489-Rola 2
France Carlos & Maurice-B DA1DA9F7 FR 3492-Figo 1
France Carlos & Maurice-B DAE3C7E1 FR 3495-Armenio
France Carlos & Maurice-B DA1E1330 FR 3493-Figo 2
France Carlos & Maurice-B DA1E16A9 FR 3494-Asas
France Coeur Dominique DA1CE0AE FR 3477-Birmingham
France Coeur Dominique DA05F177 FR 3478-New Castle
France Coeur Dominique DA1EF5ED FR 3476-Manchester
France Coeur Dominique DA1DBF79 FR 3479-Oxford
France Cristelle & Miguel DA1DC0D2 FR 3533-Picasso
France Cristelle & Miguel DA1DB274 FR 3534-Diablo
France Cristelle & Miguel DA1DB3D2 FR 3532-Surprise
France Cristelle & Miguel DA1DBD31 FR 3535-Houten
France F&C Elite Team DADDD63A FR 3483-Promise
France F&C Elite Team DA05EDDB FR 3481-Wonder
France F&C Elite Team DA1EE2B8 FR 3480-Nelson
France Ferros da Silva DA1F459C FR 3528-Pinhão
France Ferros da Silva DAB18564 FR 3531-Formoso
France Ferros da Silva DA1E0775 FR 3530-Castelo
France Ferros da Silva DAB53C1A FR 3529-Coelho
France Herrmann/Unterstock-A DADDEDA7 FR 3548-Ava
France Herrmann/Unterstock-A DAE3C44A FR 3549-Robin
France Herrmann/Unterstock-A DAB02421 FR 3551-Suzel
France Herrmann/Unterstock-A DA05F9FB FR 3550-Magnus
France Herrmann/Unterstock-B DAE3C68E FR 3552-Bernardette
France Herrmann/Unterstock-B DAE0F9B3 FR 3555-Gringo
France Herrmann/Unterstock-B DAE40312 FR 3554-Speedy
France Herrmann/Unterstock-B DAE33328 FR 3553-Leni
France Herrmann/Unterstock-C DAE3CAF5 FR 3559-Rosi
France Herrmann/Unterstock-C DA05FD8C FR 3556-Pipo
France Herrmann/Unterstock-C DAB0253A FR 3558-Chachou
France Herrmann/Unterstock-C DA05F6FD FR 3557-Melvin
France Herrmann/Unterstock-D DA1DBC41 FR 3561-Hugi
France Herrmann/Unterstock-D DAE3C309 FR 3562-Iodi
France Herrmann/Unterstock-D DADDE560 FR 3563-Stephane
France Herrmann/Unterstock-D DAAFFE29 FR 3560-Teté
France Khaimimi-A DA1DC01B FR 3510-Hedaad
France Khaimimi-A DA1E13AE FR 3509-Cayanee
France Khaimimi-A DA1DBADE FR 3511-Hir
France Khaimimi-A DA1DB931 FR 3508-Khai 48
France Khaimimi-B DA0294FB FR 3513-Rime
France Khaimimi-B DAE406E7 FR 3514-Simo
France Khaimimi-B DA05F888 FR 3512-Hafidi
France Khaimimi-B DA1CE06E FR 3515-Khai 34
France Khaimimi-C DAE3C326 FR 3518-Khai 42
France Khaimimi-C DA1E1309 FR 3519-Razan
France Khaimimi-C DA1E1868 FR 3517-Awni
France Khaimimi-C DAB5328B FR 3516-Pipo
France Khaimimi-D DAE40740 FR 3521-Nizar
France Khaimimi-D DA05F855 FR 3523-
France Khaimimi-D DADDE5BA FR 3522-Bir
France Khaimimi-E DA1EEE28 FR 3527-Khai 37
France Khaimimi-E DA1E16D9 FR 3524-Khai 30
France Khaimimi-E DA1DB8CE FR 3525-Khai 32
France Les Lands DA1E07DA FR 3464-616
France Les Lands DA1DBE11 FR 3465-337
France Les Lands DA1DC12F FR 3466-Christine
France Les Lands DA1E1708 FR 3467-428
France M&V DA02B111 FR 3471-335
France M&V DA1DB9AC FR 3470-330
France M&V DA1E0D54 FR 3468-328
France M&V DA1EEDDB FR 3469-327
France Os amigos DA1E1604 FR 3507-Fátima
France Os amigos DA1E1679 FR 3506-Chaves
France Os amigos DA1DBCF7 FR 3505-Funchal
France Os amigos DA1E0D35 FR 3504-Sintra
France Ready Cash DA1DB510 FR 3498-Loulou 42
France Ready Cash DA1DBD40 FR 3499-Casta 42
France Ready Cash DA1DB302 FR 3496-Chouchou 42
France Ready Cash DA1E0619 FR 3497-Sandre 42
France Red Filip DA198070 FR 3454-Jana
France Red Filip DA1DBEA4 FR 3452-Miss Golden Evert
France Red Filip DA1E0D87 FR 3453-Playboy Jens
France Red Filip DA1DB617 FR 3455-Olympic Prins
France Stephane Fuss-A DAE0FABA FR 3459-Witten 12
France Stephane Fuss-A DAB53927 FR 3457-Witten 50
France Stephane Fuss-A DAE40664 FR 3456-Witten 51
France Stephane Fuss-B DAE3C133 FR 3461-Witten 14
France Stephane Fuss-B DADDD6BE FR 3462-Witten 49
France Stephane Fuss-B DAE3C081 FR 3463-Witten 40
France Stephane Fuss-B DAE40555 FR 3460-Witten 52
France Team Ferouelle Jacques DA1EE511 FR 3473-Barcelona
France Team Ferouelle Jacques DA1DB991 FR 3474-Marselha
France Team Ferouelle Jacques DA1E110B FR 3475-Versalhes
France Team Ferouelle Jacques DA1E17FC FR 3472-Roma
France Team Flament DA1DC0B7 FR 3538-Nesquick
France Team Flament DA1F4565 FR 3539-Roxy
France Team Flament DA05FDD5 FR 3537-Nahia
France Team Flament DA1E1005 FR 3536-Nino
France Team Garcia e Novo DA1DB8D4 FR 3445-GN 2
France Team Garcia e Novo DA1E0E7A FR 3446-GN 3
France Team Garcia e Novo DA1E1953 FR 3447-GN 4
France Team Garcia e Novo DA1DA97D FR 3444-GN 1
France Team Kamella-Morelli DA1DBBE5 FR 3448-Brida
France Team Kamella-Morelli DAB187B4 FR 3449-Lady Uthred
France Team Kamella-Morelli DAE3C1BA FR 3450-Ragnar
France Team Kamella-Morelli DA1DB95D FR 3451-Uthred
France Team Oquill-Belliot DA1E09B7 FR 3484-Black 244
France Team Oquill-Belliot DA85691D FR 3486-Fire 41
France Team Oquill-Belliot DA1CE126 FR 3487-Florie 52
Germany 4 Friends DA1E0690 DE 1659-Karlheinz 407
Germany 4 Friends DA1DA9CB DE 1660-Thomas 3
Germany 4 Friends DA1E11CA DE 1658-Herbert 32
Germany 4 Friends DA1E0AC3 DE 1657-Georg 1247
Germany Achim u. Chris Goeben DA1EE7A1 DE 1666-Sevillja
Germany Achim u. Chris Goeben DA1DB010 DE 1668-Ferrari
Germany Adlige Allgauer DA1E0E20 DE 705-Hans
Germany Adlige Allgauer DA1EF3D5 DE 707-Dani
Germany Adlige Allgauer DA1EE3A6 DE 706-Anita
Germany Adlige Allgauer DA1DBF58 DE 704-Ossi
Germany Air Pirates DA1EE799 DE 2681-Storm
Germany Air Pirates DADDEB3A DE 2678-Starlight
Germany Air Pirates DAE0FA58 DE 2680-Chinese Girl
Germany Air Pirates DAE0312E DE 2679-Nanuk
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DADDDEF4 DE 708-Klass 1
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DAE3C417 DE 710-Klass 3
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DAE3C0D1 DE 709-Klass 2
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-A DA02AF5A DE 711-Klass 4
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DA90FCF9 DE 713-Klass 6
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DAE3C384 DE 715-Klass 8
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DAE40DE1 DE 712-Klass 5
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-B DAE3C57A DE 714-Klass 7
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DADDEA65 DE 719-Klass 12
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DA1DB87E DE 718-Klass 11
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DAB0F156 DE 716-Klass 9
Germany Alfons & Helmut Klaas-C DA1F4355 DE 717-Klass 10
Germany Alf-Von-Web DA1E114A DE 2347-Alf 2
Germany Alf-Von-Web DA05FCB7 DE 2348-Alf 3
Germany Alf-Von-Web DA1DBA06 DE 2346-Alf 1
Germany Alf-Von-Web DA1E0C6E DE 2349-Alf 4
Germany Allgauwings DA05F5AA DE 1295-Taken
Germany Allgauwings DA05F074 DE 1294-Ostwind
Germany Allgauwings DAA94E91 DE 1296-Paypal
Germany Allgauwings DA1E188A DE 1293-Air Force One
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DA1E111D DE 1861-Sylt Alanhus
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DA1E1337 DE 1860-Sylt Sigyn
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DAE3355F DE 1859-Sylt Nanna
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-A DAB19737 DE 1858-Sylt Ulles
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DA1DBE91 DE 1863-Sylt Abianns
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DA1E0E71 DE 1862-Sylt Syn
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DA1E0676 DE 1864-Sylt Accorus
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-B DA1E13BE DE 1865-Sylt Grace
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DA19839C DE 1866-Sylt Hermod
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DA1DBC5A DE 1867-Sylt Hoedns
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DA1DAC15 DE 1868-Sylt Thor
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-C DA1DBE0D DE 1869-Sylt Odin
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-D DA1DBF5A DE 1873-Sylt Wotan
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-D DA1E10BA DE 1870-Sylt Lodur
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-D DADDE962 DE 1871-Sylt Loki
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-D DA1E17A7 DE 1872-Sylt Njord
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-E DA1DBEBA DE 1877-Sylt Heimdall
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-E DA1DC173 DE 1874-Sylt Bragi
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-E DA1E0734 DE 1875-Sylt Fovseti
Germany Altmiks Soudy Pigeons-E DAB04030 DE 1876-Sylt Feyer
Germany Altmiks Soudy Schulz (Sylt) DA1E05EE DE 1878-Sylt Joevd
Germany Altmiks Soudy Schulz (Sylt) DA1DAA09 DE 1879-Sylt Gefion
Germany Altmiks Soudy Schulz (Sylt) DA1DBF35 DE 1880-Sylt Gullveig
Germany Altmiks Soudy Schulz (Sylt) DA1EEA8A DE 1881-Sylt Frigg
Germany Altmiks-Soudy-Schulz DA1E190D DE 1883-Soudy 2
Germany Altmiks-Soudy-Schulz DA1DBCBA DE 1882-Soudy 1
Germany Altmiks-Soudy-Schulz DAE4038D DE 1884-Soudy 3
Germany Altmiks-Soudy-Schulz DAE40E47 DE 1885-Soudy 4
Germany Ammura & Bruder-A DA1DBE7D DE 2497-Tokis 96
Germany Ammura & Bruder-A DA02AE99 DE 2498-Tokis 97
Germany Ammura & Bruder-A DA1CE119 DE 2496-Blondi 101
Germany Ammura & Bruder-A DA1DBB12 DE 2495-Blondi 100
Germany Ammura & Bruder-B DA1E1538 DE 2501-Lila 94
Germany Ammura & Bruder-B DA1980A5 DE 2502-Lila 95
Germany Ammura & Bruder-B DA1E0EF7 DE 2499-Lila 92
Germany Andreas Behlke DA1E10AD DE 1846-AB 01
Germany Andreas Behlke DA1DC0B5 DE 1849-AB 04
Germany Andreas Behlke DA1E0847 DE 1848-AB 03
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DA19820D DE 1643-Heavens Jan
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DA1E1539 DE 1644-Heavens Angel
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DA198468 DE 1642-Heavens Prince
Germany Andreas Moeller-A DA1F4418 DE 1641-Heavens Wonder
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DA1DBA60 DE 1646-Heavens Figo
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DAB5348C DE 1647-Heavens Kitty
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DAB53C46 DE 1645-Heavens Trust
Germany Andreas Moeller-B DA1DC054 DE 1648-Heavens Ronaldo
Germany Andreas Siller-A DA1EED3B DE 720-Andi 63
Germany Andreas Siller-A DAA6915A DE 721-Fil
Germany Andreas Siller-A DAE0FBAB DE 722-Ada
Germany Andreas Siller-B DAE3C928 DE 727-Uni
Germany Andreas Siller-B DA1E0C50 DE 724-Petra 67
Germany Andreas Siller-B DA05FBB0 DE 725-Neo
Germany Andreas Siller-B DAE40DCD DE 726-Zen
Germany ATX-A DA1EF650 DE 2169-ATX 83
Germany ATX-A DA1F4466 DE 2166-ATX 62
Germany ATX-A DA1DBA4B DE 2168-ATX 82
Germany ATX-A DA1EF881 DE 2167-ATX 68
Germany ATX-B DAB196B3 DE 2171-Doris
Germany ATX-B DAE3350F DE 2173-Gregor
Germany ATX-B DAE0FA0F DE 2172-Dani
Germany ATX-B DADDDDBB DE 2170-Ralf
Germany ATX-C DAE0F978 DE 2175-Theo
Germany ATX-C DADDD6AB DE 2176-Hans
Germany ATX-C DAB01D4F DE 2177-Severin
Germany ATX-C DADDDD79 DE 2174-Jan
Germany ATX-D DAE0FC08 DE 2178-Patrik
Germany ATX-D DAE3C5C1 DE 2179-Bruno
Germany ATX-D DAE40876 DE 2180-Hannes
Germany ATX-D DADDD888 DE 2181-Joel
Germany ATX-E DAE3C165 DE 2185-Andrin
Germany ATX-E DAE3C587 DE 2183-Joker
Germany ATX-E DAE40A1F DE 2184-Silvan
Germany ATX-E DAE0BF40 DE 2182-Patrick
Germany Aydin Kardesler-4Sadik-Murat 35 DA1E12F3 DE 2738-Derin
Germany Aydin Kardesler-4Sadik-Murat 35 DA1E0CC4 DE 2741-Nefes
Germany Aydin Kardesler-4Sadik-Murat 35 DA1EF791 DE 2740-Sadocan 35
Germany Aydin Kardesler-4Sadik-Murat 35 DA1DA996 DE 2739-Altay
Germany B&R Schueler-A DA84F776 DE 1017-Python
Germany B&R Schueler-A DAE4A88A DE 1020-Boa
Germany B&R Schueler-A DA1CE0E2 DE 1018-Kobra
Germany B&R Schueler-A DA1DBC1A DE 1019-Taipan
Germany B&R Schueler-B DA1E158C DE 1022-Leni
Germany B&R Schueler-B DA1DBCCF DE 1021-Max
Germany B&R Schueler-B DA1E1107 DE 1023-Moritz
Germany B&R Schueler-B DAA69438 DE 1024-Lisa
Germany B. & G. Racing Team DA1EF6CE DE 1900-Chester
Germany B. & G. Racing Team DAB020DB DE 1901-Blue Curacao
Germany B. & G. Racing Team DA1E094A DE 1898-Moneymaker
Germany Bachmann DA1E0E66 DE 2583-Bachi
Germany Bachmann DA02AEB4 DE 2584-Ulli B
Germany Bachmann DA1E191D DE 2585-Horsti
Germany Bachmann DA1DBAEE DE 2586-Walli
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-A DA1E0893 DE 744-Peter
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-A DA1E173D DE 745-Sabine
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-A DA05F818 DE 746-Else
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-B DA1EE389 DE 749-Werner
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-B DA1E1413 DE 750-Thorsten
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-B DA1EE6AC DE 751-Rainer
Germany Bastuck-Quinten-B DA1E0FFF DE 748-Marlies
Germany Bernd Haske-A DA1DBFFD DE 2298-Porches
Germany Bernd Haske-A DA1E0DB0 DE 2300-Amado
Germany Bernd Haske-A DAA45ED7 DE 2299-Carrapateira
Germany Bernd Haske-A DA1DBBE0 DE 2301-Amoreira
Germany Bernd Haske-B DA1E0577 DE 2304-Rogil
Germany Bernd Haske-B DA05ED23 DE 2302-Santa Eulalia
Germany Bernd Haske-B DA1DB28A DE 2305-Bordeira
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DA1CE12E DE 1300-Dream 719
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DA1F4337 DE 1299-Voss 715
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DA19833A DE 1297-Dream 703
Germany Bernd Wichmann-A DA029514 DE 1298-Voss 707
Germany Bernd Wichmann-B DA1E1852 DE 1304-Heinzi
Germany Bernd Wichmann-B DA1DBA54 DE 1302-Dream Black
Germany Bernd Wichmann-B DA1E077F DE 1303-Dream 709
Germany Bernd Wichmann-B DA1E0831 DE 1301-Dream 722
Germany Bernd-Joseph Volmer DA1EE4EE DE 2226-Benid
Germany Bernd-Joseph Volmer DA029456 DE 2228-Fritz
Germany Bernd-Joseph Volmer DA1DA955 DE 2227-Marlis
Germany Bernhard Schleich DA1F43C2 DE 781-Athos
Germany Bernhard Schleich DAE3C1C5 DE 783-D’Artagnan
Germany Bernhard Schleich DA0296F1 DE 782-Porthos
Germany Bernhard Schleich DA1E1094 DE 780-Aramis
Germany Berthold Goebel DA1E0FFB DE 2712-Lilo
Germany Berthold Goebel DAE40AAE DE 2711-Dumbo
Germany Berthold Goebel DA1EF496 DE 2713-Sitch
Germany Berthold Goebel DA1DBE43 DE 2710-Aladdin
Germany Boerdeteam-A DAB5320E DE 753-Putti
Germany Boerdeteam-A DA1DBDE9 DE 755-Steffi
Germany Boerdeteam-A DA1DBA96 DE 754-Lotta
Germany Boerdeteam-B DA1E0AE1 DE 756-Sag Cheese
Germany Boerdeteam-B DA84FA0B DE 757-Perfect Dira
Germany Boerdeteam-B DA1DBEFC DE 758-Harley Queen
Germany Boerdeteam-B DA1E067B DE 759-Magda 4
Germany Borkenkaefer DA05F6E9 DE 2280-Harry
Germany Borkenkaefer DA1EEC65 DE 2281-Hli
Germany Borkenkaefer DA1E1335 DE 2278-Liberta
Germany Borkenkaefer DA1E130D DE 2279-Benfica
Germany Brandmueller Georg DA1F434C DE 1310-Tina
Germany Brandmueller Georg DA1E0928 DE 1309-Laura
Germany Brandmueller Georg DA855F43 DE 1311-Lisa
Germany Brandmueller Georg DA1E1424 DE 1312-Tom
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DAE403FA DE 728-Brockamp 1
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DAB00069 DE 731-Brockamp 4
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DA05FA1E DE 730-Brockamp 3
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-A DAE0BED8 DE 729-Brockamp 2
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DAB18DE4 DE 733-Brockamp 6
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DAE3C9D8 DE 734-Brockamp 7
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-B DAE0BEFD DE 732-Brockamp 5
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DA1DBC3F DE 739-Brockamp 12
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DAB18875 DE 737-Brockamp 10
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DAE3C84B DE 736-Brockamp 9
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-C DAB16B0D DE 738-Brockamp 11
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-D DAE4069A DE 741-Brockamp 14
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-D DA05F74E DE 742-Brockamp 15
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-D DADDAC8A DE 743-Brockamp 16
Germany Brockamp Racing Team-D DAA6940D DE 740-Brockamp 13
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DAB19638 DE 1465-Andreas
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DA02A66D DE 1466-Manu
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DAB1858D DE 1468-Joshi
Germany Bruno Sattler-A DA1DBD6C DE 1467-Sarah
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DA1E0C9D DE 1472-Lennard
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DA1DBCFD DE 1469-Anka
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DA1E0A1C DE 1470-Crispiu
Germany Bruno Sattler-B DA1DBEDD DE 1471-Charlie
Germany Casselmann-Seitz (Sylt) DAE4A924 DE 1690-Sylt Elfriede
Germany Casselmann-Seitz (Sylt) DA1E16B9 DE 1691-Sylt Hanni
Germany Casselmann-Seitz (Sylt) DA1CE03A DE 1692-Sylt Leo
Germany Casselmann-Seitz (Sylt) DA1E16F3 DE 1689-Sylt Albert
Germany Christian Muehlenberg DA1DBD43 DE 2727-12766
Germany Christian Muehlenberg DA1F4658 DE 2728-12767
Germany Christian Muehlenberg DAE3C15F DE 2729-12768
Germany Christian Muehlenberg DA1E05D0 DE 2726-12765
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DA1E196A DE 1315-Margarite
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DA1DB5CC DE 1313-Lavendel
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DA1E0D84 DE 1314-Rose
Germany Claudia Schwarm-A DA1DB9E3 DE 1316-Enzian
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DA1DBB64 DE 1320-Lilie
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DA1EEAD2 DE 1317-Jasmin
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DAB1944E DE 1319-Edelweiss
Germany Claudia Schwarm-B DA1EE4A3 DE 1318-Orleander
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-A DA1E0945 DE 2088-Furli
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-A DA1DBFA3 DE 2089-Robbery
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-A DA1E0855 DE 2087-Monitz
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-A DA1E1508 DE 2086-Franz
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-B DA1DAA2E DE 2090-Jonte
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-B DA05F9A9 DE 2091-Mira
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-B DA1E1814 DE 2092-Katta
Germany Cristian Furlmeier-B DA1E180A DE 2093-Boct
Germany Damir Bradaric DADDD81C DE 2706-Dami 839
Germany Damir Bradaric DA1DB90D DE 2709-Dami 837
Germany Damir Bradaric DA1DB4B5 DE 2708-Dami 849
Germany Damir Bradaric DA1EEA4F DE 2707-Dami 827
Germany Daniels-Fell-Vieten DADDEF85 DE 2338-Embolo 330
Germany Daniels-Fell-Vieten DAE0F9AA DE 2339-Stindl 334
Germany Daniels-Fell-Vieten DAB0C966 DE 2341-Sommer 336
Germany Daniels-Fell-Vieten DAE3C453 DE 2340-Thuram 340
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Thun, Walter DA1E0A06 DE 1477-Sylt Walter 4
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Thun, Walter DA1F4313 DE 1480-Sylt Thorsten 1
Germany Daum, Thorsten & Thun, Walter DAA45DFC DE 1479-Sylt Finn 1
Germany De Winter-A DAB038A2 DE 1349-Andrea
Germany De Winter-A DA1E062F DE 1351-Bujust
Germany De Winter-A DA1E192B DE 1352-Adelheid
Germany De Winter-A DA1DA9C0 DE 1350-Angela
Germany De Winter-B DA1E061D DE 1356-Berthold
Germany De Winter-B DA1DBC09 DE 1353-Brijit
Germany De Winter-B DA1DBECB DE 1354-Berta
Germany De Winter-B DAE3CA56 DE 1355-Bodo
Germany Die Anfaenger DA1E1432 DE 2510-Herdade de Gambia
Germany Die Anfaenger DA1E09E6 DE 2507-Ribeiro Santo
Germany Die Anfaenger DA1DB76D DE 2509-Quinta do Ataide
Germany Die Anfaenger DA1DC03B DE 2508-Quinta dos Murcas
Germany Die Chaoten DA1EF89B DE 2535-Lexy Roxx
Germany Die Chaoten DA84F9E6 DE 2536-Gucci
Germany Die Chaoten DA1DBCC8 DE 2537-Spongebob
Germany Die Chaoten DA1EE74C DE 2538-Blizzard
Germany Die Mindener-A DA0296DF DE 2683-HS 2
Germany Die Mindener-A DADDE39C DE 2684-HS 3
Germany Die Mindener-A DA02B4B4 DE 2682-HS 1
Germany Die Mindener-A DAB16F9D DE 2685-HS 4
Germany Die Mindener-B DAB53D48 DE 2689-HS 8
Germany Die Mindener-B DAE3C066 DE 2687-HS 6
Germany Die Mindener-B DAE0FA0C DE 2688-HS 7
Germany Die Mindener-B DA1DB72E DE 2686-HS 5
Germany Die Mindener-C DAE3C255 DE 2693-HS 12
Germany Die Mindener-C DAA927E0 DE 2690-HS 9
Germany Die Mindener-C DA1E0BB5 DE 2691-HS 10
Germany Die Mindener-C DAAAF1F0 DE 2692-HS 11
Germany Die Rattenfanger-A DA029729 DE 1452-Heinzi 1
Germany Die Rattenfanger-A DA1F43A0 DE 1451-Andrea
Germany Die Rattenfanger-A DA0293B3 DE 1449-Eusebio 222
Germany Die Rattenfanger-A DA1E1A29 DE 1450-Silva
Germany Die Rattenfanger-B DA91CCF0 DE 1454-Ritschi 2
Germany Die Rattenfanger-B DA1E0AA2 DE 1455-Udo
Germany Die Rattenfanger-B DAAFFD41 DE 1456-Heinzi 2
Germany Die Rattenfanger-B DA1E1843 DE 1453-Ritschi 1
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-A DAE332B2 DE 1773-Columbo
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-A DADDE54C DE 1770-Knight Rider
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-A DAE3C03D DE 1772-Testarossa
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-A DAE3CACA DE 1771-Herbie
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-B DAE3356A DE 1775-Witwe Bolte
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-B DA91DB4F DE 1774-Miss Marple
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-B DA1DB93F DE 1777-Maseim
Germany Die Rothtalbomber-B DAE403A3 DE 1776-Rambohen
Germany Die Sontheimer DA1E1807 DE 2117-Hugo
Germany Die Sontheimer DA1E17FF DE 2116-Karina
Germany Die Sontheimer DAA92863 DE 2115-Ralf
Germany Die Sontheimer DA1E1562 DE 2114-Hulk
Germany Die Verrueckten DA1E0CB0 DE 2342-Ceres
Germany Die Verrueckten DA91DC6E DE 2344-Jupiter
Germany Die Verrueckten DA1E0648 DE 2345-Juno
Germany Die Verrueckten DA1E13BD DE 2343-Bacchus
Germany Die Zwei-A DA02B12F DE 1841-Ares
Germany Die Zwei-A DA1980F4 DE 1840-Atena
Germany Die Zwei-A DA1DB4DF DE 1839-Hera
Germany Die Zwei-B DA1E13A3 DE 1845-Hefesto
Germany Die Zwei-B DA1E17A2 DE 1843-Apolo
Germany Die Zwei-B DA1E093F DE 1844-Artemis
Germany Die Zwei-B DA1E1213 DE 1842-Demeter
Germany Dieter Bartczak DA1E0F49 DE 2253-Roman 4
Germany Dieter Bartczak DA1E08BD DE 2252-Roman 3
Germany Dieter Bartczak DA1EEC06 DE 2251-Roman 2
Germany Dieter Bartczak DA1DBF03 DE 2250-Roman 1
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-A DA1EEB31 DE 761-Swiss Army
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-A DA1DBF47 DE 763-Yves Saint Laurent
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-A DA1E18EB DE 762-Tiffany& Co
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-A DA1E12D5 DE 760-Stella McCartney
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-B DA1EE79E DE 767-Lancome
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-B DA1E107F DE 766-Clarins
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-B DA1CE07D DE 765-Clinique
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-C DA1EE4AE DE 768-Talent 1334
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-C DAE40D94 DE 770-Talent 1409
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-C DA1E131A DE 771-Talent 1414
Germany Dieter Siebert + Chen Yue-C DA1DB703 DE 769-Talent 1399
Germany Dietmar Kaiser DAE0220D DE 2570-Schimanski
Germany Dietmar Kaiser DA05FA93 DE 2568-Max
Germany Dietmar Kaiser DA1EE454 DE 2567-Tiger
Germany Dietmar Kaiser DADDAC6E DE 2569-Kalli
Germany Dietz Josef+Michael DA1E0BB1 DE 774-Granada
Germany Dietz Josef+Michael DA1E1322 DE 772-Diamante
Germany Dietz Josef+Michael DA1EE52B DE 773-Esmeralda
Germany Dietz Josef+Michael DA1E1009 DE 775-Malaquita
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DA1E136D DE 1544-Finn 7
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DA198035 DE 1543-Romi 7
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DA1DBDA6 DE 1541-Jana 5
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-A DA91CD99 DE 1542-Melli 7
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DA1E0A47 DE 1546-Leonora 4
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DA1DACEA DE 1547-Nicole 3
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DA1E0CE1 DE 1545-Charleen 6
Germany Dobrowsky, Volker-B DA1E0BD0 DE 1548-Timo 1
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-A DAE0FE66 DE 1906-Targatz 1
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-A DAB53A79 DE 1908-Targatz 3
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-A DA1E05BF DE 1909-Targatz 4
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-A DAE40B27 DE 1907-Targatz 2
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-B DAE3C02B DE 1910-Targatz 5
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-B DAE3C017 DE 1911-Targatz 6
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-B DA91DB56 DE 1912-Targatz 7
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-B DAE3C951 DE 1913-Targatz 8
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-C DAE4AAE3 DE 1917-Targatz 12
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-C DAB19389 DE 1916-Targatz 11
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-C DAE3CAAE DE 1915-Targatz 10
Germany Dr. Angela Targatz-C DA05F163 DE 1914-Targatz 9
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-A DAE3C88D DE 2020-Tober 1265
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-A DA0297EF DE 2018-Tober 1271
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-A DAE3CA8D DE 2021-Tober 1289
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-A DAE3CB3A DE 2019-Tober 1311
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-B DA1E132C DE 2023-Tober 1261
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-B DAE3C303 DE 2024-Tober 1301
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-B DAB5382E DE 2025-Tober 1303
Germany Dr. Mildner-Riemekasten-B DAE334B5 DE 2022-Tober 1287
Germany Edgar Peter DAE0FB34 DE 1324-Eddi 816
Germany Edgar Peter DA1F42F2 DE 1321-Eddi 801
Germany Edgar Peter DA1E0CEA DE 1323-Eddi 810
Germany Edgar Peter DA1DBA85 DE 1322-Eddi 808
Germany Eduard Hoelscher DA1DBF49 DE 2046-Bora Bora
Germany Eduard Hoelscher DA1F4508 DE 2047-Quifutaki
Germany Eduard Hoelscher DA1EF683 DE 2048-Woga Woga
Germany Eduard Hoelscher DA1DC005 DE 2049-Pik
Germany Eichhoernchen-A DA1E195F DE 2403-Klaus
Germany Eichhoernchen-A DA1E061C DE 2404-Nina
Germany Eichhoernchen-A DA1DBF0D DE 2406-Detlef
Germany Eichhoernchen-B DA1DBC06 DE 2410-Dana
Germany Eichhoernchen-B DA1DBF19 DE 2408-Manfred
Germany Eichhoernchen-B DA1E07A9 DE 2409-Frank
Germany Eichhoernchen-C DAB19CC1 DE 2414-Helga
Germany Eichhoernchen-C DA1F448D DE 2412-Achim
Germany Eichhoernchen-C DA1E110E DE 2411-Norbert
Germany Eichhoernchen-C DA1EF8C8 DE 2413-Bernardette
Germany Elite Team 2018-A DA1E16CE DE 2120-Elite 675
Germany Elite Team 2018-A DAA45CD6 DE 2121-Elite 674
Germany Elite Team 2018-A DA1DC13A DE 2118-Elite 684
Germany Elite Team 2018-A DA1DBD30 DE 2119-Elite 683
Germany Elite Team 2018-B DA1EF84F DE 2123-Elite 148
Germany Elite Team 2018-B DA1F456E DE 2122-Elite 173
Germany Elite Team 2018-B DA1F42B4 DE 2124-Elite 146
Germany Elite Team 2018-B DA1E0F8B DE 2125-Elite 165
Germany Elite Team 2018-C DA1E06C9 DE 2126-Elite 159
Germany Elite Team 2018-C DA1DB1E5 DE 2128-Elite 150
Germany Elite Team 2018-C DA1DBC55 DE 2129-Elite 204
Germany Elite Team 2018-D DA1DB85B DE 2130-Big Boss
Germany Elite Team 2018-D DA1E0796 DE 2132-Spartacus
Germany Elite Team 2018-D DA1E10D2 DE 2133-Steffi
Germany Elite Team 2018-D DA1EE70F DE 2131-Hercules
Germany Emslandpower DA1DBF29 DE 2749-Flash
Germany Emslandpower DAB189CF DE 2747-Power 2
Germany Emslandpower DA1E156C DE 2748-Power 3
Germany Emslandpower DA1DBBA3 DE 2746-Power 1
Germany Ernst & Ellen Radke DA1EEE61 DE 1521-Verbena
Germany Ernst & Ellen Radke DA1EF6DD DE 1522-Camelia
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller DA91E608 DE 777-Mueller 2
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller DAE4A917 DE 779-Mueller 4
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller DA05FD97 DE 778-Mueller 3
Germany Ernst + Rosemarie Mueller DA1EED72 DE 776-Mueller 1
Germany Erwin Hubold-A DA1E1230 DE 1831-Hubi 2
Germany Erwin Hubold-A DA1F45A2 DE 1833-Hubi 4
Germany Erwin Hubold-A DA1E141C DE 1832-Hubi 3
Germany Erwin Hubold-A DA1E131B DE 1830-Hubi 1
Germany Erwin Hubold-B DA91DACB DE 1837-Hubi 8
Germany Erwin Hubold-B DA1E15B2 DE 1836-Hubi 7
Germany Erwin Hubold-B DA1EF336 DE 1835-Hubi 6
Germany Erwin Hubold-B DA1DB9E2 DE 1834-Hubi 5
Germany Familie Gebhart DA1EEAB8 DE 1398-Naruto
Germany Familie Gebhart DA1DB69F DE 1397-Kakashi
Germany Familie Gebhart DA05F8A3 DE 1399-Sakura
Germany Familie Gebhart DA1E0C26 DE 1400-Sasuke
Germany Familie Schniederjan DA91DC0B DE 1530-Schuerzenjaeger 219
Germany Familie Schniederjan DAE4A9B8 DE 1531-Manu 448
Germany Familie Schniederjan DADDD89E DE 1532-Schuerzenjaeger 457
Germany Familie Schniederjan DADDE2DA DE 1529-Schuerze 216
Germany Fenten, Heinz & Ute DAB001D3 DE 868-Sylt Nadine
Germany Fenten, Heinz & Ute DA1E0CCA DE 867-Sylt Silvia
Germany Fenten, Heinz & Ute DA1EF83E DE 866-Sylt Heinz
Germany Fenten, Heinz & Ute DA1E08A2 DE 865-Sylt Ute
Germany Feuriger Fluegel Krosigk DA1DBDC7 DE 1327-Kincella
Germany Feuriger Fluegel Krosigk DAB53800 DE 1326-Killarney
Germany Feuriger Fluegel Krosigk DA856D8A DE 1325-Drovers Run
Germany Feuriger Fluegel Krosigk DA1CE0F7 DE 1328-Wilgur
Germany Focke-A DAE0FCCF DE 1823-Franz
Germany Focke-A DADDEF5C DE 1824-Kleine
Germany Focke-A DA05F886 DE 1825-Mattes
Germany Focke-A DAE0FA76 DE 1822-Hartmut
Germany Focke-B DAB53A6E DE 1826-Andy
Germany Focke-B DA91DA06 DE 1829-Willi
Germany Focke-B DAA92804 DE 1827-Linde
Germany Focke-B DAE335CD DE 1828-Martin
Germany Frank Josef DAE3C517 DE 2335-Marlene
Germany Frank Josef DA05F17C DE 2337-Hersi
Germany Frank Josef DAB532F1 DE 2334-Jogi
Germany Frankomarino-A DA1EE648 DE 798-Milan
Germany Frankomarino-A DA1F4403 DE 797-Madrid
Germany Frankomarino-A DA1EE4A1 DE 799-Torino
Germany Frankomarino-A DA1E131F DE 796-Valencia
Germany Frankomarino-B DA02AE20 DE 800-Sevilla
Germany Frankomarino-B DA1E148C DE 801-Roma
Germany Frankomarino-B DA1E0DE7 DE 802-Barca
Germany Franz Kleinhans DA1DBB8E DE 804-Amazona
Germany Franz Kleinhans DA1E1811 DE 806-Mississipi
Germany Franz Kleinhans DA1DBE27 DE 807-Danubio
Germany Franz Kleinhans DA05F8F7 DE 805-Parana
Germany Franziska Stieneker & Tim Bruech DA198147 DE 1922-Jaro
Germany Franziska Stieneker & Tim Bruech DA1F45D7 DE 1924-Pumickl
Germany Franziska Stieneker & Tim Bruech DA1DBD88 DE 1925-Kaida
Germany Franziska Stieneker & Tim Bruech DA1E0B31 DE 1923-Gry
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DA1E0918 DE 899-Thomas 527
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DA1E0A05 DE 897-Thomas 523
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-A DA1DBF0E DE 898-Thomas 525
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DA1E05D6 DE 900-Thomas 522
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DA1DC020 DE 902-Thomas 526
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DA1E0D13 DE 901-Thomas 524
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-B DA1DAB01 DE 903-Thomas 6
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DA1E06B7 DE 905-Herbert 16
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DA1EE527 DE 906-Herbert 28
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DA1DB998 DE 907-Herbert 29
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-C DAA951A1 DE 904-Herbert 10
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DA1DB29A DE 910-Herbert 21
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DA1E111F DE 909-Herbert 15
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DA1EE34F DE 911-Herbert 27
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-D DA84FA80 DE 908-Herbert 13
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DA197D30 DE 914-Karlheinz 404
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DA1EF57D DE 915-Karlheinz 411
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DA1E072B DE 912-Karlheinz 417
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-E DA1EE671 DE 913-Karlheinz 423
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DA1E1A81 DE 919-Karlheinz 405
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DA1EEE22 DE 916-Karlheinz 415
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DA1EE32F DE 917-Karlheinz 410
Germany Geiger+Kornelius+Schute-F DA1DBBA2 DE 918-Karlheinz 413
Germany German Flying Devils DA1E107C DE 1494-Lilly 844
Germany German Flying Devils DA1EF667 DE 1493-Joerdis 732
Germany German Flying Devils DA1E12C2 DE 1496-Till 877
Germany German Flying Devils DA1E0AD1 DE 1495-Tjark 751
Germany Gerrits, DAB0C871 DE 975-Sylt Harry 1
Germany Gerrits, DAE10007 DE 976-Sylt Harry 2
Germany Gerrits, DAB187C2 DE 973-Sylt Volker 1
Germany Gerrits, DAE33401 DE 974-Sylt Volker 2
Germany Gerrits, DA1E16F7 DE 978-Sylt Harry 4
Germany Gerrits, DAE1009E DE 977-Sylt Harry 3
Germany Gerrits, DADD5FF3 DE 980-Sylt Harry 6
Germany Gerrits, DADDED82 DE 979-Sylt Harry 5
Germany Groene-Dobermann DA1F42CC DE 1516-Sylt Wonder 4
Germany Groene-Dobermann DA1EE2BE DE 1513-Sylt Wonder 1
Germany Groene-Dobermann DA1DC087 DE 1515-Sylt Wonder 3
Germany Guenter Goetz-A DAE33483 DE 826-GG 338
Germany Guenter Goetz-A DA1DC0D1 DE 824-GG 226
Germany Guenter Goetz-A DAE3C84C DE 827-GG 358
Germany Guenter Goetz-A DAE40D18 DE 825-GG 223
Germany Guenter Goetz-B DAE08F23 DE 830-GG 399
Germany Guenter Goetz-B DADDDEDD DE 831-GG 454
Germany Guenter Goetz-B DAE3C50F DE 829-GG 201
Germany Guenter Goetz-B DAE3C0A2 DE 828-GG 432
Germany Guenter Winkler DA1DBF44 DE 2602-GW 4
Germany Guenter Winkler DA1EF3FB DE 2601-GW 78
Germany Guenter Winkler DAB53295 DE 2600-GW 71
Germany Guenter Winkler DA1F42DA DE 2599-GW 53
Germany Guenther Gartner-A DAB00259 DE 834-Crissi
Germany Guenther Gartner-A DA84F9FB DE 835-Grunni
Germany Guenther Gartner-A DA1DB4CE DE 832-Vonni
Germany Guenther Gartner-A DA1DBEA8 DE 833-Benni
Germany Guenther Gartner-B DA1DAB36 DE 836-Vonni 2
Germany Guenther Gartner-B DA1E0756 DE 838-Grunni 2
Germany Guenther Gartner-B DA1E174C DE 837-Benni 2
Germany Guenther Gartner-B DA1EEC85 DE 839-Crissi2
Germany Guenther Gartner-C DA0296C5 DE 840-Vonni 3
Germany Guenther Gartner-C DADDE687 DE 841-Benni 3
Germany Guenther Gartner-C DA028E53 DE 843-Grunni 3
Germany Guenther Gartner-C DA1E0744 DE 842-Crissi 3
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-A DA1E0828 DE 1392-Pattaya 4
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-A DAB18AC5 DE 1390-Pattaya 2
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-A DA1EF450 DE 1389-Pattaya 1
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-A DA1DBFBD DE 1391-Pattaya 3
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-B DA1DAA1F DE 1393-Pattaya 5
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-B DA1EE4E0 DE 1396-Pattaya 8
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-B DA1E0EC7 DE 1394-Pattaya 6
Germany Haggenmueller H+S-B DA02C638 DE 1395-Pattaya 7
Germany Hallmann-Heun-A DA1DB7A8 DE 999-Sylt Oskar
Germany Hallmann-Heun-A DA1E0AF3 DE 1000-Sylt Paddy
Germany Hallmann-Heun-A DA856C57 DE 998-Sylt Lasso
Germany Hallmann-Heun-A DAE40BDA DE 997-Sylt Tikus
Germany Hallmann-Heun-B DA1E09EF DE 1002-Sylt Breel
Germany Hallmann-Heun-B DA1E08CC DE 1004-Sylt Ibo
Germany Hallmann-Heun-B DA1980DE DE 1001-Sylt Ramy
Germany Hallmann-Heun-B DA1E06D3 DE 1003-Sylt Stevie
Germany Halunder Moats DAE3C8D3 DE 2200-You never walk alone
Germany Halunder Moats DAB19BF8 DE 2201-Easy like Sunday Morning
Germany Halunder Moats DADDE854 DE 2198-Yabba Dabba Doo
Germany Halunder Moats DAE3C79F DE 2199-Anotherbites the Dust
Germany Hans Paul Esser-A DAE3C817 DE 785-Esser 2
Germany Hans Paul Esser-A DA05FDBF DE 786-Esser 3
Germany Hans Paul Esser-A DAE3C032 DE 787-Esser 4
Germany Hans Paul Esser-B DA1F449B DE 789-Esser 6
Germany Hans Paul Esser-B DA028EB3 DE 790-Esser 7
Germany Hans Paul Esser-B DAE0FC5E DE 788-Esser 5
Germany Hans Paul Esser-B DA028CE2 DE 791-Esser 8
Germany Hans Paul Esser-C DAE3C277 DE 795-Esser 12
Germany Hans Paul Esser-C DA1E13EA DE 793-Esser 10
Germany Hans Paul Esser-C DAB18BA8 DE 792-Esser 9
Germany Hans Paul Esser-C DAE32B23 DE 794-Esser 11
Germany Hans Rutsch DA05FC2F DE 845-Lukas
Germany Hans Rutsch DA029881 DE 846-Simon
Germany Hans Rutsch DA1E0D04 DE 848-Hansi
Germany Harald Below-A DA05F173 DE 851-Three Double Four
Germany Harald Below-A DA1E174D DE 852-Thre Fourty Five
Germany Harald Below-A DA05FB8A DE 850-Three Fourtyone
Germany Harald Below-A DA1DBA75 DE 849-Three Fourty
Germany Harald Below-B DA05FCED DE 856-Three Seventy
Germany Harald Below-B DA1E10D3 DE 855-Three Sixty
Germany Harald Below-B DA05F5F8 DE 853-Three Fourtyseven
Germany Harald Below-B DA1EF71B DE 854-Three Fourtynine
Germany Harald Below-C DAE33369 DE 857-Three Ninety
Germany Harald Below-C DADDD942 DE 859-Three Ninetyfour
Germany Harald Below-C DA8566FF DE 860-Three Ninetynine
Germany Harald Below-C DA05FC3D DE 858-Three Ninetytwo
Germany Hartmut Buse DA1E07DF DE 1780-Benno
Germany Hartmut Buse DA1EEB33 DE 1781-Ben
Germany Hartmut Buse DA1DC096 DE 1779-Barny
Germany Hartmut Buse DA1EF79C DE 1778-Bella
Germany Hecher H+L-A DA1E0A62 DE 2101-Mr. Perfect
Germany Hecher H+L-A DAB5339A DE 2100-Supergirl
Germany Hecher H+L-A DA1DBE94 DE 2099-Blue Dreamgirl
Germany Hecher H+L-A DA1DBE40 DE 2098-Albert
Germany Hecher H+L-B DAE0FE8D DE 2103-Blame
Germany Hecher H+L-B DA1EEDA1 DE 2104-Ostwind
Germany Hecher H+L-B DA1E0D33 DE 2105-Little Pokerface
Germany Hecher H+L-B DA1F4567 DE 2102-Nilson
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-A DA1E14C0 DE 1281-August
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-A DA1E05F4 DE 1284-Claus
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-A DA1EEB66 DE 1283-Leo
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-A DA1DBC1F DE 1282-Lucky
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-B DA90FC71 DE 1286-Jupp
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-B DAB19698 DE 1288-Frank
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-B DA1EF7AF DE 1285-Franz
Germany Heinloth & Birtalau-B DA05F5CF DE 1287-Sepp
Germany Heinz Axer DA1E143C DE 861-Blue Safir
Germany Heinz Axer DA1E11FD DE 862-Citrin
Germany Heinz Axer DA1DBB76 DE 864-Rubin
Germany Heinz Axer DA91E5C7 DE 863-Granat
Germany Heister Erich DA1DBC92 DE 2235-Gas Monkey
Germany Heister Erich DADDE61C DE 2236-Time Bandit
Germany Heister Erich DA1E0B73 DE 2237-Schicki Micki
Germany Heister Erich DA1DBBB6 DE 2234-Littlez Wonder
Germany Held, Werner & Michaela DA05FB76 DE 1705-Sylt Loewe
Germany Held, Werner & Michaela DA1E17C2 DE 1706-Sylt Tiger
Germany Held, Werner & Michaela DA1DBDC4 DE 1707-Sylt Luchs
Germany Helmut Obens DAE4083F DE 2754-Helmut 61
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DA1E0DD5 DE 2074-Saphir 1
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DA1E1448 DE 2076-Smaragd 1
Germany Helmut Schulz-A DA1E19E7 DE 2077-Smaragd 2
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DA1DBAF4 DE 2078-Opal 1
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DA1DBA0A DE 2079-Opal 2
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DA1EE674 DE 2081-Rabin 2
Germany Helmut Schulz-B DAB19EF9 DE 2080-Rabin 1
Germany Helmut Schulz-C DA1CDC61 DE 2082-Aquamarin
Germany Helmut Schulz-C DA1E1A93 DE 2084-Topas
Germany Helmut Schulz-C DA855E5E DE 2083-Brilli
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-A DAE0FC9C DE 2698-Hendrick 484
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-A DAB19CB1 DE 2699-Hendrick 479
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-A DADDD907 DE 2700-Sandra 467
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-A DA91CEEC DE 2701-Sandra 468
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-B DAE3C0FA DE 2703-Mara 469
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-B DA05F91F DE 2704-Elli 475
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-B DAE3C0B3 DE 2702-Mara 474
Germany Hendrik Wilpers-B DADDEB1B DE 2705-Elli 456
Germany Herbert Bresser DAB19495 DE 872-Bresser 4
Germany Herbert Bresser DA1EEC24 DE 869-Bresser 1
Germany Herbert Bresser DA1E18B3 DE 871-Bresser 3
Germany Herbert Bresser DA1DBB60 DE 870-Bresser 2
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DA05FB3F DE 2292-Mary
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DAB541C6 DE 2293-Elli
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DAA93286 DE 2290-Boris
Germany Herbert Schlaermann DAE40579 DE 2291-Freddy
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DA91E413 DE 1337-HG 1
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DA1E15F7 DE 1338-HG 2
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DA1EF941 DE 1340-HG 4
Germany Heribert Gertkaemper DA1DBE85 DE 1339-HG 3
Germany Hermann Niesing-A DAAFFF7B DE 876-Epe 8
Germany Hermann Niesing-A DA029759 DE 873-Jens 8
Germany Hermann Niesing-A DAE3C3DE DE 875-Dinkelbote 8
Germany Hermann Niesing-A DAE40BA6 DE 874-Leo 8
Germany Hermann Niesing-B DA028C93 DE 877-Uli 2
Germany Hermann Niesing-B DA05ED3D DE 878-Bine 2
Germany Hermann Niesing-B DA0293B7 DE 880-Epe 2
Germany Hermann Niesing-B DAE3C0EF DE 879-Steffi 2
Germany Himmelsstuimer DADDDD0B DE 1359-864
Germany Himmelsstuimer DA8515C1 DE 1358-422
Germany Himmelsstuimer DAB53DB2 DE 1357-892
Germany Himmelsstuimer DA856F88 DE 1360-870
Germany Hmvo1234 DA1EE598 DE 2372-New 115
Germany Hmvo1234 DA1EEAE5 DE 2370-Lolita
Germany Hmvo1234 DA05F6D8 DE 2371-Edek
Germany Hoefi DAE404B1 DE 2631-Konrad
Germany Hoefi DA856834 DE 2630-Andreas
Germany Hoefi DA05F635 DE 2632-Karin
Germany Hoefi DA02B02F DE 2633-Gerhard
Germany Hofmann Karl-A DA1DB5BF DE 2314-1030
Germany Hofmann Karl-A DA1EEDD8 DE 2315-1041
Germany Hofmann Karl-A DA1E1261 DE 2317-1059
Germany Hofmann Karl-B DA1EF94B DE 2321-1048
Germany Hofmann Karl-B DA1E11F8 DE 2320-1042
Germany Hofmann Karl-B DA1DC057 DE 2318-1040
Germany House of Stark DA1E0978 DE 936-Win for my Spirit
Germany House of Stark DA1DBDA9 DE 939-Rebell
Germany House of Stark DAE3BFDE DE 937-Blackforest
Germany House of Stark DA1EEF16 DE 938-Blackforest Best
Germany House of Stark-Bucher DAE3C3A0 DE 940-Wind of Change
Germany House of Stark-Bucher DAB0257C DE 941-Spirit
Germany House of Stark-Bucher DAE40786 DE 943-Black Forest Girl
Germany House of Stark-Bucher DADDAB98 DE 942-Jackpot
Germany Hubert Borker-A DAE40E30 DE 2255-Borker 2
Germany Hubert Borker-A DA05FE3B DE 2254-Borker 1
Germany Hubert Borker-B DA1E142C DE 2261-Borker 8
Germany Hubert Borker-B DAE3C673 DE 2260-Borker 7
Germany Hubert Borker-B DA855ECB DE 2259-Borker 6
Germany Hubert Borker-B DA1DBCAA DE 2258-Borker 5
Germany Hubert Borker-C DA1E1928 DE 2263-Borker 10
Germany Hubert Borker-C DAE0FBFA DE 2262-Borker 9
Germany Hubert Borker-C DADDE81D DE 2264-Borker 11
Germany Hubert Borker-C DAB02118 DE 2265-Borker 12
Germany Hubert Borker-D DA1E0E4B DE 2269-Borker 16
Germany Hubert Borker-D DAE0FDCF DE 2268-Borker 15
Germany Hubert Borker-D DAE0F96A DE 2267-Borker 14
Germany Hubert Borker-D DA1F4331 DE 2266-Borker 13
Germany Hubert Borker-E DA05FAF8 DE 2271-Borker 18
Germany Hubert Borker-E DA05EFFC DE 2270-Borker 17
Germany Hubert Borker-E DA02AED2 DE 2272-Borker 19
Germany Huetten Zauber DA1E1A79 DE 2513-Dona Ermelinda
Germany Huetten Zauber DA1DBA24 DE 2511-Papa Figos
Germany Huetten Zauber DA1E0FD6 DE 2512-Trinca Bolotas
Germany Huetten Zauber DAA45C59 DE 2514-Herdade do Peso
Germany Ingrid & Margret Kugler DA85172F DE 1410-Lisa
Germany Ingrid & Margret Kugler DAE3C4BA DE 1411-Flo
Germany Ingrid & Margret Kugler DA1CE138 DE 1412-Little Jo
Germany Ingrid & Margret Kugler DA1DBCA5 DE 1409-Shila
Germany Jaeger/Hoffmann DA1EED99 DE 1608-J&H 4
Germany Jaeger/Hoffmann DAE40486 DE 1605-J&H 1
Germany Jaeger/Hoffmann DAE4A9A8 DE 1606-J&H 2
Germany Jaeger/Hoffmann DA91DCA8 DE 1607-J&H 3
Germany Jan + Hannes + Hans-Peter DA1E0956 DE 1037-Hanni
Germany Jan + Hannes + Hans-Peter DAE0FB5D DE 1040-Britta
Germany Jan + Hannes + Hans-Peter DAE3C11D DE 1039-HP
Germany Jan + Hannes + Hans-Peter DA1DBF43 DE 1038-Janina
Germany Jens Aedtner (Sylt) DA1DBA69 DE 2196-Sylt Aedtner 4
Germany Jens Aedtner (Sylt) DA1E13E0 DE 2195-Sylt Aedtner 6
Germany Jens Aedtner (Sylt) DA1DAA63 DE 2194-Sylt Aedtner 2
Germany Jens Aedtner (Sylt) DA1EF870 DE 2197-Sylt Aedtner 5
Germany Jim Team DAA45E8A DE 2734-Rieger As 1
Germany Jim Team DA1EF967 DE 2735-Rieger As 2
Germany Jim Team DAA9334A DE 2736-Rieger As 3
Germany Jim Team DA1E0F6B DE 2737-Rieger As 4
Germany Joachim Scholz DADDE6EF DE 2652-Jon Snow
Germany Joachim Scholz DAE33309 DE 2651-Supergirl
Germany Joachim Scholz DADDD87E DE 2653-Little Roberta
Germany Joachim Scholz DA05F9B1 DE 2650-Golden Garve
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-A DAAFFFE6 DE 2050-Sirius 1450
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-A DAE3C89A DE 2053-Sirius 142
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-A DAB53705 DE 2051-Sirius 105
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-A DAE0FB73 DE 2052-Sirius 1405
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-B DAE0FCA7 DE 2055-Sirius 1395
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-B DAB16C78 DE 2056-Sirius 1430
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-B DA1DBF9B DE 2054-Sirius 169
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-B DAE40A18 DE 2057-Sirius 171
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-C DA85689C DE 2058-Sirius 1420
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-C DAE0BF87 DE 2059-Sirius 110
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-C DAA45E83 DE 2060-Sirius 1404
Germany Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen-C DADDDE25 DE 2061-Sirius 152
Germany Joerg Unglaube DA1EE318 DE 1264-Time Bandil 4
Germany Joerg Unglaube DA05F605 DE 1261-Time Bandil 1
Germany Joerg Unglaube DAB532E6 DE 1262-Time Bandil 2
Germany Joerg Unglaube DA1E1751 DE 1263-Time Bandil 3
Germany Johannes Bussmann (Sylt) DA1DBC48 DE 1903-Sylt Gaby
Germany Johannes Bussmann (Sylt) DA1DBE2E DE 1904-Sylt Stefan
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DA1E0845 DE 1579-Anna
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DA1E137D DE 1580-Maya
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DA1CE0E6 DE 1577-Martina
Germany Johannes Rimmele-A DA1DBE7A DE 1578-Ema
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DA1DB9A4 DE 1581-Markus
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DA1EE95D DE 1582-Bendix
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DAB53767 DE 1584-Volker
Germany Johannes Rimmele-B DA1E0801 DE 1583-Bernd
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DA1DBC85 DE 1585-Johannes
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DA1982EE DE 1586-Jieglinde
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DA1EE9E6 DE 1587-Antonio
Germany Johannes Rimmele-C DA1E10EE DE 1588-Hilde
Germany Josef Kussen DA856E20 DE 883-Josef 618
Germany Josef Kussen DADDEE04 DE 881-Josef 632
Germany Josef Kussen DA02976C DE 882-Josef 634
Germany Josef Kussen DAE4A91F DE 884-Josef 627
Germany Juergen Huelsebusch DAE3C631 DE 2635-Iceman
Germany Juergen Huelsebusch DA90FE72 DE 2637-Voltage
Germany Juergen Huelsebusch DA02CA34 DE 2634-The Wizard
Germany Juergen Huelsebusch DAE3CB53 DE 2636-Snakebite
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-A DA1E112E DE 885-Sylt Juergen 1
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-A DA1DB3C4 DE 888-Sylt Juergen 4
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-A DA1E184F DE 887-Sylt Juergen 3
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-A DAA695B3 DE 886-Sylt Juergen 2
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-B DAB19F1A DE 891-Sylt Juergen 7
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-B DA1E189E DE 889-Sylt Juergen 5
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-B DA1E05D2 DE 890-Sylt Juergen 6
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-B DA1E1075 DE 892-Sylt Juergen 8
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-C DA0297DC DE 895-Sylt Juergen 11
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-C DADDE746 DE 896-Sylt Juergen 12
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-C DAE40C98 DE 894-Sylt Juergen 10
Germany Juergen Stefaniszyn-C DAE0FD22 DE 893-Sylt Juergen 9
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DADDEE23 DE 922-Dreamer
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DA0294A6 DE 923-Sweet Dreams
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DADDD583 DE 920-Charly Brown
Germany Karl-Heinz + Timo Wagner DAE0FCB1 DE 921-Rocket
Germany Karl-Heinz Goldammer DA1F4552 DE 1473-Lars
Germany Karl-Heinz Goldammer DA1E0D3E DE 1476-Heinz
Germany Karl-Heinz Goldammer DA1EF88F DE 1474-Joerg
Germany Karl-Heinz Goldammer DA1E0850 DE 1475-K-H
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DA84FD99 DE 1145-Nicole 1
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DA1E15B1 DE 1146-Karl-Heinz 1
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DA1E07B1 DE 1147-Morita 1
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-A DA1DB473 DE 1148-Sonjay 1
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-B DA1E10DB DE 1149-Nicole
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-B DA1E0F63 DE 1152-Sonjay
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-B DA1EF7FE DE 1151-Morita
Germany Karl-Heinz Koch-B DA05FE28 DE 1150-Karl-Heinz
Germany KitSune Loft-A DAB16806 DE 2063-Roadof Resistance
Germany KitSune Loft-A DA1E0835 DE 2064-Megitsune
Germany KitSune Loft-A DA1E0650 DE 2065-Shadow Dancer
Germany KitSune Loft-A DA02B137 DE 2062-Fei Kuai
Germany KitSune Loft-B DA1DBB44 DE 2066-At the Crack of Daun
Germany KitSune Loft-B DA1E15E8 DE 2068-For the Jade Spirit
Germany KitSune Loft-B DA198326 DE 2069-Lugia’s Spirit
Germany KitSune Loft-B DA1DC119 DE 2067-To the Star Mountains
Germany KitSune Loft-C DA1E164A DE 2070-Like Jadeite Coldbage 2
Germany KitSune Loft-C DA1DBC20 DE 2073-Diamond in the Sky
Germany KitSune Loft-C DA1DBAFE DE 2071-Feichang Kuai
Germany KitSune Loft-C DA1DBACA DE 2072-Ijaime Dame Zettai
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-A DA1DBF3E DE 924-Sado
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-A DA1E185E DE 925-Cacela Velha
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-A DA1E0E21 DE 927-Cartaxo
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-A DA1DC0CC DE 926-São Bento
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-B DA1E0CA4 DE 928-Rossio
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-B DA1CE13F DE 930-Alcaide
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-B DA1E102B DE 929-Alcaria
Germany Klaus Klotzbuecher-B DA1E0687 DE 931-Videmonte
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DA1DBBCE DE 1095-Braga
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DAE3C83F DE 1093-Olhao
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DA1EF6DE DE 1094-Lagos
Germany Klaus Stieneker-A DA1E0862 DE 1096-Sines
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DA850095 DE 1100-Guia
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DA1EF44A DE 1097-Altura
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DA1E06B0 DE 1098-Bordeira
Germany Klaus Stieneker-B DA1DBA4A DE 1099-Algoz
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DA1F45CA DE 1104-Sagres
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DA1E10FE DE 1103-Castelo Verde
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DA1E179B DE 1102-Faro
Germany Klaus Stieneker-C DA1E0873 DE 1101-Albufeira
Germany Klaus Stieneker-D DA1E15AD DE 1105-Lisboa
Germany Klaus Stieneker-D DA1DBB13 DE 1107-Gondomar
Germany Klaus Stieneker-D DA02939D DE 1106-Portimao
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DADDE815 DE 1111-Monte Gordo
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DA1E0E63 DE 1109-Braganca
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DA028E9E DE 1110-Setubal
Germany Klaus Stieneker-E DADD60F5 DE 1112-Almodovar
Germany Klaus Stieneker-F DA84FBE6 DE 1113-Tavira
Germany Klaus Stieneker-F DAE3C41F DE 1114-Castelo Branco
Germany Klaus Stieneker-F DA028E3F DE 1115-Beja
Germany Klaus Stieneker-F DADDEF58 DE 1116-Azinhal
Germany Klaus Stieneker-G DAB536AC DE 1117-Portalegre
Germany Klaus Stieneker-G DA1E0E82 DE 1118-Lagoa
Germany Klaus Stieneker-G DAA45CF6 DE 1120-Mertola
Germany Klaus Stieneker-G DADDDB10 DE 1119-Silves
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-A DA1E0BBD DE 1376-KW 4
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-A DA1EF886 DE 1375-KW 3
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-A DA1E08E7 DE 1373-KW 1
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-A DA1F4532 DE 1374-KW 2
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-B DA1DBFB4 DE 1379-KW 7
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-B DA1E11B0 DE 1378-KW 6
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-B DA1DAD67 DE 1380-KW 8
Germany Klaus Wuestefeld-B DA1DAA2D DE 1377-KW 5
Germany Klemens/King-A DA1E1021 DE 2203-Jesse
Germany Klemens/King-A DA1E0579 DE 2202-Teresa
Germany Klemens/King-A DA198094 DE 2205-Heather
Germany Klemens/King-A DA1DBE52 DE 2204-Armin
Germany Klemens/King-B DA857128 DE 2209-Fabienne
Germany Klemens/King-B DA1EF698 DE 2206-Melissa
Germany Klemens/King-B DA1E0ED0 DE 2207-Percy
Germany Kloos Dieter DA1DBE4C DE 2575-Beisser
Germany Kloos Dieter DAE3C224 DE 2578-Markus
Germany Kloos Dieter DA1E10F2 DE 2577-Tiger
Germany Kloos Dieter DA1E1689 DE 2576-Rambo
Germany Koffler & Kossow-A DAE40D21 DE 1428-Tabasco
Germany Koffler & Kossow-A DA1DABA5 DE 1426-Kleiner Onkel
Germany Koffler & Kossow-A DA02C729 DE 1427-Zimtstein
Germany Koffler & Kossow-A DA1EF3C2 DE 1425-Nightstorm
Germany Koffler & Kossow-B DA856798 DE 1430-Ragnam
Germany Koffler & Kossow-B DADDD9CA DE 1431-Jvar
Germany Koffler & Kossow-B DA05EDB8 DE 1432-Sigard
Germany Koffler & Kossow-B DADDE2AA DE 1429-Bjoern Eisenseite
Germany Kohagen & Rautenberg DA1E11F4 DE 2113-Perle
Germany Kohagen & Rautenberg DA1E0605 DE 2111-Linda
Germany Kohagen & Rautenberg DA1E0F22 DE 2110-Artur
Germany Kohagen & Rautenberg DA1E0F37 DE 2112-Susi
Germany Kolossa-Einsporn DAB16EA2 DE 1977-Gabythea 122
Germany Kolossa-Einsporn DA028E1F DE 1974-Best Kittel 1
Germany Kolossa-Einsporn DA05F02A DE 1975-Best Kittel 2
Germany Kolossa-Einsporn DADDDDFF DE 1976-Karolina 2021
Germany Krause A+S DA1DBF1D DE 2555-UFO 1
Germany Krause A+S DA1E186B DE 2556-UFO 2
Germany Krause A+S DAB535A1 DE 2557-UFO 3
Germany Krause A+S DA1EF907 DE 2558-UFO 4
Germany Krueger, Lothar-A DA1E17A9 DE 1954-LK 27
Germany Krueger, Lothar-A DA1E0DC6 DE 1956-LK 29
Germany Krueger, Lothar-A DA1E1841 DE 1955-LK 28
Germany Krueger, Lothar-A DA1F4334 DE 1957-LK 38
Germany Krueger, Lothar-B DA1EF909 DE 1960-LK 31
Germany Krueger, Lothar-B DA1E113B DE 1961-LK 24
Germany Krueger, Lothar-B DA1EF0EC DE 1959-LK 39
Germany Krueger, Lothar-B DA1EF866 DE 1958-LK 30
Germany Kupferschmiede DA1F44BC DE 2134-Kupferschmiede 1
Germany Kupferschmiede DA1E1450 DE 2137-Kupferschmiede 4
Germany Kupferschmiede DA1E10C4 DE 2136-Kupferschmiede 3
Germany Kupferschmiede DA1DC159 DE 2135-Kupferschmiede 2
Germany Kurt Kinscher DA1E06F8 DE 934-Ronaldo
Germany Kurt Kinscher DA1DBF52 DE 935-Eusebio
Germany Lang-Joekel DAB53203 DE 1795-Sirius 100
Germany Lang-Joekel DADDEA8B DE 1797-Sirius 93
Germany Lang-Joekel DA855FB8 DE 1794-Coco
Germany Lang-Joekel DAE40BB1 DE 1796-Loui
Germany Lasterie-Brandt DAE0FB87 DE 2192-Lasterie 533
Germany Lasterie-Brandt DAE0FD23 DE 2190-Lasterie 531
Germany Lasterie-Brandt DA1DB3D6 DE 2191-Brandt 415
Germany Lasterie-Brandt DAAAF935 DE 2193-Lasterie 534
Germany Le Morne-A DAE3C056 DE 1610-Doc
Germany Le Morne-A DA05F000 DE 1611-Sleepy
Germany Le Morne-A DAE334A4 DE 1609-Dopey
Germany Le Morne-A DAE0FA35 DE 1612-Sneezy
Germany Le Morne-B DA850CEE DE 1613-Bashful
Germany Le Morne-B DAE0FBFC DE 1614-Happy
Germany Le Morne-B DAE3C491 DE 1615-Grumpy
Germany Le Morne-B DA91CC85 DE 1616-Snow White
Germany Linda + Kirsten DA1EF80B DE 1269-Kirsten 1
Germany Linda + Kirsten DA1DC043 DE 1272-Linda 2
Germany Linda + Kirsten DAE40B0B DE 1270-Kirsten 2
Germany Linda + Kirsten DAE03830 DE 1271-Linda 1
Germany Love-Tomorrowland DAE3C8A1 DE 2015-Hardwell
Germany Love-Tomorrowland DADDDE04 DE 2014-David Guetta
Germany Love-Tomorrowland DAE3C568 DE 2016-Afrojack
Germany Lukasz Rappel DAE3C1E1 DE 2645-Ludo
Germany Lukasz Rappel DAE3C27C DE 2644-Robina
Germany Lukasz Rappel DA1E18A4 DE 2643-Rudy
Germany Lukasz Rappel DA91DDE7 DE 2642-Mariola
Germany Lutherstadt Wittenberg DAE0BEE5 DE 1661-Richi
Germany Lutherstadt Wittenberg DAB023E8 DE 1664-Evy
Germany Lutherstadt Wittenberg DADDE9E2 DE 1663-Ami
Germany Lutherstadt Wittenberg DAE3C50E DE 1662-Normi
Germany M. u G. Haenert DAA692C9 DE 2605-Niger
Germany M. u G. Haenert DA028DCA DE 2606-Yukon
Germany M. u G. Haenert DA1DB231 DE 2604-Lena
Germany M. u G. Haenert DA1DAA53 DE 2603-Amur
Germany Main DA1DBB7C DE 2285-Peter
Germany Main DAB18587 DE 2284-Hendrik
Germany Main DA1E08C1 DE 2283-Horst
Germany Main DA1EF4BC DE 2282-Lina
Germany Manfred Schraml DA1E0620 DE 2381-Bilbo
Germany Manfred Schraml DA1EEC77 DE 2378-Gandalf
Germany Manfred Schraml DA1EEE05 DE 2379-Frodo
Germany Manfred Schraml DA1E112D DE 2380-Doleres
Germany Marcel Mattuschka DA1E0864 DE 1649-Cora
Germany Mario Wendt DA855D84 DE 2639-Leoni
Germany Mario Wendt DAE3CB5A DE 2638-Monika
Germany Mario Wendt DAB01DCD DE 2640-Mario
Germany Markus Wirth DA1E070B DE 2138-Kurti
Germany Markus Wirth DA02B09B DE 2139-Jimmy
Germany Markus Wirth DA1EF613 DE 2140-Amigo
Germany Markus Wirth DA1E0A13 DE 2141-Seli
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DA856E72 DE 2352-Hetzel 3
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DAE335E4 DE 2351-Hetzel 2
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DAB188C0 DE 2353-Hetzel 4
Germany Martin Hetzel-A DAE3C1AB DE 2350-Hetzel 1
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DAB18823 DE 2356-Hetzel 7
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DADDEF37 DE 2354-Hetzel 5
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DAE0FBD8 DE 2355-Hetzel 6
Germany Martin Hetzel-B DA029775 DE 2357-Hetzel 8
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DAB5386C DE 2358-Hetzel 9
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DAE3C5D6 DE 2359-Hetzel 10
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DA84F8C0 DE 2360-Hetzel 11
Germany Martin Hetzel-C DAB53CBD DE 2361-Hetzel 12
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DA1E1472 DE 2363-Hetzel 14
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DAE3C294 DE 2362-Hetzel 13
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DADDDEE0 DE 2364-Hetzel 15
Germany Martin Hetzel-D DAB16C41 DE 2365-Hetzel 16
Germany Martin Hetzel-E DAA45D03 DE 2367-Hetzel 18
Germany Martin Hetzel-E DAA69077 DE 2369-Hetzel 20
Germany Martin Hetzel-E DADDED6E DE 2366-Hetzel 17
Germany Martin Hetzel-E DAE405C5 DE 2368-Hetzel 19
Germany Matthias Sprang-A DA1E07C4 DE 949-Matthias-1
Germany Matthias Sprang-A DA198132 DE 952-Matthias-4
Germany Matthias Sprang-A DA1DAF66 DE 951-Matthias-3
Germany Matthias Sprang-A DA1DBCE7 DE 950-Matthias-2
Germany Matthias Sprang-B DA1E0947 DE 953-Matthias-5
Germany Matthias Sprang-B DA1E0D1E DE 955-Matthias-7
Germany Matthias Sprang-B DA1EEE42 DE 954-Matthias-6
Germany Matthias Sprang-B DA1DBDB3 DE 956-Matthias-8
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DAB00365 DE 958-Bueser 685
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DAB5391C DE 959-Bueser 693
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DADDE561 DE 957-Bueser 613
Germany Meinolf Bueser-A DAE3C024 DE 960-Bueser 697
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DAE3C9C7 DE 962-Bueser 690
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DA1E0E85 DE 964-Bueser 698
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DAE3C080 DE 963-Bueser 694
Germany Meinolf Bueser-B DA84F316 DE 961-Bueser 686
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DAE40D05 DE 1851-Helios 23
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DAE40C20 DE 1852-Helios 32
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DA02974D DE 1850-Helios 21
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-A DA02AF75 DE 1853-Helios 404
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DA1E072A DE 1857-Helios 417
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DA1DB8A3 DE 1854-Helios 24
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DAE3C106 DE 1855-Helios 31
Germany Meyer & Gehrken-B DADDD5E4 DE 1856-Helios 412
Germany Michael Hoop DA1E13C2 DE 1520-Martin
Germany Michael Hoop DA1F432C DE 1517-i
Germany Michael Hoop DAB19553 DE 1518-Mareu
Germany Michael Hoop DA1E1AB2 DE 1519-Miriam
Germany Monasteria-A DA028EEE DE 2482-Sabayone
Germany Monasteria-A DA1DBE4F DE 2481-Hetaere
Germany Monasteria-A DA05F158 DE 2480-Ekrasit
Germany Monasteria-A DA1E0EBE DE 2479-Odeur
Germany Monasteria-B DAAFFEEA DE 2484-Eclair
Germany Monasteria-B DAE0FF99 DE 2483-Paladin
Germany Monasteria-B DAE3C816 DE 2485-Caisson
Germany Monasteria-B DA1EEB24 DE 2486-Initial
Germany Mono-Blitz DAB0C939 DE 2722-Maxi
Germany Mono-Blitz DA1E08D1 DE 2723-Max
Germany Mono-Blitz DA1F42F9 DE 2724-Mex
Germany Mono-Blitz DA1E124B DE 2725-Rosa
Germany Oezatillapigeon DAB5380E DE 2487-Hansan 1
Germany Oezatillapigeon DAE3C45F DE 2489-Hansan 3
Germany Oezatillapigeon DADDEFA7 DE 2490-Asena
Germany Oliver Heckl DADDD834 DE 969-Saskia
Germany Oliver Heckl DA91D433 DE 972-Sofia
Germany Osmabruecker Oldies DADDDF4D DE 2657-Santi
Germany Osmabruecker Oldies DAE3C725 DE 2654-Kimberly
Germany Osmabruecker Oldies DAB536D4 DE 2655-Molly
Germany Osmabruecker Oldies DA05FB54 DE 2656-Renner
Germany Ost-West DA1E05E3 DE 1329-Steel Hard
Germany Ost-West DADDECB8 DE 1330-Golden Arrow
Germany Ost-West DAE3C214 DE 1332-Dirty Shadow
Germany Ost-West DA05FB87 DE 1331-No Mercy
Germany Paul Ruweling DA1E1767 DE 1401-Anja
Germany Paul Ruweling DA1E09D7 DE 1402-Nadine
Germany Paul Ruweling DA1DB9D2 DE 1403-Daniel
Germany Paul Ruweling DA1EEE33 DE 1404-Milo
Germany PBC Pigeons-A DADDD9A1 DE 2440-PBC 2
Germany PBC Pigeons-A DAB536DB DE 2442-PBC 4
Germany PBC Pigeons-A DAE3C61C DE 2441-PBC 3
Germany PBC Pigeons-A DAAAF61F DE 2439-PBC 1
Germany PBC Pigeons-B DAE0FD26 DE 2446-PBC 8
Germany PBC Pigeons-B DA91DB49 DE 2443-PBC 5
Germany PBC Pigeons-B DA91CC91 DE 2444-PBC 6
Germany PBC Pigeons-B DAB19E2F DE 2445-PBC 7
Germany Peter Ossira DA1E18CC DE 1405-P 1
Germany Peter Ossira DA02AE81 DE 1406-P 2
Germany Peter Ossira DA1DBD79 DE 1407-P 3
Germany Pfoh-Henrich DA02B186 DE 1344-Henrich 4
Germany Pfoh-Henrich DADDD871 DE 1342-Henrich 2
Germany Pfoh-Henrich DAE3C4B4 DE 1343-Henrich 3
Germany Pfoh-Henrich DADDDE17 DE 1341-Henrich 1
Germany PIGEON24 DA1DBFFA DE 2751-Pigeon 2
Germany PIGEON24 DAB19F7C DE 2750-Pigeon 1
Germany PIGEON24 DAA45E55 DE 2752-Pigeon 3
Germany PIGEON24 DAA45E53 DE 2753-Pigeon 4
Germany Quast, Stefan-A DAE0C078 DE 989-Vloe 19
Germany Quast, Stefan-A DAB16FC1 DE 990-Bernd
Germany Quast, Stefan-A DADDE74D DE 991-Heinzi
Germany Quast, Stefan-A DAE3C007 DE 992-Heinz
Germany Quast, Stefan-B DA029486 DE 996-Kim 34
Germany Quast, Stefan-B DAE0FC8A DE 993-Theo 12
Germany Quast, Stefan-B DA05F6E3 DE 994-Theo 13
Germany Quast, Stefan-B DA856AA7 DE 995-Kim 33
Germany R+R+L+T. Marien DA1E0590 DE 1008-Lara 863
Germany R+R+L+T. Marien DA1DB8C1 DE 1005-Lilly 825
Germany R+R+L+T. Marien DAE3C72A DE 1006-Till 848
Germany R+R+L+T. Marien DA1DB5E8 DE 1007-Lea 854
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DA1EEB5A DE 1929-Sepp
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DA856EAA DE 1927-Bullyboy
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DA1DB8F9 DE 1928-Leonie
Germany Racing-Team Rhein-Berg DA1E07DE DE 1926-Snakebite
Germany Rasim Nihat-A DA1DC126 DE 1710-RR 320
Germany Rasim Nihat-A DA1E0581 DE 1709-RR 319
Germany Rasim Nihat-A DA05F65B DE 1712-RR 318
Germany Rasim Nihat-A DA1E17A0 DE 1711-RR 317
Germany Rasim Nihat-B DA05F6F6 DE 1715-RR 84
Germany Rasim Nihat-B DA1DC00E DE 1714-RR 82
Germany Rasim Nihat-B DA1DBEA2 DE 1713-RR 81
Germany Rasim Nihat-B DA1EEB5C DE 1716-RR 348
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DA1F475E DE 1013-Sylt Varus
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DA1E1117 DE 1015-Sylt Arminius
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DA1E0C71 DE 1014-Sylt Cherusker
Germany Rehm & Sohn & Kramer DA1DBE4E DE 1016-Sylt Springbock
Germany Reichstein H+TH DA1EF7B1 DE 1422-Lee
Germany Reichstein H+TH DA198013 DE 1423-Totoro
Germany Reichstein H+TH DA1E169C DE 1424-Kowl
Germany Reichstein H+TH DA84FB75 DE 1421-May
Germany Reiner Weissenstein DA1E18DE DE 1447-Karl
Germany Reiner Weissenstein DAB193CA DE 1448-Jan
Germany Reiner Weissenstein DAE3C8FF DE 1446-Lotta
Germany Reiner Weissenstein DAE3C05E DE 1445-Hanni
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DA028D8F DE 1182-Laudatio
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DAE0FA98 DE 1184-Claudius
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DAB5422D DE 1183-Penelope
Germany Reinhard Gebhardt DADDDBC3 DE 1181-Casar
Germany Robert Fischer DAE3C6AC DE 2214-Lady
Germany Robert Fischer DA90FC09 DE 2216-Hega
Germany Robert Fischer DADDEC6A DE 2217-Roberta
Germany Robert Fischer DA91DA7E DE 2215-Lilli
Germany Roland Kugler DA1F4700 DE 1414-Joshua
Germany Roland Kugler DA19806A DE 1415-Jupp
Germany Roland Kugler DA1E118C DE 1416-Felix
Germany Roland Kugler DA1EEA2B DE 1413-Charly
Germany Rolf Berger (Sylt) DA05FE66 DE 1028-Sylt RB 382
Germany Rolf Berger (Sylt) DA1E0AA0 DE 1025-Sylt RB 341
Germany Rolf Berger (Sylt) DA1DAD29 DE 1026-Sylt RB 342
Germany Rolf Berger (Sylt) DA1DBA00 DE 1027-Sylt RB 381
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DAE3C1B1 DE 1553-Rolf 1
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DAB1C50B DE 1554-Rolf 2
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DA1EEC41 DE 1556-Rolf 4
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-A DA1DBC90 DE 1555-Rolf 3
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DA1DBB01 DE 1558-Rolf 6
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DA02B032 DE 1557-Rolf 5
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DAE40CCF DE 1560-Rolf 8
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-B DA1DAC80 DE 1559-Rolf 7
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-C DAB536FF DE 1561-Rolf 9
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-C DAE3CB31 DE 1564-Rolf 12
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-C DA05EDD6 DE 1562-Rolf 10
Germany Rolf Huchthausen-C DA02AE98 DE 1563-Rolf 11
Germany Roter Adler DAE3C317 DE 2437-Peter
Germany Roter Adler DADDD759 DE 2436-Fabio
Germany Roter Adler DADDEFB9 DE 2435-Pascal
Germany Roter Adler DA05FACB DE 2438-Paul
Germany Rudolf Struzyna DA197D5D DE 2623-Sylt Rudi 6881
Germany Rudolf Struzyna DAB53761 DE 2622-Sylt Rudi 60
Germany Rudolf Struzyna DAE40720 DE 2624-Sylt Rudi 12
Germany Rudolf Struzyna (Sylt) DA1F4758 DE 2625-Sylt Rudi 59
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DA02A925 DE 1222-Allen
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DA1E1839 DE 1221-Rose
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DA1EEAE4 DE 1223-Jake
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-A DA1F442C DE 1224-Charly
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DA1DAAB4 DE 1228-Carmen
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DA1E1934 DE 1227-Camilla
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DA1DC07B DE 1226-Carlos
Germany Ruhrpottjungs-B DAA45C78 DE 1225-Callimero
Germany Schmaul Claus Peter DA1E0EB3 DE 2610-Coach
Germany Schmaul Claus Peter DA1E0634 DE 2609-Cartier
Germany Schmaul Claus Peter DA91E33D DE 2607-Adidas
Germany Schreiber Gerd DAE3C05B DE 2552-Inge 2
Germany Schreiber Gerd DAA45E15 DE 2551-Inge 1
Germany Schreiber Gerd DA1E0B7B DE 2554-Inge 4
Germany Schreiber Gerd DA028CE7 DE 2553-Inge 3
Germany Schubring, Siegward DA1EF579 DE 1888-Sylt Esther
Germany Schubring, Siegward DA1E0C0A DE 1887-Sylt Abigail
Germany Schubring, Siegward DA1DC149 DE 1886-Sylt Asur
Germany Schubring, Siegward DA1DB7FD DE 1889-Sylt Jael
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-A DA1DB55E DE 983-Leon
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-A DA1DB47E DE 982-Ciava
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-A DA1E0662 DE 984-Paul
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-B DA1E06D8 DE 986-Schuerze 203
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-B DA1CDDB4 DE 987-Schuerzenjaeger 204
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-B DA1DBAE0 DE 988-Schuerze 214
Germany Schwarzer-Schniederjan-B DA1DBD39 DE 985-Schuerzenjaeger 202
Germany SG Gebruder Reinhard DA1E135D DE 1334-Naomi
Germany SG Gebruder Reinhard DADDE2D5 DE 1336-Melody
Germany SG Gebruder Reinhard DA1CE0FA DE 1333-Joschi
Germany SG Gebruder Reinhard DA1DC0E3 DE 1335-Leselly
Germany SG Hirschmann DA1DBDBF DE 1628-The 813
Germany SG Hirschmann DA1E1731 DE 1627-The 809
Germany SG Hirschmann DA1E1132 DE 1626-The 807
Germany SG Hirschmann DA1E0CCC DE 1625-The 805
Germany SG Krajczy DA1F4572 DE 2289-Houston
Germany SG Krajczy DA1DC11A DE 2286-Atlanta
Germany SG Krajczy DA1DBC8A DE 2288-Paris
Germany SG Krajczy DA1DBC07 DE 2287-Kairo
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DA1E1051 DE 1434-Danedream
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DA05FC88 DE 1435-Nightflower
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DA1DBD65 DE 1436-Sea the Moon
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-A DA19808A DE 1433-Nightmagic
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DAB536A0 DE 1438-Orkane Way
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DA1E16B6 DE 1439-Paradiesa
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DAE334AA DE 1440-Platina
Germany SG Moeller + Hammacher-B DAA692AE DE 1437-Osan
Germany SG Pieper DADDED54 DE 2677-Sommer
Germany SG Pieper DAE3C40B DE 2675-Stindl
Germany SG Pieper DA05F5C9 DE 2674-Dahoud
Germany SG Pieper DADDEED3 DE 2676-Kramer
Germany SG Roehl S.+H. DA1F43E9 DE 1442-My Darling
Germany SG Roehl S.+H. DA05FDAA DE 1444-Miss Moneypenny
Germany SG Roehl S.+H. DA1E134A DE 1441-Hope
Germany SG Roehl S.+H. DA1E080A DE 1443-Hangover
Germany SG Roehlig B. & Bukowski L. DADDEDB9 DE 2418-Nora 4
Germany SG Roehlig B. & Bukowski L. DAE3C11F DE 2416-Nora 2
Germany SG Roehlig B. & Bukowski L. DA02ADCA DE 2417-Nora 3
Germany SG Roehlig B. & Bukowski L. DAE0FCF7 DE 2415-Nora 1
Germany SG Schloesser-Ehlen DADDDDE8 DE 2296-Prinz
Germany SG Schloesser-Ehlen DAE40CBB DE 2297-Archimedes
Germany SG Schloesser-Ehlen DA05FD91 DE 2295-Malea
Germany SG Schloesser-Ehlen DAB1885D DE 2294-Mr. Bobby Brown
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer DA1EF77C DE 1034-Golden Eye
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer DA1E103A DE 1033-Gladiator
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer DA1E0F53 DE 1036-Gandalf
Germany SG Schmidt-Sommer DA1DBDDF DE 1035-Gigant
Germany SG Steffl-A DA1E0882 DE 1043-Caracalla
Germany SG Steffl-A DA1E065C DE 1042-Cleopatra
Germany SG Steffl-A DAE33271 DE 1041-Honorius
Germany SG Steffl-B DAB1BD5F DE 1048-Konstantin
Germany SG Steffl-B DA1E12D7 DE 1045-Decius
Germany SG Steffl-B DA19838C DE 1046-Valerian
Germany SG Steffl-C DA1EEA64 DE 1052-Galba
Germany SG Steffl-C DA197E7A DE 1051-Caesar
Germany SG Steffl-C DA1E0961 DE 1050-Commodus
Germany SG Steffl-C DA1DB62B DE 1049-Mark Aurel
Germany SG Steffl-D DA1EEDC5 DE 1054-Trajan
Germany SG Steffl-D DA1E0D23 DE 1056-Verus
Germany SG Steffl-D DA1DBBE6 DE 1055-Hadrian
Germany SG Steffl-D DA05FBC9 DE 1053-Titus
Germany SG Steffl-E DAE3CA33 DE 1058-Augustus
Germany SG Steffl-E DA1E1096 DE 1057-Tiberius
Germany SG Steffl-E DAA45B1A DE 1059-Claudius
Germany SG Steffl-E DA1E12BD DE 1060-Vespasian
Germany SG Steffl-F DAE0FA28 DE 1064-Escobar
Germany SG Steffl-F DAE334DF DE 1063-Cortez
Germany SG Steffl-F DA1CDCAD DE 1062-Nero
Germany SG Steffl-F DA1E0B7E DE 1061-Caligula
Germany SG Steffl-G DA1DBECF DE 1065-Michael Jordon
Germany SG Steffl-G DA1DB86E DE 1066-LeBron James
Germany SG Steffl-G DA1E0FEC DE 1068-Scottie Pippen
Germany SG Steffl-G DAE335C4 DE 1067-Shaq
Germany SG Steffl-H DA1DBF50 DE 1069-Charles Barkley
Germany SG Steffl-H DA19809D DE 1070-Kobe Bryant
Germany SG Steffl-H DA1CE11E DE 1071-Dirk Nowitzki
Germany SG Steffl-I DA05FB42 DE 1075-Grimm
Germany SG Steffl-I DADDEFD7 DE 1076-Lessing
Germany SG Steffl-I DAE3341C DE 1074-Goethe
Germany SG Steffl-I DA05F8DB DE 1073-Adalbert Stifter
Germany SG Steffl-J DADDDDA8 DE 1080-Guenter Grass
Germany SG Steffl-J DAE3C6A5 DE 1077-Wilhelm Busch
Germany SG Steffl-J DAB53C2D DE 1078-Droste-Huelshoff
Germany SG Steffl-J DA85715C DE 1079-Enzensberger
Germany SG Steffl-K DAB16C73 DE 1082-Thomas Mann
Germany SG Steffl-K DAE3BFFD DE 1083-Schiller
Germany SG Steffl-K DAB535BD DE 1081-Erich Kaestner
Germany SG Steffl-K DADDE290 DE 1084-Karl May
Germany SG Tamoszus DA1E1793 DE 1085-Herz AS
Germany SG Tamoszus DA1E102D DE 1087-Kreuz AS
Germany SG Tamoszus DA1E0C23 DE 1086-Karo AS
Germany SG Tamoszus DA1E092F DE 1088-Pik AS
Germany SG Theisen M.u.O. DADDE710 DE 1790-Lotte
Germany SG Theisen M.u.O. DAE4A8F7 DE 1792-Ida
Germany SG Theisen M.u.O. DA05FA91 DE 1791-Emil
Germany SG Theisen M.u.O. DAB536D0 DE 1793-Anni
Germany SG Wulhorst DA19845D DE 1973-Salt Lake City
Germany SG Wulhorst DAE407B6 DE 1970-Springfield
Germany SG Wulhorst DA1E1008 DE 1971-Sacramento
Germany SG Wulhorst DA1DBB38 DE 1972-Little Rock
Germany SG. Andreas & Heinrich Ullrich DA1EF780 DE 2563-Conceição
Germany SG. Andreas & Heinrich Ullrich DA1E0F43 DE 2566-Santa Barbara de Nexe
Germany SG. Andreas & Heinrich Ullrich DA1E075A DE 2565-Montenegro
Germany Silbespfeil DAE33475 DE 2660-Golden 263
Germany Silbespfeil DAE32E04 DE 2661-Golden 264
Germany Silbespfeil DAE40DD7 DE 2658-Golden 261
Germany Silbespfeil DAE0F95B DE 2659-Golden 262
Germany Speedy Wings Kolossa DA1DBD38 DE 1981-Renes New Kimi
Germany Speedy Wings Kolossa DA1E188C DE 1978-Best of Best 1
Germany Speedy Wings Kolossa DA1EED96 DE 1979-Roberts Maria
Germany Speedy Wings Kolossa DA1E07DB DE 1980-Best of Best 2
Germany Stefan Blocher DA05F944 DE 1789-Nikly Turbo
Germany Stefan Blocher DAB189DD DE 1786-Sun City Turbo
Germany Stefan Blocher DA05F7D5 DE 1787-Marpel Sophie
Germany Stefan Blocher DADDDDFD DE 1788-Turbo Steffi
Germany Stelcreations-A DADDE54E DE 1937-Bertina
Germany Stelcreations-A DADDEDC7 DE 1936-Andrus
Germany Stelcreations-A DAB16792 DE 1935-Dopsi
Germany Stelcreations-A DADDEDAC DE 1934-Beni
Germany Stelcreations-B DADDE4D5 DE 1938-Burcia
Germany Stelcreations-B DAE1007E DE 1940-Cepi
Germany Stelcreations-B DADDD83A DE 1941-Cipri 227
Germany Stelcreations-B DA1E19BE DE 1939-Istador
Germany Steli & Nelutu DA1DBDC3 DE 1942-Macan
Germany Steli & Nelutu DA1DBFB1 DE 1943-Dorsche
Germany Steli & Nelutu DA1F45D4 DE 1945-Zeus
Germany Stieneker-Brueck-Faber DA02AE8C DE 1122-Bruech
Germany Stieneker-Brueck-Faber DAB5359B DE 1123-Faber
Germany Stieneker-Brueck-Faber DA1DBA52 DE 1121-Tornado
Germany Stieneker-Brueck-Faber DA8500A2 DE 1124-Franziska
Germany Sturmvogel Schwerin DA1EEB4E DE 2109-Algarve Turbo
Germany Sturmvogel Schwerin DA1E1643 DE 2106-Mc Fly
Germany Sturmvogel Schwerin DA1E11C6 DE 2107-Jackpot
Germany Sturmvogel Schwerin DA1DBC10 DE 2108-Hedwig
Germany Sunshine Team DA1F44EA DE 2449-Super Fly 3
Germany Sunshine Team DA1DB6BB DE 2447-Super Fly 1
Germany Sunshine Team DA1DB472 DE 2450-Super Fly 4
Germany Sunshine Team DA1EED4E DE 2448-Super Fly 2
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DA1DAB8D DE 2034-Yoshi
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DA1E078E DE 2036-Monty
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DA1E113A DE 2035-Knochentrocken
Germany Sven Zimmermann-A DA0293C0 DE 2037-Rosalinda
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DA1F43B0 DE 2041-Bowser Junior
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DA1F44FC DE 2039-Luigi
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DA1DBFCB DE 2040-Bowser
Germany Sven Zimmermann-B DA1E06EC DE 2038-Super Mario
Germany Sweeck-Frackowiak DAE4A932 DE 2559-Der 13033
Germany Sweeck-Frackowiak DAE0BE41 DE 2560-Der 13071
Germany Sweeck-Frackowiak DAE3339C DE 2562-Der 13096
Germany Sweeck-Frackowiak DAAFFCE9 DE 2561-Der 13023
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DA1DB39A DE 1125-Blockbuster 111
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DA1EF5A4 DE 1126-Blockbuster 112
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DA1DBF07 DE 1127-Blockbuster 124
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-A DA1EF559 DE 1128-Blockbuster 129
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DA1EE452 DE 1131-Blockbuster 126
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DA1E0AA5 DE 1132-Blockbuster 127
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DA1EE69F DE 1129-Blockbuster 120
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-B DA1DB497 DE 1130-Blockbuster 121
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DA1EF732 DE 1136-Blockbuster 106
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DA1F42FC DE 1134-Blockbuster 105
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DADDD65D DE 1133-Blockbuster 104
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-C DA1DBCFA DE 1135-Blockbuster 128
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-D DA1E1507 DE 1137-Blockbuster 103
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-D DA1EE3E9 DE 1139-Blockbuster 66
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-D DA1DBF83 DE 1140-Blockbuster 101
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-E DA1E13A7 DE 1144-Blockbuster 102
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-E DA1E0F9C DE 1143-Blockbuster 75
Germany T.E.Breeding Lofts Heinzinger-E DA1E06A3 DE 1142-Blockbuster 74
Germany Team “Wir Zwei” DAB19F9E DE 1818-Milo
Germany Team “Wir Zwei” DAB023AB DE 1819-Edda
Germany Team “Wir Zwei” DAB19375 DE 1820-Maya
Germany Team “Wir Zwei” DAE3C9FE DE 1821-Jost
Germany Team Adelmann DAE4054F DE 2665-Raptor B
Germany Team Adelmann DA91D2D3 DE 2662-Claudi 796
Germany Team Adelmann DA068444 DE 2663-Raptor A
Germany Team Adelmann DA1E0DD9 DE 2664-Jan 125
Germany Team Agatic / Scholz DA1E144B DE 2525-Cro Gladiator
Germany Team Agatic / Scholz DA1DAC16 DE 2523-Klis
Germany Team Agatic / Scholz DADDE255 DE 2524-Geesiuckx Princess
Germany Team Alther DA1E1966 DE 1488-Alther 4
Germany Team Alther DA1DA960 DE 1485-Alther 1
Germany Team Alther DA05EEC9 DE 1486-Alther 2
Germany Team Alther DA1EF3EE DE 1487-Alther 3
Germany Team Angelbachtal-A DA198306 DE 2517-Geesinckx lady
Germany Team Angelbachtal-A DA1E1378 DE 2518-New Chrissi
Germany Team Angelbachtal-A DA85139C DE 2515-Triple 46
Germany Team Angelbachtal-A DA1F4437 DE 2516-Geesinckx girl
Germany Team Angelbachtal-B DA8518E2 DE 2519-Galanto
Germany Team Angelbachtal-B DAB538FA DE 2520-Speedy
Germany Team Angelbachtal-B DA05F790 DE 2521-Galanta
Germany Team Angelbachtal-B DAE3C206 DE 2522-Corina
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-A DA02B558 DE 2396-Johnny Castle
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-A DA05FB48 DE 2397-Liah Lou
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-A DADDD5A1 DE 2395-Bambino
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-B DA0294A1 DE 2402-Tiger Woods
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-B DADDF068 DE 2399-Lilli Vanilli
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-B DA855940 DE 2400-Lollu Gun
Germany Team Assmann-Behrens-B DAE0FA52 DE 2401-Hannd Secret
Germany Team Bad Boys-Koppenhoefer DA05FD1A DE 1693-Sylt Louisa
Germany Team Bad Boys-Koppenhoefer DA1DAB1E DE 1694-Sylt Bella
Germany Team Bad Boys-Stark DAB1C0B7 DE 1696-Sylt Maja
Germany Team Bad Boys-Stark DAAFFFD5 DE 1695-Sylt Nana
Germany Team Beier DA1E1095 DE 1156-Fritz
Germany Team Beier DA028E78 DE 1155-Rasi
Germany Team Beier DA1EF85F DE 1154-Beate
Germany Team Beier DA1DBA84 DE 1153-Martina
Germany Team Belm & Jever DA1EEBC4 DE 1483-Klara
Germany Team Belm & Jever DA1E105E DE 1482-Tina
Germany Team Belm & Jever DA1DA958 DE 1484-Alice
Germany Team Belm & Jever DA1DBFA4 DE 1481-Lisa
Germany Team Beppo DA91DBA1 DE 2389-Lilly 18
Germany Team Beppo DAB01F00 DE 2388-Lilly 07
Germany Team Beppo DA1E1045 DE 2386-Almy 06
Germany Team Bergemann DA1DC0FB DE 2158-Leur
Germany Team Bergemann DA1E0AB3 DE 2161-Kate
Germany Team Bergemann DA1E12DD DE 2159-Mo
Germany Team Bergemann DA1E0783 DE 2160-Rici
Germany Team Bommel DA05F71B DE 2391-Almy 02
Germany Team Bommel DAB53368 DE 2392-Almy 97
Germany Team Bommel DA029442 DE 2394-Lilly 03
Germany Team Bommel DA1EF578 DE 2393-Lilly 01
Germany Team Bottrop-A DA1E0BA5 DE 1381-Jojo
Germany Team Bottrop-A DA1EF6DA DE 1384-Leon
Germany Team Bottrop-A DAB1864F DE 1382-Paul
Germany Team Bottrop-A DA1DBDF4 DE 1383-Giani
Germany Team Bottrop-B DADDEE63 DE 1387-Theoflieger
Germany Team Bottrop-B DA1EF72E DE 1386-Chiwap
Germany Team Bottrop-B DA1DB532 DE 1385-Tina M
Germany Team Bottrop-B DA1DB7A5 DE 1388-Chi-chi
Germany Team D.V.D. DAA690CF DE 1799-D.V.D 119
Germany Team D.V.D. DA1DC106 DE 1800-D.V.D 118
Germany Team D.V.D. DA1E0787 DE 1798-D.V.D 13
Germany Team D.V.D. DA1EE594 DE 1801-D.V.D 107
Germany Team Deichkinder DA1E18F1 DE 1167-Margret
Germany Team Deichkinder DAA93221 DE 1165-Broesel
Germany Team Deichkinder DADDEEE4 DE 1166-Andy
Germany Team Deichkinder DADDDDE3 DE 1168-Fru Hausen
Germany Team Diamonds Cup DA198201 DE 1685-Diamond 1
Germany Team Diamonds Cup DA1EF655 DE 1686-Diamond 2
Germany Team Diamonds Cup DAE3BFE1 DE 1687-Diamond 3
Germany Team Diamonds Cup DAB00645 DE 1688-Diamond 4
Germany Team Dreigestirn DA05ED27 DE 2646-Tatiana 358
Germany Team Dreigestirn DAE40D42 DE 2649-Franz 1410
Germany Team Dreigestirn DA028F5E DE 2647-Ede 359
Germany Team Dreigestirn DA05FC4A DE 2648-Dennis 126
Germany Team EHS DAE40D0D DE 2042-Skydiver
Germany Team EHS DAE4057A DE 2043-Lewi
Germany Team EHS DA028F43 DE 2045-Katharina
Germany Team Elbtalsprinter DA1E1254 DE 2277-Leni
Germany Team Elbtalsprinter DA1E1120 DE 2276-Balko
Germany Team Elbtalsprinter DA1E0AE0 DE 2274-Andreas
Germany Team Elbtalsprinter DAA45CF7 DE 2275-Amett
Germany Team Eric & Rene DAE3C142 DE 1783-Herby
Germany Team Eric & Rene DA84FC0C DE 1784-Asterix
Germany Team Eric & Rene DAE40CCD DE 1785-Munich
Germany Team Eric & Rene DAE3C7FB DE 1782-Viena
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-A DA1E14BB DE 2426-Koehler 4
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-A DA029531 DE 2425-Koehler 3
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-A DAE3C04C DE 2423-Koehler 1
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-A DA05F578 DE 2424-Koehler 2
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-B DADDD967 DE 2427-Koehler 5
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-B DAE3C882 DE 2428-Koehler 6
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-B DA1E0706 DE 2429-Koehler 7
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-B DADDE4D9 DE 2430-Koehler 8
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-C DAE40C2F DE 2432-Koehler 10
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-C DA91CE28 DE 2431-Koehler 9
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-C DADDDB68 DE 2434-Koehler 12
Germany Team Erzebirgsraketen-C DA1E0C37 DE 2433-Koehler 11
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DAE0FA90 DE 1171-FS 25
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DA1E1403 DE 1169-FS 05
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DAE3CA9B DE 1172-FS 29
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-A DA1DA9EF DE 1170-FS 06
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DAE3C5BD DE 1175-FS 31
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DA1DB95A DE 1174-FS 28
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DA1E06AB DE 1173-FS 27
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-B DADDE752 DE 1176-FS 33
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DA1E1127 DE 1177-FS 78
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DA1E05B1 DE 1178-FS 79
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DAE40C64 DE 1179-FS 36
Germany Team Franzsander-Sieweke-C DA1E11D3 DE 1180-FS 37
Germany Team Funke-Trui DA1DBDFE DE 2460-Nina
Germany Team Funke-Trui DA05F615 DE 2459-Barios
Germany Team Funke-Trui DAE02464 DE 2461-Funk 1
Germany Team Funke-Trui DAB0C928 DE 2462-Funk 2
Germany Team Gelu + Alina DAB532CE DE 2582-Tanc
Germany Team Gelu + Alina DA1E0BC9 DE 2579-Naluca
Germany Team Gelu + Alina DA1E112C DE 2580-Rinolunica
Germany Team Gelu + Alina DA1E0EC3 DE 2581-Yrabiuta
Germany Team Gentlemen DA1E0AC0 DE 1158-Helmut
Germany Team Gentlemen DA1E07ED DE 1157-Andreas
Germany Team Gentlemen DAE0FAAE DE 1160-Katrin
Germany Team Gentlemen DA1DBC9C DE 1159-Michael
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-A DA1DBE35 DE 1805-Nils 218
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-A DA1EF588 DE 1802-Nils 248
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-A DA856920 DE 1804-Nils 225
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-A DA1DB3CF DE 1803-Nils 241
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-B DA1DC101 DE 1808-Krum 555
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-B DA1DB83F DE 1807-Krum 552
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-B DA1E1087 DE 1806-Krum 572
Germany Team Gerdemann-Krumtuenger-B DA1DBABD DE 1809-Krum 535
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-A DAE3C841 DE 1811-Nils 231
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-A DA1E12E0 DE 1812-Nils 221
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-A DAA690D7 DE 1813-Nils 216
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-A DA198442 DE 1810-Nils 240
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-B DAB186C7 DE 1814-Mav 7
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-B DA1E0971 DE 1816-Mav 67
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-B DA8CFAC0 DE 1815-Mav 6
Germany Team Gerdemann-Mavis-B DA1E1064 DE 1817-Mav 68
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-A DA1E17DE DE 1949-Gold 586
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-A DA1E05AE DE 1947-Gold 220
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-A DA1EEE5A DE 1946-Gold 591
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-B DA1DBFA2 DE 1951-Gold 564
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-B DAB5337E DE 1952-Gold 571
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-B DA029402 DE 1953-Gold 580
Germany Team Gold Pigeons Germany-B DAE335F1 DE 1950-Gold 560
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-A DA850022 DE 1717-Schinze 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-A DA1DBEBD DE 1718-Striegel 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-A DAA45CEA DE 1719-Ruesseler 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-A DADDD6CD DE 1720-Lippert 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-B DA1F441E DE 1721-Huneck 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-B DA1E0F34 DE 1722-Ruesseler 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-B DAE3356F DE 1724-Huneck 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-B DA1DBAB7 DE 1723-Ruesseler 3
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-C DAE3C0D4 DE 1727-Lipperz 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-C DAE3C23F DE 1726-Striegel 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-C DAB535BC DE 1725-Dersch 3
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-D DAB0040F DE 1729-Wegner 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-D DAE3C901 DE 1730-Wegner 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-D DA1E11AC DE 1731-Linne 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-D DADDDED7 DE 1732-Linne 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-E DAE3C8E7 DE 1734-Gnittka 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-E DA1F4612 DE 1735-Gnittka 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-E DA1EF117 DE 1733-Dersch 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-E DAE3CAB8 DE 1736-Schinze 3
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-F DAE0FA66 DE 1740-Dersch 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-F DAA692B7 DE 1737-Trusheim 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-F DAA69442 DE 1738-Trusheim 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-F DADDEFC5 DE 1739-Trusheim 3
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-G DA02C5E8 DE 1744-Becker 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-G DADDDDFB DE 1743-Becker 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-G DA1DB8AE DE 1741-Funk 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-G DA1EEC8A DE 1742-Funk 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-H DA028DB1 DE 1748-Luna
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-H DA02C84E DE 1747-Finni
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-H DA05EE1C DE 1745-Zoe
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-I DA1E0DBA DE 1749-Rohde 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-I DA1EF84E DE 1750-Rohde 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-I DA1E1139 DE 1752-Schmitz 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-I DA1DBC56 DE 1751-Schmitz 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-J DA1E09FB DE 1753-Behle 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-J DAB01F8F DE 1755-Wissmuth 1
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-J DA1CDF44 DE 1756-Wissmuth 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-J DA1DBCF5 DE 1754-Behle 2
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-K DAE40BB8 DE 1757-lenny
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-K DA1E10CE DE 1758-Joshi
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-K DA1F4570 DE 1759-Daggi
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-K DAE3C487 DE 1760-Alfonso
Germany Team Gouden Duif-Algarve-K DA1E08C0 DE 1761-Medy
Germany Team H u. M DA05FC98 DE 1188-Bueser 611
Germany Team H u. M DA1EE792 DE 1185-Bueser 221
Germany Team H u. M DA1DBB5F DE 1187-Bueser 243
Germany Team H u. M DA1E105B DE 1186-Bueser 640
Germany Team Haltern Am See-A DA1E156F DE 1533-Schuerze 205
Germany Team Haltern Am See-A DA1DBA7E DE 1536-Schuerze 215
Germany Team Haltern Am See-A DA1E0F73 DE 1534-Schuerze 206
Germany Team Haltern Am See-A DA1DBCE1 DE 1535-Schuerze 211
Germany Team Haltern Am See-B DAE406F9 DE 1539-Kottelet
Germany Team Haltern Am See-B DA05F950 DE 1540-Schnitzel
Germany Team Haltern Am See-B DAB196C2 DE 1537-Happy Flower
Germany Team Haltern Am See-B DA1DB652 DE 1538-Sunshine
Germany Team Happiness DA1DB682 DE 2310-Lara
Germany Team Happiness DA1F4550 DE 2312-Janne
Germany Team Happiness DA1DBF84 DE 2313-Jella
Germany Team Happiness DA1EE440 DE 2311-Norbert
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DA029716 DE 1630-Piet
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DA029580 DE 1631-Schwartz 406
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-A DAB168FF DE 1632-Schwartz 418
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DADDDE84 DE 1634-Ostwind 506
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DA05EECE DE 1635-Best Sorin
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DADDDD42 DE 1633-Suedwind 549
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-B DA1EE420 DE 1636-Sorin
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DA855FE7 DE 1639-Time Out
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DAB16A33 DE 1640-Brual’s Hope
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DA028DDB DE 1638-Dificult Mission
Germany Team Heidjer 2015-C DAB53C4F DE 1637-Mission Impossible
Germany Team Helgo DAE3C15C DE 1894-Liesa
Germany Team Helgo DA1E100E DE 1896-Merry
Germany Team H-L-U-A DADDDF21 DE 1983-Lina
Germany Team H-L-U-A DADDD632 DE 1985-Silke
Germany Team H-L-U-A DADDE5E4 DE 1984-Lotti
Germany Team H-L-U-B DA029559 DE 1986-Tom
Germany Team H-L-U-B DA029496 DE 1987-Jerry
Germany Team H-L-U-B DAB01D97 DE 1988-Max
Germany Team H-L-U-B DAE3C7A0 DE 1989-Monitz
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-A DA1DB66C DE 1189-Power Horst
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-A DA1E177D DE 1190-Airborn
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DA1EED69 DE 1195-Blue Power
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DA198071 DE 1196-Flying Dream
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DA1EECE9 DE 1194-Thunder
Germany Team Horst & Anneliese Zikeli-B DAB53389 DE 1193-Fighting Anne
Germany Team Horstmann DA1E12F1 DE 1419-Adam
Germany Team Horstmann DA1E1299 DE 1417-Eva
Germany Team Horstmann DAB53890 DE 1418-Lisa
Germany Team Horstmann DA1E0EB9 DE 1420-Nelle
Germany Team Huei Waellen DAE40E80 DE 2730-Comet
Germany Team Huei Waellen DA1E10D5 DE 2733-Sun Dance
Germany Team Huei Waellen DA028D91 DE 2731-Claudia
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-A DA05F749 DE 2469-Idee 3
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-A DA1DBE25 DE 2467-Idee 1
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-A DA1EE72C DE 2468-Idee 2
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-A DA1EEE37 DE 2470-Idee 4
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-B DA02984A DE 2471-Idee 5
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-B DA91DC51 DE 2474-Idee 8
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-B DA1E13FF DE 2473-Idee 7
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-C DA1E1753 DE 2475-Idee 9
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-C DA1DBCBC DE 2476-Idee 10
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-C DA1E0E58 DE 2477-Idee 11
Germany Team Jimmy’s Idee-C DA1F4524 DE 2478-Idee 12
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DA1DB7C3 DE 1361-Captain Zeus 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DA1E0C82 DE 1363-Captain Demeter 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DA856B00 DE 1362-Captain Hero 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-A DA1E0BCD DE 1364-Captain Artemis 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DA1E19B7 DE 1368-Captain Axelo 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DAB541A8 DE 1367-Captain Ares 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DA1EEB26 DE 1366-Captain Apollon 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-B DA1981DA DE 1365-Captain Poseidon 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DAB0257E DE 1370-Captain Hephaistos 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DA1E0B36 DE 1371-Captain Hestia 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DA02AF70 DE 1369-Captain Aphrodite 01
Germany Team Klaus Stretz-C DAE3331B DE 1372-Captain Athene 01
Germany Team Kleemann DA1DBBC0 DE 1671-Marta
Germany Team Kleemann DAE3C065 DE 1670-Olga
Germany Team Kleemann DA1E0BD3 DE 1669-Luna
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DA1E0CB3 DE 2213-Esmeralda
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DA1DB725 DE 2211-Lisboa
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DA1E0D85 DE 2212-Rafaelo
Germany Team Kleeweg Dr. Klein DA02A767 DE 2210-CR7
Germany Team Knemuehle DA1E06AE DE 1199-Leugerid 3
Germany Team Knemuehle DA1E1412 DE 1200-Leugerid 4
Germany Team Knemuehle DA1CDCA8 DE 1198-Leugerid 2
Germany Team Knemuehle DA1DBB52 DE 1197-Leugerid 1
Germany Team Koblenz DA1DB49E DE 1202-Julias 1
Germany Team Koblenz DAA45C61 DE 1203-Heinz 2
Germany Team Koblenz DA1E0644 DE 1201-Heinz 1
Germany Team Koblenz DA1E1947 DE 1204-Steff 1
Germany Team Kocherbote-A DAE0FD6D DE 811-Fratelo
Germany Team Kocherbote-A DA1EEE4F DE 810-RKS 2
Germany Team Kocherbote-A DA1E1210 DE 809-Sorela
Germany Team Kocherbote-A DA1E0B0F DE 808-RKS 1
Germany Team Kocherbote-B DA1DB6DF DE 815-Blue Flame
Germany Team Kocherbote-B DA1EE736 DE 813-New Hope
Germany Team Kocherbote-B DA1EEC47 DE 812-Batgirl
Germany Team Kocherbote-C DA1E0DC2 DE 816-Batman
Germany Team Kocherbote-C DA1E16BD DE 817-Superman
Germany Team Kocherbote-C DA1E167F DE 818-Black Manta
Germany Team Kocherbote-C DAE0FB54 DE 819-Catwoman
Germany Team Kocherbote-D DADDF038 DE 820-Paco 1
Germany Team Kocherbote-D DAA6947F DE 823-Last Hope
Germany Team Kocherbote-D DA1DBEF8 DE 822-Blue Rain
Germany Team Kocherbote-D DA1DC104 DE 821-Blue Marc
Germany Team Kohl/Fuchs DA1DB8F5 DE 1031-Sousa
Germany Team Kohl/Fuchs DADDD9A9 DE 1032-Alves
Germany Team Kohl/Fuchs DAE33463 DE 1030-Oliveira
Germany Team Kohl/Fuchs DAB53273 DE 1029-Pessoa
Germany Team La Paloma-A-Feiffer DA029443 DE 1565-Sylt Bottrop 21
Germany Team La Paloma-A-Feiffer DAE409CE DE 1566-Sylt Bottrop 24
Germany Team La Paloma-A-Mathewes DAE40D5D DE 1567-Sylt Schoenebeck 1
Germany Team La Paloma-A-Mathewes DAE40DC5 DE 1568-Sylt Schoenebeck 2
Germany Team La Paloma-B-Fleschenberg DA1DB76A DE 1570-Sylt Essen 715
Germany Team La Paloma-B-Fleschenberg DA1E17B2 DE 1569-Sylt Essen 713
Germany Team La Paloma-B-Schmitz DA1DB936 DE 1572-Sylt Essen 731
Germany Team La Paloma-B-Schmitz DA1EEB7F DE 1571-Sylt Essen 729
Germany Team Ladies DAE0FC73 DE 1164-Hanno
Germany Team Ladies DA1DC055 DE 1161-Cora
Germany Team Ladies DAB190DE DE 1162-Petra
Germany Team Ladies DA1E1266 DE 1163-Manja
Germany Team Lady Kracher DA1E0A4C DE 2162-Anela
Germany Team Lady Kracher DA1DB4FE DE 2165-Lummerland
Germany Team Lady Kracher DA90FDA2 DE 2163-Greenbier
Germany Team Lehmkuhl & Esser DAE4084C DE 2454-LE 4
Germany Team Lehmkuhl & Esser DAE3C837 DE 2453-LE 3
Germany Team Lehmkuhl & Esser DAE4A8F2 DE 2451-LE 1
Germany Team Lehmkuhl & Esser DA05F62D DE 2452-LE 2
Germany Team Lepper-A DA1DBBB5 DE 2238-Roland
Germany Team Lepper-A DA856E89 DE 2239-Heike
Germany Team Lepper-A DA1EE71A DE 2241-Luca
Germany Team Lepper-B DAB16E90 DE 2245-Paul
Germany Team Lepper-B DAA69070 DE 2242-Melana
Germany Team Lepper-B DA1E18AA DE 2243-Ida
Germany Team Lepper-B DA197CC3 DE 2244-Maria
Germany Team Lepper-C DA1E14D3 DE 2246-Luna
Germany Team Lepper-C DA1DB30C DE 2249-Arno
Germany Team Lepper-C DA1DBE80 DE 2247-Martin
Germany Team Lepper-C DA1E11EB DE 2248-Sylwek
Germany Team Liemke DA1E12F8 DE 2097-Liemke 4
Germany Team Liemke DA1E096F DE 2096-Liemke 3
Germany Team Liemke DA028D9A DE 2095-Liemke 2
Germany Team Liemke DAE3C217 DE 2094-Liemke 1
Germany Team Lole BVB DA1EE50E DE 1594-Bambauer Power
Germany Team Lole BVB DA1F4344 DE 1595-Laura BVB
Germany Team Lole BVB DA1DA9FA DE 1593-Broessen Bretten
Germany Team Lole Fitschi DA1E0BEA DE 1600-Black Blue Power
Germany Team Lole Fitschi DAB18EA7 DE 1597-BVB Power
Germany Team Lole Fitschi DA1980F0 DE 1598-Havaland Power
Germany Team Lole Fitschi DA1E10D8 DE 1599-Erlung Power
Germany Team Lole Gernot DA1EF96C DE 1601-Lana
Germany Team Lole Gernot DA1E0B16 DE 1602-Jeane
Germany Team Lole Gernot DADDD7F4 DE 1603-Katharina
Germany Team Lole Gernot DAB18AD9 DE 1604-Carla
Germany Team Lole Peter DACA707E DE 1618-Pitbull 2
Germany Team Lole Peter DA1E1812 DE 1619-Pitbull 3
Germany Team Lole Peter DA91E437 DE 1617-Pitbull 1
Germany Team Lole Peter DA1E0BBA DE 1620-Pitbull 4
Germany Team Lucky Looser DA198255 DE 1457-Mika
Germany Team Lucky Looser DA028E7D DE 1460-Sophia
Germany Team Lucky Looser DA1EF805 DE 1459-Louisa
Germany Team Lucky Looser DA1E0DE0 DE 1458-Schnaffel
Germany Team Luedinghausen DA1DBB95 DE 2231-Vivi
Germany Team Luedinghausen DA1EED4C DE 2232-Alfredo
Germany Team Luedinghausen DA1CE0CC DE 2233-Gabu
Germany Team Luedinghausen DA1DBB72 DE 2230-Marianne
Germany Team Magic-A DA1F45C6 DE 2142-Lara
Germany Team Magic-A DA1E06BB DE 2145-Noppi 1
Germany Team Magic-A DA1F440E DE 2144-Mike 1
Germany Team Magic-B DA1E0EF9 DE 2149-Twist
Germany Team Magic-B DA1CDD03 DE 2146-Putti
Germany Team Magic-B DA05FAD7 DE 2147-Kleiner Blitz
Germany Team Magic-C DA1E0EA0 DE 2150-Schumi
Germany Team Magic-C DA1E16C8 DE 2153-Bucher
Germany Team Magic-C DA1EE69B DE 2151-Nellys-Mor
Germany Team Magic-C DAE406D9 DE 2152-Martin
Germany Team Magic-D DAE3C000 DE 2155-Otti
Germany Team Magic-D DA1DBB36 DE 2156-Mike3
Germany Team Magic-D DA1E0A3D DE 2154-Mina Kiya
Germany Team Magic-D DA1DBE2B DE 2157-Antonia
Germany Team Maingold DAB538FD DE 2627-Gold 2
Germany Team Maingold DA05EF3F DE 2628-Gold 3
Germany Team Maingold DA1E0F18 DE 2629-Gold 4
Germany Team Maingold DA028E9F DE 2626-Gold 1
Germany Team Manne DA1F4430 DE 1207-Tina
Germany Team Manne DA1E085D DE 1208-Susi
Germany Team Manne DA1DBAD0 DE 1206-Lennart
Germany Team Manne DA1DA95A DE 1205-Lilli
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DA1DBE6F DE 1698-Maxi 2
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DA91DA5E DE 1699-Maxi 3
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DA1E0F6E DE 1700-Maxi 4
Germany Team Maxi 99-A DA1E1956 DE 1697-Maxi 1
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DA1E07E8 DE 1701-Maxi 5
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DAE3CABE DE 1703-Maxi 7
Germany Team Maxi 99-B DA84FB9C DE 1704-Maxi 8
Germany Team Neubauer & Roehl DA1CE0B2 DE 968-Thriller
Germany Team Neubauer & Roehl DA1DBBBC DE 965-Janis
Germany Team Neubauer & Roehl DA1E058A DE 967-Tina
Germany Team Neubauer & Roehl DA1F43C0 DE 966-Casanova
Germany Team Pahl-Faber DA1E0F98 DE 2457-Bentley
Germany Team Pahl-Faber DA1EF8A1 DE 2458-Jeep
Germany Team Pahl-Faber DA1EEADE DE 2456-Alfa Romeo
Germany Team Pahl-Faber DAE3C929 DE 2455-Aston Martin
Germany Team Perschall DA1E176B DE 2188-Sylt Thomas
Germany Team Perschall DA1DB3A4 DE 2186-Sylt Assix
Germany Team Perschall DA1DB47A DE 2187-Sylt Caspo
Germany Team Perschall DA1E17CC DE 2189-Sylt Christina
Germany Team Phoenix DA1E153E DE 2744-Take That
Germany Team Phoenix DA1E16CD DE 2743-Blue Pheonix
Germany Team Phoenix DA1DB459 DE 2742-Coldplay
Germany Team Phoenix DA1E13F1 DE 2745-Bonte Pheonix
Germany Team Rheinair DADDD8AB DE 1921-Zyta 4
Germany Team Rheinair DA84FD17 DE 1920-Zyta 3
Germany Team Rheinair DAE3C264 DE 1918-Zyta 1
Germany Team Sachsen DA91DDE3 DE 1462-Flora 10
Germany Team Sachsen DA1E15F2 DE 1463-Merle 7
Germany Team Sachsen DA1E10C5 DE 1461-Linus 9
Germany Team Sandhasa DA1E0AAB DE 2527-Simon 3
Germany Team Sandhasa DADDED77 DE 2528-Frank 1081
Germany Team Sandhasa DA1F464C DE 2529-Matze 1017
Germany Team Sandhasa DA1EE2BB DE 2530-Matze 1018
Germany Team Sasse Welzel DA1F44C6 DE 1348-Loeb.-Abbac.1
Germany Team Sasse Welzel DA05F03D DE 1346-Abbac. C.d.Hu.4
Germany Team Sasse Welzel DA1DBFB6 DE 1345-Lewa.- Kes.Not.
Germany Team Sasse Welzel DA1DBF45 DE 1347-Moe.Ke.Br.-Meyer.3
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DA1DB74E DE 1592-Amaryllis
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DA1DC058 DE 1591-Orchidee
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DA1DB98D DE 1590-Dahlie
Germany Team Schlenk W. / Schwarm C / Schleich DA1EE9B4 DE 1589-Hortensie
Germany Team Schlossbergsegler DA1DB974 DE 2377-The Miche
Germany Team Schlossbergsegler DA1DB88D DE 2374-The Racer
Germany Team Schlossbergsegler DA1F42D5 DE 2375-The Pransite
Germany Team Schlossbergsegler DA1DB47B DE 2376-The Ignate
Germany Team Schneider-Gaust DADDDA5F DE 2505-Tornado
Germany Team Schneider-Gaust DAB16A19 DE 2506-Motiz
Germany Team Schneider-Gaust DA1E0D40 DE 2503-Spedy
Germany Team Schnellin DAA93108 DE 1009-Ralle-348
Germany Team Schnellin DA1DBBE1 DE 1012-Mery-354
Germany Team Schnellin DA1CE124 DE 1010-Ralle-349
Germany Team Schnellin DA1E18B7 DE 1011-Aaron-352
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DA1CE0CE DE 944-Nilo
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DA1E139C DE 946-Volga
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DA1F43D5 DE 947-Congo
Germany Team Seebachsiedler DA02B0E4 DE 948-Jams
Germany Team Sieghlust Oeching DA1E19F9 DE 2465-Richard
Germany Team Sieghlust Oeching DA1EE45E DE 2466-Manni
Germany Team Sieghlust Oeching DAB532CB DE 2463-Josef
Germany Team Sieghlust Oeching DAB188EC DE 2464-Berthold
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-A DA05F598 DE 2026-Marie
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-A DAE40550 DE 2027-Manus
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-A DAB18D8C DE 2028-Manuel
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-A DAE3CB14 DE 2029-Lisa
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-B DAB535DD DE 2033-Baebel
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-B DAE0FBFD DE 2030-Susanne
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-B DAE33335 DE 2031-Torsten
Germany Team Soehne Dr. Mildner-B DAB01E16 DE 2032-Horst
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-A DA1E14E1 DE 2542-SBM 4
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-A DA91E6F2 DE 2541-SBM 3
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-A DA028EC0 DE 2540-SBM 2
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-A DA1EE3BA DE 2539-SBM 1
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-B DA1E17FB DE 2544-SBM 6
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-B DADDF001 DE 2545-SBM 7
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-B DA1DC0F2 DE 2543-SBM 5
Germany Team Soellner, Buecher & Moeller-B DA1E0F0E DE 2546-SBM 8
Germany Team Spreewald DAB1C0DA DE 2596-Fuzeta
Germany Team Spreewald DAAAF61D DE 2598-Quelfes
Germany Team Spreewald DA1DBE0F DE 2595-Moncarapacho
Germany Team Spreewald DAE3C4A2 DE 2597-Pechao
Germany Team Staffel-Wesch DAA45B27 DE 2420-Ikarus
Germany Team Staffel-Wesch DAB16DBF DE 2419-DE 678
Germany Team Staffel-Wesch DA1DB886 DE 2422-Atene
Germany Team Staffel-Wesch DAE3C75E DE 2421-Xena
Germany Team Steppenwolf DAE402E4 DE 1549-Emma
Germany Team Steppenwolf DAE3CA24 DE 1552-Mia
Germany Team Steppenwolf DADDE3EE DE 1551-Sissy
Germany Team Steppenwolf DAB53D65 DE 1550-Nina
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DA1E099A DE 2309-Takaya
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DA1E173C DE 2308-Ariel
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DAE0BDB4 DE 2307-Nina
Germany Team Stieneker-Brueck-Trui DA1DBCDA DE 2306-Jasmin
Germany Team Sylt 2000-A-Berger DA1F4494 DE 1232-Sylt RB 362
Germany Team Sylt 2000-A-Berger DA1E1842 DE 1229-Sylt RB 359
Germany Team Sylt 2000-A-Berger DAE3C155 DE 1230-Sylt RB 360
Germany Team Sylt 2000-A-Berger DA1E068F DE 1231-Sylt RB 361
Germany Team Sylt 2000-B-Altmiks-Soudy DA1DC120 DE 1236-Sylt Skadi
Germany Team Sylt 2000-B-Altmiks-Soudy DA1E0A88 DE 1233-Sylt Suotva
Germany Team Sylt 2000-B-Altmiks-Soudy DA1E06E4 DE 1234-Sylt Abellio
Germany Team Sylt 2000-B-Altmiks-Soudy DA1EEAE2 DE 1235-Sylt Maui
Germany Team Sylt 2000-C-Aedtner DA1EEE64 DE 1237-Sylt Aedtner 1
Germany Team Sylt 2000-C-Aedtner DA1DC079 DE 1238-Sylt Aedtner 2
Germany Team Sylt 2000-C-Fricke – Luebbert DA1EF91E DE 1240-Sylt Lady
Germany Team Sylt 2000-C-Fricke – Luebbert DA1CDE3E DE 1239-Sylt Queen
Germany Team Sylt 2000-D-Groene DA1DBC6E DE 1242-Sylt Groene 2
Germany Team Sylt 2000-D-Groene DA1DBEA1 DE 1243-Sylt Groene 3
Germany Team Sylt 2000-D-Groene DA1EEBDD DE 1244-Sylt Groene 4
Germany Team Sylt 2000-D-Groene DAE0FD34 DE 1241-Sylt Groene 1
Germany Team Sylt 2000-E-Gerrits DA91DC26 DE 1245-Sylt Gerrits
Germany Team Sylt 2000-E-Hallmann DAB19EC2 DE 1246-Sylt Hallmann
Germany Team Sylt 2000-E-Schubring DA1DC110 DE 1248-Sylt Tamar
Germany Team Sylt 2000-E-Schubring DA1E193E DE 1247-Sylt Sarai
Germany Team Sylt 2000-F-Becker DA1EECF6 DE 1249-Sylt Becker
Germany Team Sylt 2000-F-Daum-Thun DA02975F DE 1250-Sylt Thun
Germany Team Sylt 2000-F-Heun DA1EF42A DE 1252-Sylt Heun
Germany Team Sylt 2000-G-Wolvers DADDDDD7 DE 1253-Sylt Wolvers 1
Germany Team Sylt 2000-G-Wolvers DA05F65A DE 1255-Sylt Wolvers 3
Germany Team Sylt 2000-G-Wolvers DAE40679 DE 1254-Sylt Wolvers 2
Germany Team Sylt 2000-G-Wolvers DAE3BFE3 DE 1256-Sylt Wolvers 4
Germany Team Sylt 2000-H-Schubring DA02B49E DE 1259-Sylt Deborah
Germany Team Sylt 2000-H-Schubring DA1CE072 DE 1258-Sylt Damaris
Germany Team Sylt 2000-H-Schubring DA1EEA7E DE 1257-Sylt Dalila
Germany Team Sylt 2000-H-Schubring DA1CE123 DE 1260-Sylt Salome
Germany Team Taubenfreunde DAB0F195 DE 2697-King
Germany Team Taubenfreunde DA856BC4 DE 2695-Lucia
Germany Team Taubenfreunde DADDDE50 DE 2696-Maya
Germany Team Taubenfreunde DA1E161E DE 2694-Hugo
Germany Team Trepte, Arndt & Marcus DA1F45F5 DE 2547-Graefin
Germany Team Trepte, Arndt & Marcus DA1E1720 DE 2550-Koenigin
Germany Team Trepte, Arndt & Marcus DA05ED45 DE 2548-Prinzessin
Germany Team Trepte, Arndt & Marcus DA05F6DA DE 2549-Weissschnabel
Germany Team Turteltauben-A DAE3C9AC DE 1764-Seute Deern
Germany Team Turteltauben-A DAE3CA08 DE 1765-Sweet Sixty
Germany Team Turteltauben-A DAE33591 DE 1762-I have a dream
Germany Team Turteltauben-A DA0297EA DE 1763-Frankie goes to Hollywood
Germany Team Turteltauben-B DAE0FAAF DE 1769-Goldwings
Germany Team Turteltauben-B DAE0BD5E DE 1768-Passanger 57
Germany Team Turteltauben-B DAA94581 DE 1767-Pearl Hamburg
Germany Team Turteltauben-B DA1DBD03 DE 1766-Hans Albers
Germany Team Unterelbe DA19840B DE 1654-Beta 7
Germany Team Unterelbe DA1E0CE9 DE 1656-Delta 7
Germany Team Unterelbe DA1EEB06 DE 1655-Gamm 7
Germany Team Unterelbe DA1E1306 DE 1653-Alpha 7
Germany Team Varus DADDDD6E DE 1681-Herninie
Germany Team Varus DAB536F4 DE 1684-Ovo
Germany Team Varus DAAFFE5C DE 1683-Adda
Germany Team Vasco da Gama DA1EECCC DE 2573-Westfalenperle
Germany Team Vasco da Gama DA1E1409 DE 2574-Alma 307
Germany Team Vasco da Gama DA1E06A2 DE 2572-Janis Joplin
Germany Team Vasco da Gama DA1E16C7 DE 2571-Blockbuster 78
Germany Team Vikings-A DA1E0E45 DE 2588-Goji
Germany Team Vikings-A DA1F466B DE 2587-Castanha
Germany Team Vikings-A DA1F452D DE 2590-Limão
Germany Team Vikings-A DA1DBA1A DE 2589-Gengibre
Germany Team Vikings-B DA1E1A4E DE 2592-Maracujá
Germany Team Vikings-B DAB19750 DE 2591-Lima
Germany Team Vikings-B DAB03DBC DE 2593-Tangerina
Germany Team Vikings-B DA02B1CE DE 2594-Uva
Germany Team Waldeck-A DA05F339 DE 1497-Mila
Germany Team Waldeck-A DADDE51D DE 1498-Jale
Germany Team Waldeck-A DA029357 DE 1500-Michael
Germany Team Waldeck-A DA91CE81 DE 1499-Sven
Germany Team Waldeck-B DA19814D DE 1504-Sigi
Germany Team Waldeck-B DA1CE0E5 DE 1503-Ute
Germany Team Waldeck-B DA1DBBAC DE 1502-Miriam
Germany Team Waldeck-B DA1E0637 DE 1501-Amy
Germany Team Waldeck-C DA1DBAE8 DE 1508-Patricia
Germany Team Waldeck-C DAB0241E DE 1506-Thomas
Germany Team Waldeck-C DA1DBD0E DE 1507-Anie
Germany Team Waldeck-C DA1E0D94 DE 1505-Muergen
Germany Team Werne-A DA1E1380 DE 2221-Ingo
Germany Team Werne-A DA1E0983 DE 2220-Claudia
Germany Team Werne-A DA1F461A DE 2218-Martin
Germany Team Werne-A DA1E110F DE 2219-Patrick
Germany Team Werne-B DAB0038A DE 2224-Werne 3
Germany Team Werne-B DA05FCF7 DE 2223-Werne 2
Germany Team Werne-B DAB53D41 DE 2222-Werne 1
Germany Team Werne-B DA1E0722 DE 2225-Werne 4
Germany Team Wildpferde DA1E151B DE 1305-Ditsch
Germany Team Wildpferde DAAFFE6B DE 1308-Goofy
Germany Team Wildpferde DA1F442A DE 1306-Dousy
Germany Team Wildpferde DADDD71F DE 1307-Micki
Germany Team Winkelhahn-Schenk DA1DB95E DE 1489-Willi
Germany Team Winkelhahn-Schenk DA05F727 DE 1492-Lara
Germany Team Winkelhahn-Schenk DA91DB1C DE 1491-Fritz
Germany Team Winkelhahn-Schenk DA1DC007 DE 1490-Klara
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-A DAB0C931 DE 1992-Jaime
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-A DAB541A1 DE 1990-Cersei
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-A DAE40AD0 DE 1993-Brienne
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-A DA02AA12 DE 1991-Tyrion
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-B DAE3C4CE DE 1995-Theon
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-B DA84FAF3 DE 1996-Missandei
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-B DADDE774 DE 1997-Jorah
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-B DA197FAC DE 1994-Bran
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-C DA02B1FA DE 2001-Sandor
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-C DA1E139D DE 2000-Lord Varys
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-C DA1E0F84 DE 1998-Melisandre
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-C DAE3C64F DE 1999-Samuell
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-D DAE40C5B DE 2004-Florki
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-D DAE0FE7A DE 2005-Ivar
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-D DAE40BF2 DE 2003-Bjorn
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-D DADDAEEF DE 2002-Lagertha
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-E DA91DD3D DE 2007-Ubbe
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-E DADDDF13 DE 2006-Rello
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-E DAE0BE64 DE 2008-Torvi
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-E DA85713B DE 2009-Harald
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-F DADDEDC0 DE 2010-Daenerys
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-F DAB53DE4 DE 2011-Jon
Germany Team Wolf – Wolvers-F DAE0FCDD DE 2012-Sansa
Germany Team Wolfsberg DA1E1206 DE 1891-Jimi
Germany Team Wolfsberg DA1DB9C4 DE 1890-Sheryl
Germany Team Wolfsberg DA1DBA6D DE 1893-Aretha
Germany Team Wolfsberg DA1DC051 DE 1892-Alison
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-A DAE335F4 DE 2322-Lylli
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-A DAE3C511 DE 2323-Lenny
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-A DAB54195 DE 2324-Kristiaan
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-A DAA9286C DE 2325-Randy
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-B DAE332C3 DE 2328-Bija
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-B DAE4092F DE 2326-Kosova 300
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-B DAE3C0DE DE 2327-Kosova 301
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-B DA856B9C DE 2329-Levin
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-C DADDE8CC DE 2331-Sister Red Fire
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-C DA05ED77 DE 2332-Killel Boy
Germany Team Zeppelin HBR-C DA1E18FD DE 2333-Killel Woman
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-A DA1DBD41 DE 1210-RUHR 12
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-A DADDDA0A DE 1211-RUHR 13
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-A DA1EEE3A DE 1209-RUHR 11
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-A DA1DBEC4 DE 1212-RUHR 14
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-B DA1E0B51 DE 1213-RUHR 21
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-B DA1E0F9B DE 1216-RUHR 24
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-B DA1E183E DE 1214-RUHR 22
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-B DAB1C20A DE 1215-RUHR 23
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-C DA1E1090 DE 1217-RUHR 31
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-C DA1E196E DE 1218-RUHR 32
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-C DA1EEBF9 DE 1219-RUHR 33
Germany Team Zollverein-Thielen-C DAB53D39 DE 1220-RUHR 34
Germany Thomas Fey DA1E09F4 DE 1512-Annabell
Germany Thomas Fey DA1E11BC DE 1511-Alwin
Germany Thomas Fey DA1E19C6 DE 1510-Evrin
Germany Thomas Fey DA1CDCC2 DE 1509-Tiril
Germany TKKG DAB53873 DE 2716-Pretty Wilma
Germany TKKG DA1E063E DE 2717-Blue Falcon
Germany TKKG DA1EE708 DE 2715-Skywalker
Germany TKKG DA1E162A DE 2714-Green Henry
Germany Tobias Ibing-A DA1E0C51 DE 2611-Jackpot Master
Germany Tobias Ibing-A DA1DB789 DE 2614-Ibing’s Eleven
Germany Tobias Ibing-A DA1DBDCC DE 2613-Prima inter Pares
Germany Tobias Ibing-A DA1DB9DD DE 2612-Algarve Diamond
Germany Tobias Ibing-B DA1E1715 DE 2616-Bentayga
Germany Tobias Ibing-B DA1E099E DE 2615-Hulapalu
Germany Tobias Ibing-B DA1E1A58 DE 2617-Eleanor
Germany U.+ D. Fritz DAB541AD DE 2718-Carolina
Germany U.+ D. Fritz DA1DBB15 DE 2720-Karli
Germany U.+ D. Fritz DA1E12DE DE 2719-Kiri
Germany U.+ D. Fritz DA1DBD1A DE 2721-Ridle
Germany Walter Agler DADDE8FE DE 1576-Mona A
Germany Walter Agler DAE3C437 DE 1573-Aligator
Germany Walter Agler DA029353 DE 1575-Mia S
Germany Walter Naumann-A DA05F847 DE 1274-Felix
Germany Walter Naumann-A DAB19599 DE 1275-Julian
Germany Walter Naumann-A DA05FDC3 DE 1273-Johanna
Germany Walter Naumann-A DA029593 DE 1276-Loki 21
Germany Walter Naumann-B DA8564C0 DE 1279-Argo
Germany Walter Naumann-B DAE3C7D8 DE 1280-Gokart
Germany Walter Naumann-B DAE3C6B9 DE 1278-Johannes
Germany Walter Naumann-B DAE3C13D DE 1277-Luke Atlas
Germany Walter Thun (Sylt) DA1DB004 DE 2620-Sylt Walter 2
Germany Walter Thun (Sylt) DA1F43FE DE 2621-Sylt Walter 3
Germany Walter Thun (Sylt) DA1E0602 DE 2619-Sylt Walter 1
Germany Warnowfighter DADDEB57 DE 1624-Ilona
Germany Warnowfighter DAE3C3CF DE 1621-Jannes
Germany Warnowfighter DA1EF80A DE 1622-Lena
Germany Warnowfighter DAB53D82 DE 1623-Luisa
Germany Welters & Pohl DA1E0A7A DE 1932-Steppenwolf
Germany Welters & Pohl DA1DBA21 DE 1933-Nathan der Weise
Germany Welters & Pohl DA1DBC5D DE 1931-Zidane
Germany Welters & Pohl DA1EE4C0 DE 1930-Maradona
Germany Wings To Fly DA1F43DB DE 2384-Lightning 068
Germany Wings To Fly DAB536C9 DE 2383-Thunderstorm 069
Germany Wings To Fly DA1E0DC8 DE 2385-Tornado 070
Germany Wings To Fly DA1EED55 DE 2382-Storm 067
Germany Wirbel-Wings DAE100EF DE 1090-Johannes T. Boe
Germany Wirbel-Wings DA1DBC65 DE 1089-Tiril Eckhoff
Germany Wirbel-Wings DA05EF0C DE 1092-Marte Olsbu R
Germany Witzel Ch und R DA1E12CA DE 2533-Betti
Germany Witzel Ch und R DAB53943 DE 2534-Chris
Germany Witzel Ch und R DA1E06F7 DE 2531-Ralle
Germany Witzel Ch und R DA1DBD36 DE 2532-Rebchen
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DA1DBEAB DE 1676-Kroesa
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DA05F807 DE 1675-Lina
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DA1E12A7 DE 1674-Alfred
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-A DA856077 DE 1673-Michael
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DA1CE12C DE 1680-Pelle
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DADDDAE9 DE 1679-Boobmann
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DA1E05D8 DE 1678-Scrollen
Germany Wolfram Coesfeld-B DA1E17BA DE 1677-Maja
Germany Wolter-A DAB19522 DE 1962-Gino 891
Germany Wolter-A DA1CE103 DE 1965-Roeper 884
Germany Wolter-A DA1E1252 DE 1963-Koch 894
Germany Wolter-A DAA69608 DE 1964-Gino 881
Germany Wolter-B DA1DBDA4 DE 1967-Peter 943
Germany Wolter-B DA1CE120 DE 1968-Gino 905
Germany Wolter-B DA1E11FF DE 1966-Red Gino 903
Germany Wolter-B DAB54160 DE 1969-Roeper 911
Germany Y. Gudz DAE0FD2C DE 1292-Zara
Germany Y. Gudz DA1DB10D DE 1291-Scheki
Germany Y. Gudz DA1CE0D4 DE 1290-Barbi
Germany Y. Gudz DADD60EA DE 1289-Lessi
Germany Yayla & Ersoy Pigeon DA8572D5 DE 2492-Melek
Germany Yayla & Ersoy Pigeon DADD60ED DE 2491-Ella
Germany Yayla & Ersoy Pigeon DA1E0AB4 DE 2493-Cobra
Germany Yayla & Ersoy Pigeon DA856188 DE 2494-Marmaris
Germany Zahnfee DA1DBD90 DE 1528-Shadow
Germany Zahnfee DA1DB2BD DE 1527-Sophie
Germany Zahnfee DA1E1101 DE 1525-Hachiko
Germany Zahnfee DA1DBF42 DE 1526-Lucy
Germany ZG Haas-Moose-Menges DAB16FC8 DE 2671-Elenor
Germany ZG Haas-Moose-Menges DAE40BE9 DE 2670-Shakira
Germany ZG Haas-Moose-Menges DAB16BD1 DE 2672-Athena
Germany ZG Haas-Moose-Menges DA1DB41B DE 2673-Cleo
Germany Zollverein Napierala DA1E0C9C DE 1265-Essen
Germany Zollverein Napierala DA1CE0EB DE 1266-Watterscheid
Germany Zollverein Napierala DA1DBB46 DE 1267-Achim
Germany Zollverein Napierala DA05F829 DE 1268-Leon
Greece G&B Karabourniotis DA1DB1E2 GR 3576-Amor-Perfeito
Greece G&B Karabourniotis DA1DC018 GR 3578-Cravo
Greece G&B Karabourniotis DA1E0E1E GR 3579-Gerbera
Greece G&B Karabourniotis DA1E1893 GR 3577-Boca-de-Leão
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-A DA1DBB80 GR 3568-Maxim 201
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-A DA1E0963 GR 3570-Maxim 206
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-A DA02988C GR 3571-Maxim 207
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-A DA1F449A GR 3569-Maxim 202
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-B DA1EEC54 GR 3574-Maxim 218
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-B DAE33435 GR 3575-Maxim 215
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-B DA02AF23 GR 3573-Maxim 214
Greece Kontogiannis Athanasios-B DA1DBDF7 GR 3572-Maxim 213
Greece Spirou Kostas-Mamidas George DAE40D49 GR 3567-SK 4
Greece Spirou Kostas-Mamidas George DA1DB68A GR 3566-SK 3
Greece Spirou Kostas-Mamidas George DADDD823 GR 3565-SK 2
Greece Spirou Kostas-Mamidas George DADDD625 GR 3564-SK 1
Hungary Karoly Plochl DA1EEB72 HU 3616-Love
Hungary Karoly Plochl DAB18C43 HU 3617-Spirit
Hungary Karoly Plochl DA1DBDBD HU 3618-Thunder
Hungary Karoly Plochl DA1DA991 HU 3619-Horus
Hungary Team Krizsai & Potter & Pinter Pigeon DADDE5A0 HU 3613-KPP 605
Hungary Team Krizsai & Potter & Pinter Pigeon DA855A1F HU 3612-KPP 601
Hungary Team Krizsai & Potter & Pinter Pigeon DAB18C55 HU 3614-KPP 411
Hungary Team Krizsai & Potter & Pinter Pigeon DAA931E5 HU 3615-KPP 612
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels DA1EE43D IE 3740-George
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels DA1E06FB IE 3741-Rose
Ireland Alan & Suzanne Daniels DAA695C8 IE 3743-Sarah
Ireland Alan Knowles DA1F4A8E IE 3977-Bronski 2
Ireland Alan Knowles DA1EEC9D IE 3976-Bronski 1
Ireland Alan Knowles DA1DAC53 IE 3978-Bronski 3
Ireland Alan Knowles DA198156 IE 3979-Bronski 4
Ireland Andy Quirke-A DA1DB770 IE 3855-The Pocket Rocket
Ireland Andy Quirke-A DAA94694 IE 3852-Wingman
Ireland Andy Quirke-A DA1E094C IE 3854-The Golden Bullet
Ireland Andy Quirke-A DA90FBBE IE 3853-The Wizard
Ireland Andy Quirke-B DA05F0AB IE 3858-Speedy
Ireland Andy Quirke-B DA1DB147 IE 3856-Trurbo
Ireland Andy Quirke-B DA1E066A IE 3859-Lambo
Ireland Andy Quirke-B DA1E0F7C IE 3857-Sky Queen
Ireland B+M Lofts DA1EE32B IE 3971-Cambridge
Ireland B+M Lofts DA1EEB98 IE 3968-Coventry
Ireland B+M Lofts DAE40899 IE 3969-Nottingham
Ireland B+M Lofts DA1E05CB IE 3970-Brighton
Ireland Chris Melligan-A DA1E125B IE 3958-Michael Kors
Ireland Chris Melligan-A DA1F453D IE 3957-Lacoste
Ireland Chris Melligan-A DA05F643 IE 3956-Louis Vuitton
Ireland Chris Melligan-B DA1EE3B3 IE 3963-Armani
Ireland Chris Melligan-B DA1E0FED IE 3962-Dior
Ireland Chris Melligan-B DA1EEAAE IE 3961-Hugo Boss
Ireland Chris Melligan-B DA84FC1D IE 3960-Calvin Klein
Ireland Chris Melligan-C DA1DC090 IE 3966-Prada
Ireland Chris Melligan-C DA1DBD97 IE 3965-Ralph Lauren
Ireland Chris Melligan-C DA1E187A IE 3967-Versace
Ireland Chris Melligan-C DA1E07E5 IE 3964-Ray Ban
Ireland Christopher Carr-A DA1DBD1B IE 3865-Clare
Ireland Christopher Carr-A DAA694EF IE 3866-Christine
Ireland Christopher Carr-A DA1DBD48 IE 3867-Lauren
Ireland Christopher Carr-A DA1E0765 IE 3864-Annie
Ireland Christopher Carr-B DAE32A9F IE 3869-Christy
Ireland Christopher Carr-B DA1EE4FF IE 3870-Sky Blue
Ireland Christopher Carr-B DA84F6E0 IE 3871-Roxy
Ireland Christopher Carr-B DA1DB62D IE 3868-Tropic of C
Ireland Conor Hunt & Georgie Farrel DA1DBB5B IE 3990-Juno
Ireland Conor Hunt & Georgie Farrel DA1E0DD4 IE 3988-Rosie
Ireland Conor Hunt & Georgie Farrel DA1F4715 IE 3989-Porgy Junior
Ireland Cullys Corner Lofts DA1DBDF3 IE 3954-Jayme
Ireland Cullys Corner Lofts DA1DBD18 IE 3953-Jenna
Ireland Cullys Corner Lofts DA05FECC IE 3952-Bryana
Ireland Cullys Corner Lofts DA1E0B53 IE 3955-Brandon
Ireland D.F.L. DA028F0B IE 4004-Riley
Ireland D.F.L. DA1E098C IE 4006-Megan
Ireland D.F.L. DA1DBF70 IE 4005-Junior
Ireland D.F.L. DA1E13AF IE 4007-Nicola
Ireland Derek Ennis-A DA05FAF5 IE 3844-Ferrari 557
Ireland Derek Ennis-A DAA68FF5 IE 3846-Ferrari 586
Ireland Derek Ennis-A DAB535C8 IE 3845-Ferrari 501
Ireland Derek Ennis-A DA1DAB55 IE 3847-Ferrari 561
Ireland Derek Ennis-B DA198183 IE 3848-David Lofts 1
Ireland Derek Ennis-B DA198075 IE 3851-David Lofts 4
Ireland Derek Ennis-B DA1E07A6 IE 3849-David Lofts 2
Ireland Derek Ennis-B DA1CE0FB IE 3850-David Lofts 3
Ireland Des Irwin DA1E1ABD IE 3975-CH 3
Ireland Des Irwin DA1F4673 IE 3972-CH 1
Ireland Des Irwin DA197CC6 IE 3973-CH 2
Ireland Des Irwin DA1E15F8 IE 3974-Pied
Ireland Dickey+Reilly DA05FECB IE 3984-Dickey 49
Ireland Dickey+Reilly DA1DC17C IE 3985-Dickey 50
Ireland Dickey+Reilly DA1E1772 IE 3987-Dickey 40
Ireland Dickey+Reilly DA1DB3DC IE 3986-Dickey 17
Ireland Donnelly & Kirkwood DA1E17EB IE 3666-Karl
Ireland Donnelly & Kirkwood DA1EEB34 IE 3664-Canson
Ireland Donnelly & Kirkwood DA1E08DD IE 3667-Irish Pride
Ireland Donnelly & Kirkwood DA02AE1B IE 3665-Willow
Ireland East Wallers-A DA02979B IE 3799-Tarahill 1
Ireland East Wallers-A DA1E0802 IE 3796-Mia
Ireland East Wallers-A DA1E06DD IE 3797-One for Aldo
Ireland East Wallers-A DA1EF94C IE 3798-Sophia
Ireland East Wallers-B DA1E06ED IE 3802-Tarahill 2
Ireland East Wallers-B DA05F701 IE 3803-Yoyo 1
Ireland East Wallers-B DA1E1219 IE 3800-Tarahill 3
Ireland East Wallers-B DA1E12AA IE 3801-Tarahill 4
Ireland Eddie McAlinden DA1E15D5 IE 3983-Downshire Silver
Ireland Eddie McAlinden DA1EF5AC IE 3981-Downshire Blue
Ireland Eddie McAlinden DA1DB775 IE 3980-Downshire Red
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-A DA1E0D91 IE 3921-Spitting Marry
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-A DA198338 IE 3920-Mammy Life
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-A DA1DB71D IE 3922-Lena-Ho
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-B DA1E0E89 IE 3927-Mary
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-B DAE332D2 IE 3924-Fair Lass
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-B DA1CE037 IE 3925-Cash the Piper
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-B DA1DBB2B IE 3926-Brigett
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-C DA1E15B0 IE 3929-Mc Fly
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-C DA1DBC3D IE 3930-Queney
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-C DA05F93B IE 3931-Nan
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-C DA91D066 IE 3928-The Bolax
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-D DA1DBE5C IE 3932-Chop Girl
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-D DA1E16A3 IE 3933-Spick
Ireland Fair Green Lofts-D DA1E0AAD IE 3934-Ra Gril
Ireland Farrell – McLoughlin-A DA1DBF2A IE 3773-Maia
Ireland Farrell – McLoughlin-A DA91E586 IE 3775-Lightning
Ireland Farrell – McLoughlin-A DA1E1298 IE 3774-Big T
Ireland Farrell – McLoughlin-B DA1E175F IE 3778-Connie – Boy
Ireland Farrell – McLoughlin-B DA1E197C IE 3779-Bock – Lad
Ireland Galway Tribesmen DAB5338B IE 3745-GBM Legend
Ireland Galway Tribesmen DA1EEC07 IE 3744-Dancer
Ireland Galway Tribesmen DA1EEC4A IE 3747-Holly’s Pride
Ireland Galway Tribesmen DA1DBC19 IE 3746-Lady Flash
Ireland Gerry McCourt DAA45C74 IE 3674-Sonny
Ireland Gerry McCourt DA05FDEB IE 3673-Kate
Ireland Gerry McCourt DA1F442E IE 3675-Cathleen
Ireland Gerry McCourt DAB536A9 IE 3672-Adam
Ireland Green, White & Gold DAA35AF6 IE 3992-The Revaluation
Ireland Green, White & Gold DA1DBE72 IE 3995-The RA
Ireland Green, White & Gold DA02B0AE IE 3994-Molly Malone
Ireland Green, White & Gold DA1DBB61 IE 3993-Michael Collins
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-A DA1E1071 IE 3622-HK 415
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-A DA1E101F IE 3623-HK 427
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-A DA1E11EC IE 3620-HK 419
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-A DA1DC05C IE 3621-HK 418
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-B DA1CDC87 IE 3624-HK 405
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-B DADDE838 IE 3625-HK 408
Ireland Hennie Kallmeyer-B DA1E0FA4 IE 3626-HK 424
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A DAA9522B IE 3896-Sky Ace
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A DA1E09EC IE 3898-Irish Pharoah
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A DA1E0F93 IE 3899-Roberto
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-A DA1F43C1 IE 3897-Bravo
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-B DA198309 IE 3900-Blinding Lights
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-B DA028E0A IE 3902-Sea Breeze
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-B DAE0BF80 IE 3903-Strike Gold
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-C DA1EF960 IE 3906-Big Fella
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-C DA1EF398 IE 3907-Bold Venture
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-C DAB1916F IE 3905-OBI Flyer
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-C DAB1953A IE 3904-Carlow Cruiser
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-D DA1EE780 IE 3911-Stitch
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-D DA1EEA96 IE 3910-Lilo
Ireland High Hopes Syndicate-D DA05FA24 IE 3909-Blacky
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-A DA05FD52 IE 3749-Annais Girl
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-A DA1F44DA IE 3748-Lynna’s Girl
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-A DA02AF1D IE 3751-Lucky Stefanie
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-B DA8572B4 IE 3752-Harry
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-B DA1EF731 IE 3755-Maggie
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-B DA1E143E IE 3754-Mary
Ireland J. Hamilton & M. Janssens-B DA1DBD7F IE 3753-Jamie
Ireland Jack Emerson-A DA1CE130 IE 3884-Ferrari 582
Ireland Jack Emerson-A DA1E1289 IE 3885-Ferrari 574
Ireland Jack Emerson-A DAE0FE1F IE 3886-Ferrari 682
Ireland Jack Emerson-A DA1DB54E IE 3887-Ferrari 595
Ireland Jack Emerson-B DA05FAA4 IE 3890-Ferrari 575
Ireland Jack Emerson-B DAB01E88 IE 3891-Ferrari 550
Ireland Jack Emerson-B DADDD578 IE 3888-Ferrari 572
Ireland Jack Emerson-B DA1DBD0F IE 3889-Ferrari 592
Ireland Jack Emerson-C DA1E17FA IE 3895-Bella
Ireland Jack Emerson-C DAB53D71 IE 3894-Katie
Ireland Jack Emerson-C DA1F43EF IE 3893-Jason
Ireland Jack Emerson-C DA1EEA86 IE 3892-Lorcan
Ireland Jackpot Lofts DAE3C36B IE 3668-Mine Liem
Ireland Jackpot Lofts DA1F4453 IE 3669-Avoca
Ireland Jackpot Lofts DA1E131C IE 3671-Jackpot
Ireland Jackpot Lofts DA1EE8C7 IE 3670-Prime Lime
Ireland JC Syndicate-A DA1DA9D5 IE 3839-Joss 44
Ireland JC Syndicate-A DA1E0A6F IE 3838-Magic Anna
Ireland JC Syndicate-A DA1E0793 IE 3837-Flash Annie
Ireland JC Syndicate-B DA1DAA29 IE 3841-Bronx Princess
Ireland JC Syndicate-B DAB5322F IE 3840-Feldon Queen
Ireland JC Syndicate-B DA1E0FD5 IE 3842-Wee Patti
Ireland JC Syndicate-B DA1E12E9 IE 3843-Golden Ticket
Ireland John Kenny DA1E13D0 IE 3676-Tim
Ireland John Kenny DA1F45E6 IE 3679-Polly
Ireland John Kenny DA1E06A9 IE 3678-Tess
Ireland John McDermot DA1E1308 IE 3805-Freddie
Ireland John McDermot DA1DBE00 IE 3804-Red Keelo
Ireland John McDermot DA1E10FA IE 3806-Old Mac
Ireland John McDermot DA05EE38 IE 3807-Lauren
Ireland John Nash DA1DB373 IE 3693-Amie
Ireland John Nash DA197E84 IE 3692-Aine
Ireland John Nash DA1DBD05 IE 3694-Annette
Ireland John Nash DA1E0F64 IE 3695-Craig
Ireland Johnson Brothers-A DA1DA9BE IE 3789-Celtic Ghirl
Ireland Johnson Brothers-A DA1E1244 IE 3788-Celtic Bhoy
Ireland Johnson Brothers-A DA1E0976 IE 3791-1888
Ireland Johnson Brothers-B DA1F46BF IE 3792-Celtic Park
Ireland Johnson Brothers-B DA1CE0E3 IE 3793-Celtic Forever
Ireland Johnson Brothers-B DA029556 IE 3794-Paradise
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-A DA1DBB81 IE 3756-Celtic Lad
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-A DA91DBF5 IE 3757-Celtic Girl
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-A DA1E0761 IE 3759-Jamie’s Boy
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-A DA1DBB20 IE 3758-Jamie 2
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-B DA1DBD85 IE 3763-LPDC King
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-B DA1E08E5 IE 3761-Tricia’s Girl
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-B DA1F4497 IE 3760-Katleen Girl
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-B DA1DBAC4 IE 3762-Bombers Bulletts
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-C DADDDD05 IE 3766-Moll
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-C DA1E0BE1 IE 3765-Northstar
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-C DA1DB5DF IE 3767-Man of War
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-D DA1EE424 IE 3768-Ragnar
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-D DAA45D85 IE 3769-Ball in Gate Bullett
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-D DA1E0678 IE 3771-Mochara
Ireland Leinster Premier & Johns Bar-D DA1E0BA3 IE 3770-Laura’s Lass
Ireland M&M Syndicate-A DA1E10C0 IE 3631-Ferrari 504
Ireland M&M Syndicate-A DA1DAA59 IE 3629-Ferrari 587
Ireland M&M Syndicate-A DA1DC0C1 IE 3630-Ferrari 545
Ireland M&M Syndicate-A DA1F42B3 IE 3628-Ferrari 553
Ireland M&M Syndicate-B DA1E081C IE 3632-Ferrari 505
Ireland M&M Syndicate-B DA1E151C IE 3635-Ferrari 547
Ireland M&M Syndicate-B DA1E0984 IE 3634-Ferrari 597
Ireland M&M Syndicate-B DAB191BB IE 3633-Ferrari 681
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-A DA1E13FD IE 3636-Liadain 1
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-A DA1E124F IE 3637-Liadain 2
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-A DA1E186D IE 3639-Liadain 4
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-A DA1E1A60 IE 3638-Liadain 3
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-B DA1E082E IE 3643-Cadlan 4
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-B DADDE4C8 IE 3641-Cadlan 2
Ireland Maurice O’Donnell-B DA1DAC00 IE 3642-Cadlan 3
Ireland Melincescu Pigeon Loft DA1DBD1E IE 3948-Greg 28
Ireland Melincescu Pigeon Loft DAB03BE8 IE 3951-Greg 35
Ireland Melincescu Pigeon Loft DA1DC004 IE 3950-Greg 32
Ireland Melincescu Pigeon Loft DA1E0D95 IE 3949-Greg 30
Ireland Michael Hanaway DA1EEDEF IE 3947-Ferrari 540
Ireland Michael Hanaway DA1DBB91 IE 3944-Ferrari 599
Ireland Michael Hanaway DA1DB7A9 IE 3945-Ferrari 531
Ireland Monsterrace Warriors DA1E0949 IE 4000-Monsterrace Warrior
Ireland Monsterrace Warriors DA1E0601 IE 4001-Deily The Warrior R.
Ireland Monsterrace Warriors DA1CE0D7 IE 4002-Good Girl Sophie
Ireland Monsterrace Warriors DA1E1268 IE 4003-Jack the Lad
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-A DA0296CE IE 3680-Chiabo
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-A DA1DAB2F IE 3681-Tequila Girl
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-A DA84F6F0 IE 3682-Fighting Ellen
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-B DA1F4544 IE 3687-Muchacho
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-B DA1E08B8 IE 3684-Andyman
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-B DA1DB6E7 IE 3686-Senorita
Ireland Moran Bowden Lopez Vergara-B DA1E0641 IE 3685-Becca Boo Bop
Ireland O’Donnel-Ifrim DAAAF59A IE 3644-Ferrari 554
Ireland O’Donnel-Ifrim DA1E070D IE 3645-Ferrari 551
Ireland O’Donnel-Ifrim DA1E1A49 IE 3646-Ferrari 612
Ireland O’Donnell / Cullimore DA1EED63 IE 3651-Ferrari 620
Ireland O’Donnell / Cullimore DA05F2E1 IE 3648-Ferrari 556
Ireland O’Donnell / Cullimore DAB53CD3 IE 3649-Ferrari 552
Ireland O’Donnell / Cullimore DA1DBF5D IE 3650-Ferrari 516
Ireland O’donnell/Halpin DA1E0E13 IE 3653-Ferrari 568
Ireland O’donnell/Halpin DA1E1A39 IE 3654-Ferrari 559
Ireland O’donnell/Halpin DA1E0D60 IE 3652-Ferrari 558
Ireland O’donnell/Halpin DA1E0730 IE 3655-Ferrari 514
Ireland O’Donnell/Smith DA1E085F IE 3656-Ferrari 548
Ireland O’Donnell/Smith DA068495 IE 3657-Ferrari 567
Ireland O’Donnell/Smith DA1DC068 IE 3658-Ferrari 570
Ireland O’Donnell/Smith DAE0FA94 IE 3659-Ferrari 549
Ireland Our Wee Country-A DA1EF81C IE 3809-Magi 2
Ireland Our Wee Country-A DA1F44EB IE 3811-Magi 4
Ireland Our Wee Country-A DA1E11D6 IE 3810-Magi 3
Ireland Our Wee Country-A DA1E0833 IE 3808-Magi 1
Ireland Our Wee Country-B DA1DBF9F IE 3815-Crew Mollie
Ireland Our Wee Country-B DA1DBD72 IE 3812-Crew Alex
Ireland Our Wee Country-B DA1EF64A IE 3813-Crew Ellie
Ireland Our Wee Country-B DA1E07FA IE 3814-Crew Erin
Ireland Our Wee Country-C DA1DB947 IE 3817-Rockmount 2
Ireland Our Wee Country-C DA1E17F6 IE 3816-Rockmount 1
Ireland Our Wee Country-C DADDF031 IE 3818-Rockmount 3
Ireland Our Wee Country-C DA1DBBD0 IE 3819-Rockmount 4
Ireland Our Wee Country-D DA1F43BE IE 3822-Little Jean
Ireland Our Wee Country-D DA1DBD3F IE 3823-Willie’s Boy
Ireland Our Wee Country-D DA1EEAA4 IE 3820-Tayson
Ireland Our Wee Country-D DA1DBB7E IE 3821-Jojo
Ireland Our Wee Country-E DA1DAB6A IE 3824-Sandyhill 1
Ireland Our Wee Country-E DA1DB747 IE 3825-Sandyhill 2
Ireland Our Wee Country-E DA1E0A18 IE 3826-Sandyhill 3
Ireland Our Wee Country-E DA1EE344 IE 3827-Sandyhill 4
Ireland Our Wee Country-F DA1DC027 IE 3828-Effie
Ireland Our Wee Country-F DA1E1672 IE 3831-Max
Ireland Our Wee Country-F DA1E06F2 IE 3830-Aria
Ireland Our Wee Country-F DA1983CD IE 3829-Jaxon
Ireland Our Wee Country-G DAE403FB IE 3832-Petra’s Mum
Ireland Our Wee Country-G DA1DBC25 IE 3833-Peter’s Girl
Ireland Our Wee Country-G DA1E09E7 IE 3834-Andrew
Ireland Our Wee Country-G DA1E1AAB IE 3835-Peter
Ireland Park View Lofts DA1DBFCD IE 3938-Aleigha’s Choice
Ireland Park View Lofts DA1DB831 IE 3936-Leader
Ireland Park View Lofts DA1DB653 IE 3937-Eddie’s Choice
Ireland Park View Lofts DA1E10F4 IE 3939-White Flight
Ireland Peter Lucas DA1EE789 IE 3861-Dano
Ireland Peter Lucas DA1DBA9F IE 3862-Jerrys Choice
Ireland Peter Lucas DA1DBDD0 IE 3860-Psgasus
Ireland Peter Lucas DA1DBC03 IE 3863-Checkmate
Ireland Purple & Gold DA1F4383 IE 3997-Kate
Ireland Purple & Gold DAE3C64E IE 3996-Amy
Ireland Purple & Gold DA1DA97F IE 3998-Chloe
Ireland Purple & Gold DA1EEA5B IE 3999-Molly
Ireland Retirement Gang DA1DBE16 IE 3691-Stevie’s Girl
Ireland Retirement Gang DA1DB9F3 IE 3690-Maddie
Ireland Retirement Gang DA1E116C IE 3688-Captain Chris
Ireland Safet Duran DA1F456F IE 3785-Bosnian Shadow
Ireland Safet Duran DA1E157A IE 3786-Bosnian Predator
Ireland Safet Duran DA1DBBED IE 3787-Bosnian Mist
Ireland Safet Duran DAB192AC IE 3784-Bosnian Arrow
Ireland Sean Donnelly DA1DC0DC IE 3883-May
Ireland Sean Donnelly DA1E18F6 IE 3880-Sean
Ireland Sean Donnelly DA1CE0B3 IE 3881-Evan
Ireland Sean Donnelly DAE0F9C2 IE 3882-Malibu
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-A DA1EE549 IE 3698-SJ
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-A DA84FE78 IE 3699-Ashley
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-A DA05F764 IE 3696-The one that got away
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-A DA02AFFB IE 3697-CJ
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-B DA1CE102 IE 3700-Indie
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-B DA1DBD04 IE 3701-Minnie
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-B DA856E04 IE 3702-Tim
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-B DA1E181B IE 3703-Banjo
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-C DA1E0E87 IE 3704-Jean
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-C DA1E123C IE 3706-Mick
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-C DA1E19BA IE 3707-Sean’s Dream
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-D DA1E0A10 IE 3708-Leighton
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-D DA1DB437 IE 3711-Rocky
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-D DA1DAABC IE 3710-Still the Best
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-E DA1DAAF9 IE 3712-Ferrari 529
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-E DA1DA95D IE 3714-Ferrari 534
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-E DAE33240 IE 3713-Ferrari 521
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-E DA1DBC8F IE 3715-Ferrari 608
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-F DA1E1181 IE 3716-Farrari 536
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-F DA1DBFB3 IE 3718-Ferrari 565
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-F DA1EEA75 IE 3719-Ferrari 566
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-F DA1E1521 IE 3717-Ferrari 533
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-G DA1DBB92 IE 3720-Ferrari 528
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-G DAB5422B IE 3723-Ferrari 563
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-G DA1E1143 IE 3722-Ferrari 562
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-G DA84FF63 IE 3721-Ferrari 538
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-H DA1E0843 IE 3727-Ferrari 525
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-H DA1E0B22 IE 3724-Ferrari 532
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-H DA1E0F75 IE 3726-Ferrari 583
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-H DA1EEC93 IE 3725-Ferrari 539
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-I DA1DBE3F IE 3731-Red
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-I DA1981A2 IE 3729-Cornstore
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-J DA05F8B2 IE 3732-Phoenix
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-J DA05FC66 IE 3735-Holly’s Rocket
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-J DA1EF16D IE 3733-Masie
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-J DA1DBCAF IE 3734-Ruby 2
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-K DA1EE304 IE 3739-Junior
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-K DAE334D9 IE 3737-MJ
Ireland Sean Hunt & Family-K DA198118 IE 3736-Sadie
Ireland Six Pack-A DA1DB709 IE 3873-Bashful
Ireland Six Pack-A DA1DBA8D IE 3874-Sleepy
Ireland Six Pack-A DA1DB477 IE 3872-Sneezy
Ireland Six Pack-A DA1EF7D1 IE 3875-Crazy
Ireland Six Pack-B DA1DB37C IE 3879-Happy
Ireland Six Pack-B DA1E126D IE 3876-Dopey
Ireland Six Pack-B DA1E07B2 IE 3878-Doc
Ireland Six Pack-B DAE0FBAD IE 3877-Grumpy
Ireland Sugreine Loft DA1DBCA0 IE 3943-Paul 2
Ireland Sugreine Loft DA1F4520 IE 3940-David 1
Ireland Sugreine Loft DA1DBE2D IE 3942-David 2
Ireland Sugreine Loft DA05FD7C IE 3941-Paul 1
Ireland Team Deegan DA1EF6B2 IE 3917-Deegan 05
Ireland Team Deegan DAA951F4 IE 3919-Deegan 18
Ireland Team Deegan DA1EE65B IE 3916-Deegan 04
Ireland Team Jenny DA05EE31 IE 3780-Mrs. Mouse
Ireland Team Jenny DA1DBF06 IE 3783-Kilrossanty
Ireland Team Jenny DA1E1305 IE 3782-Comeragh Girl
Ireland Team Jenny DA1EE542 IE 3781-Moody Mouse
Ireland Tom Cahill DA1EF982 IE 3663-Fraya Emma
Ireland Tom Cahill DA1DBB42 IE 3660-Elon
Ireland Tom Cahill DA1E0785 IE 3662-Sarah Jayne
Ireland Webbor & Heffernan DAE3352D IE 3912-Ferrari 616
Ireland Webbor & Heffernan DA1E09D4 IE 3915-Ferrari 610
Ireland Webbor & Heffernan DA1E15E4 IE 3914-Ferrari 666
Ireland Webbor & Heffernan DA1E0B39 IE 3913-Ferrari 602
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-A DAE33288 IT 4083-Creme Brule
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-A DA1E14A2 IT 4080-Bolo Bolacha
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-A DAAAF42A IT 4082-Caramelo
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-A DA856047 IT 4081-Bola Berlim
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-B DAE40CB0 IT 4086-Doce de Leite
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-B DA1E15C3 IT 4085-Donuts
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-B DA1E0FE5 IT 4084-Cupcake
Italy Dashamir Mardhaja-B DA1EF944 IT 4087-Mousse
Italy Dragons Fire DA1E073D IT 4070-SI Vibra
Italy Dragons Fire DAB537E5 IT 4069-IL King
Italy Dragons Fire DA1E115A IT 4068-La Sentenza
Italy Dragons Fire DA1E06C8 IT 4071-IL Metodo
Italy Fast Pigeons OLR DA1E05F1 IT 4016-Abercombie
Italy Fast Pigeons OLR DA1DBF51 IT 4017-Diesel
Italy Fast Pigeons OLR DA1CDCF0 IT 4019-Emporio Armani
Italy Fast Pigeons OLR DA1E16E5 IT 4018-Escada
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A DA1E08AC IT 4011-Cazzimma 19
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A DA1DBCE2 IT 4010-Kamala Ice 39
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A DA1E1358 IT 4009-Ice Miura 57
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-A DADDDB97 IT 4008-Gallardo 12
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-B DA1DB948 IT 4015-Berenwice Ice 37
Italy Ghiacci-Celli-Valvo-B DA8500B9 IT 4014-Galactica 07
Italy Giorgi Simon-A DA1E0622 IT 4074-GS 12
Italy Giorgi Simon-A DA1DB7DA IT 4073-GS 4
Italy Giorgi Simon-A DA1DBCB0 IT 4072-GS 17
Italy Giorgi Simon-B DA1DBDC1 IT 4079-GS 16
Italy Giorgi Simon-B DA1EE6C5 IT 4076-GS 15
Italy Giorgi Simon-B DA1E07E3 IT 4077-GS 43
Italy Giorgi Simon-B DA1DA97B IT 4078-GS 1
Italy Laro Erwin-A DA1DAA35 IT 4020-Amora
Italy Laro Erwin-A DA1DBC8C IT 4022-Banana
Italy Laro Erwin-A DAE0FB94 IT 4023-Coco
Italy Laro Erwin-B DA1E17C6 IT 4027-Grosselha
Italy Laro Erwin-B DA1E0D2E IT 4026-Figo
Italy Laro Erwin-B DA1DC15A IT 4025-Framboesa
Italy Laro Erwin-B DA1DACAB IT 4024-Cranberry
Italy Laro Erwin-C DA1E1201 IT 4031-Morango
Italy Laro Erwin-C DA1DC157 IT 4028-Kiwi
Italy Laro Erwin-C DA1EF782 IT 4029-Laranja
Italy Laro Erwin-D DAE0FC21 IT 4032-Maçã
Italy Laro Erwin-D DADDD88C IT 4033-Manga
Italy Laro Erwin-D DAE4080A IT 4035-Melancia
Italy Laro Erwin-D DA1DAA26 IT 4034-Melão
Italy Laro Erwin-E DA1EE263 IT 4036-Mirtilo
Italy Laro Erwin-E DA1DBCFC IT 4039-Romã
Italy Laro Erwin-E DA1DC008 IT 4038-Pera
Italy Laro Erwin-E DA85009D IT 4037-Pessego
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A DA1E18AB IT 4047-Malone
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A DA1E0BC4 IT 4044-Tristano
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A DA1DBE29 IT 4046-Duncan
Italy Team Cantu Renato-A DA1DA9F8 IT 4045-Fulmine
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B DA1E1A8A IT 4050-Marina
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B DA02A5AD IT 4049-Afrodite
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B DADDDDCA IT 4051-Bernard
Italy Team Cantu Renato-B DA1DB2A3 IT 4048-Freddie
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C DA1DC013 IT 4052-Nabucco
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C DAB53269 IT 4053-Dublino
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C DA1CE080 IT 4054-Santiago
Italy Team Cantu Renato-C DA1E0896 IT 4055-Jordan
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D DA1EF6D8 IT 4058-Silvio
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D DA1E12DF IT 4056-Dakota
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D DA1E08B7 IT 4059-Elena
Italy Team Cantu Renato-D DA1E1391 IT 4057-Filippo
Italy Team Cantu Renato-E DA1DBBB2 IT 4061-Celeste
Italy Team Cantu Renato-E DA1DBD14 IT 4063-Amy Winehouse
Italy Team Zanasi e Hatillari DA1DBBD7 IT 4040-Arroz Doce
Italy Team Zanasi e Hatillari DA1E15FB IT 4041-Apple Pie
Italy Team Zanasi e Hatillari DAAAF2DD IT 4043-Brigadeiro
Italy Team Zanasi e Hatillari DA1E102C IT 4042-Baba de Camelo
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team DA8518C6 IT 4064-Azarro
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team DA1EF615 IT 4065-Balenciaga
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team DA1DB728 IT 4066-Cacharel
Italy Wonder Pigeon Team DA1DBA1F IT 4067-Carolina Herrera
Japan Team Onodera Japan-A DA1DC0AB JP 4088-Norio 335
Japan Team Onodera Japan-A DA84FA76 JP 4089-Norio 295
Japan Team Onodera Japan-A DA1DB9A5 JP 4090-Norio 333
Japan Team Onodera Japan-A DA1EF933 JP 4091-Norio 341
Japan Team Onodera Japan-B DA1E1571 JP 4095-Norio 337
Japan Team Onodera Japan-B DA1EED74 JP 4093-Norio 336
Japan Team Onodera Japan-B DA1E0F08 JP 4092-Norio 330
Japan Team Onodera Japan-B DA1EE728 JP 4094-Norio 342
Kuwait Naji-Al-Amirah DAE40E40 KW 4096-Naji 93
Kuwait Naji-Al-Amirah DADDE366 KW 4099-Naji 96
Kuwait Naji-Al-Amirah DAE0FC3F KW 4098-Naji 92
Kuwait Naji-Al-Amirah DADDE511 KW 4097-Naji 79
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Gorbatovschi Dumitru DA1DBB5A MD 4146-GD 1
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Gorbatovschi Dumitru DA1E078A MD 4147-GD 2
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Gorbatovschi Dumitru DA1E1813 MD 4148-GD 3
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Gorbatovschi Dumitru DA1F453C MD 4149-GD 4
Morocco Ayoub Al Baytari DAE406C8 MA 4142-AB 588
Morocco Ayoub Al Baytari DA1EEF2D MA 4143-AB 221
Morocco Ayoub Al Baytari DAE406A6 MA 4145-AB 173
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-A DADD60EF MA 4100-KM 1
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-A DA1DB59E MA 4101-KM 2
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-A DAB16EE4 MA 4102-KM 3
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-A DAE3C881 MA 4103-KM 4
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-B DADDE82E MA 4107-KM 8
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-B DAE3C6CA MA 4104-KM 5
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-B DAE4043C MA 4105-KM 6
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-B DA90FEDC MA 4106-KM 7
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-C DAE3333B MA 4109-KM 10
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-C DAE3C73C MA 4110-KM 11
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-C DA1E195D MA 4108-KM 9
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-C DADDE9ED MA 4111-KM 12
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-D DA1E0825 MA 4112-Energhia
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-D DA1E0905 MA 4114-Olympea
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-D DA1DB7C9 MA 4113-Titan
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-E DA1E0820 MA 4116-Maxxis
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-E DA1DBDBB MA 4117-Diamond
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-F DA1DBF30 MA 4120-Nashira
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-F DA1EE2A6 MA 4121-Sonic
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-F DA1F462D MA 4122-Athena
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-F DA1DBE57 MA 4123-Emry
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-G DA1E1015 MA 4124-Moroccan’s Dream
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-G DAE404A9 MA 4125-Mona Silver
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-G DADDECFA MA 4126-KM 13
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-H DADDDA58 MA 4128-KM 15
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-H DAE3C2E9 MA 4130-KM 17
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-H DAB02245 MA 4131-KM 18
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-I DA1E0E3A MA 4134-KM 21
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-I DA1E177A MA 4135-KM 22
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-I DADDD960 MA 4133-KM 20
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-J DADDEA82 MA 4137-KM 24
Morocco Kaidi Family Loft-J DAE0FB5F MA 4136-KM 23
Morocco Loft Yassin DA1DB398 MA 4141-Yassin 4
Morocco Loft Yassin DA1F4471 MA 4138-Yassin 1
Morocco Loft Yassin DA1DB296 MA 4140-Yassin 3
Morocco Loft Yassin DAE40807 MA 4139-Yassin 2
Netherlands A Verheij en Znn DA028D87 NL 5055-Averell
Netherlands A Verheij en Znn DAB01FAA NL 5054-Jack
Netherlands A Verheij en Znn DAE3360C NL 5057-William
Netherlands A. Bransen JR DA1F43CA NL 5077-Anne
Netherlands A. Bransen JR DAB01EB6 NL 5075-Sonny
Netherlands A. Bransen JR DAB53CD5 NL 5074-Desley
Netherlands A. Bransen JR DA028CFF NL 5076-Fred
Netherlands Albert Mijlof DA028E5C NL 4497-Daichi
Netherlands Albert Mijlof DAB533B5 NL 4496-Daaf
Netherlands Albert Mijlof DA91DA4A NL 4495-Dabi
Netherlands Albert Mijlof DA1E14C8 NL 4494-Dimitar
Netherlands Albert Rozijn DA1E08C3 NL 4696-Power Rozijn
Netherlands Albert Rozijn DA05FAFD NL 4697-Rozijntje
Netherlands Albert Rozijn DA1E1287 NL 4695-Blue Danger
Netherlands Albert Rozijn DA1E13A9 NL 4694-Red Danger
Netherlands Algarve Boys-A DA91E5AD NL 4420-Sport-Smurf
Netherlands Algarve Boys-A DA1DBBC4 NL 4419-Muziek-Smurf
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B DA05F57F NL 4423-Portugal 836
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B DAA92814 NL 4424-Portugal 838
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B DA198001 NL 4425-Portugal 844
Netherlands Algarve Boys-B DA1E194E NL 4422-Noam
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C DA05FDA5 NL 4427-Sem
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C DADDEC9D NL 4429-Sneeuw Smurf
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C DA1EEDDC NL 4428-Zwarte Smurf
Netherlands Algarve Boys-C DADDABF1 NL 4426-Quin
Netherlands Animals to Fly DAA45C7A NL 4913-Shannon
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-A DAE3C1FD NL 4551-Million Alfie Roza
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-A DAE3C107 NL 4550-Enzo New Tinkelbel
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-A DA1DBF90 NL 4552-Mathis Lucia 416
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-B DADDAB55 NL 4556-Carmen Valitas 455
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-B DAE3C146 NL 4555-Vince Arabella 430
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-B DAE0FB16 NL 4554-Vince Arabella 429
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-B DA1E0834 NL 4557-Harry Leonardo 458
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-C DAE3C61F NL 4558-Harry Leonardo 459
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-C DAE10118 NL 4561-Renoir Gaston Aske
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-C DA90FDC9 NL 4559-Universe Vici 460
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-C DAE405D3 NL 4560-Universe Vici 461
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-D DA1E1294 NL 4562-Iron Charlotte 463
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-D DA029829 NL 4565-Fuzzy Blue Harry 468
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-D DA198243 NL 4563-Iron Charlotte 464
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-D DAAAF7E3 NL 4564-Fuzzy Blue Harry 467
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-E DA029524 NL 4569-Kashmir Azra 485
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-E DA05F9D1 NL 4568-Prodigy Jessica 476
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-E DAAAF6BC NL 4566-Enzo Tinkelbel 472
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-E DAE40344 NL 4567-Enzo Tinkelbel 473
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-F DAA92852 NL 4570-Kashmir Azra 486
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-F DAB54119 NL 4571-Power Kaasboer 487
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-F DAAFFD4E NL 4573-Vince Arabella 489
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-F DAE32B79 NL 4572-Vince Arabella 488
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-G DAB53D78 NL 4575-Silver Tem Jella 491
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-G DADDDF2D NL 4577-Pancho Manou 493
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-G DAE0FC18 NL 4576-Lament Envy 492
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-H DA68BDC6 NL 4579-Max Esmee Porsche 95
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-H DA05FA4A NL 4578-Max Esmee Porsche 94
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-H DAA94E71 NL 4580-Keano Xandrav 496
Netherlands Arie Dijkstra-H DA1EEE17 NL 4581-Keano Xandrav 497
Netherlands Bas Van Beveren DA1DBFBE NL 4942-Blofeld
Netherlands Bas Van Beveren DA1DA9F5 NL 4943-Morzeny
Netherlands Bas Van Beveren DA1E1313 NL 4944-Kronsteen
Netherlands Bas Van Beveren DA1EEC6C NL 4945-Bouvar
Netherlands Bas Weijens-A DA1E0FEF NL 4268-Gold 869
Netherlands Bas Weijens-A DADDE398 NL 4269-Gold 860
Netherlands Bas Weijens-A DAE3C621 NL 4267-Gold 867
Netherlands Bas Weijens-B DA05F7DC NL 4270-Gold 863
Netherlands Bas Weijens-B DAE0BF41 NL 4271-Gold 844
Netherlands Bas Weijens-B DAE3C498 NL 4272-Porec
Netherlands Bas Weijens-B DA1E05A6 NL 4273-Gold 754
Netherlands Bert Caspers DAAAF686 NL 5020-Blue Tulip
Netherlands Bert Caspers DAE023B3 NL 5021-Tulip Mistress Gray
Netherlands Bert Caspers DA1EE3FC NL 5018-Blue Pearl
Netherlands Bert Caspers DA05EDA9 NL 5019-Bonte Muscari
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A DAE0FC0A NL 4586-Jan
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A DAB531EF NL 4587-Robin
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A DAE3360A NL 4588-The Knight
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-A DAE0BD8E NL 4589-Jamie
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B DADDE806 NL 4593-Tina
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B DAA695DA NL 4591-Renee
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B DADDEB84 NL 4592-Margit
Netherlands Bollenstreek United-B DADDDFBD NL 4590-Tinus
Netherlands Buurstra-A DA856D51 NL 4303-Sophie
Netherlands Buurstra-A DA1DB52C NL 4304-Hamza
Netherlands Buurstra-A DA1DBF93 NL 4305-Kenji
Netherlands Buurstra-A DA1DBAD7 NL 4302-Boaz
Netherlands Buurstra-B DA1E0AD9 NL 4308-Rosie
Netherlands Buurstra-B DA1DAB97 NL 4307-Evi
Netherlands Buurstra-B DAA92861 NL 4306-Jurre
Netherlands Buurstra-B DA1E0F89 NL 4309-Amber
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A DA1F4309 NL 4283-Smiling Tom
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A DA1EE46B NL 4282-Briony
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A DA1E0F13 NL 4285-Babraham
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-A DA1E0B35 NL 4284-King Fergus
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B DA029464 NL 4287-Miss Hip
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B DA1E0F60 NL 4288-Emilius
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B DA1E104A NL 4286-Spiletta
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-B DA1DAE4F NL 4289-Desdamona
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C DAA45ECC NL 4292-Bulldog
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C DA1F44EE NL 4293-Pretender
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C DA1E0667 NL 4291-Flying Childers
Netherlands Caspar Lurvink-C DA1DBF05 NL 4290-Gold Finder
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-A DADDEC28 NL 4345-Tom
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-A DAB02296 NL 4344-Henriette
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-A DA91DDBC NL 4343-Bassie
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-A DAE0BD88 NL 4342-Zamira
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-B DAE08F2D NL 4346-Marry
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-B DA1E0D63 NL 4347-Luda
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-B DA1E0AE8 NL 4348-Mieke
Netherlands Cees van Gelder & Ton de Kovel-B DA1E144E NL 4349-Hilda
Netherlands Comb V. Heide de Vries DA1EEAC1 NL 4353-Matadoor
Netherlands Comb V. Heide de Vries DA1E17B8 NL 4351-Wilco
Netherlands Comb V. Heide de Vries DA1E13FA NL 4352-Isabau
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A DA1E1165 NL 4521-Lola
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A DA1E1984 NL 4520-Elin
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A DA1F444B NL 4519-Yuna
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-A DA1E0E9A NL 4518-Xaviola
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B DA1EF33C NL 4524-Olaf
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B DA1E05FA NL 4522-Kiry
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B DA1E161A NL 4525-Liske
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-B DA1E09D2 NL 4523-Fritz
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C DA1DBE6D NL 4526-Rutger
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C DA1E0B82 NL 4529-Tine
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C DA1E130E NL 4527-Arian
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-C DA1E1225 NL 4528-Maas
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D DA1E1656 NL 4533-Maaike
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D DA1E1902 NL 4530-Noor
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D DA1DAA89 NL 4532-Wytse
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-D DA1F4345 NL 4531-Lorin
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E DA1E1822 NL 4534-Kirsten
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E DA1F4411 NL 4537-Milan
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E DA1EF793 NL 4536-Finn
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-E DAA92849 NL 4535-Nouri
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F DA198125 NL 4540-Alvaro
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F DA1E138C NL 4541-Brayon
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F DA1E122D NL 4538-Adalina
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-F DA05FD9A NL 4539-Belmira
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-G DA1EF302 NL 4544-Paul
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-G DAE40D87 NL 4543-Siehwco
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-G DADDE34C NL 4542-Lammere
Netherlands Comb. Mantel-G DAB53D9A NL 4545-Mark
Netherlands Comb. Poelman-Ruiter DA1EE44F NL 4154-Jeannet
Netherlands Comb. Poelman-Ruiter DA05F6F3 NL 4157-Dieter
Netherlands Comb. Poelman-Ruiter DA028EB2 NL 4155-Narco
Netherlands Comb. Poelman-Ruiter DA1EEC75 NL 4156-Anneke
Netherlands Comb. Strijker DA1E1320 NL 5016-Teus
Netherlands Comb. Strijker DAA48B55 NL 5017-Piet
Netherlands Comb. Strijker DA1CE12D NL 5014-Wim
Netherlands Comb. Van Seters Godefroy DAB1929D NL 4823-Taty
Netherlands Comb. Van Seters Godefroy DA1F474A NL 4822-Sashia Peach
Netherlands Comb. Van Seters Godefroy DAE333E5 NL 4825-Huibke
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A DA1E0695 NL 4355-Abel
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A DA05F981 NL 4354-Abe
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-A DADDDF44 NL 4356-Ace
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B DA1E0F26 NL 4359-Bas
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B DA1E0838 NL 4358-Bart
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B DAE0C00C NL 4361-Benja
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-B DAE0FCB4 NL 4360-Ben
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C DAE33346 NL 4363-Chris
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C DAE100F8 NL 4365-Colin
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C DA1DBBFD NL 4364-Cody
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-C DAB19E30 NL 4362-Cas
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D DA1DC080 NL 4368-Dani
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D DAE10102 NL 4366-Daan
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D DA1F43E0 NL 4367-Damin
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-D DAE3C231 NL 4369-Dante
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E DADD5E61 NL 4372-Enes
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E DA0297C1 NL 4371-Elias
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E DAAAF683 NL 4373-Enzo
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-E DADDDBC4 NL 4370-Eli
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-F DAB53ACB NL 4374-Faas
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-F DA84F820 NL 4376-Fer
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-F DA029489 NL 4375-Felix
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-F DAB53D47 NL 4377-Filip
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-G DADDE6E4 NL 4379-Giel
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-G DAE3C029 NL 4381-Guus
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-G DA05EE0F NL 4380-Gijs
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-G DA1DB66B NL 4378-Gerrit
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-H DA8513C6 NL 4385-Huub
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-H DAE40DF2 NL 4383-Hendrick
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-H DAE3C45D NL 4384-Hugo
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-H DAE3C0DF NL 4382-Hein
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-I DA1E16B0 NL 4389-Ivar
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-I DA1E0D93 NL 4388-Ivo
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-I DA1E1860 NL 4386-Isa
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-J DA1E0A38 NL 4392-Juri
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-J DA1E14C4 NL 4393-Jason
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-J DAE036CC NL 4391-Jack
Netherlands Comb. van Wanrooy-J DA84FDA1 NL 4390-Jace
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-A DADDE7B6 NL 5084-CSS 3
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-A DA05F5F3 NL 5082-CSS 1
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-A DADDDE20 NL 5083-CSS 2
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-A DAE3CB01 NL 5085-CSS 4
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-B DA05ED6E NL 5088-CSS 7
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-B DAB18919 NL 5087-CSS 6
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-B DAB535AF NL 5086-CSS 5
Netherlands Combinatic Scholten/Schuurman-B DA857236 NL 5089-CSS 8
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-A DA05FBFE NL 4297-Carydy
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-A DAE40ACF NL 4294-Gerss
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-A DA856F0D NL 4295-Typhoon
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-A DA91D9ED NL 4296-Bramara
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-B DAE3C8D5 NL 4299-Bumblebee
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-B DAE40D48 NL 4301-Vagebond
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-B DAE40E1D NL 4298-Mila
Netherlands D&P Soepboer-B DA1DB329 NL 4300-J. Bond
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-A DA1E163A NL 4858-Florin 818
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-A DA1E09EA NL 4859-Gulden 812
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-A DA1E09B4 NL 4860-Yuan 814
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-A DA1DC0A7 NL 4861-Mark 816
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-B DA1F457B NL 4862-Reseta 398
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-B DA05FD32 NL 4863-Roebel 810
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-B DA1E1406 NL 4865-Dolar 808
Netherlands Danny de Voogd-B DA1E0EE5 NL 4864-Rupees 820
Netherlands De Zuipschuiten DAE3C8A0 NL 4946-Z 1
Netherlands De Zuipschuiten DA1E0EA3 NL 4949-Z 4
Netherlands De Zuipschuiten DAE0FCC4 NL 4947-Z 2
Netherlands De Zuipschuiten DAA690AC NL 4948-Z 3
Netherlands Dick en Hennie Esteje DA1EED8E NL 5022-Dex
Netherlands Dick en Hennie Esteje DAE3C7D9 NL 5023-Liv
Netherlands Dick en Hennie Esteje DA1E0F1A NL 5024-Joy
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A DADDED89 NL 4397-Santa Fé
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A DAE0FD64 NL 4396-New Hampshire
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A DAE0BDCB NL 4395-Pensilvania
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-A DA84FAE6 NL 4394-Washington
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B DA84FA3B NL 4400-Açores
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B DA1DC03C NL 4398-Annapolis
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B DA1EED15 NL 4399-Aspen
Netherlands Dr. H de Weerd-B DAE3C02A NL 4401-Madeira
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-A DAE335F0 NL 4311-Daan
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-A DADDE5B5 NL 4310-Jan
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-A DA1E08C9 NL 4312-Sophie
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-A DA05F5E6 NL 4313-Twan
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-B DAB02620 NL 4314-Annemarie
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-B DA84F954 NL 4315-Hars
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-B DAE0BEA5 NL 4316-Mart
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-B DA91DC1B NL 4317-Wendy
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-C DA05F6B5 NL 4320-Elly
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-C DA1DBECC NL 4318-Hans
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-C DAE0FAE2 NL 4319-Trudy
Netherlands Ekkel Doldersum-C DAE3C755 NL 4321-Hennie
Netherlands F.A. Ringnalda DA1E12FF NL 5134-Ring 55
Netherlands F.A. Ringnalda DAE3CB17 NL 5137-Ring 257
Netherlands F.A. Ringnalda DADDED1B NL 5136-Ring 57
Netherlands F.A. Ringnalda DAA691EE NL 5135-Ring 56
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-A DA1E1036 NL 4500-Ankie 3
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-A DA1F431B NL 4498-Anna 1
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-A DA1CE0A9 NL 4501-Aaltje 4
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-A DA1E0691 NL 4499-Aafke 2
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-B DAE407C8 NL 4502-Bertus 1
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-B DA1E0BCC NL 4504-Billy 3
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-B DA1F4A76 NL 4505-Bobby 4
Netherlands Fam. Geudens-B DA1E0BB9 NL 4503-Babs 2
Netherlands Fred Dukker DA1E0E02 NL 4738-Audi
Netherlands Fred Dukker DA1DB15E NL 4740-Ford
Netherlands Fred Dukker DA1E1907 NL 4739-BMW
Netherlands Fred Dukker DA1E0F3F NL 4741-Jaguar
Netherlands Frits Paulssen DAB53433 NL 4833-Vienne
Netherlands Frits Paulssen DAE3353F NL 4832-Kim
Netherlands Frits Paulssen DAE3358E NL 4831-Bert
Netherlands Frits Paulssen DAE4A879 NL 4830-Robin
Netherlands G Heijnen & Zn DA028E6B NL 4980-Mr Poirot
Netherlands G Heijnen & Zn DA029451 NL 4981-Jack Sparrow
Netherlands G Heijnen & Zn DA19807C NL 4978-Frodo 2
Netherlands G Heijnen & Zn DA198082 NL 4979-Limburg Racer
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A DA1E083E NL 4622-Algarve 041
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A DA1E0818 NL 4624-Algarve 069
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A DA19820B NL 4625-Algarve 047
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-A DA1DBB14 NL 4623-Algarve 049
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B DA1E06BA NL 4626-Algarve 042
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B DA1EF2DC NL 4628-Algarve 070
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-B DA02993A NL 4629-Algarve 048
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C DA1DBAA0 NL 4631-Algarve 052
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C DA1DBF62 NL 4632-Algarve 072
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C DA1DBE15 NL 4633-Algarve 073
Netherlands Gebr Vieberink-C DA1EE7BF NL 4630-Algarve 051
Netherlands Gebr. Van Eijndhoven DA1E12EE NL 4873-Julia
Netherlands Gebr. Van Eijndhoven DA1DC085 NL 4872-Romeo
Netherlands Gebr. Van Eijndhoven DA1E13B1 NL 4871-Doortje
Netherlands Gebr. Van Eijndhoven DA1E08B6 NL 4870-Margret
Netherlands Gerjan Heerkes DAA45C64 NL 5066-GH 1
Netherlands Gerjan Heerkes DA1E1710 NL 5067-GH 2
Netherlands Gerjan Heerkes DAB1888F NL 5068-GH 3
Netherlands Gerjan Heerkes DA02AF26 NL 5069-GH 4
Netherlands Gerrit Vedder DAE3C484 NL 4925-Flying Dutchman
Netherlands Gerrit Vedder DADDEC34 NL 4923-Teun Gus
Netherlands Gerrit Vedder DADDE783 NL 4924-Dizzy
Netherlands Gerrit Vedder DAB53D3F NL 4922-Maud Willy
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A DADDD608 NL 4597-Golden 853
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A DA1DB749 NL 4594-Golden 643
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A DADDE7BB NL 4595-Golden 649
Netherlands Gert Rotman-A DA1DB8ED NL 4596-Golden 660
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B DA1DBCA1 NL 4600-Golden 641
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B DA1EF672 NL 4598-Golden 644
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B DA1DC021 NL 4601-Golden 852
Netherlands Gert Rotman-B DAB53CBA NL 4599-Golden 655
Netherlands Gilles Euser-A DA05FCB1 NL 4329-Opnieuw
Netherlands Gilles Euser-A DA1E1208 NL 4328-Fhieltje
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B DAA94D91 NL 4330-Probeer
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B DA1F42F7 NL 4333-
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B DA1DB8C5 NL 4332-Matje
Netherlands Gilles Euser-B DA1E0D77 NL 4331-Bontje
Netherlands Glenn Raymann DA1E19BD NL 4834-Rayke
Netherlands Glenn Raymann DA1EF7F5 NL 4837-Joyce
Netherlands Glenn Raymann DA1EE5CD NL 4836-Lonneke
Netherlands Glenn Raymann DA8572A1 NL 4835-Blue Racer
Netherlands Goebel-Van der Sluis DA1F43DD NL 4916-Janneke
Netherlands Goebel-Van der Sluis DA1E19B4 NL 4914-Rene
Netherlands Goebel-Van der Sluis DA1DB8A4 NL 4915-Ria
Netherlands Goebel-Van der Sluis DA1E162F NL 4917-Cauk
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A DA1E0D05 NL 4676-GB 3
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A DAE0FA62 NL 4674-GB 1
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-A DA1E12EB NL 4675-GB 2
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B DAE4A8F3 NL 4679-GB 6
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B DA029626 NL 4678-GB 5
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B DAB18BBC NL 4680-GB 7
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-B DAE405A9 NL 4681-GB 8
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-C DA1E0CEF NL 4682-GB 9
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-C DA02B19E NL 4685-GB 12
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-C DA029653 NL 4684-GB 11
Netherlands Goedee & Brakelé-C DA1E1067 NL 4683-GB 10
Netherlands H. J. Seppenwoolde DA1E1797 NL 4987-Borboleta
Netherlands H. J. Seppenwoolde DAAAF317 NL 4986-Beija-Flor
Netherlands H. vd Haterd DAE0FB38 NL 4510-Kay
Netherlands H. vd Haterd DA02AF25 NL 4512-Iso-Air
Netherlands H. vd Haterd DAB53815 NL 4513-Iso-Star
Netherlands H. vd Haterd DAE40B43 NL 4511-Justin
Netherlands H. Yzerman DAE3C08C NL 5093-HY 4
Netherlands H. Yzerman DA1E0EF6 NL 5092-HY 3
Netherlands H. Yzerman DA91DAB7 NL 5091-HY 2
Netherlands H. Yzerman DA05F5EF NL 5090-HY 1
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A DA1980AC NL 4635-Marlon
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A DA1E10F1 NL 4637-Alina
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-A DA1E063F NL 4636-Femke
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B DA1EECD8 NL 4640-Amber
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B DADDF012 NL 4639-Andre
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B DA1E08A4 NL 4638-Yvonne
Netherlands Heijblom & van Strien-B DADDD6F4 NL 4641-Nicky
Netherlands Henk Hoekstra DADDEB12 NL 4950-HH 1
Netherlands Henk Hoekstra DA05FE2E NL 4952-HH 3
Netherlands Henk Hoekstra DA1DBF6F NL 4953-HH 4
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil DA1E19D1 NL 4547-Little Sister
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil DA1E1231 NL 4548-Big Bother
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil DA1DBB40 NL 4549-Blue Wonder
Netherlands Hennie & Arie Voskuil DA1EF636 NL 4546-Black Magic
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-A DAA45D46 NL 4412-Focke 3
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-A DAE3CA85 NL 4411-Focke 2
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-A DA90FEF3 NL 4413-Focke 4
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-A DADDE8EB NL 4410-Focke 1
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-B DA84FF85 NL 4416-Mouri 3
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-B DADDEB38 NL 4414-Mouri 1
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-B DA1E0CD3 NL 4417-Mouri 4
Netherlands Hoekstra/Mendes da Costa-B DAE3336B NL 4415-Mouri 2
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A DA1E12EA NL 4160-RB 3
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A DA1DBABA NL 4161-RB 4
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A DA1DAC2A NL 4158-RB 1
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-A DA1DB98E NL 4159-RB 2
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B DA1EF82C NL 4165-RB 8
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B DA1E0912 NL 4164-RB 7
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B DA1DB900 NL 4163-RB 6
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-B DA1E0F51 NL 4162-RB 5
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C DA1E128D NL 4169-RB 12
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C DA05FBEE NL 4168-RB 11
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C DA1DC010 NL 4167-RB 10
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-C DA1DBF59 NL 4166-RB 9
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D DA1DB90B NL 4173-RB 16
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D DA1EF8FC NL 4170-RB 13
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-D DADDDD53 NL 4172-RB 15
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E DA1DBD70 NL 4177-RB 20
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E DAE3C4EA NL 4176-RB 19
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E DADDED31 NL 4175-RB 18
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-E DA856D95 NL 4174-RB 17
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F DAE0FA54 NL 4181-RB 24
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F DAE0F9D7 NL 4180-RB 23
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F DA91DC39 NL 4179-RB 22
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-F DA05EECD NL 4178-RB 21
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G DAE3C295 NL 4185-RB 28
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G DA1DC0D0 NL 4184-RB 27
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G DA05EE27 NL 4182-RB 25
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-G DAB53A9B NL 4183-RB 26
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H DA1EF0C6 NL 4189-RB 32
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H DAE4AB00 NL 4188-RB 31
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H DA028D33 NL 4187-RB 30
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-H DADDD9F2 NL 4186-RB 29
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I DA029839 NL 4190-RB 33
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I DAE3C85B NL 4191-RB 34
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I DAE40C54 NL 4192-RB 35
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-I DA84F65B NL 4193-RB 36
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J DAB53D2A NL 4194-RB 37
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J DA05F759 NL 4195-RB 38
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J DA1E09C8 NL 4196-RB 39
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-J DAE4568B NL 4197-RB 40
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-K DAE335AA NL 4198-RB 41
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-K DA05F0F8 NL 4200-RB 43
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-K DAE0FC05 NL 4199-RB 42
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-K DA1EEE63 NL 4201-RB 44
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-L DADDF05F NL 4202-RB 45
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-L DAE3C995 NL 4205-RB 48
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-L DA1DBB3D NL 4203-RB 46
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-L DA0297BB NL 4204-RB 47
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-M DAE0BFE8 NL 4209-RB 52
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-M DAB53874 NL 4208-RB 51
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-M DAE3C7F3 NL 4207-RB 50
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-M DA1DB470 NL 4206-RB 49
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-N DAE3CB24 NL 4213-RB 56
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-N DA1E0884 NL 4212-RB 55
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-N DADDEC9F NL 4211-RB 54
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-N DA1DBAB5 NL 4210-RB 53
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-O DAE3C9BB NL 4216-RB 59
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-O DA1DC11F NL 4217-RB 60
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-O DAB53C48 NL 4214-RB 57
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-O DAE4A97E NL 4215-RB 58
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-P DAE3C6E6 NL 4221-RB 64
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-P DA029706 NL 4220-RB 63
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-P DA1E0B11 NL 4219-RB 62
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-Q DADDDF5D NL 4225-RB 68
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-Q DAE32B5B NL 4222-RB 65
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-Q DAE3C060 NL 4223-RB 66
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-Q DAA692BF NL 4224-RB 67
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-R DAE3C0C4 NL 4227-RB 70
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-R DAE3C430 NL 4229-RB 72
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-R DADDEEF3 NL 4228-RB 71
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-R DA1EED00 NL 4226-RB 69
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-S DAE0FD27 NL 4232-RB 75
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-S DAE3C341 NL 4230-RB 73
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-S DAE3359B NL 4233-RB 76
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-S DADDE88D NL 4231-RB 74
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-T DAE0BF83 NL 4234-RB 77
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-T DAE3C86B NL 4237-RB 80
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-T DAE3353E NL 4235-RB 78
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-T DADDEE50 NL 4236-RB 79
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-U DAE100C1 NL 4239-RB 82
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-U DAE3C434 NL 4241-RB 84
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-U DAE40B45 NL 4238-RB 81
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-V DADDE5D4 NL 4242-RB 85
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-V DAE3C5C9 NL 4243-RB 86
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-V DAE3CB20 NL 4245-RB 88
Netherlands Hok Reijnen-Bolton-V DAB19F35 NL 4244-RB 87
Netherlands Huig van Duijn DAB54113 NL 5111-Duijn 281
Netherlands Huig van Duijn DAE40E85 NL 5110-Duijn 310
Netherlands Huig van Duijn DADDE78D NL 5112-Duijn 282
Netherlands Huig van Duijn DADDDDD1 NL 5113-Duijn 350
Netherlands Jan Polder DA1DB6DD NL 4689-Algarve Warrior 4
Netherlands Jan Polder DA1EEBE8 NL 4686-Algarve Warrior 1
Netherlands Jan Polder DA1DB1FA NL 4688-Algarve Warrior 3
Netherlands Jan Polder DA1E0CD5 NL 4687-Algarve Warrior 2
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-A DA90FC9D NL 5098-Algarve Jan
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-A DAE0FCC6 NL 5099-Algarve Verbj
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-A DAE3C124 NL 5101-Algarve Peter
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-A DAA9464E NL 5100-Algarve Kjeld
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-B DAE02442 NL 5102-Van Aert
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-B DAB025B2 NL 5103-Roglic
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-B DAB192A9 NL 5104-Poqaciar
Netherlands Janus en Jannus Kat-B DA0294D1 NL 5105-Alaphilippe
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-A DA1DB72F NL 4894-JP 003
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-A DA1DB9D5 NL 4895-JP 013
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-A DA1DBCA7 NL 4897-JP 022
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-B DA91DC23 NL 4898-JP 023
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-B DAB18B21 NL 4899-JP 021
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-B DA1F450E NL 4900-JP 026
Netherlands Jelle & Jellema-B DA1DA97E NL 4901-JP 010
Netherlands Johan Meulendijks DAE3C06C NL 4932-Paan
Netherlands Johan Meulendijks DA1E0D6A NL 4933-Fiene
Netherlands Johan Meulendijks DAAB3C23 NL 4931-Luuk
Netherlands Jos Goessen DA05FDB7 NL 4868-Lotle
Netherlands Jos Goessen DA8560BD NL 4867-Ellen
Netherlands Jos Goessen DADDD82B NL 4866-Vicky
Netherlands Jos Goessen DA05F5E3 NL 4869-Katrien
Netherlands JP Willems-A DA1DAAFE NL 4904-Nok
Netherlands JP Willems-A DA1DBE0C NL 4905-Rene
Netherlands JP Willems-A DA1E14E3 NL 4903-Les
Netherlands JP Willems-A DA1DC0D4 NL 4902-Lida
Netherlands JP Willems-B DA1E189F NL 4907-Pieter
Netherlands JP Willems-B DA1E062D NL 4908-Martin
Netherlands JP Willems-B DA1F44A9 NL 4906-Helen
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-A DA05F870 NL 4888-Golden Algarve 3
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-A DA1DBB02 NL 4889-Golden Algarve 4
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-A DA1EF87C NL 4887-Golden Algarve 2
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-A DA028DDA NL 4886-Golden Algarve 1
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-B DA1DBC13 NL 4893-Golden Algarve 8
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-B DA1F45C3 NL 4891-Golden Algarve 6
Netherlands Kees Van Oosten-B DA1E134C NL 4892-Golden Algarve 7
Netherlands Klinkenberg Pigeons DA1E15E5 NL 5107-Jacky 87
Netherlands Klinkenberg Pigeons DA1E1347 NL 5108-David 85
Netherlands Klinkenberg Pigeons DA1E074B NL 5109-Jannus 52
Netherlands Klinkenberg Pigeons DA02B05F NL 5106-Markie 86
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-A DADDE56B NL 4405-David Baldacci
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-A DAB18595 NL 4404-John Gristam
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-A DAE40BAA NL 4403-Mart Smeets
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-A DA05EF83 NL 4402-Youp Hek
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-B DAB19F6E NL 4408-Wim van Helden
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-B DAE33538 NL 4409-Jan Guillou
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-B DAE3C70C NL 4406-Esther Verhoef
Netherlands Knol Piqeons-B DA1982CA NL 4407-Linda Davies
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-A DAB19784 NL 5157-DE 86
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-A DAA45DF4 NL 5156-DE 84
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-A DAB535D6 NL 5155-DE 82
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-A DA91E374 NL 5154-DE 77
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-B DA05FC7D NL 5159-DE 158
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-B DA028E28 NL 5161-DE 163
Netherlands Kolk & Heutink-B DA1DBF3D NL 5158-DE 153
Netherlands Lahib Farid-A DA1E0DFD NL 4610-Lyon 931
Netherlands Lahib Farid-A DA1E1164 NL 4611-Lyon 668
Netherlands Lahib Farid-A DA1E125A NL 4613-Lyon 670
Netherlands Lahib Farid-A DA1DBF08 NL 4612-Lyon 666
Netherlands Lahib Farid-B DA1E11D9 NL 4615-Lyon 675
Netherlands Lahib Farid-B DA029504 NL 4616-Lyon 647
Netherlands Lahib Farid-B DA1F459D NL 4614-Lyon 665
Netherlands Lahib Farid-B DA1E12CE NL 4617-Lyon 674
Netherlands Lahib Farid-C DA1EF986 NL 4618-Lyon 926
Netherlands Lahib Farid-C DA1DAAA9 NL 4619-Lyon 677
Netherlands Lahib Farid-C DA1E16D6 NL 4620-Lyon 932
Netherlands Lahib Farid-C DA1DBB70 NL 4621-Lyon 678
Netherlands Leo Mackaay DAB1891E NL 4935-Jessie
Netherlands Leo Mackaay DAAAF6EB NL 4934-Spirit
Netherlands Leo Mackaay DAE0FC30 NL 4937-Turbo
Netherlands Leo Mackaay DAAFFE07 NL 4936-Jean
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum DAE3CA11 NL 4608-Leon 3
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum DAE0FAFA NL 4609-Leon 4
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum DAE0F9B8 NL 4607-Leon 2
Netherlands Leon Van Hintum DAE08F24 NL 4606-Leon 1
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A DADDED4D NL 4334-Lorenzo 1
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A DA1DAB71 NL 4337-Lorenzo 4
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A DAE40B84 NL 4335-Lorenzo 2
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-A DA05FD02 NL 4336-Lorenzo 3
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B DA05FAF9 NL 4339-Lorenzo 6
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B DA029381 NL 4338-Lorenzo 5
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B DA1CE0E8 NL 4340-Lorenzo 7
Netherlands Lorenzo Van Russel-B DAA68FF0 NL 4341-Lorenzo 8
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-A DA05F8B8 NL 4247-Bleu 123
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-A DA1E1147 NL 4248-Ubert
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-A DA05FAEB NL 4249-Staf
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-A DA1DB3F6 NL 4246-Lucia
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-B DA1DA9A8 NL 4250-Jolies
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-B DA1E13CC NL 4251-Nicool
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-B DA1DB38D NL 4253-Falca
Netherlands Mat Schoordijk-B DA1EEE18 NL 4252-Luca
Netherlands Mekel-Albert DA1E0FF2 NL 4996-O lider
Netherlands Mekel-Albert DA1DBAC2 NL 4995-Em frente
Netherlands Mekel-Albert DA1EF859 NL 4994-O rapido
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-A DA1E068A NL 4881-Pyreneeen 4
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-A DA1983CE NL 4879-Pyreneeen 2
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-A DA198008 NL 4880-Pyreneeen 3
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-A DA1E0868 NL 4878-Pyreneeen 1
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-B DADDE632 NL 4885-Pyreneeen 8
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-B DAE3C6C6 NL 4883-Pyreneeen 6
Netherlands Mijnis Gijsen-B DAE3C23D NL 4882-Pyreneeen 5
Netherlands Nico Van Noordenne DA1EEBF1 NL 4983-Dico Polo 648
Netherlands Nico Van Noordenne DA1981C7 NL 4985-Dico Polo 639
Netherlands Nico Van Noordenne DA1DBE99 NL 4982-Dico Polo 659
Netherlands Nico Van Noordenne DA1EEC0E NL 4984-Dico Polo 641
Netherlands P&S Verbeek DADDAC1F NL 5073-Levi
Netherlands P&S Verbeek DAE3C2A4 NL 5071-Pascale
Netherlands P&S Verbeek DAE3C12A NL 5070-Patty
Netherlands P&S Verbeek DADDEFED NL 5072-Noah
Netherlands P.Timmer & Zn. DA1EE5F6 NL 4827-Turbo 742
Netherlands P.Timmer & Zn. DA1DAB0D NL 4828-Kiki 753
Netherlands P.Timmer & Zn. DA1E0826 NL 4826-Bolle 725
Netherlands P.Timmer & Zn. DA1EEB7A NL 4829-Ireen 756
Netherlands Parra Team DA1E149B NL 4585-Annie
Netherlands Parra Team DAE3C1B0 NL 4584-De Rooi
Netherlands Parra Team DAB16DBE NL 4582-String 3
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-A DA1E194B NL 4255-Frysian Supernova
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-A DA1EE399 NL 4254-Frysian Prodigy
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B DA05F6EA NL 4258-Frysian Hotrod
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B DA850094 NL 4259-Frysian Showtime
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B DAB53975 NL 4261-Frysian Golddigger
Netherlands Sjaak Buwalda-B DAB01DA4 NL 4260-Frysian Belle
Netherlands Sjef Verhoeven En Zn DA1EEC5D NL 4976-Vela
Netherlands Sjef Verhoeven En Zn DA8516F7 NL 4975-Luni
Netherlands Sjef Verhoeven En Zn DA1DBCB7 NL 4977-Anita
Netherlands Sjef Verhoeven En Zn DA1E11CF NL 4974-Marley
Netherlands Stefan Degiacinto DA1E18ED NL 5048-Kadett
Netherlands Stefan Degiacinto DA1E19E2 NL 5046-Manta
Netherlands Stefan Degiacinto DADDD6CF NL 5047-Omega
Netherlands Stefan Degiacinto DADDDD4D NL 5049-Seaator
Netherlands Stobbelaar DA1E1613 NL 5037-Laar 4
Netherlands Stobbelaar DA1DBD29 NL 5034-Laar 1
Netherlands Stobbelaar DA05F6BA NL 5035-Laar 2
Netherlands Stobbelaar DA1EE38A NL 5036-Laar 3
Netherlands Team Brabant DA1E0670 NL 4263-Wipneus
Netherlands Team Brabant DA1EE5BE NL 4265-Boxneus
Netherlands Team Brabant DADDDD1D NL 4264-Blauwneus
Netherlands Team Bustraan-Kriekjes DAE404AE NL 4507-Ruthan 2
Netherlands Team Bustraan-Kriekjes DAB0228B NL 4508-Jan-Arie
Netherlands Team Bustraan-Kriekjes DAA45C18 NL 4509-De-Visboer
Netherlands Team Bustraan-Kriekjes DADDD621 NL 4506-Lucky Freddy
Netherlands Team Buwalda-A DA028D98 NL 5127-Cleopatra
Netherlands Team Buwalda-A DA1F45FB NL 5126-Vasubandhu
Netherlands Team Buwalda-A DADDE65F NL 5129-Socrates
Netherlands Team Buwalda-B DA91DC3A NL 5131-Confucius
Netherlands Team Buwalda-B DA84F6B8 NL 5132-Kritolaos
Netherlands Team Buwalda-B DA1EF77E NL 5130-Chanakya
Netherlands Team Buwalda-B DA02A548 NL 5133-Marus Aurelius
Netherlands Team Crusader DA1DC163 NL 4991-Stan-Lee
Netherlands Team Crusader DA1E162E NL 4990-Olga
Netherlands Team Crusader DAA45DBF NL 4992-Astrid
Netherlands Team Crusader DA1DB5DD NL 4993-Jafar
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-A DAB53A88 NL 5163-Eva
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-A DADDED5B NL 5162-Qwinta
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-A DA91DDEB NL 5165-Hindve
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-A DAE0BD07 NL 5164-Anne Fleur
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-B DA05F9E5 NL 5169-Gert
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-B DA05F6EC NL 5166-Hammer
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-B DAE3C049 NL 5167-Julian
Netherlands Team De Bruin BV-B DAE40D7F NL 5168-Evert
Netherlands Team de Gouden Peeuw DA91CFEF NL 5050-Willemientje
Netherlands Team de Gouden Peeuw DA856592 NL 5052-Queen Wilma
Netherlands Team de Gouden Peeuw DADDE69C NL 5051-Baksteen
Netherlands Team de Gouden Peeuw DA84FF94 NL 5053-Bahia
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-A DA1EE735 NL 4763-Cinderella
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-A DA1EEDFD NL 4764-Rick
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-A DA1EF4C7 NL 4765-Pocahontas
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-A DA1EECB9 NL 4762-Arielle
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-B DA84FC36 NL 4766-Big Gaudi
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-B DA1DBC2A NL 4768-Prins Ali
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-B DA05FAC2 NL 4767-Eline
Netherlands Team de Greef Van de Pol-B DA1DB65B NL 4769-Julian
Netherlands Team de Lijser-Van Hee DA1E0A3B NL 4605-Redbull
Netherlands Team de Lijser-Van Hee DAB188F6 NL 4604-Lady Gaga
Netherlands Team de Lijser-Van Hee DA1DBCFB NL 4602-Lady Madona
Netherlands Team de Lijser-Van Hee DAB53828 NL 4603-Twenty One
Netherlands Team de Rooij-Slangen DA02B0CE NL 4840-Bros
Netherlands Team de Rooij-Slangen DA1EF88B NL 4841-Lion
Netherlands Team de Rooij-Slangen DA1E0D22 NL 4838-Twix
Netherlands Team de Rooij-Slangen DA1E10E3 NL 4839-Bueno
Netherlands Team Ebben DADDE7E9 NL 4514-Algarve Linus
Netherlands Team Ebben DADDDA44 NL 4515-Madenna’s Choice
Netherlands Team Ebben DA1EF05C NL 4516-Noble Blood 1
Netherlands Team Ebben DAE4A849 NL 4517-Noble Blood 2
Netherlands Team Eots-A DA856F38 NL 4742-Padre Novicas
Netherlands Team Eots-A DA05F63A NL 4743-Fraterno
Netherlands Team Eots-A DA05F710 NL 4744-Mockingjay
Netherlands Team Eots-A DAE40513 NL 4745-Caracara
Netherlands Team Eots-B DAE0FB23 NL 4746-Tazacorte
Netherlands Team Eots-B DA028EEF NL 4747-Bombilla
Netherlands Team Eots-B DA1DB2F9 NL 4748-Wiggle
Netherlands Team Eots-B DAE3C675 NL 4749-Gargamas
Netherlands Team Greve/Pietersen DAAAF449 NL 5058-EG 392
Netherlands Team Greve/Pietersen DAA93109 NL 5060-EG 389
Netherlands Team Greve/Pietersen DA85151B NL 5061-EG 386
Netherlands Team Greve/Pietersen DA1E15A6 NL 5059-EG 390
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A DA1DBE06 NL 4664-Sepp
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A DA1E1476 NL 4663-Fender
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A DA1DB987 NL 4662-Stan
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-A DA855E24 NL 4665-White Spirit
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B DA91DDDA NL 4669-Lize
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B DA1DBCAD NL 4668-Ibanez
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B DA1DB7B8 NL 4667-Gibson
Netherlands Team Groesbeek-B DA1EF59D NL 4666-Josie
Netherlands Team Hilbrands-Kuiper DA1E0B76 NL 4964-Diablo
Netherlands Team Hilbrands-Kuiper DA1E0672 NL 4965-Bliksem
Netherlands Team Hilbrands-Kuiper DA1E17DB NL 4963-Pablo
Netherlands Team Hilbrands-Kuiper DA1E152D NL 4962-Speedy
Netherlands Team Hoogeveen DADDDE77 NL 4938-Golden Cyzus
Netherlands Team Hoogeveen DA1E174A NL 4939-Algarve vale
Netherlands Team Hoogeveen DA84FAE7 NL 4940-Algarve Edgar
Netherlands Team Hoogeveen DAE332E8 NL 4941-Vipez Cyzus
Netherlands Team KLM Beverwijh DA1E13AA NL 4819-Ron
Netherlands Team KLM Beverwijh DA1EF711 NL 4820-Marion
Netherlands Team KLM Beverwijh DA1EE9D4 NL 4821-Jna
Netherlands Team KLM Beverwijh DA1E08B5 NL 4818-Julius
Netherlands Team Koelma DA1E12C3 NL 4929-Sonic
Netherlands Team Koelma DA1DC10F NL 4926-Cool Blue
Netherlands Team Koelma DA1DA9D2 NL 4927-Raptor One
Netherlands Team Leliaert DA1DB93A NL 4323-Carmela
Netherlands Team Leliaert DA84F965 NL 4325-Sunshine Reggae
Netherlands Team Leliaert DA1CE0B7 NL 4322-Arachnophobia
Netherlands Team Leliaert DA1DBD80 NL 4324-Lien
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-A DA84FBB3 NL 5138-Alaska
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-A DAE403CD NL 5141-Georgia
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-A DA1E0FF7 NL 5139-Florida
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-A DAE0FBE1 NL 5140-Hawaii
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-B DAB000A4 NL 5142-Colorado
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-B DAE0FC83 NL 5143-Virginia
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-B DA05F740 NL 5145-Michigan
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-B DAB021FF NL 5144-Washington
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-C DA1E1A5E NL 5147-New York
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-C DAB53900 NL 5149-Alabama
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-C DA029538 NL 5146-New Jersey
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-D DA1E0D0F NL 5153-Illinois
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-D DA1E1677 NL 5151-Arizona
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-D DADDE738 NL 5152-Kansas
Netherlands Team Lokhorst-D DADDADA0 NL 5150-Missouri
Netherlands Team Maasdijk DA1EED1A NL 5094-Willie
Netherlands Team Maasdijk DA1DBE47 NL 5096-Tadie
Netherlands Team Maasdijk DA1E1959 NL 5097-Piet
Netherlands Team Maasdijk DAB16736 NL 5095-Rene
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-A DAE3C3AD NL 4274-Gold 716
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-A DA1EE794 NL 4275-Gold 849
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-A DA1DC0A4 NL 4277-Gold 859
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-A DA1E1941 NL 4276-Gold 706
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-B DA91E552 NL 4280-Gold 708
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-B DADDD9E9 NL 4278-Gold 714
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-B DAA69204 NL 4279-Gold 865
Netherlands Team Peter Janssen-Bas Weijens-B DA855D35 NL 4281-Gold 871
Netherlands Team Pouw DAE4A85E NL 4670-Adri 1
Netherlands Team Pouw DAA6919D NL 4673-Adri 4
Netherlands Team Pouw DADDDF08 NL 4672-Adri 3
Netherlands Team Pouw DADDD750 NL 4671-Adri 2
Netherlands Team S&S-A DAE3C86D NL 5119-Poseidon
Netherlands Team S&S-A DAE3C5D7 NL 5118-Zeus
Netherlands Team S&S-A DA0296AF NL 5121-Artemis
Netherlands Team S&S-B DA0296A6 NL 5125-Ares
Netherlands Team S&S-B DAB53C5B NL 5124-Apollo
Netherlands Team S&S-B DA1E1547 NL 5123-Demeter
Netherlands Team S&S-B DA85718F NL 5122-Hera
Netherlands Team Schrik-A DA1EEA56 NL 4722-Schrikkie 1
Netherlands Team Schrik-A DA1F45E2 NL 4723-Schrikkie 2
Netherlands Team Schrik-A DA1EE66B NL 4724-Schrikkie 3
Netherlands Team Schrik-A DA1E0EDD NL 4725-Schrikkie 4
Netherlands Team Schrik-B DA1E0C75 NL 4728-Schrikkie 11
Netherlands Team Schrik-B DAE0F9DC NL 4729-Schrikkie 12
Netherlands Team Schrik-B DA1DBF39 NL 4726-Schrikkie 9
Netherlands Team Schrik-B DADDECF6 NL 4727-Schrikkie 10
Netherlands Team Schrik-C DA1E0E72 NL 4733-Schrikkie 8
Netherlands Team Schrik-C DA1E095B NL 4732-Schrikkie 7
Netherlands Team Schrik-C DA1DB59A NL 4730-Schrikkie 5
Netherlands Team Schrik-C DA1E1847 NL 4731-Schrikkie 6
Netherlands Team Schrik-D DA05FA58 NL 4735-Schrikkie 14
Netherlands Team Schrik-D DAE332DF NL 4734-Schrikkie 13
Netherlands Team Schrik-D DA028DE2 NL 4737-Schrikkie 16
Netherlands Team Schrik-D DAE0FC1A NL 4736-Schrikkie 15
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek DA855B35 NL 4845-Rex
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek DA05EF86 NL 4842-Fleur
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek DADDEDA8 NL 4844-Max
Netherlands Team Seelen-Ellenbroek DAE0FA88 NL 4843-Bux
Netherlands Team Toom/Visser DAE0C02A NL 4876-Blues
Netherlands Team Toom/Visser DA029654 NL 4875-Helen
Netherlands Team Toom/Visser DAE3C9FA NL 4877-Sofie
Netherlands Team Toom/Visser DA855DF1 NL 4874-Breeze
Netherlands Team Twente-A DAE3C0E5 NL 4795-Lewis
Netherlands Team Twente-A DA02B000 NL 4794-Bruno Fernandes
Netherlands Team Twente-A DA02B004 NL 4796-Semedo
Netherlands Team Twente-A DADDD77B NL 4797-Max
Netherlands Team Twente-B DADDEFC1 NL 4798-Felix
Netherlands Team Twente-B DAE3C9A6 NL 4799-Nathalie
Netherlands Team Twente-B DA855BCE NL 4800-Sanchez
Netherlands Team Twente-B DA029841 NL 4801-Alwin
Netherlands Team Twente-C DA85147E NL 4805-Frank
Netherlands Team Twente-C DA1E0E68 NL 4803-Wzaktemaden
Netherlands Team Twente-C DAE40E43 NL 4802-Fabio
Netherlands Team Twente-C DA05FA8A NL 4804-Pepe
Netherlands Team Twente-D DADDEC85 NL 4806-Niene
Netherlands Team Twente-D DADDEF1B NL 4807-Jonne
Netherlands Team Twente-D DA028F26 NL 4808-Jidion
Netherlands Team Twente-D DA1E0C0F NL 4809-Petra
Netherlands Team Twente-E DA02C5DB NL 4810-Dion
Netherlands Team Twente-E DA02A618 NL 4813-Tijn
Netherlands Team Twente-E DAB5385E NL 4812-Marit
Netherlands Team Twente-F DA02935B NL 4816-Amy
Netherlands Team Twente-F DA029532 NL 4817-Dena
Netherlands Team Twente-F DA05F597 NL 4815-De Parel
Netherlands Team Twente-F DAE0FF70 NL 4814-Merel
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A DA028EF8 NL 4432-Williem
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A DA1DA952 NL 4431-Piet
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A DA1DBB8C NL 4430-Addy
Netherlands Team Utrecht-A DA1DAA3B NL 4433-Wim
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B DAB53288 NL 4437-Erwin
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B DA1DB23C NL 4434-Dirk
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B DA1E0A40 NL 4436-Paulo
Netherlands Team Utrecht-B DA1DBA81 NL 4435-Rinus
Netherlands Team Van Der Burg DADDDD07 NL 4772-Bram
Netherlands Team Van Der Burg DAA45CB2 NL 4773-Wout
Netherlands Team Van Der Burg DA1E19DB NL 4771-Fenne
Netherlands Team Van Der Burg DAE0FED2 NL 4770-Rex
Netherlands Team van Leur DA1EF980 NL 5000-Marieke
Netherlands Team van Leur DA1EF3C5 NL 5001-Dick
Netherlands Team van Leur DA1DC0C4 NL 4999-Thomas
Netherlands Team van Oss-A DAE0FAB8 NL 4450-Oss 349
Netherlands Team van Oss-A DA05FB65 NL 4452-Oss 362
Netherlands Team van Oss-A DAE0FC3D NL 4451-Oss 386
Netherlands Team van Oss-A DA198046 NL 4453-Oss 360
Netherlands Team van Oss-B DA028CEF NL 4456-Oss 372
Netherlands Team van Oss-B DA91E2DF NL 4457-Oss 387
Netherlands Team van Oss-B DA1EE3EA NL 4455-Oss 356
Netherlands Team van Oss-B DA1DBECE NL 4454-Oss 364
Netherlands Team van Oss-C DA1EECA6 NL 4458-Oss 394
Netherlands Team van Oss-C DADDE5E8 NL 4460-Oss 407
Netherlands Team van Oss-C DAB533AD NL 4459-Oss 396
Netherlands Team van Oss-C DADDEFA4 NL 4461-Oss 348
Netherlands Team van Oss-D DADDD616 NL 4463-Oss 373
Netherlands Team van Oss-D DA91D496 NL 4462-Oss 384
Netherlands Team van Oss-D DAE3C046 NL 4464-Oss 380
Netherlands Team van Oss-D DAE40B35 NL 4465-Oss 389
Netherlands Team van Oss-E DADDE46B NL 4466-Oss 391
Netherlands Team van Oss-E DA05F61F NL 4467-Oss 381
Netherlands Team van Oss-E DA1E0E5A NL 4468-Oss 355
Netherlands Team van Oss-E DAB18E08 NL 4469-Oss 393
Netherlands Team van Oss-F DAE32DE1 NL 4470-Oss 411
Netherlands Team van Oss-F DAE40826 NL 4471-Oss 378
Netherlands Team van Oss-F DAB1974F NL 4472-Oss 361
Netherlands Team van Oss-F DA1EF461 NL 4473-Oss 400
Netherlands Team van Oss-G DA05F9F4 NL 4477-Oss 424
Netherlands Team van Oss-G DA1E16FB NL 4475-Oss 382
Netherlands Team van Oss-G DADDEDF1 NL 4476-Oss 390
Netherlands Team van Oss-G DA1EE401 NL 4474-Oss 351
Netherlands Team van Oss-H DAA45BFA NL 4479-Oss 359
Netherlands Team van Oss-H DAE40848 NL 4480-Oss 405
Netherlands Team van Oss-H DAE0BDD0 NL 4481-Oss 350
Netherlands Team van Oss-H DA1DBC39 NL 4478-Oss 377
Netherlands Team van Oss-I DAE3C0DD NL 4482-Oss 347
Netherlands Team van Oss-I DA1DB99C NL 4483-Oss 367
Netherlands Team van Oss-I DAE3CA52 NL 4484-Oss 395
Netherlands Team van Oss-I DA1EED60 NL 4485-Oss 401
Netherlands Team van Oss-J DADDE4A2 NL 4489-Oss 408
Netherlands Team van Oss-J DAE0BD7B NL 4486-Oss 379
Netherlands Team van Oss-J DAE1011D NL 4487-Oss 406
Netherlands Team van Oss-J DA1E14C6 NL 4488-Oss 354
Netherlands Team van Oss-K DAA692B2 NL 4493-Oss 376
Netherlands Team van Oss-K DA856FA7 NL 4491-Oss 415
Netherlands Team van Oss-K DAE0FA0A NL 4492-Oss 363
Netherlands Team van Oss-K DA1E0F29 NL 4490-Oss 402
Netherlands Team Veen DAE0F98B NL 5115-Bjoern
Netherlands Team Veen DADDE4E5 NL 5114-Bart
Netherlands Team Veen DA1DB5D5 NL 5116-Sokko
Netherlands Team Veen DA1E19E1 NL 5117-Jonny
Netherlands Team Veen-Hilbrands DA1DAA97 NL 4967-Ottawa
Netherlands Team Veen-Hilbrands DAB18B00 NL 4969-Quebec
Netherlands Team Velp DA1EEC8C NL 5038-Bleu Moon
Netherlands Team Velp DA856C2F NL 5039-Cilly
Netherlands Team Velp DA1CE0AF NL 5041-Willy
Netherlands Team Veugelers-A DAB196CC NL 4776-Chanou 3
Netherlands Team Veugelers-A DAB53D90 NL 4777-Chanou 4
Netherlands Team Veugelers-A DAB18D9F NL 4775-Chanou 2
Netherlands Team Veugelers-A DA05F60A NL 4774-Chanou 1
Netherlands Team Veugelers-B DAB533AF NL 4780-Peter 3
Netherlands Team Veugelers-B DA05EE6D NL 4778-Peter 1
Netherlands Team Veugelers-B DAE3CA74 NL 4781-Peter 4
Netherlands Team Veugelers-B DADDDE3D NL 4779-Peter 2
Netherlands Team Veugelers-C DAE0BE5A NL 4782-Dennis 1
Netherlands Team Veugelers-C DA91DD06 NL 4783-Dennis 2
Netherlands Team Veugelers-C DA05ED1F NL 4784-Dennis 3
Netherlands Team Veugelers-C DAB16A5F NL 4785-Dennis 4
Netherlands Team Veugelers-D DAB187BC NL 4789-Annie 4
Netherlands Team Veugelers-D DAB16AAF NL 4787-Annie 2
Netherlands Team Veugelers-D DADDE6B8 NL 4788-Annie 3
Netherlands Team Veugelers-D DAB5391B NL 4786-Annie 1
Netherlands Team Veugelers-E DAE4081B NL 4792-Nieck 3
Netherlands Team Veugelers-E DA028F58 NL 4790-Nieck 1
Netherlands Team Veugelers-E DADDE4C3 NL 4793-Nieck 4
Netherlands Team Veugelers-E DA1EEC28 NL 4791-Nieck 2
Netherlands Team Vissers-Baris DA1F44B9 NL 5011-Brabant 2
Netherlands Team Vissers-Baris DAE33557 NL 5012-Brabant 3
Netherlands Team Vissers-Baris DA1EED11 NL 5013-Brabant 4
Netherlands Team Vissers-Baris DA1DA9E9 NL 5010-Brabant 1
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-A DA1DBC74 NL 4700-Welkom Duo
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-A DA1DB999 NL 4699-Welkom Ronin 4424
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-A DA029373 NL 4701-Welkom Penotti
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-A DAE40682 NL 4698-Welkom Ronin 4423
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-B DAE402CD NL 4704-Welkom Primus
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-B DA05FA74 NL 4705-Welkom Optimus
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-B DAE3C2BD NL 4703-Welkom Liam
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-C DAB543A4 NL 4708-Welkom 1
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-C DADDE9F0 NL 4709-Welkom 2
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-C DAE40625 NL 4707-Welkom Marc
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-C DA1E103D NL 4706-Welkom Carin
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-D DA05EE25 NL 4711-Welkom 4
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-D DAB53D8B NL 4710-Welkom 3
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-D DAE0FBBD NL 4713-Welkom 6
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-D DAE40993 NL 4712-Welkom 5
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-E DAB19F87 NL 4714-Welkom Zomer
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-E DAE40C75 NL 4715-Welkom Winter
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-E DA1DC08C NL 4716-Welkom Snellen 59
Netherlands Team Welkom Uden-E DAB541AF NL 4717-Welkom Snellen 60
Netherlands The Untouchables DAE0FC9E NL 5062-Finn
Netherlands The Untouchables DA84F7E5 NL 5065-Levi 1
Netherlands The Untouchables DAB18AED NL 5064-Finn 1
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp DAE3C6C0 NL 4718-Celina
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp DAA93131 NL 4719-Jamitta
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp DAA9313E NL 4720-Danischa
Netherlands Tom Van Der Kamp DAB5375A NL 4721-Sofia
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A DA1E12E7 NL 4642-Wyoming
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A DA1F4463 NL 4643-Wisconsin
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A DA91DAEF NL 4644-Virginia
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-A DA1EEB73 NL 4645-Vermont
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B DA1E0D78 NL 4649-Hawaii
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B DA1E177C NL 4646-Utah
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B DA1DBA5A NL 4647-Washington D.C
Netherlands Van Boxmeer & Hoevenaars-B DA029784 NL 4648-California
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans DA1E0EE2 NL 4692-Moorland 21-03
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans DA1DBDE5 NL 4691-Moorland 21-02
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans DA1DBAFF NL 4690-Moorland 21-01
Netherlands Van Breugel-Voorjans DA1DBB57 NL 4693-Moorland 21-04
Netherlands Van Der Linde Pigeons DA1DB8E4 NL 5027-Florença
Netherlands Van Der Linde Pigeons DA1DBF8B NL 5029-Atenas
Netherlands Van Der Linde Pigeons DA1E0E9C NL 5026-Amsterdam
Netherlands Van Der Veen DA1DBCC9 NL 5031-Storm 067
Netherlands Van Der Veen DA1DBF24 NL 5032-Super Girl
Netherlands Van Der Veen DAB16DB6 NL 5030-Hit Girl
Netherlands Van Der Veen DA1983CC NL 5033-Sister Super Girl
Netherlands Van Mullem/De Wit DADDD648 NL 4661-Delfs Blaw 4
Netherlands Van Mullem/De Wit DA1DAB05 NL 4658-Delfs Blaw 1
Netherlands Van Mullem/De Wit DA1E0974 NL 4659-Delfs Blaw 2
Netherlands Van Mullem/De Wit DA1DBBB0 NL 4660-Delfs Blaw 3
Netherlands Visser-Inpa Thailand DAB16B33 NL 5080-Quickly
Netherlands Visser-Inpa Thailand DA856DE3 NL 5079-Speedy
Netherlands Visser-Inpa Thailand DA83DEC8 NL 5078-Lucky
Netherlands Visser-Inpa Thailand DADDE689 NL 5081-Superstar
Netherlands Visser-Meijboom DAAAF547 NL 4973-Lavanda
Netherlands Visser-Meijboom DA1CDD2E NL 4972-Lírio
Netherlands Visser-Meijboom DA1CDE6A NL 4971-Hibisco
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-A DAB00382 NL 4957-Volkens 4
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-A DAE40834 NL 4956-Volkens 3
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-A DA05F14E NL 4954-Volkens 1
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-B DA91DABA NL 4960-Volkens 7
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-B DADDEDDF NL 4959-Volkens 6
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-B DAE3C7D5 NL 4961-Volkens 8
Netherlands Volkens, De Jong, Jaarsma-B DAE3C016 NL 4958-Volkens 5
Netherlands W. Blaak DA028ECA NL 4921-Algarve Promise
Netherlands W. Blaak DA02A745 NL 4918-Sergeant Algarve
Netherlands W. Blaak DAE3C712 NL 4919-General Algarve
Netherlands W. Blaak DADDDDA2 NL 4920-Algarve Twister
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-A DADDEB64 NL 4752-WR 3
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-A DAB0202D NL 4753-WR 4
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-B DA833813 NL 4756-WR 7
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-B DA1E0C96 NL 4754-WR 5
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-B DAE0FA08 NL 4757-WR 8
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-C DA02975A NL 4761-WR 12
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-C DAB16F59 NL 4759-WR 10
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-C DA855A9F NL 4758-WR 9
Netherlands W. Rietkerken En Zoon-C DA856549 NL 4760-WR 11
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-A DA1DBF5E NL 5004-Lucky 01
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-A DA1E0E9F NL 5003-Jip
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-A DA1DAB4B NL 5002-Starling
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-A DA1F449D NL 5005-Jessy
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-B DA1DBE6A NL 5006-Happy
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-B DADDE52D NL 5009-Birdy
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-B DA1E12CB NL 5007-Nemo
Netherlands Wendela Wiersema-B DA1E0805 NL 5008-Sky
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-A DA1EF6E9 NL 4652-Tarwe
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-A DA1E05CC NL 4650-Popeye
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-A DA1E0987 NL 4651-Swikerbiet
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-A DA1EE5D4 NL 4653-Gerst
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-B DA1EE37A NL 4657-Peter
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-B DA1E12DC NL 4656-Anita
Netherlands Wiersema Bos-B DA1EEC0A NL 4655-Petra
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-A DA05FD18 NL 4846-Purpelhaert
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-A DA1E1033 NL 4847-Steady
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-A DA1E1226 NL 4848-Spike
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-A DA1E0B6B NL 4849-Beethoven
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-B DA1DBD82 NL 4850-Dessert Wonder
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-B DA1E0DF2 NL 4853-The mocker
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-B DA1DBAB3 NL 4852-Black Opium
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-B DA90FE9D NL 4851-Big Ton
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-C DA84FDE7 NL 4856-Dusty
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-C DAB1928A NL 4855-New Fabelle
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-C DADDED4A NL 4854-Mbappe
Netherlands Wijngaardenpigeons-C DA1CE0F8 NL 4857-Sprankle
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A DAAFFF2C NL 4438-Marisja
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A DA1EEC36 NL 4440-Mika
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A DA1E0ADD NL 4439-Levi
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-A DA1EEB07 NL 4441-Maus
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B DA1E07EE NL 4443-Geoff
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B DAE0FB77 NL 4444-Joshua
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B DA1E16F2 NL 4445-Nathan
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-B DAB024FA NL 4442-Renate
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-C DAA69171 NL 4449-Ger
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-C DADDE362 NL 4448-Neve
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-C DAE0FCDF NL 4447-Jamie
Netherlands Zandverstuiving-C DA05F05A NL 4446-Patty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-A DA1E0973 UK 6495-Diamond Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-A DA1E083F UK 6497-Zircon Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-A DA1DBBB7 UK 6496-Tektite Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-A DA1E13A0 UK 6494-Emerald Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-B DA1CE117 UK 6501-Garnet Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-B DA02A5D4 UK 6498-Jade Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-B DAB53986 UK 6500-Azurite Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-B DA1F43AD UK 6499-Ammolite Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-C DA02B4CC UK 6505-Ruby Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-C DA1F4375 UK 6504-Jasper Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-C DA85153A UK 6503-Quartz Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-C DA1E15C1 UK 6502-Ambar Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-D DA1EE472 UK 6506-Bloodstone Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-D DA1DAA39 UK 6507-Sapphire Dynasty
Northern Ireland Emeralds + Diamonds Dynasty-D DA1E11CB UK 6508-Onyx Dynasty
Norway Fisherman Friends DAA94C5A NO 5200-Lisabeth
Norway Fisherman Friends DAE4A82A NO 5199-Wicktoria
Norway Fisherman Friends DA851796 NO 5201-Moy
Norway Fisherman Friends DA1EF5F4 NO 5198-Monica
Norway Roy Inge Johnsen DA856955 NO 5218-TT 1294
Norway Roy Inge Johnsen DA028E72 NO 5219-TT 145
Norway Roy Inge Johnsen DAE0FAFE NO 5220-TT 4721
Norway Sveinar Kringlebotten DADDE5F5 NO 5196-Hege
Norway Sveinar Kringlebotten DAE0FC87 NO 5195-Renate
Norway Sveinar Kringlebotten DA029462 NO 5197-Jngunn
Norway Sveinar Kringlebotten DAB006C5 NO 5194-Sindre
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-A DAAAF6F5 NO 5210-Aline
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-A DAE3352B NO 5211-Sekstiseks
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-A DA05F866 NO 5212-Kvala Beinet
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-A DA0297C8 NO 5213-Nibba
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-B DA91CCBE NO 5217-Foten
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-B DAE40A4F NO 5216-Mons
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-B DAE3349A NO 5215-Edvin
Norway Team Bo-Kvalsnes-Seberg-B DA1E13C7 NO 5214-Alva
Norway Team Mojo DAE3C1B5 NO 5204-Mojo 65 C
Norway Team Mojo DA84F8CA NO 5205-Mojo 64
Norway Team Mojo DADDE399 NO 5202-Mojo 65
Norway Team Mojo DADDD8FB NO 5203-Mojo 65 B
Norway Team Norwegian Turbo DA84F87F NO 5206-Turbo BJ 1
Norway Team Norwegian Turbo DAA45DDC NO 5209-Mojo 6
Norway Team Norwegian Turbo DAE33318 NO 5208-Turbo ST 43
Norway Team Norwegian Turbo DAE334C2 NO 5207-Turbo AM 17
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-A DA1E0DCB NO 5170-Svein Veland 1
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-A DA1CE0DF NO 5171-Golden Olympiade 2
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-A DAE334FC NO 5172-Svein Veland 2
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-A DADDD8FF NO 5173-Svein Veland 5
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-B DA05ED05 NO 5176-Super Harry
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-B DA05F8FD NO 5177-Svein Veland 4
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-B DAE40E54 NO 5175-Svein Veland 3
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-C DADDDCFE NO 5178-New Lauraat 1
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-C DAE3C6DC NO 5181-Hitra Rambo
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-C DA1EEA08 NO 5179-New Witbuik Star
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-C DA05FE7A NO 5180-New Witbuik Star 1
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-D DAB192C4 NO 5182-Golden Eye 1
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-D DAE407B4 NO 5184-Rambo Laureaat
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-D DAE3BFEA NO 5183-Golden Eye 2
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-D DAE08F14 NO 5185-Golden Bullet
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-E DA029910 NO 5189-Euro Hitra
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-E DAB1922D NO 5186-Harry Ray
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-E DAA69294 NO 5188-Hitra Bullet
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-F DA02A6B1 NO 5193-Kannibal Star 2
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-F DAB01D22 NO 5191-Laureaat Eterbak
Norway Team Ray & S. Veland-F DAE0FBCF NO 5190-Golden Olympiade 1
Poland Abiks Golebie DAE33261 PL 5452-Pawel
Poland Abiks Golebie DAE4A8BE PL 5453-Zbyszek
Poland Abiks Golebie DAB0F0C2 PL 5451-Maciej
Poland Andrzej Grodny DAE3BFEB PL 5304-Andrzej
Poland Andrzej Grodny DAE3C48C PL 5305-Marek
Poland Andrzej Grodny DAB18AF4 PL 5302-Krakus
Poland Andrzej Grodny DA02B473 PL 5303-Ola
Poland Arkadiusz Wieteska DA1E0FB3 PL 5454-AW 10940
Poland Arkadiusz Wieteska DAE3C0F9 PL 5455-AW 10938
Poland Arkadiusz Wieteska DA1EEDB8 PL 5457-AW 10978
Poland Arkadiusz Wieteska DAE3CB73 PL 5456-AW 10955
Poland Arkadiusz Wyrebek DA02AFE8 PL 5441-Sebastian
Poland Arkadiusz Wyrebek DAB16F28 PL 5438-Piotrek
Poland Arkadiusz Wyrebek DADDE2E8 PL 5440-Arek
Poland Arkadiusz Wyrebek DAB536C3 PL 5439-Szymon
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DA1E16BC PL 5377-Marvel
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DA1E1901 PL 5376-Peeta
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DA1E076B PL 5375-Caesar
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-A DA1DBF46 PL 5374-Katniss
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DA1E1068 PL 5380-Rue
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DA1F4407 PL 5379-Effie
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DA1DB7BF PL 5381-Primrose
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-B DA1CE07E PL 5378-Cato
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DA1E150C PL 5383-Clove
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DA1DB3C9 PL 5382-Cinna
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DADDE379 PL 5385-Glimmer
Poland Brockamp & Kupka Smilowski-C DADDDE8B PL 5384-Gale
Poland Buttner G & A-A DAB16DBA PL 5260-Salu
Poland Buttner G & A-A DADDD715 PL 5261-Natan
Poland Buttner G & A-A DAAFFED8 PL 5258-Jonatan
Poland Buttner G & A-B DAB01C77 PL 5263-Noemi
Poland Buttner G & A-B DADD5FC1 PL 5265-Rut
Poland Buttner G & A-B DAA45DC8 PL 5262-Miriam
Poland Good Style Loft-A DA05FE5E PL 5388-Isis 86
Poland Good Style Loft-A DA029565 PL 5387-Achilles 46
Poland Good Style Loft-A DAAAF4D8 PL 5389-Feniks 57
Poland Good Style Loft-A DA1E0612 PL 5386-Platon 55
Poland Good Style Loft-B DAE3C65C PL 5391-Idylla 47
Poland Good Style Loft-B DADDD7E4 PL 5393-Temida 53
Poland Good Style Loft-B DAE0F96B PL 5392-Atena 89
Poland Good Style Loft-B DA05F7B7 PL 5390-Adonis 56
Poland Good Style Loft-C DAE40AF4 PL 5396-Minerwa 45
Poland Good Style Loft-C DA1E0CAC PL 5395-Henio 58
Poland Good Style Loft-C DAB54222 PL 5394-Zybi 50
Poland Good Style Loft-D DAB16710 PL 5398-Zosia 51
Poland Good Style Loft-D DAE3C125 PL 5399-Apollo 59
Poland Good Style Loft-D DAE0F9C8 PL 5400-Ulisses 90
Poland Good Style Loft-E DAB16EF8 PL 5404-Wrzalka 29
Poland Good Style Loft-E DAB536FD PL 5402-Bruce Lee 67
Poland Good Style Loft-E DAB16A3B PL 5403-Jaroslaw 43
Poland Grzelak Zdzislaw – Dorota DA85706E PL 5298-Tomek
Poland Grzelak Zdzislaw – Dorota DA1E0B8A PL 5299-Jan
Poland Grzelak Zdzislaw – Dorota DAAAF9A3 PL 5300-Kasia
Poland Grzelak Zdzislaw – Dorota DADDD6D1 PL 5301-Ola
Poland Jania-Lach DA1DB944 PL 5433-Heri
Poland Jania-Lach DA05F6EE PL 5430-Krugi
Poland Jania-Lach DAE40785 PL 5431-Black Mambi
Poland Jania-Lach DAE3C1D9 PL 5432-Engos
Poland Jaroslaw Wierzbick DADDD8AA PL 5372-Czeslaw
Poland Jaroslaw Wierzbick DA1E0CFF PL 5371-Wojtek
Poland Jaroslaw Wierzbick DA028DA5 PL 5370-Jerry
Poland Kainka R. & G. Nowak DAE0FB92 PL 5446-Grzegore
Poland Kainka R. & G. Nowak DA05F8C2 PL 5448-Tomasz
Poland Kainka R. & G. Nowak DADDD7F5 PL 5449-Leon
Poland Kainka R. & G. Nowak DA1EF0B9 PL 5447-Norbert
Poland Korszla Z – Banachewicz R DA84F9AE PL 5425-Rio
Poland Korszla Z – Banachewicz R DA029388 PL 5422-Pistolero
Poland Korszla Z – Banachewicz R DAE0FFE9 PL 5423-Banan
Poland Korszla Z – Banachewicz R DAA695DF PL 5424-Zibi
Poland Krol und Wolczyk DA1DC155 PL 5409-Marc Jacobs
Poland Krol und Wolczyk DA1E11C5 PL 5407-Moschino
Poland Krol und Wolczyk DA1E1820 PL 5406-Mulberry
Poland Krzysztof Rumik DA1DB89D PL 5352-RPA
Poland Krzysztof Rumik DA1DB9CE PL 5353-Myszka
Poland Krzysztof Rumik DAB01E6B PL 5350-Fineke
Poland Krzysztof Rumik DAE40342 PL 5351-Stefania
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-A DA1DBADF PL 5222-Superstar
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-A DA198251 PL 5224-Seop
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-A DA1E0902 PL 5223-Hipi
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-A DAA36254 PL 5225-Boss
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-B DA91D078 PL 5226-Georgine
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-B DA1E058B PL 5228-Bella
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-B DA1E17F4 PL 5229-Piti
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-B DA05F5B5 PL 5227-Doki
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-C DA029788 PL 5230-Sansibar
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-C DADDDF18 PL 5232-Maya
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-C DA028F3D PL 5233-Liberty
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-C DA1F430E PL 5231-Bali
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-D DA1E069C PL 5235-Kosmos
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-D DA1CE132 PL 5236-Pheonix
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-D DA1EE3B9 PL 5234-Vulcano
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-D DAB53472 PL 5237-Enzian
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-E DA1E0A31 PL 5241-Jaguar
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-E DA1E05EF PL 5238-Cobra
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-E DA1DBFCA PL 5239-Rubin
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-E DA1EF97E PL 5240-Saphir
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-F DA1980B1 PL 5243-Granate
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-F DA1DBD19 PL 5244-Amazone
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-F DA02B4FD PL 5245-Azuro
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-F DA1E08F0 PL 5242-Diamant
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-G DAB5372B PL 5247-Ypsilon
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-G DAB00068 PL 5248-Omega
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-G DAE33587 PL 5246-Gamma
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-G DAE0F982 PL 5249-Alpha
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-H DAE407D9 PL 5250-Delta
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-H DA1DB995 PL 5251-Astra
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-H DAE3C2A1 PL 5253-Beta
Poland Kupka-Smilowski-H DAE3C3D6 PL 5252-Sigma
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-A DA1DB639 PL 5274-Marcel
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-A DAE4A999 PL 5277-Gucio
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-A DA1DBD96 PL 5275-Ola
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-A DAE3CB75 PL 5276-Aga
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-B DAB54141 PL 5281-Hiro
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-B DA1E18DB PL 5280-Jola
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-B DA05F14F PL 5278-Zuzia
Poland Kutkowski Leszek-B DAB1892E PL 5279-Roma
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-A DAB5324B PL 5364-Bog 3
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-A DAE3C329 PL 5365-Bog 4
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-A DA05EDAC PL 5363-Bog 2
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-A DADDE79B PL 5362-Bog 1
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-B DAE0F9D8 PL 5369-Bog 8
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-B DAE3C42B PL 5366-Bog 5
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-B DA05F602 PL 5367-Bog 6
Poland Mieczyslaw Bogonos-B DA84FB99 PL 5368-Bog 7
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-A DA91DAE6 PL 5354-Kasia
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-A DAE40644 PL 5356-Pati
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-A DAE40488 PL 5355-Tomek
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-A DAB19662 PL 5357-Ola
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-B DA05FD43 PL 5361-Marta
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-B DAE406EB PL 5358-Wanda
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-B DA028DE9 PL 5360-Zosia
Poland MWG Rogowo Stefanski Marek-B DA1EEC4D PL 5359-Wojtek
Poland Osko Hubert DA05FE0A PL 5436-Adamek
Poland Osko Hubert DA91DC94 PL 5435-Wiktoria
Poland Osko Hubert DAE33325 PL 5434-Pandemonium
Poland Osko Hubert DAE3C52F PL 5437-Ignacy
Poland Piotr & Marcin Zurecki DA028E2B PL 5266-Martin
Poland Piotr & Marcin Zurecki DA05F875 PL 5269-Gaja
Poland Piotr & Marcin Zurecki DAE40E1B PL 5268-Aga
Poland Piotr & Marcin Zurecki DAE4A8E6 PL 5267-Dino
Poland Piotr Stanek-A DAB18C09 PL 5410-ASJ 51
Poland Piotr Stanek-A DAE0BE54 PL 5411-ASJ 88
Poland Piotr Stanek-A DADDE3CF PL 5412-ASJ 58
Poland Piotr Stanek-A DAA45E8B PL 5413-ASJ 56
Poland Piotr Stanek-B DADDEF59 PL 5416-Hera
Poland Piotr Stanek-B DADDEFB5 PL 5414-Atena
Poland Piotr Stanek-B DAE0F96C PL 5417-Perefona
Poland Piotr Stanek-B DAE0FFBF PL 5415-Afrodyta
Poland Rafita Team DAE3C2F6 PL 5461-Hugo
Poland Rafita Team DA1E0C49 PL 5459-Ralph
Poland Rafita Team DADDD9B7 PL 5458-Dona
Poland Rafita Team DAE40BF3 PL 5460-Emporio
Poland Robert Zgud-A DAE332EB PL 5330-ZGUD 04
Poland Robert Zgud-A DA84FFB3 PL 5333-ZGUD 23
Poland Robert Zgud-A DA84F94E PL 5332-ZGUD 47
Poland Robert Zgud-A DA02967E PL 5331-ZGUD 34
Poland Robert Zgud-B DAE403F7 PL 5334-ZGUD 67
Poland Robert Zgud-B DAB54157 PL 5335-ZGUD 79
Poland Robert Zgud-B DAE3C545 PL 5337-ZGUD 69
Poland Robert Zgud-C DA0293AD PL 5339-ZGUD 66
Poland Robert Zgud-C DA91DA1D PL 5340-ZGUD 75
Poland Robert Zgud-C DADDD642 PL 5338-ZGUD 80
Poland Robert Zgud-C DAE0FBC0 PL 5341-ZGUD 01
Poland Robert Zgud-D DAB53A94 PL 5343-ZGUD 35
Poland Robert Zgud-D DA02AD78 PL 5345-ZGUD 70
Poland Robert Zgud-D DADDE31B PL 5344-ZGUD 34
Poland Robert Zgud-D DAE33588 PL 5342-ZGUD 03
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-A DA029449 PL 5316-Fenix
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-A DA1EF10B PL 5314-Tytan
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-A DAE334D1 PL 5315-Sara
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-A DAA6948A PL 5317-Fatima
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-B DA1EE59F PL 5318-Szakira
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-B DA1EEDD5 PL 5321-Abram
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-B DAB0053C PL 5320-Kati
Poland Slawomir Lisiewicz-B DAE0FCA1 PL 5319-Roza
Poland Slemp-Kupka DAB00495 PL 5307-Wili 27
Poland Slemp-Kupka DAAAF64F PL 5308-Wili 999
Poland Slemp-Kupka DA84FA5C PL 5306-Wili 989
Poland Snopek & Pawlica DA8572C3 PL 5421-AS 4
Poland Snopek & Pawlica DADDE529 PL 5419-AS 2
Poland Snopek & Pawlica DA1E1709 PL 5418-AS 1
Poland Snopek & Pawlica DAE3C370 PL 5420-AS 3
Poland Sparrow Team DAB03B92 PL 5428-AL Golden 3099
Poland Sparrow Team DAE0FCEA PL 5429-AL Golden 2975
Poland Sparrow Team DA05F6ED PL 5426-AL Golden 3100
Poland Stanek Roman DADDD58A PL 5282-AS 02
Poland Stanek Roman DA05FE4D PL 5285-AS 61
Poland Stanek Roman DADDAE79 PL 5283-AS 13
Poland Stanek Roman DA05FB3E PL 5284-AS 20
Poland Stanislaw Kaluza DA1E0E18 PL 5445-Niebieska 2
Poland Stanislaw Kaluza DA856471 PL 5442-Niebieska 1
Poland Stanislaw Kaluza DA1E1877 PL 5443-Ciemna
Poland Stanislaw Kaluza DA05F7D3 PL 5444-Pstra
Poland Stepien & Rupinski-A DAE40501 PL 5288-Oli
Poland Stepien & Rupinski-A DAB1857D PL 5287-Bodzio
Poland Stepien & Rupinski-A DADDE342 PL 5286-Bialy Ogon
Poland Stepien & Rupinski-B DADDDD0E PL 5292-Kornelek
Poland Stepien & Rupinski-B DAE3C4A8 PL 5291-Karinka
Poland Stepien & Rupinski-B DA05FEA1 PL 5290-Krzysio
Poland Tarasiuk Jerzy DA0295A4 PL 5295-Blau Diamond
Poland Tarasiuk Jerzy DAE3C7CF PL 5296-George 561
Poland Tarasiuk Jerzy DADDE4D1 PL 5297-George & B
Poland Tarasiuk Jerzy DAE4A93F PL 5294-George 16
Poland Team Kotek DAE4073C PL 5348-Bond
Poland Team Pamami DAE3C2EA PL 5313-Nari Szeli .0
Poland Team Pamami DAE333D3 PL 5310-Roni N.P.O
Poland Team Pamami DA028EE1 PL 5311-Luna N.P.O
Poland Team Pamami DA1EEB39 PL 5312-Boni N.P.O
Poland Team Rzepka Marek & Marcin DAB187D3 PL 5256-MRZ 71
Poland Team Rzepka Marek & Marcin DAB03921 PL 5255-MRZ 52
Poland Team Rzepka Marek & Marcin DA05FA26 PL 5254-MRZ 99
Poland Team Rzepka Marek & Marcin DA1EF914 PL 5257-MRZ 28
Poland Tomasz Wiczling DA1E098F PL 5270-Wiczling 1
Poland Tomasz Wiczling DA1F43EA PL 5271-Wiczling 2
Poland Tomasz Wiczling DA1E0DA7 PL 5272-Wiczling 3
Poland Tomasz Wiczling DA857080 PL 5273-Wiczling 4
Poland DA1EF978 PL 5325-Elit the Best
Poland DA1E082F PL 5322-Bitka
Poland DA029636 PL 5324-West the Best
Poland DAE0FC62 PL 5323-Simply the Best
Poland DA1EF623 PL 5327-Sister from Krakow
Poland DAE40DE4 PL 5326-Bolo Knock Out
Poland DAE3C5C4 PL 5328-Elite from Poland
Poland DAE3C3D3 PL 5329-Simply the Power
Poland Wojciech Adamski DADDE775 PL 5465-Wojtek 4
Poland Wojciech Adamski DA1E16AB PL 5462-Wojtek 1
Poland Wojciech Adamski DADDEE1B PL 5464-Wojtek 3
Poland Wojciech Adamski DAE0BEE9 PL 5463-Wojtek 2
Portugal 6 Friends Pigeon-A DAE33502 PT 5516-6fp 14
Portugal 6 Friends Pigeon-A DA1DBA91 PT 5514-6fp 6
Portugal 6 Friends Pigeon-A DAE3C8DB PT 5515-6fp 8
Portugal 6 Friends Pigeon-B DAE3C968 PT 5520-6fp 19
Portugal 6 Friends Pigeon-B DAB01E68 PT 5519-6fp 18
Portugal 6 Friends Pigeon-B DAE4A7EE PT 5518-6fp 17
Portugal 6 Pigeon Friends DAE0BD42 PT 5511-6PF 7
Portugal 6 Pigeon Friends DAE0F9FB PT 5512-6PF 9
Portugal Adriano & Rui DA1DB916 PT 5676-Golden 04
Portugal Adriano & Rui DA1EE4EA PT 5677-Golden 02
Portugal Adriano & Rui DA1E1920 PT 5675-Golden 01
Portugal Adriano & Rui DA1E10C1 PT 5678-Golden 09
Portugal André Costa e José Carlos Pereira DA05FC1E PT 5737-Olhos de Agua
Portugal André Costa e José Carlos Pereira DA1E0586 PT 5738-Guia
Portugal André Costa e José Carlos Pereira DA1E108E PT 5739-Oura
Portugal André Costa e José Carlos Pereira DA028D3E PT 5740-Ferreiras
Portugal Antonio Estrangeiro e Tutipet DA05F7CE PT 5496-Tuti 3
Portugal Antonio Estrangeiro e Tutipet DA1E12E3 PT 5495-Tuti 2
Portugal Antonio Estrangeiro e Tutipet DA1E172E PT 5497-Tuti 4
Portugal Antonio Estrangeiro e Tutipet DA1DBB7B PT 5494-Tuti 1
Portugal Antonio Magalhaes Pereira DAE0FA91 PT 5573-Margarida
Portugal Antonio Magalhaes Pereira DAE0BD7E PT 5572-Miguel
Portugal Antonio Magalhaes Pereira DAE3C522 PT 5570-Tomás
Portugal Antonio Magalhaes Pereira DAE3CAB3 PT 5571-Gabriela
Portugal Antonio Manuel Nazare DA84FC93 PT 5537-Nazaré 4
Portugal Antonio Manuel Nazare DA1F4348 PT 5534-Nazaré 1
Portugal Antonio Manuel Nazare DA1E1462 PT 5536-Nazaré 3
Portugal Antonio Manuel Nazare DA19842F PT 5535-Nazaré 2
Portugal Asas de Mombeja DA1EEA39 PT 5708-Amelia
Portugal Asas de Mombeja DA1E090C PT 5710-Amália
Portugal Asas de Mombeja DA1E0C09 PT 5709-Carlota
Portugal Asas de Mombeja DA1E0646 PT 5707-Frederica
Portugal Auto Monteiro DA1E10F3 PT 5540-Alcobaça
Portugal Auto Monteiro DA91E457 PT 5539-Aveiro
Portugal Auto Monteiro DA1DBBAD PT 5538-Abrantes
Portugal Auto Monteiro DA05F69D PT 5541-Amadora
Portugal Careto & Andrade DA1E13E2 PT 5761-Andrade 1
Portugal Careto & Andrade DA1DB8F0 PT 5763-Andrade 3
Portugal Careto & Andrade DA1F44F6 PT 5762-Andrade 2
Portugal Careto & Andrade DA1E0E90 PT 5764-Andrade 4
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-A DA1E0F33 PT 5656-Ninja 205
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-A DA1E1057 PT 5657-Moledo 201
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-A DA1EE377 PT 5655-Golden 212
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-A DA1E12A0 PT 5658-Golden 213
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-B DA1981C9 PT 5662-Altos Voos Pigeons 85
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-B DA1DBC91 PT 5661-Altos Voos Pigeons 84
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-B DA1EE56E PT 5660-Altos Voos Pigeons 82
Portugal Carvalho e Cerqueira-B DA1EEE0F PT 5659-Altos Voos Pigeons 81
Portugal Cesario e Abilio Pereira DA1E11D2 PT 5603-Golfinho
Portugal Cesario e Abilio Pereira DA1DBD44 PT 5604-Ouriço do Mar
Portugal Cesario e Abilio Pereira DA1DAB1F PT 5602-Baleia
Portugal Cesario e Abilio Pereira DA1EE512 PT 5605-Lampreia
Portugal Chen Yue & Sol Nascente DA1F450A PT 5584-Londres
Portugal Chen Yue & Sol Nascente DA1E0C70 PT 5585-Istambul
Portugal Chen Yue & Sol Nascente DA1E06B5 PT 5583-Bangkok
Portugal Chen Yue & Sol Nascente DA1DBF32 PT 5582-Rio de Janeiro
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-A DAA45DD7 PT 5476-Clemente 016
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-A DA1E0975 PT 5477-Clemente 010
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-A DA1E14C2 PT 5475-Clemente 008
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-B DA1EE762 PT 5481-Clemente 001
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-B DA1EEE2F PT 5478-Clemente 012
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-B DA1DBECA PT 5480-Clemente 003
Portugal Clemente Bexiga-B DA1DACA0 PT 5479-Clemente 011
Portugal Danilo Resende DA1EEB95 PT 5682-Mondego
Portugal Danilo Resende DA02964C PT 5680-Tejo
Portugal Danilo Resende DA1E072E PT 5679-Guadiana
Portugal Danilo Resende DA1EE593 PT 5681-Douro
Portugal Dionisio e Santos – Carpintaria dos Jolas DA1F432D PT 5665-Prata
Portugal Dionisio e Santos – Carpintaria dos Jolas DA1CE10C PT 5663-Poco 028
Portugal Dionisio e Santos – Carpintaria dos Jolas DAB53597 PT 5666-Pimentel
Portugal Dionisio e Santos – Carpintaria dos Jolas DA1DC09E PT 5664-Poco 888
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-A DA1EEBC3 PT 5588-Moçarabe 3963
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-A DA1E16CC PT 5586-Moçarabe 3968
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-A DA1DC003 PT 5589-Moçarabe 3964
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-A DA02C80C PT 5587-Moçarabe 3969
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-B DA1DBEA6 PT 5590-Moçarabe 3965
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-B DAB18AFE PT 5592-Moçarabe 3971
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-B DA1DBBE3 PT 5593-Moçarabe 3972
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-B DA1DAA0B PT 5591-Moçarabe 3966
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-C DA1EF39C PT 5597-Moçarabe 3973
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-C DA1DBB45 PT 5594-Moçarabe 3961
Portugal Elite Barlavento Team M80-C DA1E11B7 PT 5596-Moçarabe 3970
Portugal Elite Clube Votas DA1DC15E PT 5466-Freitas
Portugal Elite Clube Votas DA1E091D PT 5467-Menina
Portugal Elite Clube Votas DA02B3E3 PT 5469-Giro
Portugal Elite Clube Votas DA1E1659 PT 5468-Taveira
Portugal F.R.P.Xico Moreira DA1DB25E PT 5609-Vicente 09
Portugal F.R.P.Xico Moreira DA85660A PT 5608-Vicente 14
Portugal F.R.P.Xico Moreira DA1DB3EC PT 5606-Vicente 05
Portugal F.R.P.Xico Moreira DA1E1AAF PT 5607-Vicente 17
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-A DA1F4442 PT 5484-Olival
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-A DA1DB674 PT 5483-Crazy Derby
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-A DA1DB780 PT 5482-Regengo
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-A DA1E1205 PT 5485-Manga
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-B DA856643 PT 5486-Viana
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-B DA05FB2D PT 5487-Aroeira
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-B DA1EE3C5 PT 5488-Germano
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-C DA1DB24D PT 5491-Maia
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-C DAE3C01C PT 5492-Plano A
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-C DA1E0A9C PT 5493-Plano B
Portugal Fernando Garrido e Silva-C DA1F45E5 PT 5490-Renato
Portugal Fili Altissimo A. Giovanni DA1E17B1 PT 5642-Argentina
Portugal Fili Altissimo A. Giovanni DA1E09F0 PT 5646-Marlene
Portugal Fili Altissimo A. Giovanni DA1E123B PT 5645-Louza
Portugal Fili Altissimo A. Giovanni DA40B54D PT 5644-Gabriella
Portugal Fili Altissimo A. Giovanni DA1E09FF PT 5643-Fatima-Carpef
Portugal Fura Paredes DAE0BE30 PT 5653-Rubi
Portugal Fura Paredes DA1E1573 PT 5654-Safira
Portugal Fura Paredes DA05F86E PT 5651-Pedra da Lua
Portugal Fura Paredes DA1E1091 PT 5652-Pedra do Sol
Portugal GPL-Gil & Pedro & Luis DADDDDD5 PT 5543-GPL 10
Portugal GPL-Gil & Pedro & Luis DAE0FFFB PT 5542-GPL 03
Portugal GPL-Gil & Pedro & Luis DAE4045F PT 5544-GPL 21
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-A DA1EE349 PT 5713-Jan
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-A DA1DC0A8 PT 5711-Kerim 1
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-A DA1DB2BB PT 5714-Severino
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-A DA1EEA2D PT 5712-Kerim 2
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-B DADDAE8D PT 5715-Cindy Elleven
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-B DAB188B5 PT 5717-Dell Darling
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-B DADDDFA7 PT 5716-Marize Bleek
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-C DADDE615 PT 5719-Cris Erick
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-C DAE40C8E PT 5720-Esperanca
Portugal Guerreiros Pigeon Team-C DADDEF6C PT 5718-Kinzinho
Portugal HB Pigeons & Melrinitas DA1EE426 PT 5470-BH 10
Portugal HB Pigeons & Melrinitas DA1DBCC4 PT 5472-IV 01
Portugal HB Pigeons & Melrinitas DA1EE6C4 PT 5471-BH 12
Portugal HB Pigeons & Melrinitas DA1E0A25 PT 5473-IV 08
Portugal Heitor & Sousa DADDEED0 PT 5600-H&S 3
Portugal Heitor & Sousa DAB193C4 PT 5598-H&S 1
Portugal Heitor & Sousa DAB53807 PT 5599-H&S 2
Portugal Heitor & Sousa DA02AF79 PT 5601-H&S 4
Portugal Intercereais DAA692B4 PT 5815-Inter 3
Portugal Intercereais DAB192C0 PT 5816-Inter 4
Portugal Intercereais DAE40872 PT 5814-Inter 2
Portugal Irmãos Costas DA1E1690 PT 5733-Coimbra
Portugal Irmãos Costas DA1E114D PT 5736-Ameixial
Portugal Irmãos Costas DA1DC0AE PT 5735-Almancil
Portugal Irmãos Costas DA1DBC68 PT 5734-Carvoeiro
Portugal Isidro Reis-A DA1EED59 PT 5549-Tiago
Portugal Isidro Reis-A DA856F6D PT 5548-Sofia
Portugal Isidro Reis-A DA1E094E PT 5547-Teresa
Portugal Isidro Reis-A DA1E18B4 PT 5546-Franscisca
Portugal Isidro Reis-B DA1E14EF PT 5551-Margarida
Portugal Isidro Reis-B DA1DAA8C PT 5552-Mariana
Portugal Isidro Reis-B DA1CE136 PT 5553-Samuel
Portugal Isidro Reis-B DA1E11D4 PT 5550-Matilde
Portugal João e Ricardo Lopes DA1CE0FF PT 5615-Ferrari
Portugal João e Ricardo Lopes DA02B0A8 PT 5614-Porche
Portugal João e Ricardo Lopes DA1E097C PT 5617-Mini Cooper
Portugal Jose Carlos Barbosa Cardoso DAE3C38D PT 5559-Tino
Portugal Jose Carlos Barbosa Cardoso DAB1947E PT 5561-Kardo-551
Portugal Jose Carlos Barbosa Cardoso DA1DBC30 PT 5560-Rubi
Portugal Jose Carlos Barbosa Cardoso DA1DB3D4 PT 5558-Kardo-541
Portugal José Duarte & Manuel Teixeira DAE3C130 PT 5768-Teixeira 2
Portugal José Duarte & Manuel Teixeira DA028E84 PT 5765-Duarte 1
Portugal José Duarte & Manuel Teixeira DADDE3D9 PT 5766-Duarte 2
Portugal José Duarte & Manuel Teixeira DAAAF1E1 PT 5767-Teixeira 1
Portugal Lopes e Duarte DA02C9A7 PT 5621-D.D.
Portugal Lopes e Duarte DA05F9A5 PT 5620-Maserati
Portugal Lopes e Duarte DA05F637 PT 5619-Magie
Portugal Lopes e Duarte DA1EF76E PT 5618-Bentley
Portugal Loureiro & Filhos DAE40606 PT 5575-SC 904
Portugal Loureiro & Filhos DA91D032 PT 5576-MÊS 907
Portugal Loureiro & Filhos DAE3C6B4 PT 5577-MÊS 908
Portugal Loureiro & Filhos DAE3C9DE PT 5574-SC 903
Portugal Lurdes Gonçalves DA1CE105 PT 5758-Tavira
Portugal Lurdes Gonçalves DA1E10B3 PT 5760-Ribeira Grande
Portugal Lurdes Gonçalves DA198127 PT 5759-Vitoria
Portugal Lurdes Gonçalves DA1E0832 PT 5757-Maia
Portugal Manuel e Luis Brito DAB536E8 PT 5809-LB 04
Portugal Manuel e Luis Brito DAE33422 PT 5810-LB 03
Portugal Manuel e Luis Brito DADDE550 PT 5812-LB 66
Portugal Natário, Filho & Bastos DA1DBBF1 PT 5685-Dane
Portugal Natário, Filho & Bastos DAA69114 PT 5684-Beautifull Greipel
Portugal Natário, Filho & Bastos DA1EE730 PT 5683-Super Ameixa
Portugal Natário, Filho & Bastos DA028DBE PT 5686-Plainas
Portugal Nelvinhas & Anselmo Gomes DA1E077D PT 5752-Feijoada
Portugal Nelvinhas & Anselmo Gomes DA1DB769 PT 5749-Lagareiro
Portugal Nelvinhas & Anselmo Gomes DA1DBF4A PT 5750-Brás
Portugal Nelvinhas & Anselmo Gomes DAE3C578 PT 5751-Francesinha
Portugal Nelvinhas & Silvininhos DA1DB229 PT 5755-NS 03
Portugal Nelvinhas & Silvininhos DA1DBD67 PT 5756-NS 12
Portugal Nelvinhas & Silvininhos DA1F435B PT 5754-NS 10
Portugal Nelvinhas & Silvininhos DA1EECA2 PT 5753-NS 02
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-A DAE3C536 PT 5700-First Lady
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-A DA1DC0AA PT 5702-Super Boy
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-A DA1E10EB PT 5699-Super Girl
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-A DA1DBCB8 PT 5701-Diamond Lady
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-B DA1EF08E PT 5705-Lucky Luke
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-B DA1DBB3A PT 5704-Sissi
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-B DA1E087C PT 5703-CR7
Portugal Nuno Caldeirinha-B DA1E18D3 PT 5706-F.S.A
Portugal Nuno Lopes-A DA1983EF PT 5727-Lopes 3
Portugal Nuno Lopes-A DAAAF4BE PT 5726-Lopes 2
Portugal Nuno Lopes-A DA1EF68F PT 5728-Lopes 4
Portugal Nuno Lopes-B DA1E0639 PT 5732-Lopes 8
Portugal Nuno Lopes-B DA1EECA4 PT 5731-Lopes 7
Portugal Nuno Lopes-B DA1F4335 PT 5730-Lopes 6
Portugal Nuno Lopes-B DA1EF824 PT 5729-Lopes 5
Portugal Os Barros DA1EE33F PT 5498-Barros 56
Portugal Os Barros DA1F4546 PT 5499-Barros 57
Portugal Os Barros DA1DBBBE PT 5501-Barros 34
Portugal Os Barros DA1E095D PT 5500-Barros 33
Portugal Os Bravos DA05FAAB PT 5554-Bravo 802
Portugal Os Bravos DA1EF2B6 PT 5555-Bravo 811
Portugal Os Bravos DA1E1846 PT 5557-Bravo 804
Portugal Os Fama-JC DA1E09D0 PT 5565-Azai
Portugal Os Fama-JC DA1EEB9F PT 5564-Pimenta
Portugal Os Fama-JC DA02AFA4 PT 5563-Limon
Portugal Os Fama-JC DA1DBB41 PT 5562-Zekinha
Portugal Paulo & Marcelino & David Nunes DA1DBDDB PT 5744-Faroukebaal
Portugal Paulo & Marcelino & David Nunes DADDDFCC PT 5741-Ramnstein 1
Portugal Paulo & Marcelino & David Nunes DA1E0C27 PT 5742-Ramnstein 2
Portugal Paulo & Marcelino & David Nunes DA1E0BB3 PT 5743-Kanifarouke
Portugal Paulo Martins DA1EE983 PT 5567-Singapura
Portugal Paulo Martins DA1F46E2 PT 5569-Praga
Portugal Paulo Martins DA029474 PT 5568-Macau
Portugal Paulo Martins DA028CA2 PT 5566-Phuket
Portugal Pereira & Fernandes DA1E0A0D PT 5650-Fernandes 4
Portugal Pereira & Fernandes DA1E165F PT 5649-Fernandes 3
Portugal Pereira & Fernandes DAA3685D PT 5648-Fernandes 2
Portugal Pereira & Fernandes DA1DBE8D PT 5647-Fernandes 1
Portugal PigeonCam-A DA1E05EB PT 5771-Mendes 849
Portugal PigeonCam-A DA1EF965 PT 5770-Burguesa
Portugal PigeonCam-A DAE3CA50 PT 5769-Lou 917
Portugal PigeonCam-A DA1E171B PT 5772-Piloto 205
Portugal PigeonCam-B DA1EE5AD PT 5775-Rejeitada
Portugal PigeonCam-B DA1F45B5 PT 5773-Pirucelhas
Portugal PigeonCam-B DA1DBCB5 PT 5776-Felicidade
Portugal PigeonCam-B DA1E098A PT 5774-Cesarina
Portugal PigeonCam-C DA1E0A1B PT 5777-Mendes 845
Portugal PigeonCam-C DA1DC06B PT 5779-Mendes 842
Portugal PigeonCam-C DA1DBDC2 PT 5780-Mendes 846
Portugal PigeonCam-D DAA691A2 PT 5784-Lena 207
Portugal PigeonCam-D DA1980E9 PT 5781-Tocha 201
Portugal PigeonCam-D DA1E0AFD PT 5782-Imortal 206
Portugal PigeonCam-D DA05EE64 PT 5783-Alice 208
Portugal PigeonCam-E DAE3C650 PT 5788-Mumm-ra
Portugal PigeonCam-E DAB16B44 PT 5785-Chacal
Portugal PigeonCam-E DAE3CB71 PT 5786-Escamoso
Portugal PigeonCam-E DAE40D6A PT 5787-Simiano
Portugal PigeonCam-F DAE40609 PT 5792-P4R-Vampiro
Portugal PigeonCam-F DA028D1D PT 5790-P4R-Josef
Portugal PigeonCam-F DAB18AD1 PT 5791-P4R-City
Portugal PigeonCam-F DA028E04 PT 5789-P4R-Romaria
Portugal PigeonCam-G DAE3C611 PT 5793-Abutre
Portugal PigeonCam-G DAA45C0C PT 5796-P4R-Danubia
Portugal PigeonCam-G DADDDF78 PT 5794-P4R-Red
Portugal PigeonCam-G DAAAF6BA PT 5795-P4R-Blue Harry
Portugal PigeonCam-H DAB000DC PT 5798-Bruna
Portugal PigeonCam-H DAE40925 PT 5797-Kikinha
Portugal PigeonCam-H DAE40C19 PT 5800-Tinha
Portugal PigeonCam-H DAE0FF31 PT 5799-Inês
Portugal PigeonCam-I DA91DC12 PT 5801-FG 305
Portugal PigeonCam-I DA1E17DC PT 5804-FG 313
Portugal PigeonCam-I DAE40763 PT 5803-FG 312
Portugal PigeonCam-I DADDE294 PT 5802-FG 309
Portugal PigeonCam-J DADDD7BE PT 5806-Lou 909
Portugal PigeonCam-J DADDEE55 PT 5805-Lou 915
Portugal PigeonCam-J DAE40D40 PT 5807-Lou 911
Portugal PigeonCam-J DADDE4E1 PT 5808-Lou 913
Portugal Pombal Bernardes & Intercereais DA1E0F07 PT 5817-Porsche Cayman
Portugal Pombal Bernardes & Intercereais DADDD5DA PT 5820-Elite
Portugal Pombal Bernardes & Intercereais DAE0FBC2 PT 5819-Venus
Portugal Pombal Bernardes & Intercereais DAE3C12E PT 5818-Miliomania
Portugal Pombal Red Star-A DA1DBC93 PT 5694-Red Star 4
Portugal Pombal Red Star-A DA1E07EF PT 5693-Red Star 3
Portugal Pombal Red Star-A DA1CE0D2 PT 5692-Red Star 2
Portugal Pombal Red Star-A DA1981EF PT 5691-Red Star 1
Portugal Pombal Red Star-B DA1E17AB PT 5697-Red Star 7
Portugal Pombal Red Star-B DA1DAB32 PT 5696-Red Star 6
Portugal Pombal Red Star-B DA1E17E1 PT 5695-Red Star 5
Portugal Pombal Red Star-B DA1DBCF4 PT 5698-Red Star 8
Portugal Regal Lofts DA1DAB69 PT 5502-Abelha
Portugal Regal Lofts DA1DC162 PT 5503-Andorina
Portugal Regal Lofts DA1F4315 PT 5504-Peixe Cão
Portugal Regal Lofts DA1DBD5E PT 5505-Peixe Rato
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-A DA1DBE9C PT 5670-Belga 006
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-A DADDD6FC PT 5667-Baltar
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-A DAE3C2C4 PT 5668-Imperial
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-A DAE3BFF0 PT 5669-Impensavel
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-B DA1DBE73 PT 5672-Cinfanense
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-B DA1E0F61 PT 5673-Spanish 17
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-B DA1E1111 PT 5674-Super 005
Portugal Reinaldo Moreira Marques Roldao-B DA1E1032 PT 5671-Pedrito El20
Portugal Team Chn & Por-A DA1E163E PT 5623-Vila Nova de Gaia
Portugal Team Chn & Por-A DA1DBC11 PT 5625-Portimão
Portugal Team Chn & Por-A DA1EE474 PT 5622-Setúbal
Portugal Team Chn & Por-A DA1E19F8 PT 5624-Faro
Portugal Team Chn & Por-B DA1EF6B5 PT 5629-Évora
Portugal Team Chn & Por-B DA1EE339 PT 5628-Braga
Portugal Team Chn & Por-B DAB53DDB PT 5627-Bragança
Portugal Team Chn & Por-B DA1DBC6B PT 5626-Vila Real
Portugal Team Chn & Por-C DA1E0A84 PT 5630-Beja
Portugal Team Chn & Por-C DA1EEC4C PT 5631-Aveiro
Portugal Team Chn & Por-C DA1DAA46 PT 5632-Portalegre
Portugal Team Chn & Por-C DA1DBC28 PT 5633-Viana do Castelo
Portugal Team Chn & Por-D DA1DBD86 PT 5637-São Marcos da Serra
Portugal Team Chn & Por-D DA1E1848 PT 5634-Odeceixe
Portugal Team Chn & Por-D DA1DBDF2 PT 5635-Alte
Portugal Team Chn & Por-D DA1EF4F8 PT 5636-Armacao de Pera
Portugal Team Chn & Por-E DAB00359 PT 5639-Coimbra
Portugal Team Chn & Por-E DAE3C550 PT 5640-Castelo Branco
Portugal Team Chn & Por-E DAE3C24A PT 5638-Guarda
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-A DAB18B04 PT 5525-LB 16
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-A DA1E11CD PT 5524-LB 12
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-A DA1E0F8C PT 5522-LB 17
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-A DA1DBE82 PT 5523-LB 13
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-B DA1E1481 PT 5527-BH 04
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-B DA1E0F12 PT 5526-BH 05
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-B DA1EE627 PT 5528-BH 06
Portugal Team Lukas e Martim-B DA1F47D2 PT 5529-BH 09
Portugal Team Trofa DA1DC0BB PT 5579-Paderne
Portugal Team Trofa DA1E0965 PT 5578-Cachopo
Portugal Team Trofa DA1EE54C PT 5580-Monte Clérigo
Portugal Team Trofa DA02AEDE PT 5581-Vale Figueiras
Portugal Thundercats DAB18C7C PT 5611-Cheetara
Portugal Thundercats DAE0F9BD PT 5612-Panthro
Portugal Thundercats DAE40D5F PT 5613-Tygra
Portugal Thundercats DAB53744 PT 5610-Lion-O
Portugal Tintin DA1DBABE PT 5687-Mister Kanibal
Portugal Tintin DA1DBD2A PT 5690-Miss Kittel
Portugal Tintin DA1EF204 PT 5688-Miss Chantilie
Portugal Tintin DA1DBB93 PT 5689-Mister CR7
Portugal TPP Group DA02AE97 PT 5509-Peixe Zebra
Portugal TPP Group DA1DB1D6 PT 5508-Ameixa
Portugal TPP Group DA1E074C PT 5507-Agua Viva
Portugal TPP Group DA1F42FF PT 5506-Quimera
Portugal Vasco Agonia DA05F982 PT 5533-Golden 89
Portugal Vasco Agonia DAE403DA PT 5531-Golden 86
Portugal Vasco Agonia DA028F41 PT 5530-Golden 85
Portugal Vasco Agonia DADDE8EE PT 5532-Golden 88
Portugal VIJOPITI DA1DC0D5 PT 5723-Pi 08
Portugal VIJOPITI DA1E0C3A PT 5722-Jo 15
Portugal VIJOPITI DA198090 PT 5721-Vi 13
Portugal VIJOPITI DAB536F9 PT 5724-Ti 21
Portugal Voadores de São Gens DA1EF605 PT 5748-O Mago
Portugal Voadores de São Gens DA91CEEF PT 5745-Mista
Portugal Voadores de São Gens DA1E1019 PT 5746-King
Portugal Voadores de São Gens DA1DBB19 PT 5747-Camões
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-A DA0296D9 QA 5823-Nnai 3
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-A DA1DC0C2 QA 5822-Nnai 2
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-A DA1E143A QA 5824-Nnai 4
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-A DA02B23E QA 5821-Nnai 1
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-B DAB5323C QA 5826-Nnai 6
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-B DA1E05DA QA 5828-Nnai 8
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-B DA1EF5C5 QA 5827-Nnai 7
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-B DAE40E2D QA 5825-Nnai 5
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-C DA1E120C QA 5831-Nnai 11
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-C DA1E0E69 QA 5830-Nnai 10
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-C DA1E18AC QA 5829-Nnai 9
Qatar Mohammed Almannai-C DA1EF7EB QA 5832-Nnai 12
Romania Alexandru Tanase DA1DBB96 RO 5928-AT 3
Romania Alexandru Tanase DA1E0591 RO 5926-AT 1
Romania Alexandru Tanase DAB19333 RO 5929-AT 4
Romania Alexandru Tanase DA1DBFDB RO 5927-AT 2
Romania Antofie Catalin DA1F4438 RO 5916-David
Romania Antofie Catalin DA84F8D3 RO 5913-Nicholas
Romania Antofie Catalin DA1E0821 RO 5914-Jeanina
Romania Antofie Catalin DA1DBE1E RO 5915-Maya
Romania Ariciu Catalin + Teodora DA1E19D3 RO 5975-Teodora
Romania Ariciu Catalin + Teodora DA1F45F2 RO 5974-Romaria
Romania Ariciu Catalin + Teodora DA1EEAF7 RO 5976-Fly for Glory
Romania Ariciu Catalin + Teodora DA84F864 RO 5977-Inbreed Romario
Romania Bibi Stefanescu DA1DBC1E RO 5834-Liviu 24
Romania Bibi Stefanescu DA1E0D43 RO 5835-Liviu 50
Romania Bibi Stefanescu DA1DBB71 RO 5833-Liviu 23
Romania Bibi Stefanescu DA1EE819 RO 5836-Liviu 57
Romania Crainea Alexandru & Bogdan DAE3C088 RO 5925-Simo
Romania Crainea Alexandru & Bogdan DAA6917E RO 5924-Diva
Romania Crainea Alexandru & Bogdan DAE3CA71 RO 5923-Andrei
Romania Crainea Alexandru & Bogdan DAA6948B RO 5922-Cris
Romania Daniel Dediu DAE0FCE2 RO 5959-DD 2
Romania Daniel Dediu DAE0FA50 RO 5960-DD 3
Romania Daniel Dediu DADDEE85 RO 5961-DD 4
Romania Daniel Dediu DAE32BD1 RO 5958-DD 1
Romania Dinu Brothers -Pipa Romenia DA1EEDFC RO 5980-DB 3
Romania Dinu Brothers -Pipa Romenia DA1DB89A RO 5978-DB 1
Romania Dinu Brothers -Pipa Romenia DA1DBC70 RO 5981-DB 4
Romania Dinu Brothers -Pipa Romenia DAB188F2 RO 5979-DB 2
Romania Elvis + Dany DA1DBEBB RO 5963-Leen 1
Romania Elvis + Dany DA1EF6BD RO 5965-Leen 2
Romania Elvis + Dany DA1E18EE RO 5964-ASU 3
Romania Elvis Marin + Cristi Gheoghe DA1E0653 RO 5968-Balkaniada
Romania Elvis Marin + Cristi Gheoghe DAB53747 RO 5966-Nuryan Jr.
Romania Elvis Marin + Cristi Gheoghe DA1DBD6B RO 5967-Merkel
Romania Elvis Marin + Cristi Gheoghe DA1DB828 RO 5969-Leen Jr.
Romania Fast OLR Breeders DAE40DCE RO 5930-Fast Adrian 03
Romania Fast OLR Breeders DA856D72 RO 5931-Fast Adrian 10
Romania Fast OLR Breeders DA02B23F RO 5933-Fast Adrian 59
Romania Fast OLR Breeders DAE33414 RO 5932-Fast Adrian 26
Romania Hanus Vasile DA1DC0B3 RO 5908-Pako
Romania Hanus Vasile DA1DBCFF RO 5907-Eggi
Romania Hanus Vasile DA1E15DF RO 5906-Darius
Romania Hanus Vasile DAB53C1C RO 5905-Tony
Romania Marius Iulian Sepciuc DAE3C4AE RO 5901-Mis 62
Romania Marius Iulian Sepciuc DAB021DD RO 5902-Mis 68
Romania Marius Iulian Sepciuc DAE0FFEE RO 5903-Mis 78
Romania Marius Iulian Sepciuc DAE3C41C RO 5904-Mis 80
Romania Marius Lepadatu DA1DBEAF RO 5935-ML 2
Romania Marius Lepadatu DA1CE100 RO 5937-ML 4
Romania Marius Lepadatu DA02966A RO 5934-ML 1
Romania Marius Lepadatu DAA45E44 RO 5936-ML 3
Romania Pigeons Airport Team DA1E10A8 RO 5893-Celebrity
Romania Pigeons Airport Team DA1EED56 RO 5896-The Last Child
Romania Pigeons Airport Team DA1CDC8D RO 5895-Zorion
Romania Pigeons Airport Team DAB19F62 RO 5894-Ineu
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-A DAE33427 RO 5952-Leo
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-A DA1EEF57 RO 5950-Profu
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-A DA91E51A RO 5951-Mitu
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-A DA1E0BE0 RO 5953-Mazare
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-B DA1E0DDE RO 5954-Dorin
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-B DA1DBF3A RO 5955-Mari
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-B DA1CE0F2 RO 5956-Tatiana
Romania Pirvu Dorin + Stefan Ionut & Tatal-B DA1DBDB7 RO 5957-Niko
Romania Team DAAAF32E RO 5938-RO 1
Romania Team DA05F6E5 RO 5941-RO 4
Romania Team DAB18D68 RO 5939-RO 2
Romania Team DA1E192E RO 5940-RO 3
Romania Robert + Nycolas DAE4A9E2 RO 5971-RN 2
Romania Robert + Nycolas DAE0FC9B RO 5972-RN 3
Romania Robert + Nycolas DAE40D66 RO 5970-RN 1
Romania Robert + Nycolas DA91DD5B RO 5973-RN 4
Romania Team Boss-A DADDEF26 RO 5945-Arizona
Romania Team Boss-A DADDED3B RO 5942-Oklahoma
Romania Team Boss-A DA1E1119 RO 5944-Colorado
Romania Team Boss-B DAB5375B RO 5946-Indiana
Romania Team Boss-B DA029569 RO 5948-Alaska
Romania Team Boss-B DA856C7C RO 5947-Montana
Romania Team Boss-B DAA932F7 RO 5949-Nebraska
Romania Team Florea Sorin-A DA028F10 RO 5837-FS 1
Romania Team Florea Sorin-A DA1DBD78 RO 5838-FS 2
Romania Team Florea Sorin-A DA1DB0DB RO 5839-FS 3
Romania Team Florea Sorin-B DA856518 RO 5844-FS 8
Romania Team Florea Sorin-B DA1E0EE7 RO 5842-FS 6
Romania Team Florea Sorin-B DA1DB9B0 RO 5843-FS 7
Romania Team Florea Sorin-B DA1DBA86 RO 5841-FS 5
Romania Team Florea Sorin-C DA1CDEB5 RO 5845-FS 9
Romania Team Florea Sorin-C DA1EEC20 RO 5846-FS 10
Romania Team Florea Sorin-C DA1DBEDE RO 5847-FS 11
Romania Team Florea Sorin-C DA1DBB86 RO 5848-FS 12
Romania Team Florea Sorin-D DA1DB7B3 RO 5851-FS 15
Romania Team Florea Sorin-D DA1DBF91 RO 5849-FS 13
Romania Team Florea Sorin-D DA1DBE53 RO 5850-FS 14
Romania Team Florea Sorin-D DA1DBA55 RO 5852-FS 16
Romania Team Florea Sorin-E DA1E1270 RO 5856-FS 20
Romania Team Florea Sorin-E DA1E122F RO 5855-FS 19
Romania Team Florea Sorin-E DA1E1398 RO 5853-FS 17
Romania Team Florea Sorin-E DA1DA9A7 RO 5854-FS 18
Romania Team Florea Sorin-F DA1E0FF8 RO 5859-FS 23
Romania Team Florea Sorin-F DA1EF830 RO 5858-FS 22
Romania Team Florea Sorin-F DA1CE0F6 RO 5860-FS 24
Romania Team Florea Sorin-F DA1E1362 RO 5857-FS 21
Romania Team Florea Sorin-G DA1EE395 RO 5862-FS 26
Romania Team Florea Sorin-G DA1DBE30 RO 5864-FS 28
Romania Team Florea Sorin-G DA1DACC2 RO 5861-FS 25
Romania Team Florea Sorin-G DA19838B RO 5863-FS 27
Romania Team Florea Sorin-H DA1E0A7B RO 5866-FS 30
Romania Team Florea Sorin-H DA1E0911 RO 5867-FS 31
Romania Team Florea Sorin-H DA1E0C60 RO 5868-FS 32
Romania Team Florea Sorin-H DA1E16F1 RO 5865-FS 29
Romania Team Florea Sorin-I DA1E1548 RO 5872-FS 36
Romania Team Florea Sorin-I DA1E0AA3 RO 5870-FS 34
Romania Team Florea Sorin-I DA1EF6D4 RO 5869-FS 33
Romania Team Florea Sorin-I DA1DBAAB RO 5871-FS 35
Romania Team Florea Sorin-J DA1DBF95 RO 5875-FS 39
Romania Team Florea Sorin-J DA1E1047 RO 5874-FS 38
Romania Team Florea Sorin-J DA1E0627 RO 5873-FS 37
Romania Team Florea Sorin-J DA1CE12F RO 5876-FS 40
Romania Team Florea Sorin-K DA1E07FE RO 5878-FS 42
Romania Team Florea Sorin-K DA1E05D5 RO 5877-FS 41
Romania Team Florea Sorin-K DA197D0D RO 5880-FS 44
Romania Team Florea Sorin-K DA1E09E0 RO 5879-FS 43
Romania Team Florea Sorin-L DA1E0D2C RO 5883-FS 47
Romania Team Florea Sorin-L DA1CE0CF RO 5884-FS 48
Romania Team Florea Sorin-L DA1E1082 RO 5882-FS 46
Romania Team Florea Sorin-L DAE100C9 RO 5881-FS 45
Romania Team Florea Sorin-M DA1DBD64 RO 5887-FS 51
Romania Team Florea Sorin-M DAB18D1E RO 5888-FS 52
Romania Team Florea Sorin-M DA1EECC8 RO 5886-FS 50
Romania Team Florea Sorin-M DA198020 RO 5885-FS 49
Romania Team Florea Sorin-N DA1DB6D3 RO 5889-FS 53
Romania Team Florea Sorin-N DA1EE34D RO 5891-FS 55
Romania Team Florea Sorin-N DA1E0C97 RO 5892-FS 56
Romania Team Petre Nicolae & Super Star OLR DA1E118D RO 5900-Super 4
Romania Team Petre Nicolae & Super Star OLR DA1E0929 RO 5897-Super 1
Romania Team Petre Nicolae & Super Star OLR DAB16D9D RO 5898-Super 2
Romania Team Petre Nicolae & Super Star OLR DA1E1916 RO 5899-Super 3
Romania Team Stefan Botnar DA1DC09C RO 5919-M’Bappe
Romania Team Stefan Botnar DA1E1293 RO 5920-Griezman
Romania Team Stefan Botnar DA1E0D59 RO 5918-Ronaldo
Romania Team Stefan Botnar DA1EED81 RO 5921-Henry
Romania Team Stefan Botnar DA1E0693 RO 5917-Benzema
Romania Team Vlasin S. & Lila Bota DA1DBB87 RO 5910-Barbie
Romania Team Vlasin S. & Lila Bota DA1DBD56 RO 5909-Eto
Romania Team Vlasin S. & Lila Bota DAB18BF7 RO 5911-Jessica
Romania Team Vlasin S. & Lila Bota DA1DBCCA RO 5912-Julia
Russian Federation Aleksandar Djurdjulov DA05F84E RS 5985-Djokovic
Russian Federation Aleksandar Djurdjulov DA02979D RS 5984-Szuszana
Russian Federation Aleksandar Djurdjulov DAB5326C RS 5983-Tijana
Russian Federation Aleksandar Djurdjulov DAAAF1E5 RS 5982-Laura
Russian Federation Rakovic Loft DA1E1196 RS 5989-Djokovic 4
Russian Federation Rakovic Loft DA1E1628 RS 5986-Djokovic 1
Russian Federation Rakovic Loft DA1EE783 RS 5988-Djokovic 3
Serbia Jovovic-Bigovic DAB53CD7 ME 4152-Montenegro beauty
Serbia Jovovic-Bigovic DADDE534 ME 4150-Montenegro great
Serbia Jovovic-Bigovic DA1E12E2 ME 4151- Montenegro star
Serbia Jovovic-Bigovic DA1E0A8E ME 4153- Montenegro first
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-A DADDDF66 SK 6154-Dragon 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-A DAE3C401 SK 6155-Dragon 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-A DAE0F9DD SK 6156-Dragon 3
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-A DAE33265 SK 6157-Dragon 4
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-B DA1DB27A SK 6161-Thor 4
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-B DAE4A9E6 SK 6158-Thor 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-B DA1DBAA3 SK 6159-Thor 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bachraty P.-B DAE3C121 SK 6160-Thor 3
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bodnar Pigeons Team DADDD79F SK 6088-BPT 614
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bodnar Pigeons Team DAE405D8 SK 6086-BPT 602
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bodnar Pigeons Team DAA45CFF SK 6089-BPT 203
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Bodnar Pigeons Team DA060F20 SK 6087-BPT 223
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-A DAE40561 SK 6038-Arival 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-A DAE40CFE SK 6040-Rudo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-A DAE40D71 SK 6039-Arival 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-A DAE3C833 SK 6041-Endia
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-B DAA45D0E SK 6044-Tatra 3
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-B DAB005CE SK 6043-Tatra 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-B DAB53D85 SK 6042-Tatra 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Brzy Team-B DAE3C28D SK 6045-Tatra 4
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Ciernava Team DA856AEC SK 6150-Cier 84
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Ciernava Team DAB533C5 SK 6152-Cier 85
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Ciernava Team DAA45EA6 SK 6153-Cier 89
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Ciernava Team DAE405B4 SK 6151-Cier 732
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-A DADDECF7 SK 6121-Selina
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-A DAE335E6 SK 6119-Iris
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-A DA02ADFB SK 6120-Daphne
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-A DAE40302 SK 6118-Stella
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-B DADDE3DA SK 6125-Pandora
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-B DAE3C8B1 SK 6124-Aura
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-B DAE3C7A2 SK 6122-Pamela
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Duchovic Jozef-B DAE3C7C8 SK 6123-Penelope
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Evin Peter & Noemi DADDD830 SK 6008-Anicka 63
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Evin Peter & Noemi DAE32BBB SK 6009-Stefan 65
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Evin Peter & Noemi DA91DA66 SK 6007-Rachel 61
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Evin Peter & Noemi DAE0FA2F SK 6006-Peter 47
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) FG Pigeons DAE3C6DD SK 6170-FG James
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) FG Pigeons DAE403DF SK 6173-FG Baron
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) FG Pigeons DAE32B3E SK 6172-FG Kirk
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) FG Pigeons DA0295CA SK 6171-FG Sandra
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Gyurosi Jozef & Julius DAE3C744 SK 6098-Thunderbird
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Gyurosi Jozef & Julius DAE3C286 SK 6100-Updike
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Gyurosi Jozef & Julius DAE335CF SK 6099-Papa Bouba Diop
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Gyurosi Jozef & Julius DAE3C1EB SK 6101-Heyoka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Helmar Team DADDECC4 SK 6175-HEL 1344
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Helmar Team DAE3C88C SK 6176-HEL 1350
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Helmar Team DAB16C59 SK 6177-HEL 1345
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Helmar Team DA91DC14 SK 6174-HEL 1354
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Jan Danko Loft Slovakia DADDE278 SK 6126-Goncarka 409
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Jan Danko Loft Slovakia DA0293E6 SK 6127-Tatranka 420
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Jan Danko Loft Slovakia DA02A53F SK 6128-Ander 407
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Krajcik Andrea & Daniel DA05ED4D SK 6030-ADK 56
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Krajcik Andrea & Daniel DADDAC49 SK 6032-ADK 27
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Krajcik Andrea & Daniel DA1E15C7 SK 6033-ADK 40
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Krajcik Andrea & Daniel DA91CF5F SK 6031-ADK 31
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Kval Team DA029424 SK 6186-Laco
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Kval Team DADDEC7D SK 6189-Jozo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Kval Team DAE3C77B SK 6188-Dano
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Kval Team DA1E1492 SK 6187-Tibor
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Las Vladimir & Dana DAE3C3DA SK 6015-LAS 49
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Las Vladimir & Dana DAB00357 SK 6016-LAS 22
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Las Vladimir & Dana DAB53478 SK 6017-LAS 6
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Las Vladimir & Dana DAE0F97C SK 6014-LAS 77
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Lumi Pigeon Racing Team DAE3C3C9 SK 6185-Lumilla
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Lumi Pigeon Racing Team DADDEE24 SK 6182-Luminica
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Lumi Pigeon Racing Team DAE0FA8C SK 6183-Luminetta
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Lumi Pigeon Racing Team DADDE976 SK 6184-Luminator
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Migo Team DAE3C69B SK 6178-Mago
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Migo Team DAE40C8D SK 6179-Zugo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Migo Team DAE3C9F9 SK 6180-Kago
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Migo Team DA1E0723 SK 6181-Mabi
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-A DAB023AE SK 6066-Sniper 80
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-A DAB01EB1 SK 6069-Sniper 31
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-A DA1E1220 SK 6068-Sniper 46
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-A DAB18939 SK 6067-Sniper 42
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-B DA05F153 SK 6072-Sniper 54
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-B DA05FE22 SK 6071-Sniper 77
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-B DA1E06C3 SK 6073-Sniper 81
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-B DAE3C04E SK 6070-Sniper 90
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-C DA1DBC9D SK 6077-Sniper 20
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-C DAE4A801 SK 6076-Sniper 55
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-C DAE3C0A9 SK 6074-Sniper 91
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-C DA02967C SK 6075-Sniper 76
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-D DAE332FA SK 6080-Sniper 50
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-D DA7C855C SK 6081-Sniper 12
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-D DAE4A961 SK 6078-Sniper 15
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-D DA05F82C SK 6079-Sniper 74
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-E DAE40BC2 SK 6085-Sniper 103
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-E DAE3C147 SK 6082-Sniper 78
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-E DAAAF524 SK 6083-Sniper 75
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Miroslav Vidhold-E DA02943C SK 6084-Sniper 84
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Pelech & Madaj DAE3C71F SK 6136-Hope 729
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Pelech & Madaj DA84FE17 SK 6135-Gota 705
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Pelech & Madaj DAB01EA9 SK 6134-Atila 702
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Pelech & Madaj DAE40DD2 SK 6137-Vegas 730
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Romulus Team M&B DADDDF68 SK 6035-Rhea Silvia 2729
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Romulus Team M&B DA1E1474 SK 6036-Red Wings 2714
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Romulus Team M&B DAB53C3B SK 6037-Ricardo 1123
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Romulus Team M&B DA05F753 SK 6034-Romulus 69
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-A DA05FC27 SK 6109-Zlatka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-A DAB538CF SK 6106-Janka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-A DAB5380A SK 6108-Lenka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-A DAE3C6B1 SK 6107-Vendo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-B DA856FCD SK 6111-Andrej
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-B DADDEB2C SK 6112-Rado
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-B DAE3CB54 SK 6110-Jozef
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej-B DAE4052A SK 6113-Berta
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Stafen DADDE933 SK 6094-Timko
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Stafen DA91E42C SK 6097-Sasa
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Stafen DAE0FA9F SK 6095-Martinka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Stafen DAE3C14E SK 6096-Heno
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Tatry Derby DA029669 SK 6051-Zuzo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Tatry Derby DAE40ABD SK 6050-Pepo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Tatry Derby DA1E111C SK 6052-Teri
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Tatry Derby DA02936C SK 6053-Rita
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Bednar-Hrib DADDE3DE SK 6010-BH 5
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Bednar-Hrib DADDEF17 SK 6013-BH 8
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Bednar-Hrib DAE3CA27 SK 6012-BH 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Bednar-Hrib DAE3346C SK 6011-BH 56
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrnciar Peter & Miroslav DADDECD1 SK 6105-HPM 641
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrnciar Peter & Miroslav DAE02500 SK 6104-HPM 630
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrnciar Peter & Miroslav DA05F6BC SK 6103-HPM 648
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrnciar Peter & Miroslav DAB53377 SK 6102-HPM 589
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrozen Peter & Peter DADDAE13 SK 6130-Eso
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrozen Peter & Peter DADDE7E0 SK 6133-Palfy
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrozen Peter & Peter DAE0FD0B SK 6132-Fesak
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Hrozen Peter & Peter DA84FC2A SK 6131-Fenomen
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-A DAB18D92 SK 6139-MJ 7
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-A DAE3C9E5 SK 6138-MJ 28
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-A DAA94554 SK 6140-MJ 77
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-A DA91DD7B SK 6141-MJ 8
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-B DAE40ADE SK 6145-MJ 30
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-B DADDED1E SK 6143-MJ 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Labon Matus & Jakub-B DA1F452C SK 6144-MJ 29
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-A DA1EEDC9 SK 6019-PJ Leo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-A DAA695B8 SK 6018-PJ Allsta
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-A DAE3C6A2 SK 6020-PJ Barka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-A DAA694FA SK 6021-PJ Lipiet
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-B DADDE3CB SK 6024-PJ Sagmag
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-B DADDEE56 SK 6025-PJ Pokdou
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-B DAA95834 SK 6023-PJ Aurel
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-B DAB025A5 SK 6022-PJ Henri
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-C DAE334E5 SK 6026-PJ Wikwon
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team PJ Pigeons-C DAE404CF SK 6029-PJ Joskani
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Privara P+P & Labon M+J DAE0FBB3 SK 6146-Kincen-Kapri
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Privara P+P & Labon M+J DA02B333 SK 6147-MJ 24
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Privara P+P & Labon M+J DAE3C955 SK 6148-MJ 13
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Privara P+P & Labon M+J DADDDDEC SK 6149-Kincen-Tapry
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Saradin DAE0FC63 SK 6048-Hektor
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Saradin DA856B12 SK 6049-Viktoria
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Saradin DADD6042 SK 6047-Andrej
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Saradin DAE3343F SK 6046-Dana
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Struhacka DAE0F98C SK 6003-IS 854
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Struhacka DAB18989 SK 6002-IS 842
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Struhacka DA05FA0C SK 6004-IS 844
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Struhacka DA8500AC SK 6005-IS 849
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-A DAE3C81D SK 6190-Summer Morning
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-A DAE0FCE6 SK 6192-Follow Me
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-A DAE3C656 SK 6191-Last Kiss
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-A DA05FBDC SK 6193-Natural Instinct
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-B DAB191B4 SK 6196-Young Rebel
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-B DA05EDF2 SK 6195-Bourne’s Legacy
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-B DAE40D35 SK 6197-Exchanged Dream
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Tomas-B DA028F2B SK 6194-Morning Ray
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Ziacik DAE3C18B SK 6058-Despo 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Ziacik DADDE554 SK 6059-Dino 32
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Ziacik DAE0FA97 SK 6060-Asta 33
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Team Ziacik DA05F796 SK 6061-Baska 51
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Urban Eduard DAE3C1E2 SK 6057-EU 13
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Urban Eduard DAE3C282 SK 6055-EU 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Urban Eduard DA1DC0F7 SK 6054-EU 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Urban Eduard DAE0FAD3 SK 6056-EU 4
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Valachovic Milan DA05FD99 SK 6117-Pitas
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Valachovic Milan DAA9337B SK 6116-Bart
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Valachovic Milan DADDAD1D SK 6115-Avanti
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Valachovic Milan DAB19020 SK 6114-Podmilin
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Volentier Vladimir & Maria DA028CD6 SK 6092-VV 1201
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Volentier Vladimir & Maria DAB5322E SK 6093-VV 1229
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Volentier Vladimir & Maria DAE3C6EE SK 6091-VV 1208
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Zihlavnik Team DADDE427 SK 6065-Timo
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Zihlavnik Team DA029400 SK 6062-Beba
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Zihlavnik Team DA83E36B SK 6064-Beka
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Zihlavnik Team DA1DBF4B SK 6063-Spolahlivy
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-A DAB538BE SK 6165-ZZZ 4
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-A DAB167AF SK 6162-ZZZ 1
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-A DAE407E9 SK 6163-ZZZ 2
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-A DA0297D3 SK 6164-ZZZ 3
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-B DAE407D3 SK 6169-ZZZ 8
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-B DAB18DBD SK 6168-ZZZ 7
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-B DA028DD4 SK 6167-ZZZ 6
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) ZZZ Team-B DADDEDA2 SK 6166-ZZZ 5
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-A DAE3C244 SI 5996-Tina
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-A DA1E0BD7 SI 5995-Marjana
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-A DAB533B3 SI 5994-Ziva
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-A DA1E1979 SI 5997-Urska
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-B DA1E1300 SI 5999-Saska
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-B DA1DB501 SI 5998-Lea
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-B DA1E0575 SI 6001-Barbara
Slovenia Sovic Miha team-B DA1980C1 SI 6000-Alenka
South Africa Team GJT.Lofts DAE40C44 SA 5990-Gerhard 1
South Africa Team GJT.Lofts DA8571BA SA 5991-Gerhard 2
South Africa Team GJT.Lofts DAE0FC5F SA 5992-Gerhard 3
South Africa Team GJT.Lofts DA1DB39F SA 5993-Gerhard 4
Spain ABC Motril & Boss DA05FC30 ES 3168-ABC 1
Spain ABC Motril & Boss DAE3C22C ES 3169-ABC 2
Spain ABC Motril & Boss DAE40C39 ES 3171-ABC 4
Spain ABC Motril & Boss DAAAF3F6 ES 3170-ABC 3
Spain Al Mutha Mid DA1F43E2 ES 3372-Espanha
Spain Al Mutha Mid DA1DB8CA ES 3374-Maiorca
Spain Alex Team-A DA1EE695 ES 3397-Figueira 51
Spain Alex Team-A DA05EF78 ES 3398-5 As
Spain Alex Team-A DA1DB838 ES 3396-Figueira 50
Spain Alex Team-A DA1CE0CD ES 3399-Figura Mia
Spain Alex Team-B DA1EE3AE ES 3402-Maquina Rodada
Spain Alex Team-B DA1DB98A ES 3400-18º As
Spain Alex Team-B DA91D438 ES 3403-Alex
Spain Antonio Jurado Chia DA1EE980 ES 3368-Bordeaux
Spain Antonio Jurado Chia DA1CE128 ES 3369-Borgonhesa
Spain Antonio Jurado Chia DA198101 ES 3370-Champagne
Spain Antonio Jurado Chia DAE3C82C ES 3371-Renanas
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-A DA1DB3D0 ES 2814-Fiji
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-A DAB53C08 ES 2811-Sri Lanka
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-A DA1F4429 ES 2812-Filipinas
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-A DA1F4475 ES 2813-Equador
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-B DADDDF9F ES 2816-Grecia
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-B DA1E19F6 ES 2815-Bali
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-B DA1E173A ES 2818-Tailandia
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-C DA1CE0E7 ES 2819-Phi Phi
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-C DA1DBFA5 ES 2820-Brasil
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-C DA1DBF7E ES 2821-Chile
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-C DAA695E3 ES 2822-Venezuela
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-D DA1E05E1 ES 2823-Maldivas
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-D DA1F45A6 ES 2824-Republica Dominicana
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-D DA1DBBDA ES 2825-Tanzania
Spain Antonio Leal de la Flor-D DA1E168F ES 2826-Ilha de Capri
Spain Antonio Pinilla DA1DB894 ES 3395-Pinilla 11
Spain Antonio Pinilla DA1DB6DC ES 3392-Pinilla 12
Spain Antonio Pinilla DA1F456C ES 3393-Pinilla 15
Spain Antonio Pinilla DA1E11B8 ES 3394-Pinilla 14
Spain Barraganes & Diablos de Cuba DA05F7EC ES 3093-Cuba 04
Spain Barraganes & Diablos de Cuba DAB5398F ES 3094-Cuba 46
Spain Barraganes & Diablos de Cuba DAE4A8B6 ES 3092-Cuba 07
Spain Barraganes & Diablos de Cuba DAE3C1B4 ES 3091-Cuba 37
Spain Bennane & Belhaj DAAFFD0B ES 2950-BB77
Spain Bennane & Belhaj DAE3C47B ES 2947-BB71
Spain Bennane & Belhaj DA05FA06 ES 2948-BB81
Spain Bennane & Belhaj DA8571B4 ES 2949-BB68
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-A DA1EF825 ES 2903-Ben 1
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-A DA1EF5BF ES 2905-Ben 3
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-A DA028DD0 ES 2904-Ben 2
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-A DA1DBEA7 ES 2906-Ben 4
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-B DA1E10F8 ES 2909-Ben 7
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-B DA1E0E2A ES 2910-Ben 8
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-B DA1DBF96 ES 2908-Ben 6
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-B DA1EE353 ES 2907-Ben 5
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-C DA1DBC35 ES 2912-Ben 10
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-C DA1EEE11 ES 2913-Ben 11
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-C DAA69290 ES 2914-Ben 12
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-C DA1DBCFE ES 2911-Ben 9
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-D DA1980DB ES 2916-Ben 14
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-D DA1DBEB4 ES 2917-Ben 15
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-D DA02A6BD ES 2915-Ben 13
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-E DAE3C8C7 ES 2922-Ben 20
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-E DA1F4616 ES 2921-Ben 19
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-E DA1E0625 ES 2919-Ben 17
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-E DAE407AD ES 2920-Ben 18
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-F DA0294D6 ES 2923-Ben 21
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-F DA1EEC48 ES 2925-Ben 23
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-F DA1DBE7B ES 2924-Ben 22
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-F DAB19123 ES 2926-Ben 24
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-G DA1E16C3 ES 2927-Ben 25
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-G DA1DBD6D ES 2928-Ben 26
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-G DA1E1098 ES 2929-Ben 27
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-G DA1E1352 ES 2930-Ben 28
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-H DA1EEA49 ES 2931-Ben 29
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-H DA1E0993 ES 2932-Ben 30
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-H DA1E0F44 ES 2933-Ben 31
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-H DA1EEB32 ES 2934-Ben 32
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-I DA1F4307 ES 2936-Ben 34
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-I DA198212 ES 2938-Ben 36
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-I DA1DBE38 ES 2937-Ben 35
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-J DA02C8D8 ES 2941-Ben 39
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-J DA1E10A2 ES 2940-Ben 38
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-J DA1E0BA9 ES 2942-Ben 40
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-J DA1E1304 ES 2939-Ben 37
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-K DA1DBD71 ES 2944-Ben 42
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-K DA1F445C ES 2943-Ben 41
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-K DAE3BFE7 ES 2946-Ben 44
Spain Bousselham Bennanne-K DA1E1155 ES 2945-Ben 43
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-A DAB18580 ES 3354-
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-A DA91CBEF ES 3355-Fraty 290
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-A DA1F42E9 ES 3353-Fraty 285
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-B DA19835A ES 3358-Fraty 289
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-B DADDEBCC ES 3359-Fraty 291
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-B DA1DBA59 ES 3356-Fraty 294
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-B DA1E0789 ES 3357-Fraty 286
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-C DA1EF69A ES 3362-Cosmin 309
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-C DA1E1817 ES 3361-Cosmin 311
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-C DA1EF3FF ES 3363-Cosmin 306
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-C DA1F44B8 ES 3360-Fraty 295
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-D DAA95764 ES 3366-Cosmin 296
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-D DAB5375C ES 3364-Cosmin 316
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-D DA1E0EAC ES 3367-Cosmin 310
Spain C. Estrugar Cosmin-D DA1DBAD9 ES 3365-Cosmin 321
Spain Columbofilia Total de Madrid DA1EEC53 ES 3083-Cana
Spain Columbofilia Total de Madrid DA1E0A04 ES 3084-Ferrari
Spain Columbofilia Total de Madrid DA1EE35F ES 3085-Libra
Spain Columbofilia Total de Madrid DADDACC8 ES 3086-Raza
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-A DA1E0F5A ES 3113-Ana
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-A DA1DC14A ES 3114-Daria
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-A DA1DBD81 ES 3111-Denis
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-A DA1DBF53 ES 3112-Marcel
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-B DA1DBEE6 ES 3117-Calarasi
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-B DA029387 ES 3118-Ionel
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-B DA1DAD32 ES 3115-32 AS
Spain Daniel Ilie Teoder-B DA1EE383 ES 3116-Dyrka
Spain Derby Chipiona DA1EE6CD ES 3126-Florido 20
Spain Derby Chipiona DAB53989 ES 3125-Florido 65
Spain Derby Chipiona DA1E0DF3 ES 3124-Florido 72
Spain Derby Chipiona DA1DB7B2 ES 3123-Florido 71
Spain Diablos de Cuba & El Suizo DA02B1B9 ES 3208-Cuba 60
Spain Diablos de Cuba & El Suizo DADDDDB0 ES 3209-Cuba 59
Spain Diablos de Cuba & El Suizo DADDDF45 ES 3211-Cuba 32
Spain Diablos de Cuba & El Suizo DAE406EA ES 3210-Cuba 18
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-A DAE3C367 ES 2828-Cuba 34
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-A DAB16D9E ES 2829-Cuba 41
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-A DAE3CA98 ES 2827-Cuba 19
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-A DAB006D3 ES 2830-Cuba 42
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-B DAE0FB91 ES 2834-Cuba 25
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-B DA1DB8B6 ES 2831-Cuba 26
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-B DAE0FCD1 ES 2832-Cuba 28
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-B DA1E12A2 ES 2833-Cuba 27
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-C DA1DBEBF ES 2835-Cuba 01
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-C DA856FC9 ES 2838-Cuba 11
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-C DA1E0F4F ES 2837-Cuba 03
Spain Diablos de Cuba & Yuniesky-C DA1E13F2 ES 2836-Cuba 10
Spain Diablos de Cuba-José DA02960F ES 2839-José 1
Spain Diablos de Cuba-José DAE0C09F ES 2842-José 4
Spain Diablos de Cuba-José DA05FDCA ES 2841-José 3
Spain Diablos de Cuba-José DAE0FBD6 ES 2840-José 2
Spain Diablos de Cuba-Lociga DAE3C205 ES 2846-Lociga 4
Spain Diablos de Cuba-Lociga DAE334EE ES 2845-Lociga 3
Spain Diablos de Cuba-Lociga DADDDECC ES 2844-Lociga 2
Spain Diablos de Cuba-Lociga DAE08F25 ES 2843-Lociga 1
Spain Dream Team-A DAE40C77 ES 2882-Dream 6
Spain Dream Team-A DADDE431 ES 2880-Dream 5
Spain Dream Team-A DAE3328A ES 2879-Dream 1
Spain Dream Team-A DAB53292 ES 2881-Dream 2
Spain Dream Team-B DAE3C7B0 ES 2883-Dream 8
Spain Dream Team-B DA1E0EEE ES 2884-Dream 4
Spain Dream Team-B DA91DB90 ES 2885-Dream 3
Spain Dream Team-B DA02B079 ES 2886-Dream 9
Spain El Almi-Essadi-A DA1DC146 ES 3161-Portland
Spain El Almi-Essadi-A DA1E0C74 ES 3160-São Fransisco
Spain El Almi-Essadi-A DA1DBEF7 ES 3159-Miami
Spain El Almi-Essadi-B DA1EEC3D ES 3167-San António
Spain El Almi-Essadi-B DA1EE468 ES 3165-Chicago
Spain El Almi-Essadi-B DA1E0699 ES 3164-Oregon
Spain El Almi-Essadi-B DA1DBAA5 ES 3163-Boston
Spain Equipa Pindo & Lucas DAE3C025 ES 3129-Lucky
Spain Equipa Pindo & Lucas DAE0FB1E ES 3130-Carmen
Spain Equipa Pindo & Lucas DA1E08F3 ES 3128-Sigurd
Spain Equipa Pindo & Lucas DA1DBBD3 ES 3127-Niels
Spain Equipo Lociga DA1DBCF8 ES 2986-Ilha da Pascoa
Spain Equipo Lociga DA1E19DA ES 2985-Indonesia
Spain Equipo Lociga DA1EED1C ES 2983-Mar Vermelho
Spain Equipo Zidane DA1E0DFE ES 3426-Ramos
Spain Equipo Zidane DADDE61F ES 3425-Mbape
Spain Equipo Zidane DA1EED50 ES 3427-Benzema
Spain Familia Gherghe & Florin Curalet DAE3C6BC ES 3405-Teo
Spain Familia Gherghe & Florin Curalet DAE3C3E2 ES 3404-Elena
Spain Familia Gherghe & Florin Curalet DADDD8CA ES 3406-Rebec
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-A DA1EE6B5 ES 2898-Florin 4
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-A DADDD771 ES 2896-Florin 2
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-A DAE3C8AC ES 2895-Florin 1
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-A DADDE8CE ES 2897-Florin 3
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-B DAE3C499 ES 2902-Florin 8
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-B DADDEE22 ES 2901-Florin 7
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-B DAE3C0CC ES 2899-Florin 5
Spain Florin Corabia & Diablos de Cuba-B DAE3BFC6 ES 2900-Florin 6
Spain Francisco Vidaurre Cruz DA91E6E9 ES 3136-Farofias
Spain Francisco Vidaurre Cruz DA1DBB56 ES 3135-Macarons
Spain Francisco Vidaurre Cruz DAE3C070 ES 3137-Porfiteroles
Spain Francisco Vidaurre Cruz DADDDFD8 ES 3138-Pão de Ló
Spain Fraty Strunga Cosmin George DAE40AC8 ES 3108-Fraty 702
Spain Fraty Strunga Cosmin George DAE3C976 ES 3109-Fraty 338
Spain Fraty Strunga Cosmin George DAE3C533 ES 3107-Fraty 327
Spain Fraty Strunga Cosmin George DAB188AF ES 3110-Farty 333
Spain Freres Kabli DAE0FB6B ES 3409-Cavalli
Spain Freres Kabli DA029690 ES 3408-Jean Paul Gaultier
Spain Freres Kabli DAB53602 ES 3410-Longchamp
Spain Freres Kabli DAAAF7DF ES 3411-Louboutin
Spain Gonzalo Valero-A DA1DBB4D ES 2848-Carmen 14
Spain Gonzalo Valero-A DA1E127B ES 2850-Valero 34
Spain Gonzalo Valero-A DA1DB4F9 ES 2847-Carmen 13
Spain Gonzalo Valero-A DA1DB422 ES 2849-Valero 33
Spain Gonzalo Valero-B DA1E0EFF ES 2853-Carmen 45
Spain Gonzalo Valero-B DA1DB92A ES 2851-Carmen 35
Spain Gonzalo Valero-B DA1DBBFC ES 2854-Valero 48
Spain Gonzalo Valero-B DA1E1A7A ES 2852-Carmen 44
Spain I & F Elite Team DAB0234F ES 3443-IF 35
Spain I & F Elite Team DAE40B53 ES 3441-IF 37
Spain I & F Elite Team DAE4038A ES 3440-IF 63
Spain I & F Elite Team DADDD693 ES 3442-IF 36
Spain Issam El Hachimi Ribas DAE0FCBB ES 3435-IHR 8
Spain Issam El Hachimi Ribas DA1DB8BC ES 3433-IHR 5
Spain Issam El Hachimi Ribas DA1E0F06 ES 3434-IHR 7
Spain Issam El Hachimi Ribas DA1E08C5 ES 3432-IHR 4
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-A DA1CE0B4 ES 2858-Monchique
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-A DADDE7E3 ES 2857-São Bras de Alportel
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-A DAB53C2E ES 2855-Sagres
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-A DA1DBBBB ES 2856-Silves
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-B DA1DC129 ES 2859-Lagoa
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-B DA84FC1F ES 2860-Aljezur
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-B DA05FB5A ES 2861-Benagil
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-B DA1E0DF5 ES 2862-Marinha
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-C DA1DBBD2 ES 2865-Estombar
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-C DA1EEB93 ES 2863-Arrifana
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-C DA1EF7CC ES 2864-Arrifes
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-C DA19892D ES 2866-Parchal
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-D DADDDD34 ES 2870-Sagres 1
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-D DAB53D8A ES 2869-Alvor
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-D DAB53C2B ES 2868-Praia da Rocha
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-D DA1DBDEB ES 2867-Ferragudo
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-E DA1EEE60 ES 2873-Vilamoura
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-E DADDE820 ES 2872-Vale do Lobo
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-E DADDEF7B ES 2871-Quinta do Lago
Spain Jose Luis Ruiz Olivares-E DAE3C0B8 ES 2874-Quarteira
Spain Jose Meleno Ortega DA02ACE9 ES 3049-Cordona 2
Spain Jose Meleno Ortega DA1DBDA0 ES 3047-Cordona
Spain Jose Meleno Ortega DA1E105D ES 3048-Canito
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez DA1E1348 ES 3271-Luc
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez DA1E12A6 ES 3270-Sil
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez DA1E0E7B ES 3269-Ron
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez & Antonio Dominguez DA1E1614 ES 3274-Geranio
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez & Antonio Dominguez DAAAF55E ES 3272-Azaleia
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez & Antonio Dominguez DA1CE0DD ES 3275-Iris
Spain Jose Miguel Martinez & Antonio Dominguez DA1DBCDD ES 3273-Peonia
Spain Juan Carlos Perez Santiago DA1DAADA ES 3139-Perez 1
Spain Juan Carlos Perez Santiago DA1DBF72 ES 3140-Perez 2
Spain Juan Carlos Perez Santiago DA1EE5EB ES 3141-Perez 3
Spain Juan Carlos Perez Santiago DA1CE10E ES 3142-Perez 4
Spain Manuel Bailen DA1CE073 ES 3027-Bailen 30
Spain Manuel Bailen DA1CDC65 ES 3029-Bailen 04
Spain Manuel Bailen DA0294DA ES 3030-Bailen 38
Spain Manuel Bailen DA05F95B ES 3028-Bailen 35
Spain Manuela Lopez Martin DA02C607 ES 2875-MLM 1
Spain Manuela Lopez Martin DAA695BE ES 2877-MLM 3
Spain Mingo-A DA1EF1FF ES 2953-Coco
Spain Mingo-A DA91CDBE ES 2951-Pestoca
Spain Mingo-A DA1EE6AD ES 2952-Marc Marquez
Spain Mingo-A DA1E1383 ES 2954-My Queen
Spain Mingo-B DAA45E40 ES 2957-Don Ginés
Spain Mingo-B DA1E100A ES 2955-Silvid
Spain Mingo-B DA1F4473 ES 2958-Viajera J.R
Spain Mocanu Team DAE3C3F2 ES 3003-Mocanu 1
Spain Mocanu Team DA029476 ES 3004-Mocanu 2
Spain Mocanu Team DAE3C21D ES 3005-Mocanu 3
Spain Mocanu Team DAB16F00 ES 3006-Mocanu 4
Spain Mohamed El Arbi Baradhi DA02B305 ES 3428-MAB 1
Spain Mohamed El Arbi Baradhi DADDEC96 ES 3430-MAB 3
Spain Mohamed El Arbi Baradhi DA1EEE0B ES 3429-MAB 2
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-A DA1E1110 ES 3295-
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-A DA028E19 ES 3294-Rida 3
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-A DA1E1835 ES 3293-Rida 2
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-A DA1EF22C ES 3292-Rida 1
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-B DA1E059D ES 3297-Rida 6
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-B DADDEEA4 ES 3299-Rida 8
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-B DA1DC002 ES 3298-Rida 7
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-C DA1E16C9 ES 3303-Rida 12
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-C DA1E173E ES 3302-Rida 11
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-C DAB1859E ES 3300-Rida 9
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-C DA1E09FC ES 3301-Rida 10
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-D DA1DC13C ES 3307-Rida 16
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-D DA1EE470 ES 3306-Rida 15
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-D DA028EC6 ES 3305-Rida 14
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-D DA1CE0EF ES 3304-Rida 13
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-E DA1DBAEA ES 3311-Rida 20
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-E DAE3C5B5 ES 3310-Rida 19
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-E DA84FADD ES 3309-Rida 18
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-E DAE33524 ES 3308-Rida 17
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-F DA1E088C ES 3314-Rida 23
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-F DA1EEB82 ES 3315-Rida 24
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-F DAB53572 ES 3312-Rida 21
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-F DA1DBAD8 ES 3313-Rida 22
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-G DA1DABCD ES 3319-Rida 28
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-G DA1DC024 ES 3318-Rida 27
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-G DA1E0728 ES 3317-Rida 26
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-G DA05F171 ES 3316-Rida 25
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-H DA1DBCCC ES 3320-Rida 29
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-H DA1F489A ES 3323-Rida 32
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-H DA1E088E ES 3321-Rida 30
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-H DA1E0819 ES 3322-Rida 31
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-I DA1DBDB4 ES 3326-Rida 35
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-I DA1DC17D ES 3325-Rida 34
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-I DAB186B8 ES 3324-Rida 33
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-I DA1E1281 ES 3327-Rida 36
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-J DA1E0988 ES 3328-Rida 37
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-J DAB16E3E ES 3331-Rida 40
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-J DA1E112A ES 3330-Rida 39
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-K DAE0FC54 ES 3335-Rida 44
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-K DA1E1145 ES 3332-Rida 41
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-K DADDED9A ES 3334-Rida 43
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-K DA1E13EF ES 3333-Rida 42
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-L DADDEBA8 ES 3338-Rida 47
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-L DAE0FC93 ES 3339-Rida 48
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-L DADDEE07 ES 3337-Rida 46
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-M DAB53727 ES 3343-
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-M DADDD5BB ES 3340-Rida 49
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-M DA1E0E5F ES 3341-Rida 50
Spain Mohamede Rida Gzouly-M DA1E18B1 ES 3342-Rida 51
Spain Monick Nys & Karim DAB53834 ES 3230-Framboise
Spain Monick Nys & Karim DA1E14F5 ES 3229-Best
Spain Monick Nys & Karim DA1EEDC1 ES 3228-Dream
Spain Monick Nys & Karim DA1DBAD2 ES 3231-Tequila
Spain Olivier Reyes DAB18BD2 ES 3417-Picasso
Spain Olivier Reyes DAE4ABA9 ES 3418-Kinegua
Spain Olivier Reyes DADDE781 ES 3416-Spunta
Spain Omar Morad-A DA1DBDB8 ES 3187-Omar 4
Spain Omar Morad-A DA1E1435 ES 3184-Omar 1
Spain Omar Morad-A DA91DD66 ES 3185-Omar 2
Spain Omar Morad-A DA1DBF8E ES 3186-Omar 3
Spain Omar Morad-B DA91DDB3 ES 3191-Omar 8
Spain Omar Morad-B DA1DB8E9 ES 3188-Omar 5
Spain Omar Morad-B DA1E1633 ES 3189-Omar 6
Spain Omar Morad-B DA1EF603 ES 3190-Omar 7
Spain Omar Morad-C DA1DA9D4 ES 3193-Omar 10
Spain Omar Morad-C DA1EE9F1 ES 3194-Omar 11
Spain Omar Morad-C DA1982E5 ES 3192-Omar 9
Spain Omar Morad-C DA1E109E ES 3195-Omar 12
Spain Omar Morad-D DA1E1419 ES 3198-Omar 15
Spain Omar Morad-D DA1F46DD ES 3197-Omar 14
Spain Omar Morad-D DA1E1A1E ES 3196-Omar 13
Spain Omar Morad-D DA1EF0D9 ES 3199-Omar 16
Spain Omar Morad-E DA1E138B ES 3200-Omar 17
Spain Omar Morad-E DA1EE2DB ES 3201-Omar 18
Spain Omar Morad-E DAA45BF9 ES 3203-Omar 20
Spain Omar Morad-E DA19815F ES 3202-Omar 19
Spain Omar Morad-F DADDAB62 ES 3204-Omar 21
Spain Omar Morad-F DAE405C0 ES 3206-Omar 23
Spain Omar Morad-F DADDDDE1 ES 3207-Omar 24
Spain Pepe Cerquera Gomez DA1DBEFD ES 3349-Pepe 14
Spain Pepe Cerquera Gomez DA1E097F ES 3351-Pepe 15
Spain Pepe Cerquera Gomez DA1EEC97 ES 3350-Pepe 16
Spain Pepe Cerquera Gomez DA1E0727 ES 3348-Pepe 13
Spain Rocielx Team DA1E0BBB ES 2970-Fast Marta
Spain Rocielx Team DA1E1039 ES 2967-Valentina
Spain Rocielx Team DA1E09E9 ES 2968-Fast Anita
Spain Rocielx Team DA1DB275 ES 2969-Maxima
Spain Sal Y Retama-A DA1981A5 ES 2887-Guayota
Spain Sal Y Retama-A DA91DDB1 ES 2888-Clara
Spain Sal Y Retama-A DA1E100C ES 2890-Isabel
Spain Sal Y Retama-A DA1DA9CA ES 2889-Rodolf
Spain Sal Y Retama-B DADDE918 ES 2892-Rocio
Spain Sal Y Retama-B DA1E0B09 ES 2891-Cometa
Spain Sal Y Retama-B DA1DC0FE ES 2894-Tirma
Spain Sal Y Retama-B DA1E08F4 ES 2893-Clipper
Spain Sergio Delgado Sellez DADDEB05 ES 3415-J Crew
Spain Sergio Delgado Sellez DAE40332 ES 3414-J Brand
Spain Sergio Delgado Sellez DA05FC8E ES 3412-Hollister
Spain Sergio Delgado Sellez DAB5328A ES 3413-Hunter
Spain Tandem Brocal Ifach DA1E0689 ES 3383-Laguerta
Spain Tandem Brocal Ifach DAE3C433 ES 3382-Freya
Spain Tandem Brocal Ifach DA1E0ED3 ES 3381-Lucia 2
Spain Tandem Brocal Ifach DA1DC023 ES 3380-Lucia 1
Spain Tandem Busmor DA05F60F ES 3387-Cari
Spain Tandem Busmor DAE4050E ES 3386-84
Spain Tandem Busmor DADDDD03 ES 3384-Komanche
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-A DADDEDB3 ES 2976-Aquiles
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-A DAE3C45B ES 2977-Antiope
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-A DAB18550 ES 2975-Teseo
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-B DAE08F26 ES 2980-Goliat
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-B DAE3C349 ES 2979-Valkiria
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-B DAE3C56A ES 2982-Amazona
Spain Tandem Canales & Zapater-B DAE40D88 ES 2981-Atlas
Spain Tandem Dany & Dany Iglesias DA1DBA27 ES 3031-Luffy
Spain Tandem Dany & Dany Iglesias DA1DBE1C ES 3032-Zoro
Spain Tandem Fuentes DADDED97 ES 3227-Antman
Spain Tandem Fuentes DAE3C4A9 ES 3226-Avispa
Spain Tandem Fuentes DADDD5C3 ES 3225-Quicksilver
Spain Tandem Fuentes DAE3C956 ES 3224-Bruja Escarlata
Spain Tandem JJ DA1E0655 ES 2987-Barreiro
Spain Tandem JJ DA1E10F0 ES 2988-Elvas
Spain Tandem JJ DA1E0759 ES 2989-Almada
Spain Tandem JJ DA1CE0BF ES 2990-Guarda
Spain Tandem Masegosa Carriere DA05EE03 ES 3378-Amnesia
Spain Tandem Masegosa Carriere DA1E1517 ES 3376-Unica
Spain Tandem Masegosa Carriere DA1E1A2F ES 3377-Koelsch
Spain Tandem Montana Mina DADDE954 ES 3081-MM 3
Spain Tandem Montana Mina DAE3C105 ES 3082-MM 4
Spain Tandem Montana Mina DA1EE314 ES 3080-MM 2
Spain Tandem Montana Mina DA1DBEE3 ES 3079-MM 1
Spain Tandem Victor Ionut DA851620 ES 3241-Palmeira
Spain Tandem Victor Ionut DA1DBB7D ES 3243-Ameixa
Spain Tandem Victor Ionut DADDE6A3 ES 3242-Pitomba
Spain Tanden Numantino-A DA1EE756 ES 3012-Portu
Spain Tanden Numantino-A DA1F4447 ES 3014-Soriana
Spain Tanden Numantino-A DA05F88A ES 3011-Ulises
Spain Tanden Numantino-A DA91CCDF ES 3013-Adonis
Spain Tanden Numantino-B DA1EE385 ES 3016-Único
Spain Tanden Numantino-B DAE40B12 ES 3015-Aquies
Spain Tanden Numantino-B DA1DBFF7 ES 3018-Troya
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-A DA1EE62A ES 3258-MM
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-A DA1E101B ES 3259-Don Tomas
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-A DA1DBEE0 ES 3257-Tarzan
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-B DA1E05E2 ES 3261-Erea
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-B DA1EEAF9 ES 3262-Abby
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-B DA1E145B ES 3263-Arena
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-B DA1DC111 ES 3260-Infinito
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-C DA1DBE05 ES 3267-Rito
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-C DA1E1360 ES 3265-Dora
Spain Tarabedi Lanzarote-C DA1EE3A5 ES 3264-Eros
Spain Tarik Estela Loft DA05F83D ES 3247-Dionisio
Spain Tarik Estela Loft DA1E1427 ES 3244-Poseidon
Spain Tarik Estela Loft DA1DBA95 ES 3246-Hermes
Spain Tarik Estela Loft DA1DBFD8 ES 3245-Afrodite
Spain Team Arouni-Plasencia DA05F808 ES 3120-AP 2
Spain Team Arouni-Plasencia DAE3C2DC ES 3121-AP 3
Spain Team Arouni-Plasencia DAE3C16C ES 3122-AP 4
Spain Team Arouni-Plasencia DAE3C612 ES 3119-AP 1
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-A DA1EED48 ES 3051-Lucky
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-A DAB53699 ES 3054-Puggle
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-A DA028F28 ES 3052-American Boy
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-A DAB0C92E ES 3053-Porthos
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-B DAE3C02D ES 3058-Son Rose
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-B DA1E0F72 ES 3057-Renesemee
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-B DAB5336A ES 3056-Toto
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-B DADDE742 ES 3055-King
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-C DA1E0E2E ES 3061-Che
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-C DA05F2E5 ES 3059-Ice
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-C DADDECA0 ES 3060-Prince
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-D DA1E1722 ES 3063-Corita
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-D DADDEB42 ES 3065-New Panatela
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-D DAE3C2C6 ES 3064-New Oculto
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-D DA1F4461 ES 3066-Claudia
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-E DADD60DE ES 3067-Sapsan
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-E DA028CF6 ES 3068-Apache
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-E DAE3C5BE ES 3069-Blacky
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-E DA1EED14 ES 3070-Andre
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-F DAE0FB33 ES 3071-Pablito
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-F DAB54382 ES 3072-Perez
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-F DADDE4F1 ES 3073-Dorado
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-G DA1E1826 ES 3077-Pedro Hoa
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-G DAE0F9AC ES 3078-Matias Hoa
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-G DAE406D7 ES 3075-Camila Hoa
Spain Team Continental Colombia Cuba Lanzarote-G DA1DB9DB ES 3076-Paloma Hoa
Spain Team Cuc DA1DAAC1 ES 3223-Pablito
Spain Team Cuc DA1DBCC6 ES 3220-Andreea
Spain Team Cuc DAB532C7 ES 3222-Lucas
Spain Team Cuc DA1E1195 ES 3221-Andres
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-A DA1CDCA9 ES 3251-Prus
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-A DA1DB870 ES 3249-Ricardo
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-A DA05FC0D ES 3250-Robert
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-A DA1E05E5 ES 3248-Darek
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-B DA1DB7A1 ES 3255-Jas
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-B DA05FEC8 ES 3254-Basia
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-B DA1DAB38 ES 3252-Krzys
Spain Team Darel & Ricardo-B DA1E12B5 ES 3253-Leszek
Spain Team Domingo – Mario DA91DB6F ES 3174-Mario 17
Spain Team Domingo – Mario DAB0C80C ES 3172-Domingo 34
Spain Team Domingo – Mario DA1981EB ES 3173-Domingo 35
Spain Team Domingo – Mario DA1EF740 ES 3175-Mario 29
Spain Team Esteban & Toni DA1DA99C ES 3283-Esteban 55
Spain Team Esteban & Toni DA02960C ES 3280-Colbran
Spain Team Esteban & Toni DA1E179C ES 3281-Colbran Zapater
Spain Team Esteban & Toni DAB538EF ES 3282-Esteban 45
Spain Team G.F.R. DA1DBC78 ES 3102-Chloe
Spain Team Garcia-Florez DA028F44 ES 3096-Pacifico
Spain Team Garcia-Florez DAB53749 ES 3097-Indico
Spain Team Garcia-Florez DA1EED53 ES 3095-Atlantico
Spain Team Hnos Lobeto-Ranmarc DAE404F1 ES 3421-Lobeto 2
Spain Team Hnos Lobeto-Ranmarc DAE40B2B ES 3422-Lobeto 3
Spain Team Hnos Lobeto-Ranmarc DAE3C5FE ES 3423-Lobeto 4
Spain Team Hnos Lobeto-Ranmarc DADDEE70 ES 3420-Lobeto 1
Spain Team Ioan Popovici DA0298CA ES 3212-Dako
Spain Team Ioan Popovici DAB185BB ES 3215-Flor Red
Spain Team Ioan Popovici DA028EC1 ES 3214-Doble 73
Spain Team Ioan Popovici DAB53715 ES 3213-Victor
Spain Team Juan Fu-A DA1E19A0 ES 3177-Elena
Spain Team Juan Fu-A DA1E1A68 ES 3176-Olivier
Spain Team Juan Fu-A DA1E1572 ES 3178-Juan
Spain Team Juan Fu-B DA1EE6F3 ES 3181-Eva
Spain Team Juan Fu-B DA90FCE4 ES 3182-Santiago
Spain Team Juan Fu-B DA1DBE8B ES 3180-Santy
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-A DAB19E12 ES 3234-Atum
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-A DA1E0E3F ES 3232-Tubarão
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-A DA05ED44 ES 3233-Cavala
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-B DAE3C0CF ES 3236-Carapau
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-B DA1F4515 ES 3239-Carracuda
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-B DA1E0854 ES 3238-Anchova
Spain Team Kerbd-Hafid-Karim-B DA05FB1A ES 3237-Dourada
Spain Team Los Trujillos-A DAE3C00E ES 3036-Huelva
Spain Team Los Trujillos-A DA02AF61 ES 3037-Sevilha
Spain Team Los Trujillos-A DAE3C991 ES 3035-Cadiz
Spain Team Los Trujillos-A DAE33334 ES 3038-Malaga
Spain Team Los Trujillos-B DAE0FAC6 ES 3039-Granada
Spain Team Los Trujillos-B DAB0F2BF ES 3042-Cordoba
Spain Team Los Trujillos-B DAB16B5D ES 3041-Almeria
Spain Team Los Trujillos-B DAB191CC ES 3040-Jaen
Spain Team Los Trujillos-C DAB5338C ES 3043-Ceuta
Spain Team Los Trujillos-C DA1EEDCF ES 3046-Tenerife
Spain Team Los Trujillos-C DAE40E36 ES 3044-Melilla
Spain Team Los Trujillos-C DAE0FC8C ES 3045-Canarias
Spain Team Lungo Uta DA1DBBC8 ES 3344-Cristina
Spain Team Lungo Uta DA1DB8B3 ES 3345-Valentina
Spain Team Lungo Uta DA05F957 ES 3347-Ancuta
Spain Team Lungo Uta DA1E0A8B ES 3346-Vladut
Spain Team Maspalomas & Daniel Cindea DADDE5F8 ES 3390-Ela
Spain Team Maspalomas & Daniel Cindea DA1EEF6C ES 3388-Daniela
Spain Team Maspalomas & Daniel Cindea DA028E0D ES 3389-Camelia
Spain Team Maspalomas & Daniel Cindea DA1DBA58 ES 3391-Dora
Spain Team Miguelon Pokemon DAE0FFB7 ES 3105-Sirfet
Spain Team Miguelon Pokemon DAE3C0AC ES 3103-Corvis
Spain Team Miguelon Pokemon DAE0F969 ES 3104-Riachu
Spain Team Mochon & Pindo DA1DBCA8 ES 3131-Lars
Spain Team Mochon & Pindo DAB53300 ES 3133-Ivan
Spain Team Mochon & Pindo DA028D14 ES 3132-Nils
Spain Team Monchon, Nene & Rubio DA1DA9E5 ES 3276-Hugo
Spain Team Monchon, Nene & Rubio DA1DC0A1 ES 3278-Nene
Spain Team Monchon, Nene & Rubio DA1EE7A8 ES 3279-Rafael
Spain Team Monchon, Nene & Rubio DA1EE583 ES 3277-Mara
Spain Team Niebla – Escriba DA05EFAA ES 3088-Casta
Spain Team Niebla – Escriba DA1E0733 ES 3090-Reyna
Spain Team Niebla – Escriba DA02A6A3 ES 3089-Coraje
Spain Team Octubre Rojo DA1E0E11 ES 3438-Azana Flauta
Spain Team Octubre Rojo DAB18DB1 ES 3439-Angel@ Flauta
Spain Team Octubre Rojo DA1E0FC2 ES 3436-Anit@ Flauta
Spain Team P. Carranza DADDDEEB ES 2960-Julia
Spain Team P. Carranza DA1EF1EE ES 2961-Diego
Spain Team P. Carranza DAE3CB4C ES 2962-Ale
Spain Team P. Carranza DAE3C26B ES 2959-Ruben
Spain Team Paco Bellver DA1F460B ES 3217-Ronbulck 912
Spain Team Paco Bellver DA1E09A0 ES 3218-Hublil 976
Spain Team Paco Bellver DA02A773 ES 3216-Ronbulck 911
Spain Team Paco Bellver DA1EE773 ES 3219-Hublil 977
Spain Team Paulo e Paco DA1E0683 ES 2965-Golden 994
Spain Team Paulo e Paco DA1DBAEC ES 2966-Golden 996
Spain Team Paulo e Paco DA1E18A0 ES 2964-Golden 989
Spain Team Paulo e Paco DADDE5C7 ES 2963-Golden 983
Spain Team Ramos-Meleno DA1E140A ES 2973-Olhaito
Spain Team Ramos-Meleno DA1EEBE3 ES 2974-Meganita
Spain Team Ramos-Meleno DAE3CABA ES 2972-Cleo
Spain Team Sace-A DADDD9CF ES 3022-Cortes
Spain Team Sace-A DA1E0C6B ES 3021-Tac
Spain Team Sace-A DA1DB9C6 ES 3019-Lola
Spain Team Sace-B DA1E104C ES 3024-Angelo
Spain Team Sace-B DA1983E4 ES 3023-Egler
Spain Team Sace-B DA05F64E ES 3025-Harryex
Spain Team Sace-B DA1DB51A ES 3026-Sace
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-A DA1981C8 ES 2994-Victoria 20
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-A DA1DBEBC ES 2991-Nadya
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-B DAE3C5DC ES 2995-Malo
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-B DA1E093E ES 2997-Veselin
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-B DA1E0EB1 ES 2996-Katerina 97
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-B DA1DBF5C ES 2998-Katerina 07
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-C DAE33594 ES 3000-Mis Algarve
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-C DAE3C632 ES 3002-Romaria
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-C DADDD83C ES 3001-Ferrari
Spain Team Veselin Valentinov-C DADDEA40 ES 2999-Pleven
Spain Team Vimec-A DA1DBD61 ES 3146-Narciso
Spain Team Vimec-A DA1F45B9 ES 3144-Rosa-do-Deserto
Spain Team Vimec-A DA1E0CED ES 3145-Ave-do-Deserto
Spain Team Vimec-A DA84F852 ES 3143-Rosa
Spain Team Vimec-B DA1DBC9A ES 3148-Flor-de-Maio
Spain Team Vimec-B DA1EE5FD ES 3150-Botão-de-Ouro
Spain Team Vimec-B DA1DBA3F ES 3149-Hortencia
Spain Team Vimec-B DAE0FBCA ES 3147-Cravina
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-A DAE33341 ES 3154-MB 4
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-A DAE40314 ES 3151-MB 1
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-A DAB00262 ES 3153-MB 3
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-A DAE4031D ES 3152-MB 2
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-B DAE402FE ES 3157-MB 7
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-B DA1DB92D ES 3158-MB 8
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-B DAB002A3 ES 3156-MB 6
Spain Team Youness Sfaty & Morad Bihi-B DAE40ADC ES 3155-MB 5
Spain Tortosa-Veny Team DA1DBBCA ES 3007-Tortosa 1
Spain Tortosa-Veny Team DA1EE5EE ES 3008-Veny 1
Spain Tortosa-Veny Team DA1E0875 ES 3010-Veny 2
Spain Tortosa-Veny Team DA1DB359 ES 3009-Tortosa 2
Spain Vandeverde Team-A DA1DB813 ES 3285-Boira
Spain Vandeverde Team-A DA1EE2B3 ES 3287-Paco
Spain Vandeverde Team-A DA1F456B ES 3286-Pesic
Spain Vandeverde Team-A DA1E1563 ES 3284-Kira
Spain Vandeverde Team-B DA1EE3A9 ES 3291-Nitrofull
Spain Vandeverde Team-B DA1E16D4 ES 3288-Astrocenika
Spain Vandeverde Team-B DA02B225 ES 3289-Victoria
Spain Vandeverde Team-B DA1E1028 ES 3290-Kurnikova
Switzerland Alp Race Team-A DA1DBC75 CH 558-ZZ Top
Switzerland Alp Race Team-A DA1E0E09 CH 560-Whitsnake
Switzerland Alp Race Team-A DA1E1102 CH 557-Roxette
Switzerland Alp Race Team-B DA1E059B CH 564-Deep Purple
Switzerland Alp Race Team-B DA1E12AB CH 563-Pink Floyd
Switzerland Alp Race Team-B DA1E064A CH 562-Goldplay
Switzerland Alp Race Team-B DA91DD50 CH 561-Mettalica
Switzerland Alp Race Team-C DA1E06EA CH 565-Gotthard
Switzerland Alp Race Team-C DA1E0CB9 CH 566-Kiss
Switzerland Alp Race Team-C DAE409BF CH 568-Iron Maiden
Switzerland Alp Race Team-C DA1DBC88 CH 567-Strong Eagle
Switzerland Alp Race Team-D DA1E09AF CH 572-Thomas 531
Switzerland Alp Race Team-D DA1DBAD1 CH 571-Thomas 531
Switzerland Alp Race Team-D DA1E0960 CH 569-Deep Eye
Switzerland Alp Race Team-D DAE334EA CH 570-Josephine
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-A DA1DAB6C CH 587-Notre Dame 2
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-A DA1E1390 CH 585-Notre Dame 1
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-A DAE0FB90 CH 584-188
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-A DA1DBDB2 CH 586-Ace
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-B DA1E11BF CH 591-Vanoppen
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-B DA1DB77E CH 590-Portuguese
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-B DA1E107B CH 589-9511
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-B DA855FFA CH 588-182
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-C DA1981C2 CH 595-Timo
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-C DA1DBF8C CH 593-184
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-C DA1E05A4 CH 592-9512
Switzerland Bonsemeier Guido-C DA1DBF8F CH 594-Dortmund
Switzerland Cesar Team DA05ED2A CH 597-Blue Cloud
Switzerland Cesar Team DAB19BFD CH 596-Blue Heaven
Switzerland Cesar Team DA05F8E5 CH 598-Blue Star
Switzerland Florent Hoxhaj DA1E0872 CH 607-Robert
Switzerland Florent Hoxhaj DA1EE487 CH 606-Pablo
Switzerland Florent Hoxhaj DA1DC0A9 CH 605-Bogns
Switzerland Florent Hoxhaj DA1E057C CH 604-Byter
Switzerland Helio-Tiago-P. Ribeiro DA1E0FBF CH 538-Lexus
Switzerland Helio-Tiago-P. Ribeiro DA1DBCBD CH 537-Land Rover
Switzerland Helio-Tiago-P. Ribeiro DAE332DA CH 540-Volkswagen
Switzerland Helio-Tiago-P. Ribeiro DA1E12B2 CH 539-Volvo
Switzerland Lambert Dominique DA1EE43B CH 551-Kris
Switzerland Lambert Dominique DA1E116B CH 549-Noemie
Switzerland Lambert Dominique DA1DBE17 CH 550-Michael
Switzerland Lambert Dominique DA1E061F CH 552-Yann
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-A DA05FCA0 CH 541-508
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-A DA1F46C3 CH 543-Tumagem
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-A DA1E178B CH 542-501
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-A DA1E17C8 CH 544-Londres
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-B DA1DBAC0 CH 547-Penekinha
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-B DA1E14FA CH 546-Bazal
Switzerland Peixoto & Pimenta-B DA1EEA82 CH 545-Neto Casal
Switzerland Ruedi Martin DA05EDC4 CH 575-Andra
Switzerland Ruedi Martin DA1DBBC2 CH 574-Caty
Switzerland Ruedi Martin DA1DB2C7 CH 573-Syndi
Switzerland Six Friends Team-A DA1DBE02 CH 578-Pudim
Switzerland Six Friends Team-A DA05EF19 CH 577-Nutella
Switzerland Six Friends Team-A DA857106 CH 576-Croissant
Switzerland Six Friends Team-A DA1DB816 CH 579-Pastel de Nata
Switzerland Six Friends Team-B DA1DBA9B CH 580-Panna Cotta
Switzerland Six Friends Team-B DA1DB788 CH 582-Ovos Moles
Switzerland Six Friends Team-B DA1DAE83 CH 583-Sundae
Switzerland Six Friends Team-B DAE3C2CE CH 581-Salada de Frutas
Switzerland Team Frohmatte DA1EE465 CH 535-Dietmar
Switzerland Team Frohmatte DA1E0B4E CH 534-Kleine Dochter
Switzerland Team Frohmatte DA1EE432 CH 533-Simon
Switzerland Team Frohmatte DA1E05B9 CH 536-Davide
Switzerland Team Geneve DAAAF460 CH 600-Mosca 12
Switzerland Team Geneve DA1DBF3F CH 602-Beleza
Switzerland Team Geneve DAE33520 CH 603-Esperança
Switzerland Team Geneve DA05FDF0 CH 601-Mosca 11
Switzerland Valoft-Swiss Racing Pigeons DA1E0C72 CH 609-Sohn Swissfighter
Switzerland Valoft-Swiss Racing Pigeons DA1F438E CH 610-Sohn Paco
Switzerland Valoft-Swiss Racing Pigeons DA1DB6FE CH 611-Sohn Helvetia
Switzerland Valoft-Swiss Racing Pigeons DAB53C9B CH 608-Sohn Chicarito
Switzerland Werner Morf DA1DC00F CH 555-Cindy
Switzerland Werner Morf DA1E08EF CH 556-Joya
Switzerland Werner Morf DADDDDBC CH 553-Lisa
Switzerland Werner Morf DA1E0669 CH 554-Rosa
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-A DA1E12E5 TR 6247-Cavdar 990
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-A DA1EE623 TR 6249-Cavdar 961
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-A DA1EF51B TR 6248-Cavdar 945
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-A DA1E11A3 TR 6246-Cavdar 966
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-B DA1CE13A TR 6250-Cavdar 970
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-B DA1E10F6 TR 6251-Cavdar 958
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-B DA1DB6B8 TR 6253-Cavdar 951
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-B DA1E08E0 TR 6252-Cavdar 969
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-C DA1EE723 TR 6254-Cavdar 977
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-C DAB537B3 TR 6255-Cavdar 991
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-C DA1E0FA9 TR 6257-Cavdar 982
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-C DA1E0616 TR 6256-Cavdar 964
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-D DA91E63D TR 6258-Cavdar 963
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-D DA1EF5F8 TR 6259-Cavdar 976
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-D DA1E1AA2 TR 6260-Cavdar 971
Turkey Ahmet Cavdar-D DA1EF756 TR 6261-Cavdar 968
Turkey Derby Bursa & Winner Pigeons DA1DBCB9 TR 6283-Cebel
Turkey Derby Bursa & Winner Pigeons DA197E71 TR 6282-Cebelli
Turkey Derby Bursa & Winner Pigeons DA05F859 TR 6284-Ceren
Turkey Derby Bursa & Winner Pigeons DA1EF60B TR 6285-Beren
Turkey Emir Fazlioglu DA029624 TR 6209-Big Hardy
Turkey Emir Fazlioglu DA1DBB29 TR 6208-Bonus
Turkey Emir Fazlioglu DA1DB45D TR 6206-Favori 45
Turkey Emir Fazlioglu DA1EE4E4 TR 6207-Favori 48
Turkey Fatih Caglar DA91DD0C TR 6269-Patrick
Turkey Fatih Caglar DA1DBBF4 TR 6266-Lucas
Turkey Fatih Caglar DA0294C3 TR 6268-Daniela
Turkey Fatih Caglar DA1983A0 TR 6267-Mateo
Turkey Ferhat Gulez DA1F4583 TR 6222-Star
Turkey Ferhat Gulez DA1DBD99 TR 6225-Burak Arda
Turkey Ferhat Gulez DA1EE6F0 TR 6223-Sunrise
Turkey Figo Mehmet DA1DBF0C TR 6265-Karanfil
Turkey Figo Mehmet DA1E1126 TR 6262-Karaca
Turkey Figo Mehmet DA1E058F TR 6264-Kardelen
Turkey Figo Mehmet DA1E169B TR 6263-Kafkasli
Turkey Guclu Demir Kula DA1E1836 TR 6287-Demir 93
Turkey Guclu Demir Kula DADDDFC8 TR 6288-Demir 84
Turkey Guclu Demir Kula DA1DBA99 TR 6289-Guclu 124
Turkey Guclu Demir Kula DA05FCBF TR 6286-Demir 83
Turkey Hasan Altunbulak DA1DBC73 TR 6241-Alina
Turkey Hasan Altunbulak DA05F858 TR 6240-Hace
Turkey Hasan Altunbulak DA1DC067 TR 6238-Rachel
Turkey Hat-Team DA1DBAF3 TR 6274-Yigit
Turkey Hat-Team DA1EE557 TR 6276-Ahsen
Turkey Hat-Team DA1E0F4E TR 6275-Timur
Turkey Hat-Team DA1EE5E0 TR 6277-Eren
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-A DA1E11BD TR 6210-Ozturk 745
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-A DA1E1662 TR 6212-Berrak Azra
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-A DA1DC169 TR 6211-Ozturk 742
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-B DAE3C709 TR 6216-Mercan
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-B DA1E1203 TR 6214-Atlas
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-B DAE0FA3D TR 6215-World
Turkey Ismail Ozturk-B DAE4A99B TR 6217-Safir
Turkey Mehmet Fatih Donder DA198141 TR 6297-Fatih Sultan Mehmet
Turkey Mehmet Fatih Donder DA1E0A81 TR 6296-Abdulkadir Geylani
Turkey Mehmet Fatih Donder DA91DCDC TR 6295-Ebrar
Turkey Mehmet Fatih Donder DA1E07CA TR 6294-Meryem
Turkey Mumin & Efe Karaca DA1E060A TR 6280-Karaca
Turkey Mumin & Efe Karaca DA1EE346 TR 6278-Merve
Turkey Mumin & Efe Karaca DA05F8EB TR 6279-Efe
Turkey Nevzat Akyurek DA1E0E8C TR 6242-N 1
Turkey Nevzat Akyurek DA1E0697 TR 6245-N 4
Turkey Nevzat Akyurek DA1DBB4A TR 6243-N 2
Turkey Nevzat Akyurek DAB19E61 TR 6244-N 3
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-A DAE0FD07 TR 6227-Bayramoglu 630
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-A DA1E1804 TR 6228-Bayramoglu 654
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-A DA1EF4D7 TR 6229-Bayramoglu 633
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-A DA1E1A36 TR 6226-Bayramoglu 627
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-B DAA45C31 TR 6232-Bayramoglu 649
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-B DA05EF90 TR 6231-Bayramoglu 651
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-B DA028F29 TR 6230-Bayramoglu 616
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-C DA833826 TR 6236-Bayramoglu 608
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-C DA1DBC0A TR 6235-Bayramoglu 605
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-C DA1DBDCB TR 6234-Bayramoglu 601
Turkey Recep Emin Bayramoglu-C DA1EF533 TR 6237-Bayramoglu 632
Turkey Selim Yakup Ramo DA1E1686 TR 6220-Azra
Turkey Selim Yakup Ramo DA1E1864 TR 6218-Zurlal
Turkey Selim Yakup Ramo DA1DBB53 TR 6219-Belinay
Turkey Selim Yakup Ramo DA1E09DA TR 6221-Duygu
Turkey Tayyar & Barkin Basaran DA1DBDFF TR 6200-Momo
Turkey Tayyar & Barkin Basaran DA857238 TR 6198-Dafne
Turkey Tayyar & Barkin Basaran DA1E0B60 TR 6199-Batu
Turkey Tayyar & Barkin Basaran DA1EF4DD TR 6201-Genius
Turkey Tayyar Basaran DA1E14DB TR 6203-Cin Kiz
Turkey Tayyar Basaran DA1DBE50 TR 6204-Egale
Turkey Tayyar Basaran DA05F771 TR 6205-Ceku
Turkey Tayyar Basaran DA1E1732 TR 6202-Twin
Turkey Yildiz Kardesler DA1E1222 TR 6272-Asya
Turkey Yildiz Kardesler DA1DBD33 TR 6273-Gece
Turkey Yildiz Kardesler DA1DBB4B TR 6270-Harika
Turkey Yildiz Kardesler DA029360 TR 6271-Almira
Turkey Zafer Kilic DAE405F6 TR 6293-F 2
Turkey Zafer Kilic DAA948A4 TR 6292-Z 1
Turkey Zafer Kilic DAAAF6CE TR 6290-F 1
Turkey Zafer Kilic DA1F432B TR 6291-Z 2
United Kingdom 3 Jays Syndicate DAB18F58 UK 6811-Blackie
United Kingdom 3 Jays Syndicate DA1E15B7 UK 6810-Gentleman Jim
United Kingdom 3 Jays Syndicate DA1DAA73 UK 6812-Chippy
United Kingdom Algarve Fanciers DAE409AD UK 6590-Brinks Choice
United Kingdom Algarve Fanciers DAE3CA0F UK 6591-Big John
United Kingdom Algarve Fanciers DA1E0AF5 UK 6592-Hilltop Supreme
United Kingdom Alistair Ewart DA1DBA15 UK 6300-Saturn
United Kingdom Alistair Ewart DA1DB7C0 UK 6299-Mercury
United Kingdom Alistair Ewart DA1DB8FC UK 6298-Venus
United Kingdom Alistair Hogg DAE333C5 UK 6397-Los Angeles
United Kingdom Alistair Hogg DA1EF957 UK 6396-Las Vegas
United Kingdom Alistair Hogg DA1DBF94 UK 6395-Nevada
United Kingdom Alistair Hogg DA1E15E2 UK 6394-Honolulu
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-A DA1DAA42 UK 6359-Meeny
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-A DAB19630 UK 6360-Miny
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-A DAA45E06 UK 6361-Nor
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-A DA1DBBCD UK 6358-Eeny
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-B DA1E0E0A UK 6362-Leonardo
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-B DA1EE618 UK 6365-Michelangelo
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-B DA1DBA4E UK 6363-Raphael
United Kingdom Barnes & Walmsley-B DA1F462F UK 6364-Donatello
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-A DA1EE5AA UK 6804-Lee 2
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-A DA1CE0AD UK 6803-Mick 1
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-A DA1DBEA9 UK 6802-Lee 1
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-A DA1DB7E0 UK 6805-Mick 2
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-B DAE3CAF0 UK 6807-Mick 3
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-B DAE0FCA9 UK 6808-Lee 4
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-B DAE4033B UK 6806-Lee 3
United Kingdom Bastone & Watts-B DAE40399 UK 6809-Mick 4
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-A DA1CE093 UK 6538-American Express
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-A DA1E1063 UK 6539-Frankton Fox
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-A DA1DBC2D UK 6540-Frankton Hope
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-A DA1E0F35 UK 6541-Proper Time
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-B DA1E11B5 UK 6545-Pontefract Cake
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-B DA1E0A3C UK 6544-Life of Brian
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-B DA1E0A5A UK 6542-Lucky Dip
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-B DA1E0A00 UK 6543-Tombola
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-C DAB190D2 UK 6549-The Avon
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-C DAE0FC6C UK 6548-The Wreake
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-C DAE0FA02 UK 6546-Bridlington
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-C DAE0F997 UK 6547-Whitby
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-D DADDE512 UK 6551-The Soar
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-D DA91CDCF UK 6553-The Witham
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-D DADDD82C UK 6550-Scarborough
United Kingdom Bet Right Lofts-D DAE4A88F UK 6552-The Wealland
United Kingdom Bishop Boys DA0296D6 UK 6625-Charlie
United Kingdom Bordon Lofts DA1DBAB2 UK 6454-Bordon Millie
United Kingdom Bordon Lofts DA1E0B97 UK 6457-Bordon Shepie
United Kingdom Bordon Lofts DA1E135C UK 6456-Bordon Reggie
United Kingdom Bordon Lofts DADDE3ED UK 6455-Bordon Elsie
United Kingdom Brother Syndicate DAE4082D UK 6800-Kachit
United Kingdom Brother Syndicate DA1DB90C UK 6798-Best Mate 2
United Kingdom Brother Syndicate DA19846B UK 6799-Denman 3
United Kingdom Brother Syndicate DAB0C76D UK 6801-Dennar
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-A DADDE3A6 UK 6481-Colour me with Sunshine
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-A DAE0F9EC UK 6478-True Surviver
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-A DADDE474 UK 6480-Im Still Standing
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-A DAB0242F UK 6479-Rosie Days
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-B DAB01E81 UK 6484-Rocket Man
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-B DA91E4E1 UK 6485-Purple Rain
United Kingdom Chris Turner & Debbie Neale-B DAB16DB3 UK 6482-Precious
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-A DADDE614 UK 6709-Barvae 250
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-A DA1E0658 UK 6706-Barvae 239
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-A DA1DC124 UK 6708-Barvae 232
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-A DA1DBD8E UK 6707-Barvae 233
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-B DA1E0F2B UK 6713-Barvae 229
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-B DA1E1800 UK 6710-Barvae 244
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-B DA1E1133 UK 6712-Barvae 221
United Kingdom Coleman & Moxon-B DA1DBF26 UK 6711-Barvae 230
United Kingdom Cornish Maids DA1E0D69 UK 6597-Ginsling
United Kingdom Cornish Maids DAE3C8AF UK 6596-Gindependent
United Kingdom Cornish Maids DA91D9EE UK 6594-Ginvincible
United Kingdom Cornish Maids DAA692EC UK 6595-Ginseng
United Kingdom Couper Brothers DA198407 UK 6461-Billy’s Girl
United Kingdom Couper Brothers DA1DBE33 UK 6459-Huntigowk
United Kingdom Couper Brothers DA1E1162 UK 6460-Willy’s Blue Bell
United Kingdom Couper Brothers DA1E12FE UK 6458-Hunky Dory
United Kingdom David Holland DA1E10BB UK 6630-Holywell Kay
United Kingdom David Holland DA1EF5FB UK 6632-Holywell Big Al
United Kingdom David Holland DA1DBB06 UK 6631-Holywell Bluetinley
United Kingdom David Holland DA05EDB6 UK 6633-Holywell Glenn
United Kingdom Dundee Syndicate DAE40AF8 UK 6582-Moatmill Superdream
United Kingdom Dundee Syndicate DADDE880 UK 6584-Balcalk Flyer
United Kingdom Dundee Syndicate DADDD59C UK 6585-Burnside Blaire
United Kingdom Dundee Syndicate DAE32C3A UK 6583-Balnuit Boo
United Kingdom Esperanza-A DADDEFB6 UK 6692-Esperanza 3
United Kingdom Esperanza-A DADDD988 UK 6690-Esperanza 1
United Kingdom Esperanza-A DA90FC28 UK 6693-Esperanza 4
United Kingdom Esperanza-A DAE332D1 UK 6691-Esperanza 2
United Kingdom Esperanza-B DAB00077 UK 6694-Esperanza 5
United Kingdom Esperanza-B DAE3C393 UK 6695-Esperanza 6
United Kingdom Esperanza-B DAB18C07 UK 6696-Esperanza 7
United Kingdom Esperanza-B DA1EEC45 UK 6697-Esperanza 8
United Kingdom Esperanza-C DAE3C495 UK 6698-Esperanza 9
United Kingdom Esperanza-C DAE40BC4 UK 6701-Esperanza 12
United Kingdom Esperanza-C DA1E0FD9 UK 6700-Esperanza 11
United Kingdom Esperanza-C DAB18BD9 UK 6699-Esperanza 10
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-A DAE3C062 UK 6662-SRC 1
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-A DADDDEFF UK 6664-SRC 3
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-A DADDE633 UK 6665-SRC 4
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-A DAE3C959 UK 6663-SRC 2
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-B DADDDE6F UK 6668-SRC 7
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-B DAE3C2F9 UK 6666-SRC 5
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-B DAE3C1F8 UK 6669-SRC 8
United Kingdom Evans & Coffey-B DADDECE7 UK 6667-SRC 6
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-A DA1E0DC4 UK 6473-Kelly
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-A DA1E113F UK 6472-Aimee
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-A DAE4A808 UK 6470-Melody
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-A DA1DB6A9 UK 6471-Theresa
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-B DA1E193B UK 6474-Darcy
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-B DA1DBCD5 UK 6476-Titchfield 24
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-B DA1E082A UK 6477-Titchfield 25
United Kingdom F.R. Emery-B DA1E0C28 UK 6475-Mona
United Kingdom Fev Flyers DADDEEBD UK 6491-Joes Jewel
United Kingdom Fev Flyers DAB003C2 UK 6493-Phils Flier
United Kingdom Fev Flyers DAE403DE UK 6490-Zena
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-A DADDD739 UK 6513-Blue Ace
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-A DA91CCF8 UK 6510-Gold Cap
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-A DAE3C28B UK 6512-Venture 995
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-A DAE40657 UK 6511-Poppy 93
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-B DAE3C7BA UK 6516-Bom 988
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-B DADDEF83 UK 6517-Legacy 75
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-B DAE334CA UK 6515-Blue Hope
United Kingdom Foster & Sons and Daughter-B DAE4A85C UK 6514-SuperJack
United Kingdom Frank & George Bristow DA1E10C6 UK 6303-Charlene
United Kingdom Frank & George Bristow DA1DBE78 UK 6302-Anitta
United Kingdom Frank & George Bristow DA1E097A UK 6304-June
United Kingdom Frank & George Bristow DA1E0B4F UK 6305-Johny
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-A DA1DB89F UK 6614-Sheffield Blade
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-A DA1EE7F7 UK 6617-Sharon’s Delight
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-A DA1DB236 UK 6616-Geds Choice
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-A DA1E10DC UK 6615-Sheffield Owl
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-B DA1E0927 UK 6621-Zoe’s Choice
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-B DAE0BFF3 UK 6620-Our Trav
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-B DA1E0A27 UK 6619-G+G Termo
United Kingdom G + G Termo Boys-B DA05F600 UK 6618-Gary’s Pick
United Kingdom Gareth Williams DA1DBC1B UK 6306-Artemis
United Kingdom Gareth Williams DA1E1829 UK 6307-Alectrona
United Kingdom Gareth Williams DA1F4512 UK 6308-Antheia
United Kingdom Gareth Williams DA1F42E4 UK 6309-Athena
United Kingdom Glenn Zimmerman & Kim DAE40F14 UK 6780-Ringo Star
United Kingdom Glenn Zimmerman & Kim DA1E1381 UK 6779-Azure
United Kingdom Glenn Zimmerman & Kim DADDEAD0 UK 6778-Majestic Blue
United Kingdom Glenn Zimmerman & Kim DADDE2F9 UK 6781-Prince Valiant
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-A DA1EE3FD UK 6749-Dave M
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-A DA1E0CCF UK 6746-Asa
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-A DA1E0900 UK 6747-Yuette
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-A DA1DA9A5 UK 6748-Miss Pancake
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-B DA1F469E UK 6752-JJJ
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-B DA1E06DA UK 6751-Maggie Moo 2
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-B DA1EF714 UK 6753-Sandy
United Kingdom Hampshire Elite-B DA1E1118 UK 6750-Dolly
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-A DAE3C7BD UK 6726-Skyelady
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-A DADDEC3F UK 6727-Mind Alert
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-A DAE335EC UK 6728-Mayleaf
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-A DAE3C537 UK 6729-Parbold
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-B DAE40AE2 UK 6731-Dark Lane
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-B DAE3C8CF UK 6732-Bearwood
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-B DAE0FA07 UK 6733-Georges Lane
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-B DA91DBFC UK 6730-Bean
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-C DAE3C138 UK 6734-Kiralik
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-C DAE0FA9E UK 6735-Back Lane
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-C DAE3C6AB UK 6736-Appley Bridge
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-C DAE33606 UK 6737-Worthington
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-D DAB186BC UK 6739-Anglezarke
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-D DAE0FB04 UK 6738-Gritstone
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-D DAA6926B UK 6740-Pepper Lane
United Kingdom Highfield Lofts-D DAE0FAD2 UK 6741-Little Scotland
United Kingdom Homer-Evans DADDE779 UK 6407-Susan Jayne
United Kingdom Homer-Evans DAE40F20 UK 6408-Harry
United Kingdom Homer-Evans DAE332F5 UK 6409-Harriet
United Kingdom Homer-Evans DAE3C4EF UK 6406-New Shadow
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-A DA1E156B UK 6609-Philidelphia
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-A DAE40CDE UK 6608-New Orleans
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-A DA1EF809 UK 6607-Louisiana
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-A DA1EECFB UK 6606-Illinois
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-B DA91E6E5 UK 6611-New Jersey
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-B DADDF05D UK 6610-Kentucky
United Kingdom Ivans Team Bridlington-B DA1E1065 UK 6612-New York
United Kingdom Jones, Dowthwaite & Davidson-A DAB188AA UK 6532-Big Dave
United Kingdom Jones, Dowthwaite & Davidson-A DADDDDC1 UK 6531-Sandra’s Delight
United Kingdom Jones, Dowthwaite & Davidson-A DAE40DEE UK 6530-Clop
United Kingdom Jones, Dowthwaite & Davidson-A DAA45DFD UK 6533-Big Jim
United Kingdom Jones, Dowthwaite & Davidson-B DAE3CB78 UK 6537-Lucky Star
United Kingdom Jones, Dowthwaite & Davidson-B DA1E0D68 UK 6536-Moonlight
United Kingdom Keeping up with the Jones DA1E0DC7 UK 6743-Jack 1
United Kingdom Keeping up with the Jones DADDAC04 UK 6742-Maggie 1
United Kingdom Keeping up with the Jones DAE407EE UK 6744-Jolene 1
United Kingdom Keeping up with the Jones DAE405ED UK 6745-Jamie Joe 1
United Kingdom Keith Young DA826BB4 UK 6348-Alfie
United Kingdom Keith Young DADDED2A UK 6349-Harry
United Kingdom Keith Young DA1E0AA7 UK 6347-Marco
United Kingdom Keith Young DA91E62D UK 6346-Keith 1
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-A DAE32D3D UK 6369-Rock
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-A DA91E602 UK 6368-Jackpot
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-A DAE3C657 UK 6366-China Doll
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-B DA1DB9DF UK 6372-Supreme Paige
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-B DA1E09F7 UK 6373-Supreme Ken
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-B DA1DBCD2 UK 6371-Supreme Sharon
United Kingdom Ken Darlington-B DA1DBED1 UK 6370-Supreme Jacky
United Kingdom Kieran Hannon DA1DBC8E UK 6671-Miss Thea
United Kingdom Kieran Hannon DA1EE885 UK 6673-The Gust Rocket
United Kingdom Kieran Hannon DA1DBDAE UK 6670-Miss Noah
United Kingdom Kieran Hannon DAE332C1 UK 6672-Maurice + Pipa
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-A DA1EF52D UK 6674-Sophia
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-A DA1E19C1 UK 6677-Karina
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-A DA1EE5A2 UK 6675-Delia
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-A DA1EF947 UK 6676-Melissa
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-B DA1DC06D UK 6678-Tary
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-B DA1DBA70 UK 6679-Tony
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-B DA1E1171 UK 6681-Sara
United Kingdom Marin Mihai-B DA1E0E3E UK 6680-Aura
United Kingdom Matt-Wood DA1E0FA0 UK 6599-Charlie
United Kingdom Matt-Wood DADDDD30 UK 6600-Grace
United Kingdom Matt-Wood DA1E159B UK 6598-Erys
United Kingdom Matt-Wood DADDDD9C UK 6601-Don
United Kingdom Mauger Lofts DAE40D6F UK 6724-Winnie
United Kingdom Mauger Lofts DADDE2BD UK 6723-PML 54
United Kingdom Mauger Lofts DAE4A8F0 UK 6725-Sheila
United Kingdom Mauger Lofts DAE0FD1F UK 6722-PML 39
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-A DADDDE79 UK 6376-Brecht 399
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-A DAB0018C UK 6375-Dragan 422
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-A DAE403F0 UK 6374-Viagra 383
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-A DADDD700 UK 6377-New Ace 370
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-B DA1DBEF2 UK 6381-Race to Win 457
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-B DA1DBBCF UK 6380-Sunshine Superman 482
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-B DA1E0C9B UK 6379-Sky Leader 341
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-B DA1E1085 UK 6378-Follow Me 462
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-C DAB16EF1 UK 6384-Jade 321
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-C DA1E0BFB UK 6383-Blue Arrow 448
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-C DA1DBD4F UK 6385-Clear Sky 472
United Kingdom Mike Chadwick-C DA1DBD10 UK 6382-Kiss my * 447
United Kingdom Mr & Mrs Matthews DA1EE463 UK 6703-Bailey
United Kingdom Mr & Mrs Matthews DA1E0886 UK 6705-Coby Dave
United Kingdom Mr & Mrs Matthews DA1F4486 UK 6704-Braylee
United Kingdom Mr & Mrs Matthews DA1E0D3F UK 6702-Maise
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-A DADDAC7F UK 6438-Teds Girl
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-A DAE3C4CA UK 6439-Marys Pride
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-A DAB18D60 UK 6440-Miss Dickens
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-A DAE4064D UK 6441-Hunter
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-B DAA45D45 UK 6442-Bono
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-B DA1EEC52 UK 6443-X Rated
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-B DADDE675 UK 6444-Big H
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-B DADDEE0E UK 6445-One 4 Mary
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-C DAE3C1F6 UK 6449-Dannys Girl
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-C DAE40C08 UK 6447-Lady X
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-C DADDD776 UK 6448-One for Ayla
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-D DAE0FA92 UK 6451-Aylas Pride
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-D DAE3C9F6 UK 6450-Aylas Girls
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-D DADDE309 UK 6453-Little Aylav
United Kingdom Murphys Mob-D DADDDFB5 UK 6452-Aylas Boy
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-A DA1E10B2 UK 6682-Desert King
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-A DA1EEC9A UK 6685-Diamond in the Rough
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-A DA1E0606 UK 6684-Diamond
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-A DA1DBF65 UK 6683-Depth Charge
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-B DAE0FF5A UK 6688-Duchess 2
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-B DAE33264 UK 6689-Perseus 2
United Kingdom Murray And Mills-B DAB16F1A UK 6686-Dream Weaver
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-A DA1E12B4 UK 6400-My Luck
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-A DA1DB989 UK 6401-Our Portuguese Dream
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-A DA1E05E6 UK 6399-My Turn
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-B DA1DB713 UK 6402-Sky Rocket
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-B DAE3C847 UK 6403-Duck Kaka
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-B DA1EEBC6 UK 6404-Great Drool
United Kingdom Nenlorrie Syndicate-B DAE0FD28 UK 6405-Passion Wagon
United Kingdom Noel & Adam Gaunt DAE3C879 UK 6587-Emerald
United Kingdom Noel & Adam Gaunt DAB167DC UK 6586-Diamond
United Kingdom Noel & Adam Gaunt DAE3C5D1 UK 6589-Sapphire
United Kingdom Noel & Adam Gaunt DAA46CA1 UK 6588-Ruby
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-A DA1E0663 UK 6422-Richard 1
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-A DAA45D64 UK 6424-Richard 3
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-A DA1F430B UK 6425-Richard 4
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-A DA1E1168 UK 6423-Richard 2
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-B DA1DBF31 UK 6428-Ken 3
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-B DA1CE0B0 UK 6426-Ken 1
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-B DA1DBC3C UK 6427-Ken 2
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-B DA1EEDBE UK 6429-Ken 4
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-C DA1E0766 UK 6433-Mark 4
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-C DAE0FC50 UK 6432-Mark 3
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-C DA1E0C12 UK 6431-Mark 2
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-D DA1DBC52 UK 6437-Ian 4
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-D DA1EF7A9 UK 6435-Ian 2
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-D DA1EF4DB UK 6434-Ian 1
United Kingdom Owen & Hogarth-D DA1E0F36 UK 6436-Ian 3
United Kingdom Paul Bamford DA1DBE0A UK 6310-Thunder
United Kingdom Paul Bamford DA1EF858 UK 6311-Pembrocshire Girl
United Kingdom Paul Bamford DA1E1242 UK 6312-The Gerard
United Kingdom Paul Bamford DA1DB97C UK 6313-All About David
United Kingdom Peter D. Williams DA1E0A0F UK 6754-Vivvy
United Kingdom Peter D. Williams DADDE834 UK 6756-Paul
United Kingdom Peter D. Williams DA0296BD UK 6757-Dietmar
United Kingdom Peter D. Williams DA91DD7A UK 6755-David
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-A DA1E156D UK 6518-Lilo
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-A DA1E0C29 UK 6521-Shelly Girl
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-A DA1F4598 UK 6519-Holly
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-A DA1DBC15 UK 6520-Speedwell
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-B DA1E123F UK 6522-Zibi
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-B DA1DAACA UK 6523-Two Terry’s
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-B DA1CE087 UK 6524-Mackey
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-C DA1E10BE UK 6526-Jelle Queen
United Kingdom Plymouth Rebels-C DA1EE34E UK 6528-Neve
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-A DA1DC177 UK 6386-Cathy
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-A DA1DB958 UK 6389-Claire
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-A DA1F4359 UK 6388-Nic
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-A DA1EF785 UK 6387-Cal
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-B DA1DBD5D UK 6393-Millie Moo
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-B DAE33504 UK 6392-Emms
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-B DAA69529 UK 6390-Meg
United Kingdom Pomona Lofts-B DA028D3A UK 6391-Chas
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-A DADDE459 UK 6556-Harry
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-A DAE0F97A UK 6557-Joey
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-A DAA45BF2 UK 6554-Hally
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-A DADDEB8C UK 6555-Comet
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-B DAE40B0F UK 6560-Flash
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-B DADDEDB0 UK 6561-Foxy
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-B DAA695DE UK 6558-Thunder
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-B DAA69215 UK 6559-Lightning
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-C DADDEF4D UK 6565-Splash
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-C DA1EEC76 UK 6564-Slatey
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-C DAE3C266 UK 6563-Storm
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-D DAE40B25 UK 6569-Grizzly
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-D DADDD751 UK 6567-Turblelance
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-D DAB19534 UK 6566-Sky
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-E DAE0FA09 UK 6572-Grumpy
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-E DAE0FC37 UK 6571-Sleepy
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-E DADDDE94 UK 6570-Harry
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-E DAB191C5 UK 6573-Grey Sky
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-F DAB01FA6 UK 6577-Buffy
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-F DAE0FA34 UK 6574-Dark Gem
United Kingdom Rhonda Rockets-F DAE40538 UK 6576-Phantom
United Kingdom Ricardo Daniella & Billy McCoy DAE3C83C UK 6820-Zara
United Kingdom Ricardo Daniella & Billy McCoy DAA695A7 UK 6821-Maggie the Best
United Kingdom Ricardo Daniella & Billy McCoy DAB1857A UK 6818-Rafique
United Kingdom Ricardo Daniella & Billy McCoy DAE3C4C9 UK 6819-Real McCoy
United Kingdom Southampton Mafia DA1F4531 UK 6774-Benali
United Kingdom Southampton Mafia DA1E0B61 UK 6775-Le Tissier
United Kingdom Southampton Mafia DA029552 UK 6776-Cantona
United Kingdom Southampton Mafia DA1E0962 UK 6777-Mandela
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-A DAB16DAD UK 6314-Ugly Kid Joe
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-A DADDE690 UK 6317-You really got me going
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-A DADDE85F UK 6316-Wild Cherry
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-A DADDEDD9 UK 6315-Buffalo Gal
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-B DAB0F072 UK 6319-Free Bird
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-B DAE0FC6F UK 6318-Spider from Mars
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-B DAE0FCB6 UK 6320-American Pie
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-B DAB0EE68 UK 6321-Soul Man
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-C DAB0218B UK 6322-Sweet Willam
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-C DAE333B7 UK 6323-Bobby McGee
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-C DAE3C1A6 UK 6324-Fast Rik
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-C DADDDA24 UK 6325-Tomahawk
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-D DAE023DF UK 6329-Blue Noor
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-D DADDAE2A UK 6328-Captain Mike
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-D DAE40A58 UK 6326-Zenyatta
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-D DAE3C09C UK 6327-Lucky Strike
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-E DA1E1295 UK 6333-Little Richard
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-E DA1DB68C UK 6330-Cowgirl in the Sand
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-E DA1E0E40 UK 6332-Lorelei
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-E DA1E05A0 UK 6331-Big Bad John
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-F DA1E0870 UK 6335-Mighty Quinn
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-F DADDED07 UK 6336-Pretty Flamingo
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-F DA1DBFEE UK 6337-Long Tall Sally
United Kingdom Syndicate Lofts UK-F DA1CE094 UK 6334-Bridgit Bardot
United Kingdom Tad T.-A DAE0BE8D UK 6341-Kowski 4
United Kingdom Tad T.-A DAE40C93 UK 6339-Kowski 2
United Kingdom Tad T.-A DADDE6F7 UK 6340-Kowski 3
United Kingdom Tad T.-A DA19839A UK 6338-Kowski 1
United Kingdom Tad T.-B DADDE2FD UK 6342-Kowski 5
United Kingdom Tad T.-B DAE4A86D UK 6345-Kowski 8
United Kingdom Tad T.-B DADDE8E6 UK 6344-Kowski 7
United Kingdom Tad T.-B DAE335BA UK 6343-Kowski 6
United Kingdom Team Epsom-A DA1E19C9 UK 6758-YRMA
United Kingdom Team Epsom-A DA1DB80F UK 6759-MPHI
United Kingdom Team Epsom-A DA1E05FB UK 6760-JD
United Kingdom Team Epsom-A DA1F44E9 UK 6761-Little Elsie 3rd
United Kingdom Team Epsom-B DA1E128B UK 6765-Eze
United Kingdom Team Epsom-B DA1E07A1 UK 6763-Danny H
United Kingdom Team Epsom-B DA198207 UK 6764-Peter Thomas
United Kingdom Team Epsom-B DA1E146A UK 6762-Blue Boo
United Kingdom Team JDR-A DADDD90F UK 6410-Hocus
United Kingdom Team JDR-A DAE40394 UK 6413-The Focus
United Kingdom Team JDR-A DAE40DAE UK 6412-Freddie
United Kingdom Team JDR-B DA1F4371 UK 6415-Mike
United Kingdom Team JDR-B DA1EECFC UK 6416-Taylor
United Kingdom Team JDR-B DA1DBF98 UK 6417-Minstrel Boy
United Kingdom Team JDR-B DA1E11FB UK 6414-Rambo
United Kingdom Team JDR-C DAB18884 UK 6419-Polls
United Kingdom Team JDR-C DADDD7A9 UK 6420-Tia
United Kingdom Team JDR-C DAB01E6A UK 6421-Sienna
United Kingdom Team JDR-C DA1E12A8 UK 6418-Mills
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-A DAE3C4F8 UK 6638-Michael 14
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-A DAB1979A UK 6639-Michael 67
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-A DAE3C7C1 UK 6640-Michael 71
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-A DA1EEAC5 UK 6641-Michael 12
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-B DAE40814 UK 6645-John 66
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-B DAE0FB20 UK 6644-John 72
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-B DA1EEE1B UK 6642-John 01
United Kingdom Team Jooperela-B DAE3C24D UK 6643-John 08
United Kingdom